My favourite sticky 'natural' groundbaits are Van den Eyde Gold Pro, Senses River don't let the name put you off, Sensas Carp 3000, the fine version I normally, this mix doesn't have any fishmeal in it and the food value comes from maize meal, the other one I like is Van den Eyde Turbo. thanks again! Rob deep water silverfish tactics saw him net this lot on a hard d, ***VIDEO*** Rob’s top three silverfish groundbait mixes. Ulley is a large expanse of water but offers some superb bream and feeder fishing. Over the past few months I have come up with a simple two-pronged attack that has held me in good stead on these types of waters for years. I then time my casts on a stop watch, looking for a pattern to appear. One final solution is to mix the soil with water into a sort of a mud which, when mixed with groundbait, gives a really stiff mix. My set-up consists of a 12-foot Beastmaster DX 90g feeder rod paired with a large-spooled match reel. i've never really tried any particles before, but now i am definately going to try! The rig is shotted with a 2.5g ollivette with a sting of No10s below. Mix slightly dry-don't overdoo the molasses. This has often been thought of as purely a mix for bloodworm and joker fishing when skimmers are the targets, but it can be used with any natural baits. Molasses is a great groundbait ingredient for sweet toothed bream. ), can i ask would a maggot riddle be ideal for riddling the mix - or would a finer one be required? JavaScript is disabled. And 9 times on 10 I go at loss if I use white bream mix as groundbait. Mixing up any old groundbait before ‘pub chucking’ your feeder to the horizon might well see a fish or two ‘hang itself’, but it isn’t the best practice. For a session starting early in the morning, a sensible plan would be to rig up both ledger and float rods, but first to ledger the middle for bream over a groundbait carpet of cereal and hookbaits. Be careful that small particles, like hemp, don't dry out in the mix and then float when balled in. That’s it! The feeders I use are 40g weight-forward as they cast better over longer distances. No content may be reproduced without permissions. The particle mix I use for Bream goes like this. The mainline again is 0.14mm to a size 18, 0.10mm pre-tied Drennan Carbon Match hooks to nylon. By double groundbaiting, you go after either roach and dace or bream, whichever produces the best bites. The thing that makes this groundbait stand out as the obvious choice was the amino level in the mix. But, if I’m looking to feed more chopped worm, targeting perch, “ill up this to a No9. You must log in or register to reply here. The most complex of the range is SuperRed, but the other members of the Red Range - MarineRed (fishmeal), HoneyRed (honey, strangely enough!) When faced with such an expanse of water, many anglers turn tail and run as they have no idea where to start. The fish you catch from Ulley you feel like you have earnt them, it is a really challenging water and that is what I find most appealing about the place. However, I have enjoyed days where a 1g float has done the damage. Groundbait can be a great addition to any fishing session but make sure you are choosing the correct one for the job to maximise your chances of catching fish. The base of the mix, as the name suggests, is dried and ground earthworm. i'm sure that my LTS has got that in stock. For example the Dynamite Baits swim stim method mix. ... choose a groundbait with method mix on it. Maybe the best solution is to never choose WB as target fish and focus on other species that share the same habitat, like roach, ide, deep water big game like catfish and burbot. Thanks From the elastic down, I using either a Preston’s No8 Dura Hollow elastic through a top-two. Plain brown crumb is the ideal base for groundbaits, especially if you combine it with liquid molasses to produce a classic bream combination. if the flow is very strong and the depth over fifteen feet then i would add a binder like pv1,this is sweet and will add to the flavour. Groundbait allows you to create different combinations of mix that can be used for different purposes when fishing, depending on the amount of water and additional ingredients that are mixed in. It’s important to match the hook size to the size of the bait, for example, maggots go on size 18 and 20 hooks and worms on size 16 and 14. For the feeder mix, I add two-inches of crumb into a three-pint tub before mixing in a handful of casters and half-a-handful of pinkies. Try brown crumb and molasses with some powdered hemp. A truly classic groundbait combination that has won Team England no end of medals, Lake mixed with leam is a winner. November 27, 2020 August 17, 2020 by Mike. BALL IT IN!! This makes it the ideal blend for targeting carp, f1s, bream and skimmers. (Scroll down to see Rob’s top silverfish groundbait mixes video) It’s a mix I helped develop and although it is designed primarily to target skimmers, it is brilliant for caching bream and roach too. The best way to explain how to mix the perfect groundbait is to show so have a watch at the video and make sure to follow the steps closely to maximise your chances of catching. i freeze it in a big bowl and take it on the boat still frozen, i then break large chunks and drop it over the side. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I mix it on the dry side, adding around 40 per cent black damp leam. Traditional Groundbait So Natural Bream . Bait Preparation Nylon Groundbait Bowls . i would also mix in a good helping of dead maggots. Mixing up any old groundbait before ‘pub chucking’ your feeder to the horizon might well see a fish or two ‘hang itself’, but it isn’t the best practice. as for g/bait again dependant on flow and depth.but,most of my bream fishing is done with brown crumb with a good helping of brasem mixed in. Firstly, it cuts down on the food value in the current cold-water conditions as well as creating a cloud in the water, something I think skimmers and bream like. The colour is a big part of this groundbait, yellow seems to be a really effective colour for targeting bream. Dai Gribble (Specialist Angler) says "Supercrush Green is the best groundbait for Bream, it forms the base of my mix because of its strong fishy smell and it is the right colour to attract big bream. A stopwatch is a handy tool when feeder fishing for bream as you can recast at regular intervals more accurately. Classics like Ringers Original and Dark have been huge for that entire time, no matter whether bream or carp are the target. The mix contains real Arctic Krill for added attraction and cloud. At Ulley, I’ll leave the feeder out for a maximum of 10-minutes. As it is still bitterly cold at the moment, I don’t need lots of particles to hold the fish in the swim. Perch love amino acids; in fact it often sends them into a wild feeding frenzy. baby head size balls of groundbait laced with freebies are what Rob preps his pole line with. Dynamite Baits. I’ve fished matches where I’ve had a count of 23 to 24 using a one-ounce bomb. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is then a case of one, two; one, two. But as I say, when you are often landing 20lb-plus of roach or even bigger bags of bream, it makes for a highly interesting and unique day on the bank. Not only does this allow you to add more particles, but it helps the balls breakdown quickly on the reservoir bed, so that they down roll down the slope. There is nothing worse than fishing one line to death or failing to loosefeed over it regularly. Oily Floaters Oily Floaters . The main problem with Ulley like many big waters is the depth. The rig is then plumbed up so it is just touching bottom. The reason being that braid is buoyant and in the deep depths of Ulley I was finding that it took too long for the line to settle, which meant I was often missing quick roach bites. Crumb This is old-school groundbait: cheap and solid, brilliant for bulking out a more expensive mix. If I’m still catching, I repeat the ‘topping-up’ process on the feeder line, whilst staying on the pole. Is this specifically for groundbaits or just a powdered dye from the carp section? Follow Rob’s deep water bream fishing advice and you’ll enjoy plenty of netters like this.. “Although I’m a massive fan of fishing natural waters, Ulley Reservoir is fairly new to me.” I first saw a few match result posts on Facebook early last year, showing low double-figure bags of roach and the odd even bigger bag of bream. Where most anglers like to use braid as it casts further, I much prefer 4lb mono with a 6lb shock leader. I have used this for a few years now and catch everywhere with it. On the feeder line, I will start the swim with eight feederfulls, but, when it comes to kick starting my pole line, I’ll ball in eight ‘baby’s heads’ of particle-laced groundbait, before leaving it to settle. It can be cupped balled or catapulted in. The best place for all your tench fishing information and discussion. Looking on each line throughout the session, looking for a pattern to emerge. i've tended to stick with just the one, brown crumb, a special bream mix, with some oxo cubes. An excellent attractor for bream and skimmers and comes in 3 varieties. The beauty of this mix is it marries up so well to any form of particle feed you add to it. groundbait. Not so well used in the UK, it’s a favourite on the Continent and is great for bream and tench, as you’d expect. Even on hard waters like Ulley, the fish will prefer one type of presentation/baiting strategy. (Scroll down to see Rob’s top silverfish groundbait mixes video). If I catch nothing on the pole line, I simply revert back onto the feeder again. Getting your groundbait mixed perfectly will give you better results on the bank. Since the swap over to mono, although it still takes a while for the line to settle and tighten, it’s much faster than braid. Being laced with fenugreek – as well as other potent additives and flavourings – this spice in particular is an extremely good appetite stimulant. To this end, I tend to be very aggressive and positive on this line. It is up to you to learn from what the fish are trying to tell you. There is no question that Bait-Tech Omen is without doubt the best Bream Groundbait available. ok then. This tactic of keeping to line going is something that has worked very well for me on a number of waters and Ulley is no different. It is a killer groundbait for attracting shoals of bream and can result in some super catch counts and non-stop action! From the rigs to use to the groundbait to mix for the feeder, catching those reservoir bream will never be easier…, We joined up with Rob at Yorkshire’s Ulley Reservoir…. Unlike many, who look to fish two feeder lines, … This means I have only missed one cast on the feeder line, so I’m better able to keep both lines going. It can be made well in advance and stored for long periods in the freezer. Too many anglers, once they ‘come off’ a line, will wholly ignore it until they go back on it. It is best to mix Lake to a nice soft texture before adding the leam to it. Groundbait colouring? Regards the mainline, I go against the grain. With both lines primed and baited, I always like to start on my first line – the feeder, whilst I give the pole line a good half-hr or more to settle. Although the fishing was relatively hard on the day I visited Ulley, it is easy to see the potential of the venue. © Dynamite Baits 2020. I have found more than once that you can get a late flurry of bream in the last 60-90 minutes of the match, but if you have totally neglected the line over the past few hours, they won’t stay as there is no bait to hold them. Steve Scudder. It is good for all species of coarse fish but has gained a particularly big following for bream anglers. Another good and cheap ground bait is Vitalin(a dog food) and a special fish meal ground bait.Tench and bream love it. Then, when I go onto the pole line later in the session, I know to only ‘have a look’ on the pole for 10-minutes. Again, as I’m after silverfish, I look to fish relatively long, today that means 13-meters. cheers. TIP - try mixing the Fishmeal and Original versions for a deadly sweet fishmeal mix! This method is especially useful on deep rivers where bream can come to the noise of top-up feeding. It is a powder in a plastic tub with a sprinkler type lid, once the G/B is mixed you sprinkle the powder over the top and mix it through the damp crumb giving a darker mix, you can adjust how dark you want it by adding more and it is quite strong as it doesn't take much to darken up a few kilos at a time. The groundbait is mixed with around 40 per cent molehill soil. The all-important groundbait mix revolves around my favourite Dynamite Baits’ Silver-X Skimmer mix. The great thing about these elastics is they are heavy enough to strike through the deep water and also, they allow you to swing the smaller fish straight to hand. Rob likes Silver X Skimmer for feeder fishing and River and Roach on his pole line.. Hookbait are all variations of live bait – maggots, pinkies, casters or worm – whereas the groundbait is a mixture of one full bag of Dynamite Baits’ Silver-X Roach Original and half-a-bag of Silver-X River to add tackiness. When the water starts to warm, I gradually cut down on the amount of leam until I’m fishing pure groundbait. This means you almost need to start all over again. but i think it's time for a change. I use the Preston PR333 for small skimmers, the PR344 for normal skimmers and bream and the PR3555 for bigger bream and aggressive fishing. Phil Ringer explains just what the process and ingredients list looks like when developing a new groundbait mix. My local bream refuse to feed over a light groundbait. Fishmeal Groundbait Bream Feeder . and NaturalRed (insects)- … i'll mention that i got it from this forum, i've already got a link to FM anyway. Traditional Groundbait So Natural Lake . The feeder line isn’t much easier either. Imagine it as a ‘scent buffet’ for the inquisitive juvenile Bream. I like to use a 50-50 mix of crumb and a fishmeal-based groundbait such as Sensas Crazy Bait Gold, Dynamite Marine, or Sonubaits Supercrush. But, if I start to catch on the pole line, I take off my feeder’s hooklink and make three rapid casts, to keep the line alive, while I concentrate on the pole line for another 30-minutes or so.
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