World Diabetes Day PSA Campaign

Desert Dingo Racing, in cooperation with the International Diabetes Federation's World Diabetes Day, is sponsoring a World Diabetes Day Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign. People whose lives have been touched by diabetes are invited to record an online message at

Are you a parent of a child or baby diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes? What message of hope do you have for other parents? Are you a teen with diabetes? What can we learn from you? If you're an adult with Type 2, what advice and encouragement do you have for someone who's been recently diagnosed? And for the millions of people who have diabetes but haven't been diagnosed yet, what is your message?

Speak from the Heart. Educate. Encourage. Extend Community.

And speak in your language. Researchers estimate that there are 246 million people with diabetes worldwide. This is not a contest, it's a chorus. Please add your voice to this International effort to educate as many people as we can about diabetes.

Go to to post your video. No product endorsements please. Submissions close at midnight (GMT-08:00) on World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2009.

Desert Dingo Racing will select 52 submissions to post on our website for a yearlong campaign of education and encouragement. We'll broadcast a new video each week to promote a new message and different perspective on diabetes.

If you prefer to submit an HD video, we will accept 15, 30 and 60 second video messages. We ask that you post your video on a hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo and send the embed code to

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Special thanks to Lan Vu, Christian Hang und Freunde, Takako Yamashita, Felipe and Raúl Barba Alhadro, Shelley Aggarwal, Marie-Andrée Roy, Mark, Clíona, Neasa and parents, Sina Mandalinci, Cindy Zheng, Belezza, Eric Stettmeier aka BubbaShelby, Patrick Fujii, Richard Palasik, Nick Sobrak-Seaton and