The method is based on the authority figure that passes the information over to students. Date posted: August 28, 2018. 4. 2. Induction means to provide a universal truth by showing, that if it is true for a particular case. Thus, they can find the best way to help their students improving their English language proficiency in, When teacher provide encouragement and knowledge to their students, students can master a skill (Lidz & Gindis, 2003). Inductive and Deductive Methods of Teaching Science. As students of lower classes are being provided with established scientific principles, thus this method can prove to be effective for them. The deductive method – or rule-driven learning – is the academic and scholarly one which was devised in order to teach Latin and Greek. To better understand or master grammar rules, the majority of the language experts agree that the inductive approach is crucial in the teaching of grammar. (5)This removes the incompleteness and inadequacy of Inductive method. 1. By combining these methods, education of science can be imparted to students of higher and secondary levels. Simulation and role-play can thus be said to be a useful tool in teaching oral communication as illustrated by the activity discussed above. List of Advantages of Inductive Reasoning. The inductive approach is characterized with a series of advantages as well as I suggest reading Hume as a good starting place for those interested in studying this topic further, but a summary follows. 2. Discovering grammar and visualizing how these rules work in a sentence allow for easier retention of the concept than if the stude… Date posted: August 28, 2018. Inductive reasoning allows you to take an observation and then go forward to apply that to various similar circumstances and at times different scenarios. d. Through this method, a teacher can cover the lengthy syllabi of class in shortest period of time. Disclaimer But whichever philosophy is upheld by the teacher, it should respond to the needs of the students. Students rely on their critical thinking to figure out the language. And this method … Inductive reasoning takes specific observations and draws general conclusions from those observations. b. Preserving Your Articles for Eternity. Brainstorming, Buzz Sessions, and experiments are just some examples of Inductive teaching methods may be applied. 2. Western English learning environment is completely different from Hong Kong. It can be said that on the basis of above discussion that it is not possible make use of these methods in isolation with each other. As all the scientific principles and conclusions are result of induction, thus this method is considered to be one of the most important methods of teaching science. These two approaches have been applied to grammar teaching and learning. In the same context, Azmi and Hanna cite that the inductive approach refers to “the style of introducing language context containing the target rules where students can induce those rules through the context and practical examples”. Some teachers have eclectic teaching philosophies to enable them to choose the best features of major pedagogic systems of belief. Inductive Method. In terms of generating the use of language, this activity has managed to do it quite well. d. This is a very logical and psychological kind of teaching science. 5- … Although inductive teaching takes longer than deductive, many educators agree it is a very efficient method in the long run. What are the Merits and Demerits of Laboratory Method of Teaching Science? They cannot be active and participate in the lesson, ask questions as they are passive listeners. e. By this method, students get various opportunities to play an active role in learning process. c. As in this method, students do not get any opportunity to play active role in learning process, thus, some experts consider it as unpsychological in nature. It is a method of discovery. Deductive teaching method progresses from general concept to the specific use or application. By its nature, the inductive method allows to be more flexible and lends itself to the exploration, mainly at the beginning. Privacy Policy This method suffers from following demerits: a. They will be having awareness on enhancing the students’ communication skill and recognize their mistake in implementing the communication skill in their lessons to ensure students are able to practice their communication skill using English language. 1. Each teacher has his or her own teaching philosophy. 5. c. With the help of this method, teacher can develop qualities of critical thinking and habit of keen observation among the students properly and accurately. Students are given opportunities to express themselves, share their opinions and use a little of their imagination. Answers (1) What are advantages of using drama in teaching? This method is useful for science subjects. Inductive grammar teaching approach is suitable for western country not HK L2 Learner A lot of people may admire the successful achievement of inductive grammar teaching approach using in western country. (3) This method is advantageous at the “Practice and revision” stage. ü It is a method of constructing a formula with the help of a sufficient number of concrete examples. Instructional Methods (in cited Lee, 2009) defined dynamic written corrective feedback as creative written corrective feedback approach (method, techniques). An inductive approach to teaching language starts with examples and asks learners to find rules. In this method, the teacher demonstrates all the activities given in the lesson before his students and explain the difficult points in the middle through the lecture. This approach was designed as a dynamic method to have teachers and students interact more, which in turn would help students to improve their language, By having a teacher to teach, it will be easier for the students to understand the second language. These two approaches work together to maximise the listening comprehension of the, The most beneficial person would be the teachers. Both approaches are commonplace in published materials. This method has certain limitations, some of which are as follows: a. 3. Example Learners listen to a conversation that includes examples of the use of the third conditional. There is a general consensus regarding the three traditional methods of teaching grammar, namely the deductive method, the inductive method and the eclectic way. What are the Merits and Demerits of Demonstration Method of Teaching Science? Metacognitive is one’s ability to think about his or her thinking or cognition. an approach that starts with exposing students to examples of language use or even an immersing them in the use of the target language items and then prompts students to generalize the patterns of the language " (Thornbury, 1999, p180). Strengths and weaknesses of Deductive and Inductive grammar teaching Erlam (2003) defines the deductive method as a process that moves from general to specific. TEACHING METHODS. The advantages of this method are that the pupil is seeing everything happening before them. Pupils, on the other end, can only listen to lectures and get instructions from their teachers. They provide suitable contexts and situations for students to ask questions. Definitely.) The problem, obviously, is that you have not examined all dogs, so as soon as one is found without fleas, your conclusion is proven wrong. is a free service that lets you to preserve your original articles for eternity. Although all the language used was not accurate, but fluency, in terms of making oneself understood, was achieved. The deductive method is more closed by nature and is … There are some tactics that teachers need to use in order to question. Gamut of Probabilities The biggest advantage of inductive reasoning is that you get to work with probabilities. Throughout the years I have used inductive teaching methods to teach students concepts and generalizations. As the approach of this method is non-conform and non-explanatory, because of which it is considered to be an unscientific method of teaching. The individual and unique teaching philosophy guides the teacher through various decision-making tasks inside the classroom. I present students with data, ask them to make observations of that data, and on the basis of those observations, I ask students to state the concept or generalization that I'm teaching. Teachers provide. 1. The inductive approach represents a different style of teaching where the new grammatical structures or rules are presented to the students in a real language context (Goner, Phillips, and Walters 135). Through this method, it becomes difficult for the teacher to develop scientific attitude among the students. “One obvious purpose of effective questioning is to minimize teachers’ and students’ errors by focusing on a particular fact, issue, skill, belief, or whatever” ( Wragg & Brown, 2001, p.27). Controlling in Management # Meaning, Definition, Types, Process, Steps and Techniques. We begin with what they know. Inductive teaching and learning is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of instructional methods, including inquiry learning, problem-based learning, project-based learning, case-based teaching, discovery learning, and just-in-time teaching. Deductive vs … It can be compared with a deductive approach that starts by giving learners rules, then examples, then practice.. By making use of this method, following merits get accrue to the students as well as to teacher: a. Students gain deeper understanding of the language. (My basic view of grammar teaching is that if we teach some grammatical structures to some students, some of them will get better at using some of those structures some of the time. Table (2.1): Advantages and Disadvantages o f the Inductive Method: Advantages 1- Learners are trained to be familiar with the rule discovery; this could Advantages and disadvantages of inductive approach Inductive approach is flexible as the researcher does not have to follow any pre-determined information. Our mission is to liberate knowledge. It utilizes statistical techniques and hence is a reliable method. This method is just opposite of Inductive method. Methods of Teaching Grammar . Advantages of Inductive Method. After that, the teacher deduces or elicits the rule form from the learners themselves by themselves. The Socratic method of teaching is difficult to define in simple terms, but it involves a style of question orientated dialogue where the teacher takes a role that appears to be almost subservient to the student. Content Guidelines Since the students get to collaborate in discovering and learning a … Both approaches can offer certain advantages, but the biggest difference is the role of the teacher. The learners are exposed to the general use, and they apply the rule to particular examples of language use. It is important that teachers learn to use a variety of teaching methodologies in order to cater for the range of learning needs and requirements that are present within most class environments. Answers (1) What are the advantages of using the project method in primary school? What is the Discussion Method of Teaching Science? In fact, there is some agreement exists that the most effective grammar teaching includes some deductive and inductive characteristics (Haight 2007). It helps in future investigation through discovery and evidence of general principles. However, by bearing them in mind, it is hoped that they would help the teacher be better prepared as she launches out to use role-play and simulation in the language classroom. All the topics of science cannot be dealt with this method properly. b. What is Inductive method of teaching? In this method, one proceed from general to particular principles, from unknown to known and from abstract to concrete facts. (2008, p.3). The inductive method of teaching grammar involves presenting several examples that illustrate a specific concept and expecting students to notice how the concept works from these examples. Advantages of Inductive Method The learners are more engaged in the teaching-learning process. The inductive method of teaching is effective for students during the formative or basic education years. Comparing the two theories of knowledge (corrective feedback and dynamic assessment), they seem similar but just using different terms. The main goal of a teacher-centered method is to teach and measure the knowledge based on assessments and various tests. This method is quite time saving as students are not required to analyse the universal principles. In this method, facts are being deduced by application of established formula or experimentation. The sequence in this approach is to prompt the students to find the rules after being exposed to examples. Therefore, they will not repeat the same mistakes again. You may look at 100 dogs, for instance, and find that they all have fleas and then declare that all dogs have fleas. What are the Merits and Demerits of Lecture Method of Teaching Science? All the articles you read in this site are contributed by users like you, with a single vision to liberate knowledge. They will teach the correct pronunciation in using the new language. Teaching methods can either be inductive or deductive or some combination of the two. INDUCTIVE METHOD What is the Inductive Method? A deductive approach involves the learners being given a general rule, which is then applied to specific language examples and honed through practice exercises. The teacher tries to help his students by showing them a series of examples then guide them to guess to which rule the given examples belong to or deal with (Mautone 2004). " TOS ... Hypothesis & Guiding Principles in Team Teaching. They regard to it as "rule- discovery learning "and consequently, it would be a student-centered approach. No explanation of the concept is given beforehand, and the expectation is that students learn to recognize the rules of grammar in a more natural way during their own reading and writing. Advantages of the Inductive method The learners are more engaged in the teaching – learning process. By making use of this method, following merits get accrue to the students as well as to teacher: a. When they are interested about the language, they will be more motivated when participating the activity related to the language, for example participate in an English drama performance, the more they appreciate the language, the more they participate, the faster they acquire the language. Inductive approach is psychological in nature. The inductive method of teaching means that the teacher presents the rule through situations and sentences and does guided practice, then the learners do free practice. The process model is a teacher based method that allows the teacher to notice the listener’s weakness and work on it while the metacognitive approach is students based that the students themselves notice their own weaknesses and work on it. I think we also need to respect students ' decisions. An inductive approach involves the learners detecting, or noticing, patterns and working out a ‘rule’ for themselves before they practise the language. Moreover, according to Silvia (2013) inductive methods equip learners to become more adept at discovering rules for themselves and exploits a greater degree of cognitive depth via being active participants in the learning process. The inductive teaching method or process goes from the specific to the general and may be based on specific experiments or experimental learning exercises. Before publishing your Article on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Whereas, teachers' in inquiry-based learning are only guides and observers of students work. If the students pronounce the words wrongly, the teacher can give corrective feedback to the students. As this is a scientific method, thus it helps to considerable extent in developing scientific outlook among the students. This second language is used to improve learning and boost motivation in students. As this is a scientific method, thus it helps to considerable extent in developing scientific outlook among the students. ADVERTISEMENTS: b. Merits of Inductive Method. c. Teacher’s duty or burden gets lessen to some extent by making use of this method as a result of which teachers find themselves in a comfortable and secured position. Benefits include: Student interaction and participation. What are the Merits and Demerits of Enquiry Method of Teaching Science? Learning becomes more interesting at the outset because we begin with the experiences of our students. Students and teachers have been debating the best methods of instruction since the rise of the city state but few scholars have made an impact on educational methods like Socrates. Inductive teaching allows opportunities for students to interact with each other. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE APPROACHES b. This will let the information survive in students' minds for a long time. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. Features of Indian Cabinet Indian Constitution Notes. b. Copyright. a. 4. However, critics would argue that if observations are incorrect, the researcher would end up in incorrect conclusions. The inductive teaching method or process goes from the specific to the general and may be based on specific experiments or experimental learning exercises. It gives a new knowledge. 3. This method proceeds from concrete to abstract and from a specific example to the universal law. Learning becomes more interesting at the outset because we begin with the experience of our students. With our facilitating skills, the learners formulate the generalization or rule. The students shift from being passive listeners to active learners (AL-Zuhairi,2015). What you can determine is that it is likely that a dog will have fleas because all d… It is a method of teaching. Besides, the results from the research can help the school authorities to identify their problems and to improve their strategy in using the Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT).
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