We fish lines in ms river all the time. I’m just starting to really get into fishing, and I’ve recently wanted to aim for big cats. I rarely see a need to use anything else. There are definitely go-to baits for blue catfish but on any given day they may prefer one bait over the other. I do pour soured milo over the side every half hour or so and it’s common for many of the fish I catch to be full of milo so it does a good job of attracting them to the boat in approximately twelve to twenty feet of water. When I’m fishing for channel catfish i’m after numbers. P.s. Caught over 500 pounds total last year. First they have a very strong smell that attracts catfish almost immediately but they also break down in the water and that scent carries throughout the water and attracts more catfish into the area. Also, I know most call them scavengers so why do they feed off the top. What we found to be surprising about this product, however, was that it was a really good bait to use for attracting catfish as well. Which bait is best is the age old question of catfishing! Thank you for them very helpful tips on Catfish FISHING GOD BLESS. Catfishing tips, techniques and information from professional catfish guides anglers. It’s also made with chicken blood, an ingredient that’s well known for grabbing the attention of any catfish in the area. I try shallow, deep, suspended, in the middle of the river, next to shore, slack water fast water, still hardly ever catch a fish oyt there at night. We alternate skipjack and live goldfish. I live by cut baits myself. If you’re investing that much time and energy into trying all of these different baits and you’re not catching fish, you’re wasting a lot of energy, time and money. Learn to catch your chosen bait, learn to keep them alive and hearty for long periods of time and start catching some flatheads. When choosing the best catfish bait, one constant question is whether to use a whole live critter, cut sections, or some type of artificial. The first catfish we want to talk about is channel catfish. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. These manufactured baits stink to the person using them but to a channel cat they’re a strong trail of sensory overload. I fish the shallow areas around the lake and normally catch a couple of dozen one to three pound channel and blue cats over four or five hours of fishing. You have to be willing to spend a lot of time on the water. One of the most common questions is about the best catfish bait to use for catfishing. I hate the term “stink bait”. So far all of the channel cats I’ve caught have been on nightcrawlers. Being primarily a bay fisherman I fish lake conroe in the evenings when it gets too hot to bay fish. The tough chicken skin stays well on the hook. It has fiber strands in it so it can hold on the hook better. Fresh baits will out fish frozen baits almost every day of the week and twice on Sunday in most instances. I took some fries and got the ducks attention. Using techniques with some movement to the bait like drift fishing, trolling, controlled drifting or even anchoring using a “drop and drop” technique will often produce flathead catfish bites also. Learning catfish behavior can be extremely helpful in determining how to catch these sometimes elusive fish. My clients showed up and I went and bought four orders of french fries inside the marina. Crayfish are also mainstays in the spring diet of a catfish. Paul, Check out my book on shad. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; This prepared dough bait is made into bite-size cubes that are easy to place on the hook and are extremely attractive to catfish. Pay attention to how, when and where the fish are feeding when you start having activity. Although catfish are bottom feeders, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick your bait down in the mud. This bait works best to catch smaller channel cats and eating-size catfish because there is not enough blood to attract larger fish. I caught(and won) with a piece of “whomp bisquit” meant for carp! What’s the primary forage fish? If you are dead set on buying or building a bait tank, going through the trials and hassles of keeping shad alive go right ahead but I can honestly say that it will have little to no impact on your success a majority of the time. Have plan B ready with shad in the freezer. You can have the best rod, reel, line, guides, boat, etc. That’s why this product is so popular. How do put shad and live blue gill on your hook? There are 1.3 million sites out there that would like your attention for the best bait for catfish Not all, but many of these are sales pitches that claim that you will certainly catch the most catfish if you would just buy their punch baits, fiber baits, dip baits, scented chicken livers, or hot-dog weeny things. There is no doubt that cut bait works the best for catching monster blue catfish. They have an extremely strong sense of smell, so they can home in on baits from quite a distance as well. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Threadin and gizzard shad can be fished whole wormed onto a hook, or cut into chunks. These stinky concoctions accomplish two things. Among catfish, flatheads, particularly big ones, often prefer livebaits that live for hours on the hook and struggle to … Refreshing to come across a guide willing to give non client anglers equal opportunity for good fishing. I second this whole article. Most anglers that are really hardcore about catching flatheads consider one to two fish in a day or night to be a good trip. Try to match the hatch in addition to recreating the action and you’ll catch more fish. To save money and get the best baits build or buy a good perch trap or catch them on rod and reel. Especially to catch a big flathead. The best catfish bait for catching any species of catfish will be live, fresh bait. I had an uncle that use to say flatheads would only bite live bait but could not tell you the countless times I’ve cought 10 to 20 pound flatheads off just enough of a night crawler to fill a 6/0 hook. Some of the baits that work best for these opportunistic fish include fresh baits or shad baits such as Yeh Monn! Your email address will not be published. After over fifteen years as a professional catfish guide I’ve seen and heard of more fad baits that everyone claims are the best, I’ve had more homemade concoctions passed on to me that I care to think about and I’ve tried just about everything there is to try for bait. we don’t have any bait shops locally and it’s illegal to us cast nets. Always bring home a cooler full of fish, Sudden impact is by far most effective. There’s many variables in fishing and often no absolutes. 2 boxes of Stuffing Mix. Best Blue Catfish Bait. I might catch 1 cat in two nights of fishing. Mr. Whiskers is a well-made catfish bait that’s prepared in Texas and is the result of years of fishing experience by the manufacturer. What Is The Best Bait to Catch Big Catfish? There’s always exceptions though and you’ll have better days (or nights) if you put the time in. There’s s a marina at one of my local lakes where I was waiting on clients. What’s the correct way I have not heard you explain this.? Your email address will not be published. I have always had luck using them. You can get a stick and “punch” the hook into the bait and pull it out leaving a blob of bait on the hook. Top 9 Best Shooting Ear Protection of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Braided Fishing Lines of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Camping Cook Sets of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Water Shoes of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Mattresses for Camping in 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Outdoor Basketballs of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Dive Knives of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Hiking Sandals of 2020 – Reviews, Top 10 Best Hiking Poles of 2020 – Reviews, Top 9 Best Pepper Sprays of 2020 – Reviews, Preparing For Hiking During The Fall Months, How To Deal With A Serious Injury In The Wilderness, Easiest Ways To Find Clean Water When Camping. Every once and a while I’d see a large swirl around the area . Although this is not the most smelling homemade recipe for catfish bait, it is most effective. Once the caster knows when the fish are active, they can plan their fishing around that fact. This bait is easy to use and comes in zippered bags that can be resealed to preserve the integrity of the bait, and prevent it from drying out. For day in and day out effectiveness and truly being successful catching lots of numbers of smaller channel cats on a regular basis the stinky concoctions are my preference. This product will begin to dissolve in the water and provide the catfish with a roadmap that leads straight back to the person’s fishing bait. If you’re fishing rivers or lakes with moving current that movement alone will often encourage them to bite. Many anglers that target channel catfish use what I call “grocery store baits”, things like chicken livers, turkey livers, hot dogs, shrimp and a variety of other items. Get a cast net (and make sure you choose the right one), learn to throw it, invest in a fish finder (if fishing from a boat) and learn to catch your own bait. Cottonseed cubes make an excellent bait for scaled fish, while compressed soybean meal and cheese baits work well for catfish, buffalo and carp. 4.0 out of 5 stars 164. Im using fresh cut bream on the rods. The winner for the best bait to catch catfish is nightcrawlers. Use bull frogs. Many fisherman find the perfect bait that seems to work for a long stretch of time and then all of a sudden it stops working and they have to switch baits. With a little time on the water you’ll learn the essentials and some tips and tricks to help you catch more shad. My grandpa tought me growing up if they’ll bight anything they’ll bight a worm. The final piece of advice we’d like to give all of our readers is to pack and use the proper equipment. amzn_assoc_title = ""; Great read! This strong-smelling formula is pre-molded into dough balls that are easy to use on everything from trotlines to cane poles and is designed to create an easy-to-follow chum trail. You might be surprised at what happens when you add cut bait to your presentation for flatheads in the right environment. 2 cans of tuna in oil. Over the years I have used live and dead bait side by side and in almost every instance have found that blues will hit fresh dead bait (whole or cut) just as well as they will live. Typically when I write something like this I get bombarded with questions and comments from the “what about’s” who has a buddy that “wore them out” one day on a piece of bubble gum or some other off the wall concoction. 1 bag of Stuffing Bread. Dip baits are a thin consistently and you’ll use a small tube, worm or sponge to hold the bait on the hook. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Another problem that many people have when they’re fishing for catfish is they pick a spot that they like and stay there even if the fish aren’t biting. From what I’ve read, bluegill that are river bred are naturally afraid of catfish, since catfish prey on them in rivers. This isn’t the encyclopedia of baits, it’s about the best catfish baits so you’ve got access to some quick, down and dirty tips to help you catch more and bigger catfish. The best winter catfish bait will be their natural, native prey or something that closely mimics it. Channel catfish are scavengers. Chicken skin attracts more fish in warmer water, most likely because warm water allows oils to secrete from the skin. That’s because this particular formula can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, and can also be used for a variety of different fishing methods. Whether this is a good choice is highly dependent on the catfishing techniques you’re using. This product can be used on a variety of different hooks, including treble and j-hooks, is easy to bait, and creates a chum trail that’s sure to get the fish biting. I’ve fished Kentucky lake for blues with cut bait and have done well with cut skipjack. This is what the fish eat naturally, so it only makes sense that this would be the best option available. Thanks for sharing. There is no magic bullet bait that you can buy. Ripe cut baits always work consistently, but when the frogs show up early to mid summer, they are the hot item on the menu. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; I typically use these as my primary bait as a last resort but often bait hooks with these baits in addition to fresh shad. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. I was fishing with clients in a creek with large trees and grapevines hanging over the water. I get called out by “textbook” anglers all the time when I talk about cut bait for flathead catfish. happy thanksgiving ! Livers typically do not produce many huge catfish. Not only my experience but the experience of a growing number of anglers across the country. The best and most consistent results however will come from using a tried and true bait that’s known to work. Every summer when I start seeing leopard frogs hopping around my yard, I know it’s time to to switch to them for bait. Flathead catfish are more likely to go for live baits such as liver sunfish, goldfish, or perch. You won't even have to take the … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Take the time to identify the creek channels, hole, or flats that catfish might be lurking. Occasionally I pick up a few flat head cats as well. as an Okie it was really hard to give a Texan any credit but you got it haha, thanks for a great article. Another great read on the man chad furguson! I was just in the right place at the right time and thinking on my feet. Live bait can be purchased in many bait and tackle shops. Make sure you read up on the types of catfish so you have a better understanding of their behaviors, preferences and differences between each one. I could go on for days and talk about all of the random “one off” catfish baits that I’ve had thrown at me over the years from chicken breast soaked in vanilla, to aluminum foil and leather soaked in WD–40. ½ pound of chicken liver. In studies performed by the company, this bait was able to pull in twice as many catfish as live baits were capable of doing. Would french fries work for catching fish at any location? I cannot find any good live bait. Causes a feeding frenzy the cats love it. The second choice to fresh caught whole or cut shad is any other sort of freshly caught cut bait. You can determine this information by asking other fishermen that you might know or by searching Internet message boards or websites that list the best locations for catfish are the best way to find out where they might be biting. Just remember the action or technique often has more impact than the bait itself. Think I’ll try live bait and dip bait. Best Live Bait For Catfish. I have thousands of catfish im my rivers, why can i not catch a catfish on rod and reel? A great bait for smaller catfish is the earthworm. I generally catch one or two nice cats per day and over ten days I catch 20 nice cats for 60 meals of catfish. On the other hand I agree with you whole heartedly about shovels preferring live bait. Blue catfish are a type of fish that spend the majority of their day eating and aren’t very picky about what they eat. What’s the best catfish bait for fishing in ____________: What’s the best catfish bait for ___________: Looking through these questions about the best catfish bait I realized 99% of them provide no species information and lump “catfish” into one group instead of asking about the species they plan to target. What I use as a professional catfish guide. You can choose from a variety of inexpensive baits to attract not only bigger fish and but greater quantities, too. $12.30 $ 12. I read your articles on a lot of stuff an I trust your information on what u putting on but what about the people who don’t have boats to catch live shads and other live baits with the net what’s the alternative. But sometimes the shad catching game can be tricky. Helps reduce the line memory and let’s line lay where it needs too. Was thinking about trying to make little packages of it and use some of my wife’s panty hose to contain the bait then thread on the hook like you might some cut bait or something? The mass marketed baits that aren’t so good give people the impression that none of these types of baits work. Fresh caught shad or skipjack is the best catfish bait choice for blues in most cases. I quit counting emails at 257 before I finally gave up. Once a person has selected the best catfish bait for the particular type of catfish they’re looking to catch, it’s time to use that bait with proven methods to get the best results possible. Why does my 10lb test line twist so much when catching 10-15lb Cats. Looking for another spring time line tighting time. These are a type of a universal bait that works well for catching all kinds of catfish. We all know cheese has a strong smell depending on the variety. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. They’re all very different species with very different food preferences and habits and require a different plan of attack, catfish rigs, bait selections and techniques. This will contribute 2000% percent more to your success catching blues than the time you are investing looking for the “next best thing”. It’s not something I practice, at least as a “preferred technique”. Awesome read. There have been times when the catfish were biting and hitting the hook every few minutes and would only take the shad. This includes finding out times when catfish are likely to be active—times when they feed, when they spawn and when they’re dormant. Because of the special way that it’s prepared, this particular product never needs to be refrigerated. One of my favorite baits is the King Kat Chicken Blood. No fish, or like i said, one fish for 10 hours fishing. I might try the chicken/garlic/jello, or gizzard/garlic/jello. I found the other day that channel cats love raw bacon that I sprinkled with garlic and half a box of strawberry jello. Although some people feel the need to use a separate bait for freshwater and saltwater catfish, that isn’t necessary with Magic Big Bite Chicken Blood. When it comes to catching catfish, smelly bait is often the best and there’s probably no bait that’s smellier than Wild Cat Blood Bait. Catfish are notorious for being “quick biters,” which means that they will tend to nibble at a bait within 20-30 minutes if they’re in the area. Theres slight variations in each of these questions based on types of catfish, different bodies of water etc., but they all go something like this……. In the event that shad (or skipjack) are not present in a lake or river (which would be highly unlikely in a water body with a thriving population) then the best choice for catfish bait is going to be their primary food source in that body of water. I’ve used just about everything on the market over the years and found that the following baits work best and consistently produce catfish for me. Cut off a decent size chunk, put it on your hook and wait. Is there any way to keep turtles from stealing my bluegill off limb lines? Anyone wanting to catch these magnificent bottom dwellers is going to want to put together a strategy and buy the best bait possible. You need to constantly read the water around you. For these types of fish, quantity is more important than quality and these fish are known for grabbing whatever they can come across. Punch bait is similar to dipbait but all you need is a treble hook. Fish that are commonly used for cut bait for catfish include: These baits can often work as well as shad or skipjack but my experience has always been they’re not as consistent. With their strong, meaty smell, chicken livers draw cats from broad areas. The Lake And Stars aims to become your 'go-to website' for everything outdoors! And because special care is put into creating this bait, it’s 100% biodegradable, so fishermen don’t have to worry about it polluting their favorite lake, river or stream. You don’t have to carry a buffet with you, don’t over think it. The Best Catfish Bait – Top 5 Catfish Baits – The five best catfish baits that always catch catfish! Their strong smell and wriggling action attracts attention and makes them an irresistible lure. I usually will let one rig go straight down to the bottom and one like suspended halfway up from bottom straight under the boat. I seem to have the best luck on fresh shrimp. If you learn how to pattern bait fish all year long, and how to catch them the rest just falls into place. The best bait to consistently catch big catfish is whatever naturally occurring food items big catfish are already eating. I live in Colorado and usually have good luck with chunks of chicken breasts soaked in jello and garlic powder. Elevating the bait using bobbers, inline floats or jig heads can help make catfish baits more effective as they allow the scent to travel further through the water. These artificial earthworms are formulated with a special scent formula that makes them pretty attractive to catfish, although they do tend to stink quite a bit. Cheese that comes in blocks is the best choice and holds together well in water. I’m saying that when rod and reel fishing if I can’t catch channel cats with one of these products they’re not biting. Berkley Power Punch will turn treble hooks into catfish-catching machines. Most often rigging with a slip bobber or the Secret Catfish Rig and fishing with some lightweight gear and finesse techniques you’ll have no problem catching some big numbers of channel cats. I’m sure there are better ideas – would love to hear them! Both will work for catching numbers of channel catfish but I’ve always preferred punch baits as they’re much cleaner to fish with and eliminate the need for using the tubes, sponges and worms to hold bait. The best hook to use for catfish is a hook that aligns with your bait selection and the size of catfish you are targeting.
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