Drama. Sometimes very nerve-wracking, but auditions can be a fairly painless process if handled properly. They may be able to do 17 different accents in one show or kick their leg over their head, but performers are still human. Essential tool for attaching cloth to wooden frames / flats. The theatre world is a very small community - if you behave badly or upset someone, it's highly likely you'll meet them again, and they will remember you! and PACK IN (NZ.)). Often a very lengthy process. Basic Theatre Terms. black dance floor), or a raised platform. At the end of a performance, the acknowledgement of applause by actors - the bows. TECHNICAL REHEARSAL(also known as the TECH RUN, or just TECH). BOX SETNaturalistic setting of a complete room built from flats with only the side nearest the audience (the fourth wall) missing. Sticking tapes to the floor of the rehearsal space to indicate the groundplan of the scenery. Doesn't necessarily describe the audience layout, which can be easily reconfigured.The stage can be defined by a change of flooring (e.g. become familiar with the five basic elements of theatre. Basic Theatre Terms No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams Custom Press F11 Select menu option View > Enter Fullscreen for full-screen mode Some offer online (internet) bookings also. [See Diagram] The service areas of the theatre, behind, beside or underneath the stage. Often shortened to Proscenium or Pros Arch. Basic Theatre Terms . It's called Upstage because on a raked stage the stage slopes down towards the audience to improve sightlines. (UK) Part of the theatre front of house area where audience members can buy tickets. 'Have you set the chairs for Act 1? Performers are often asked to memorise a monologue from a play they like to perform for the director. Blocking The planning and working out of the movements of actors on stage. TREADS Theater and drama vocabulary, Theater and drama word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. It is given 35 minutes before the advertised time of commencement (in the UK). Basic Theatre Terminology. Includes foyer areas open to the general public. The groundplan has lines on it, which correspond to easily-found locations in the theatre - most commonly, the centre line and the setting line (which is the proscenium line, or the edge of the stage). Depending on the length of a show, there may be a break or even two in the performance. Shakespeare, rather than ’90s singer Alanis Morissette, was the king of dramatic irony. Dressing Room doors have a list of the actors contained within. Not all shows stage previews, but it is very common in the West End and with larger productions. Also for marking position of furniture etc. Blue working lights backstage should remain on and are not usually under the control of the board, except during a Dead Blackout (DBO), when there is no onstage light. CUE TO CUE(also known as 'Topping and Tailing') 10 Qs . 34. Average score for this quiz is 5 / 10.Difficulty: Tough.Played 3,156 times. Rooms containing clothes rails and mirrors (often surrounded with lights) in which actors change into their costumes and apply make-up. See also FRONT OF HOUSE CALLS, QUARTER. From Greek Cyclos (circle) and Horama (view or vision). Some audition processes have pages of text available outside the audition room for actors to familarise themselves with before the audition. 1.6k plays . A chalked snap line can be used to mark the line in the rehearsal room and on stage. Costumes are sometimes used where they may cause technical problems (eg Quick changes). See also ITALIAN RUN, RUSSIAN RUN. (ie Stage Left is the right side of the stage when looking from the auditorium.) Stages which are not end-on must often use alternative notation, sometimes based on the clock face or the points of a compass.Blocking Notation, BOOK FLATTwo flats hinged together on the vertical edge, to be free standing, and normally used as a backing for a doorway or window. It allows audience members to stretch their legs, use the facilities and buy a drink or an ice cream. Have fun! OK - we're all set - when you're ready please."). black dance floor), or a raised platform. Some offer online (internet) bookings also. WINGS1) The out of view areas to the sides of the acting area (known as FLÜGEL in German). THEATRE WORDSOISTAT project to offer translations of theatrical terminology into global languages. CENTRE CENTRE 1) The part of the stage nearest to the audience. e.g. Quick - Hide!") 1) Every part of the theatre in front of the proscenium arch. Search sites. A narrow horizontal masking piece (flattage or cloth), normally of neutral colour (black) to mask the lighting rig and flown scenery from the audience, and to provide an upper limit to the scene. 'Get that donkey offstage ! The terms have been collected and adapted from various sources, listed at the end of this document. (From the Latin for 'of the morning', but who does theatre in the morning? "Clive exits through the downstage left wing") but they can be identified by number if there are too many exits, with the downstage wing starting as 1, with stage left and right added to identify the side (e.g. The length of the staircase is called the going. More available at the link below. Thesaurus. Normally given by stage management, but may be taken directly from the action (i.e. They are important for everyone involved in a production to understand! Spanish: Bambalina. Many theatres with a 'stalls' seating area used to be built with raked stages as a matter of course. A Rail is a horizontal batten within a flat. The director of the play works with the actors to bring the text to life, which may involve a large reworking of the original playwrights descriptions of the scene. As of Nov 28 20. DIALOGUEThe spoken text of a play - conversations between characters is dialogue. The Proscenium Stage or End Stage; It is the most common type of stage and it is also called a picture frame stage. German: hauptprobe (final rehearsal). Book flats are free-standing when angled open, allowing quick setting and compact storage. A 'Company Call' means the full cast and crew are called for the rehearsal. A venue that has been closed to the public. A more effective backing can be obtained by hanging a sharkstooth gauze just in front of the plain white cyc which gives a hazy effect of distance. A play rarely contains wordy prose descriptions of locations or scenarios, but sometimes the layout of a scene is described at the start of the scene to enable the production team and actors to see quickly what elements the stage set should consist of. or 'This show runs for two weeks') Common Theater Terms - 3 Terms for the Actor Pantomime: A story or action performed with out words relying on body language.
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