Athabasca is the “Super Bowl” of Fishing Guests at Athabasca Fishing Lodges enjoy a caliber of fishing that is second to none. Preferably a place within walking distance in town but I'm game for driving out of town too just to catch some walleyes from the river. Brace yourselves, fishing professionals, Athabasca has something for you as well; tackle the mighty Athabasca River! This is when the water levels are lower and the tributaries are clean. Limited Bookings; Fly Fishing welcomed for Northern Pike or Goldeye (will supply the flies & leaders upon request). Sometimes the best stories derive from the most spontaneous trips, so for an additional experience to the spur-of-the-moment fishing trip, check out the birdwatching station south of Boyle on Hwy 831. Make sure you’re up-to-date on Alberta’s fishing regulations. If you are looking to experience a new exciting adventure, but don't know what you are searching for; Reel Angling Adventures may have the adventure you desire. 4 day 3 night Walleye fishing adventures on the Athabasca River. Gone are the days when ice fishing was deemed as just a solitude activity. You should be familiar with them prior to entering the area, in the event that you are fishing bodies of water that have different rules than the current location. Wildtv. The water was emerald green and forests were incredibly lush. After fishing, take a drive or a walk through the Town of Athabasca and enjoy a meal in some of the fine restaurants or shopping around town. After getting out of your wet gear, it is a 3 km drive back to town. And has anyone ate the walleyes out of the river? This trip will take you high up into the river system with no shore access what-so-ever. Invest in durable equipment and gear from Cheap Seats Sporting Goods or Canadian Tire. Holding a spot as one of the longest free-flowing rivers in Alberta, the Athabasca River offers the challenges you seek on your next fishing adventure. I didn’t have any issues and was pretty confident blasting streamers across the Athabasca pretty quick. The river also produces big northern pike. You may have even fished the Athabasca river system by shore, but you have never fished the waters we will be fishing from my jet boat. 1 "Hilfreich"-Wertung . Echo base 7wt. Fishing; Sightseeing; The Lodge. Jasper National Park Tourism; Jasper National Park Hotels; Jasper National Park Bed and Breakfast; Jasper National Park Vacation Rentals; Jasper National Park Vacation Packages Athabasca River is the longest river in Alberta after Peace River (from BC to Alberta). Athabasca Camps Inc. will not assume responsibility for connecting flights, delays, and/or hotel stays. Imagine standing in the coldest cleanest water and cast out the biggest streamer or spoon that you can find in your tackle box and right into the deep pool. The trip ends just around the corner at Old Fort Point. Athabasca river. Fishing the Athabasca River. Der River ist an dieser Stelle sehr flach. Preferably a place within walking distance in town but I'm game for driving out of town too just to catch some walleyes from the river. Fishing the Head water of Athabasca River in the spring time can be the most exciting time for The aggressive Bull Trout. As a result, it remains one of the province's strongest, most productive fisheries, with a reputation for walleye that are much larger than their lake-bound cousins. This thing was awesome, it is the heaviest rod in my collection and definitely budget friendly, but it performed awesome and casted great. Launch your boat from the Town of Athabasca or the day use areas at Poacher’s Landing or Richmond Park, and enjoy the ample wildlife, incredible history of trade, and stunning scenery. Its lush landscapes draw numerous types of plants and wildlife. After 4 or 5 sections of rapids, the Miette River joins the Athabasca, highlighting the color difference between a rain and snow fed river and a glacier fed river. Get back to nature on your own if you have the courage to tackle the rapids and obstacles that awaits you. Otherside River Packages. Much of the land along its banks is protected in national and provincial parks, and the river is designated a Canadian Heritage River for its historical and cultural importance. Within Jasper National Park boundaries, parts of the Athabasca River are open year round, and other parts are open through much of the winter, but close seasonally at the end of March. Local Fish. S = Slow F = Fair G = Good . River flow is highest during the summer and lowest during winter, and it is ice-covered from mid-November to mid-April. We also took the time to stop at the Athabasca Falls while we were there and it was equally as beautiful. Either way though it was stunning and this is a panorama of a section that was just beautiful. Offering overnight camping/fishing excursions on the Athabasca River - Call for more details for this exciting fishing adventure. Athabasca Camps Inc. will not assume responsibility for connecting flights, delays, and/or hotel stays. We saw only a part of this 1231 km long river. The river flows the clearest during early Spring and Summer. Athabasca Fishing Lodge is our premier full-service lodge in Otherside Bay at the mouth of the Otherside River that empties into vast Lake Athabasca. All of the river is home to bull trout and Rocky Mountain whitefish, but it is the bull trout I come for. Cast from many of the shores in the area, like the Boyle Fish Pond. Fishing licenses and equipment can be purchased at Cheap Seats Sporting Goods and Canadian Tire in the town Athabasca. $*1200.00 per person. Athabasca River Guided fishing tours are from June 1st to October 31st. The lodge is on the south side of the Lake, about a 20-minute ride in our float plane from Stony Rapids. That’s why you should plan your Lake Athabasca fishing trip when you’ll be most likely to catch its fish at their largest size. Hilfreich. 780-623-7189. Schedule changes may occur due to weather or operational factors. Your adventure begins at or near the town of Athabasca, as you dip your paddle, board one of our specifically designed jet boats or bring your own boat on an unforgettable journey down the majestic Athabasca River, en route to our back country lodge.
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