Here’s how you make the switch. The short answer is yes, you can install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring over ceramic tiles is a common choice, especially when the tile is dingy and outdated. AngryNugget, 14 Sep 2007 #7. If the new flooring does not have the built-in underlayer, simply roll out and tape your underlayment to the wood floor and begin installing the laminate. 100% positive Going back to the original floor would have big gaps at the door bottoms 17 27 Cut, scribe and trim new laminate pieces. Laying one of top of the order can be more time consuming when you have to remove all … Sheet-vinyl: Yes, provided the surface is flat and level (per our subfloor specifications) and the condition of the floor is good. 100% positive 100% positive feedback, Take the old floor up, if a so called professional fitter came to mine and said it was OK to put laminate on top of laminate then I would show him the way out immediately, Lancing • Member since 2 Jan 2018 • No it isn't advisable...both floors are floating floors and both will be moving (expanding/contracting differently)...could cause problems, when they start moving against each other. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you and your preferences. The type of flooring you are laying laminate over is very important, as not every surface is made equal. Their sub-floor was uneven I recommended the old flooring be lifted and they should ply the sub floor however as this would add to the cost of the job, they requested I lay the flooring on top of existing flooring at their own risk. remove the existing floor covering and start again. 13 88% positive Its better and easier to take old floor up, shouldn't take long and you can dispose of it at your local tip. feedback. jobs, First of all, if you install carpet over laminate flooring you can always go back to laminate flooring by removing the carpet. feedback. I also wouldn’t advise laying on top of old tiles for future projects. I am in the process of installing some new thinner laminate boards in the place of some existing thicker laminate that I will be... We had a wall taken down between our kitchen and dining room to open it up. Only down fall jobs, jobs, When you’re ready to buy laminate wood flooring, visit our SWISS KRONO flooring line. As a rule of thumb, if your existing flooring is level and smooth, laminate can easily be laid over top. feedback. Many homeowners ask whether or not they can install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring. Is it poss to just lay it over the old? The old laminate plank flooring is in fine shape. 4 feedback, hi,wood no as it can sweat and buckle , laminate yes as i have done this at least 10 times over the past few years and the only reason against this is the height difference/finishing issues with adjoining flooring [carpets especially] if you use a clic laminate and do have problems u can take up both floors and relay the new one, good luck lance, Altrincham • Member since 6 Dec 2010 • It's a bit confusing, but a flat floor can still be slightly out of level and still create a good foundation for a long-lasting floor installation. But it comes up stress, little mess :), Portsmouth • Member since 23 Oct 2013 • I installed laminate flooring over an old parquet wood floor and it's now all buckling up and I'm going to have to replace the whole lot. Also if we leave the old floor in place, the new vinyl planks will match up even to the room next to it that was tiled. I.e. The alignment of the individual panels can be used to make the room feel smaller or bigger. jobs, It’s best to take the old flooring up and then it will be done right. Best to do a job right first time, Manchester • Member since 6 Apr 2018 • There is nothing wrong with putting one panel on another apart from the height. i know you can tile over tiles, so i thought baybe you can laminate over laminate?? feedback. If you insist on installing over the laminate, you first goal should be to make your laminate as smooth as possible. We’re listing alphabetically all of the flooring types available so that you can easily determinewhether you can install laminate over that specific flooring type. It’s best to take the old laminate flooring up first, it’s doesn’t take long. If your laminate flooring proves difficult to uproot or if you decide to install carpet over laminate flooring for any other reason, there are a few other things you should take into consideration. 27 Like solid wood flooring, laminate can swell when subjected to water. You can technically install vinyl plank over laminate flooring, but it’s not advised due to the physical properties of the vinyl plank and laminate and the methods with which both are installed. jobs, feedback, no laminate will expand and retract there will probably blow, Minster, Ramsgate • Member since 6 May 2014 • Laying one of top of the order can be more time consuming when you have to remove all the doors and trim the bottoms. 62 No, laminate is floating type of floor installed over an insulation pad. Laminate flooring is a great choice for basements and this video shows in detail how to install it below grade (in a basement). 99% positive A laminate floor would be a really good solution here because you could lay down a very thin laminate underlayment, which is usually like a very thin foam, and then you put the flooring right on top of that and the foam will absorb any unevenness because of the glue that was there before and you’ll have a nice, clean floor on top of it. feedback. 2 Can I lay laminate flooring and find new skirting with hollow back to attach over old and fit on top of laminate - is ther anything available? feedback. 16 50% positive In this video Jon and I install a laminate or floating floor in one of his bedrooms at his house. Answer 1 of 2: Tyler, It sounds like the existing laminate flooring is solid and free from flex. jobs, 100% positive 8 100% positive 100% positive 98% positive A friend says I can go right over the top of the linoleum and that the difference in height from the concrete to the linoleum wouldn't matter. Terms and conditions Further, the linoleum is supposed to be very difficult to remove. Vinyl Flooring Over Laminate Flooring . 1 When installing ceramic tile, you can leave in place old laminate flooring when you follow a few basic steps. jobs, Hi, I want to lay new laminate but cant be bothered with the mess and stress of taking the old up. I want to put lino over my laminate floor in my kitchen, will it fit ok or will i need to remove laminate … As with all the other replies, technically the flooring should be lifted this is the correct action to take. How To Do It Right We asked our builder to lay laminate flooring once he... © 2008-2020 MyBuilder Limited Better just keeping yourself right and lifting the floor and starting again Doors needing cut archs needing cut If the flooring below moves a lot from the one on top it could cause problems and it’s not a proper job. The short answer is yes, you can install laminate flooring over a ceramic tile floor, if the tile floor is in good condition, and the tile are well attached, level, and flat. The process would be the same as installing a laminate floor on a concrete slab. Its not worth the risk of something going wrong. can i put lino/cussion flooring over existing laminate floor. Can cause problems if both floors move feedback. If the laminate has a built-in underlayer, you could simply lay it on top of the hardwood flooring. However in the past I did do this for a customer at their request and only after explaining the implications. Also you may have to cut doors, architraves etc down, which then will be too short if you ever decide to change it again. As world market leader, we offer laminate floors in unique designs and with innovative technology. You cannot install laminate flooring on top of this type of underlayment as it’s too soft. 7 That makes it possible to install laminate over hardwood, linoleum and vinyl, and yes... you can install laminate over tile. 13 job, I have enough laminate (simulated wood) flooring left over from finishing another room and would like to replace the linoleum. Keeps you right In the long run, Huddersfield • Member since 11 Dec 2018 • 05272398. First, you want to be sure you don’t sand any surfaces containing lead based finishes/paints or asbestos. :) not recommended by me personally. 100% positive The floor can have an unlevel subfloor and still have a base for a nice laminate floor. I wouldn't say this is not done properly but it will definitely be a problem with shaving doors etc as you guys said before. Also, the lighting of the room decides the alignment of the laminate flooring. For … 16 If installing wood flooring over an existing wood floor, there are some extra precautions. 13 We have different floors that are moisture resistant; their lifetime warranty protects for spills that can sit for up to 24-hours. However, there are special things to consider. You must use padding when installing laminate flooring over sheet vinyl. 195 100% positive No feedback, Clevedon • Member since 12 Aug 2019 • You will then want to install vinyl planks that are as thick as you can get. 100% positive As a professional flooring installer, i say it is always best to go back to the subfloor. If this is not an issue, you can sand off the old finish and or high spots then prepare the flooring by making any repairs or replacements of loose boards then thoroughly cleaning the floor. 100% positive jobs, Test the Flooring Layout. Can Pergo Laminate Be Installed Over Old Existing Hardwood Floors?. Can you lay either engineered wood flooring or soild wood flooring over parquet flooring, Laying new laminate flooring onto old screed help, Find Plus we have plenty of other flooring options ranging from 12mm thick with a lifetime warranty to 7mm thick and a 15-year warranty. Sponsored Links; trim67. feedback, It's not advisable, I would strip it back and start a fresh, Lydiate • Member since 15 May 2020 • thanks, Waterlooville • Member since 24 Sep 2008 • We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Privacy notice jobs, 75% positive Sitemap Best of luck! UK VAT Registered: 850 4121 63. Cookies Personally if you would like a professional job I would take the old laminate up, it doesn’t create to much mess disposing of the old. feedback, Probably best to take old up first.If a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly, Basildon • Member since 7 Dec 2010 • feedback, Yes you can but there's no point the floor is so easy to take up with no mess you would make moor mess going over it as you would need to shave all doors and loose your skirts, Barrhead • Member since 17 Feb 2014 • When you’re ready to buy laminate wood flooring, visit our SWISS KRONO flooring line. jobs, 100% positive jobs, jobs, But, there are a few things you need to consider before you go ahead and install laminate over your existing flooring. feedback, You should always take the old floor up as it’s a floating floor. Would have kept the old floor, but had been painted, and was only in about a 3rd of the room for some reason! Can I lay laminate flooring and find new skirting with hollow back to attach over old and fit on top of laminate - is ther anything available? The ‘Can I Install Laminate Flooring Over This?’ Guide, Privacy and Data Protection for California. David Domenichini D.R. jobs, You will want to use a sound absorbing pad underneath to avoid a hollow sound as well as potential squeeks between the 2 laminate surfaces. As a few have said the height would be a factor, but the main thing is expansion....and can you be 100% sure the existing floor has been laid perfectly and is completely sound? Now your laminate floor starts to buckle which causes your LVT floor … Video of the Day Volume 0% jobs, My floor is tiled to the skirting - not under them. It’s best to take the old laminate flooring up first , it’s doesn’t take long. The SWISS KRONO products for furniture and interior design offer you safety, stability and durability. jobs, If so, you will have no problem installing the new laminte over the old. Laminate flooring can be installed directly over hardwood, often with no preparation necessary. If you are talking about covering up the old laminate with a new laminate, my answer is no its not a good ideal. Remove any potential obstacles so your laminate flooring will have a seamless surface. jobs, Crawley • Member since 1 Feb 2009 • Let's say you install a cheap ass LVT floor over top of a cheap ass laminate floor. Then, you will want to install a solid smooth underlayment over your laminate floor. Installing Laminate Flooring can be easy if you have the resources to learn from. Laminate floor may act as a substrate for vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring on an uneven subfloor can cause problems and … 98 Always best to uplift (especially Laminate as it can be problematic)and check the subfloor, it doesn’t take long and you can be sure everything is as it should be. The LVT (or whatever floor you choose) will act as a moisture barrier and stop the natural transfer of moisture to and from the existing laminate floor. jobs, Remember that the sub floor underneath the carpet and carpet underlayment should be smooth and free of debris. Many homeowners now wish to replace their old ceramic tile with laminate flooring. Ballymoney • Member since 11 Dec 2017 • Helensburgh • Member since 6 Dec 2019 • Sure a square room can be easy, but when a hallway gets added on to that it can be a lot more difficult unless you have the resources that can guide you through. feedback, Go back to your subfloor not advisable to lay on top as many have previously said height expansion etc comes into play, Luton • Member since 25 Jun 2018 • This is great news for anyone who doesn't want to spend days chipping away at an old tile floor to remove it, which is pretty much everyone. feedback. just think about the square meters I had to charge for!! If you install it on top of laminate, the vinyl plank flooring will end up uneven and look unprofessional. m w building construction and property maintenance, High Wycombe • Member since 28 Sep 2008 • Glasgow • Member since 2 Jan 2019 • 1 Rough the old laminate flooring with an orbital sander. Remember that laminate flooring, like Swiss Krono USA’s Laminate Wood Flooring, is a floating floor — it will expand and contract as temperature and other conditions change. 15 I think that the amount of time that it … 100% positive Test-fit some laminate planks to see how they will lay out in the room. 2 Edinburgh • Member since 23 Nov 2011 • Domenichini Coosntruction It may be necessary to fix high-moisture areas first: around the dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator. 810 Technology Drive Barnwell, SC 29812 USA. Yes, you “can” do whatever you want, but that doesn't mean it's going to work or last. It still can be difficult, it really depends on how the layout of the room is. I had this once, that customer wanted me to lay 2 layers of panel flooring because he had 2 rooms done by someone before and the level was not right in other rooms. feedback, You can do this as long as the flooring that is down first is well put down saves some mess Can I install vinyl plank flooring over an old laminate plank flooring? Wood laminate flooring has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years, for several reasons. I have used 9mm ply in 2 other rooms. tradesmen. Considerations For Installing Laminate Flooring Over Hardwood Laminate flooring can be installed on top of hardwood boards that are in fairly good condition with no preparatory work at all. Building panel in shell construction or elements in timber construction as well as wall and roof panelling. I have returned a year later to fit an additional floor in their house and there had been no issues. 94% positive This means that the choice of subfloor (i.e., what you install laminate over) needs to provide the right support. You don’t want to install laminate over it. The orientation of the laminate flooring can have change the way you see the room. Cheshunt • Member since 10 Mar 2016 • If your laminate has a built-in underlayer, you may install it right on top of the hardwood. We bought a 5′ x 12′ piece of laminate, which was enough … feedback. If you kept the old laminate down all you would create is movement in the flooring itself. You can read more details in our Privacy Policy. Registered in England No. Hardwood floor has to be nailed, stapled or glued to the subfloor. You can but be aware that any doors you have might need to be cut smaller, because your raising the floor.
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