Portland Bolt manufactures custom bent anchor bolts from 1/2″ – 4″ diameter to virtually any ASTM specification. Shop high quality Hex Bolts from ITA Fasteners at the reasonable price. These are known as … Galvanized Anchor Bolt … Stainless steel anchor bolts are also manufactured. Hardness: 52 - 58 HRC. U-Bolts and Eye Bolts Anchor Bolts & Bent Bolts 11-1 A-Bolts, Standard 11-2 U-Bolts, Long Tangent 11-3 Eyebolts-Regular Pattern 11-4 Eyebolts-Shoulder Pattern 11-5 Rod End Eyebolt Blanks 11-6 Metric Fasteners Hex, Head Cap Screws 12-1 Weights of Hex Head Cap Screws 12-2 Socket Cap Screws & Flat Head Socket Caps 12-3 Edge Distance. Molly Bolts are used in wallboard, plaster, paneling, doors, and other soft, hollow base material. 3 Secure fixture with bolt. Find anchor fasteners in a variety of types and sizes; a wedge anchor will reinforce your concrete structure or wall, while a stud bolt is best suited for anchoring pipe run supports, blowers, pumps or support racks. Drill a hole (have pre-drilled hole ready) ensure that it is the correct diameter and depth needed. Metric Bolt Sizes. Tensile Strength: 300-400 Mpa. Heavy hex pattern nuts … x 12 in. The chart below shows metric bolt conversions and DIN numbers for fasteners. The size of a metric screw or bolt is specified as diameter, pitch and length, in millimeters (millimeters is abbreviated "mm"). They are provided either plain finish or hot-dip galvanized. This means that a 16mm bolt will fit through a 16mm hole but to allow for misalignment between parts it is common practice to drill bolt holes slightly larger. Anchor Bolt Pole Bolt Size Circle 3" (76 mm) sq 1/2" (13 mm) x 12" (305 mm) 8" (203 mm) 4" (102 mm) sq 3/4" (19 mm) x 18" (457 mm) 9.25" (235 mm) 5" (127 mm) sq 1" (25 mm) x 36" (914 mm) 11.5" (292 mm) 6" (153 mm) sq 1" (25 mm) x 36" (914 mm) 13" (330.2 mm) Table 1 … Furthermore Anchor bolt grade 36, 55, 105 anchor bolts are manufactured from A36, low carbon steel., carbon steel and alloy steel. x 8 in. I tried using a 10mm for the M6's but they seemed tight in hole and didn't want to belt it in in case it got stuck halfway and couldn't get it out! Specification A 563 Recommended Nut Anchor Bolt Grade and Size, in. These include B7, L7, B16, B8, B8M, stain hardened and many more. How to use the R-RLK-P Rawlok Expansion Anchor Plug? x 5-1/2 in. Lads Does anyone know what size masonary drill bits I would need to use to fit M6 and M8 faithfull shield anchor bolts (rawl bolts) in a wall? Metric Bolts : Din: ISO: JIS: ANSI: Socket Shoulder Bolts 7379 B 18.3.3 M: Flange Bolts: 6921 JIS B 1189: B18.2.3.4M: Carriage Bolts: 603: 8677/8678 B Lifting Eye Bolts: 580 5/8 in. x 10 in. mm Embed-ment depth mm Required setting torque Nm Thickness of concrete member, min. Size: M6-M20 - Wedge-All anchors are a wedge style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout filled masonry. Expansion Bolt Bolt dia-meter mm Outside diameter of anchor mm Anchor length mm Thickness of fixture (Max.) Hex Head Sleeve Anchor Information. Many of our industrial projects that we supply material to include anchor bolts, and also stud bolts of many different ASTM grades. Molly bolts sizes: #10, 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 inch. 2 Hammer in with striking rod. A molly anchor works by expanding its legs after being inserted through a pre-drilled hole and tightened with the screw on the head of the anchor. Galvanized Anchor Bolt with Nuts and Washers (25-Pack) 3/4 in. Diameter Hole Size Minimum Embedment Bolt Diameter From a practical point of view, the clear distance for anchor bolts or anchor bolt sleeves to the edge of the concrete shall be a minimum of 100 mm. How to use the R-RLK-P Rawlok Expansion Anchor Plug? When anchoring to masonry, the general rule is that the embedded depth should be at least four bolt diameters or 2 inches (51 mm) deep, whichever is greater. The first number, the 5, denotes the diameter, the 1.0 is the distance between the threads, and the 35 is the length of the bolt when measured without the head. Drill a hole (have pre-drilled hole ready) ensure that it is the correct diameter and depth needed. Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts, For Industrial, Size: 6 - 20 Mm. Metric Bolt Conversion Metric bolt conversion data for industrial bolts/rods , machine screws and small diameter fasteners from Elgin Fastener Group includes metric to standard bolt conversions. suspension bolts without protrusions from concrete surface after installation. (mm) Grade Style Grade Style 1 Shavings are removed by suction. Stock number 530517, M10, steel, shield anchor projecting bolt, 12 mm x 130 mm. Available in a range of sizes from M2 to M42 and din 933. When your bolt dimensions are clear, your measurements will be communicated in the following manner: M 5 x 1.0 x 35 The M denotes that you are measuring in mm of the Metric system. ICFS Mechanical Anchor Bolt TBA 10 x 75 mm with Hex Nut and Plain Washer - Pack of 10 ICFS Hex-Washer-Head Concrete Anchors (75-Pack) As the original Concrete screw anchor that As the original Concrete screw anchor that revolutionized the construction world, Tapcon brand Concrete anchors deliver the ease of use, superior precision and the unparalleled performance that professionals demand. Anchor Bolts -Metric Series Dimensions mm Cutting Length mm Anchor Thread Diameter Square Plate S SP SQ L J JE T W L L L Cut Length L Cut Length L Cut Length L Cut Length M12 Steel Hex-Nut-Head Concrete Wedge Anchor (10-Pack) 1/2 in. Metric nuts and bolts are commonly referenced using ‘M’ sizes, for example: M3, M8, M12. For nuts the size dimensions used are simply diameter and pitch. Consider this size… M8-1.0 x 20. Nuts A563 Heavy Hex Nuts and Hex Nuts The required nut specification for all F1554 anchor bolts is ASTM A563, which is the general nut specification for structural and mechanical applications. Print this page . Cutting; Threading; Bending; Hot-Dip Galvanizing; Stock Stock number 530517, M10, steel, shield anchor projecting bolt, 12 mm x 130 mm. mm Drill hole diameter mm depth of drill hole (Min.) (mm) Plain Hot-Dip or Mechanical Zinc Coated in accordance with 7.1 Grade Size, in. 1/4 in. Black Iron High Tensile 1045 Mat Anchor Bolt / 2 Nut & 2 Washer / Dia: 25mm / Thread: 100mm / Vertical Length: 875mm / Bend: 125mm / Total Length: 1000 & Base plate 19mm x 400mm x 600mm with 6pcs 28mm … ... Anchor bolt 10 mm, made in AISI 316 stainless steel. Here's what the description means… Cut anchor CONCRETE STONE Installation method Drill preparation hole. Rs 18/ Piece Get Latest Price. x 2-3/4 in. Choose from our selection of stainless steel Anchor bolts, including 18-8 stainless steel stud anchors, stainless steel L-hook anchors, and more. Drill Bit Decimal Size Equivalent. Wedge type anchors are used on handrails, balusters, ladders, staircase and guard rails. Metric bolts are made fractionally under their stated size, for instance an M16 bolt will have a shank diameter of typically 15.97mm. Usage/Application: Industrial. Depending on the diameter and finish of the anchor bolt, ASTM requires an A563 hex or heavy hex pattern nut. Size: 6 - 20 mm. **All measurements in millimeters** NOMINAL SIZE (D) BODY DIAMETER HEAD THICKNESS ACROSS THE FLATS ACROSS CORNERS D (MAX) D (MIN) H (MAX) H (MIN) F (MAX) F (MIN) C (MAX) C (MIN) m10 10.00 9.78 6.63 6.17 17.00 15.73 18.48 17.77 m12 12.00 11.73 7.76 4.24 19.00 17.73 20.78 20.03 m14 14.00 13.73 9.09 … There is an exception though—if pitch isn't specified, the fastener is coarse threaded. UNC sizes: 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 inches; Metric size: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and M20 All operations, including the galvanizing process, are performed in-house. - A one-piece clip ensures uniform holding capacity that increases as … In Fact J type grade 36 anchor bolts are … Galvanized Anchor Bolt with Square Washers and Nuts (25-Pack) 5/8 in. Connect structural and non-structural elements with anchor bolts. Flush type anchors are used on suspension of ventilation air ducts, sprinkler system and process piping. But the size of a metric fastener is more accurately specified using diameter, pitch and length dimensions, in millimeters. Anchor bolt price list include prices for wedge type, sleeve type and flush type anchors. Get a quote for Hex Anchor Bolts, Head Hex_Bolts and all kinds of Bolts or just call our sales team now. The embedded depth for headed anchor bolts is determined by measuring the surface of the masonry to the bolt head bearing surface. Material: Stainless Steel. Run-of-the-mill bolt grade covering anchor bolts in diameters ranging from M12 / 1/2″ through 125mm / 4″. In addition to being an ISO certified fastener manufacturer, we were awarded “Corporate Supplier of the Year” by WBENC. For nuts, size will appear as diameter and pitch. Lengths: short and long. Different types of anchors are used on different applications.
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