Some common names in English include rosewood, Bombay blackwood, roseta rosewood, East Indian rosewood, reddish-brown rosewood, Indian palisandre, and Java palisandre.Its Indian common names are beete, and satisal. Turning stock: Dalbergia melanoxylon Common name: African ebony Other common names: African blackwood, Chinese blackwood, Mozambique ebony, Senaar ebony, Senegal ebony, Sudan ebony Common Name: Inflorescence Photograph by: Gilles Dauby. East African blackwood is the common name for Dalbergia melanoxylon (Family Leguminosae, known as mpingo in Swahili). African Blackwood is the common name for Dalbergia melanoxylon Guill. Wood Name: Specie Name: Country of Origin: African Blackwood: Dalbergia melanoxylon: Tanzania: Afromosia: Pericopsis elata: West Africa: Alder (Spalted) Alnus spp. Pre-Convention date for Madagascan populations of Dalbergia spp. Other Names: African Blackwood. Kuntze Amerimnon stocksii (Benth.) Weight @ 12% M/C: 83 lbs./ft.3 Working Properties: Difficult to plane and machine with tools. It is also known as African ironwood, African ebony, zebrawood or Mpingo in Swahili. & Perr.) This taxon was not selected in any one of four screening processes for highlighting potential taxa of conservation concern for detailed assessment and was hence given an automated status of … Other Common Names: Congowood, mufunjo, mpingo, mugembe, babanus, mukelte, grenadilla, Mozambique ebony and Cape Damson ebony. Dalbergia melanoxylon (tree).jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 5.32 MB. If you enter just a plant name, you will see results from the old RHS Plant Finder and Selector databases; ... Other common names African blackwood Mozambique ebony STANDARD PLANT NAME: Dalbergia melanoxylon Guill. Dalbergia). Dalbergia species Dalbergia melanoxylon Name Synonyms Amerimnon melanoxylon (Guill. Dalbergia spp. Sometimes a shrub growing only 2 metres or more tall, it can reach reach large tree size and specimens up to 25 metres can be found in the coastal forests of Kenya Dalbergia melanoxylon (5 SEEDS) Botanical nomenclature: dalbergia melanoxylon Common name: African ebony, mpingo, african blackwood Family: fabaceae Origin: south africa - tanzania, mozambique Height: between 4 and 15 meters in height Brightness: full sun Mpingo is the national tree of Tanzania. The species used in industry and the trade names are listed by Beekman (1964). Scientific Name: Dalbergia Melanoxylon. Common names: Blackwood dalbergia (English) Zebrawood (English) Frequency: Common: Status: Native: Description: Large deciduous shrub or multi-stemmed, straggling tree. Notes. Common name. Caviuna as a cause of dermatitis (Rotberg 1938) may refer to Amerimnon(syn. It is known to fix nitrogen and grows in … 6 For a species name to be consider accepted by CITES, a scientific taxonomic reference is required to be which belongs to family Fabaceae, sub-family Papilionoideae. The tree is an important timber species in its native areas; it WikiMili The Free Encyclopedia Homonyms Dalbergia melanoxylon Guill. Its species name refers to the dark color of its heartwood and is derived from the Greek mela, or melanos, which means black. Dalbergia latifolia is a premier timber species, also known as the Indian rosewood.It is native to low-elevation tropical monsoon forests of south east India. The bole, which is straight, cylindrical and has small buttresses, can be free of branches for more than half its height and up to 100cm in diameter[299. Common names African Blackwood in English Kuntze Dalbergia stocksii Benth. Kuntze Projects: IPCN Common Names: Mpingo (Kiswahili, Tanzania) No References available Mpingo (Kiswahili, Tanzania) No … However, most of these woods botanically belong to the Dalbergia genus, commonly known as rosewood in English. to that previous guidance in a hard-and-fast manner when it comes to imports of Dalbergia spp. and Guibourtia demeusei Species of the genus Dalbergia have a pan-tropical distribution (Groves and Rutherford, 2016), occurring throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas in a wide variety of habitats (Winfield et al., 2016). Are Rosewoods (and Bubinga) really banned by … ... (Dalbergia melanoxylon) Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) Huanghuali (Dalbergia odorifera) Burmese rosewood ... (by common name) Browse Woods (by scientific name) General Wood Information. Dalbergia is large genus of trees, climbers and shrubs from the Fabaceae family. Range States exporting Dalbergia spp. The colloquial and trade names of the woods from these species are confusing. & Perr. Dalbergia melanoxylon (2 SEEDS) Botanical nomenclature: dalbergia melanoxylon Common name: African ebony, mpingo, african blackwood Family: fabaceae Origin: south africa - tanzania, mozambique Height: between 4 and 15 meters in height Brightness: full sun Mpingo is the national tree of Tanzania. 1 x 3 x 12″ Lumber. ... Derivation of specific name: melanoxylon: from the Greek: melanos, meaning black, xylon meaning wood, referring to the black wood. Common name; English: ... Media in category "Dalbergia melanoxylon" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. When I began this project, I … Its timber has an international high demand Dalbergia melanoxylon - Arusha gardens 1.jpg 580 × 723; 248 KB. It is native to low-elevation tropical monsoon forests of south east India. APPENDIX II-listed Dalbergia spp. Dalbergia is the genus that yields all true rosewoods. Rosewood. & Perr. The Ebony of Antiquity – The African blackwood tree is a member of the rosewood family, with taxonomic classification in the family Leguminosae, genus Dalbergia, species melanoxylon. GRIN #: 13163 COMMON NAME: Riopalisander STANDARD COMMON NAME: FAMILY: Fabaceae ... COMMON NAME: Orelha d'Onca-Holz STANDARD COMMON NAME: FAMILY: Fabaceae LATIN NAME: Machaerium violaceum STANDARD PLANT NAME: Machaerium violaceum Vogel: GRIN #: 400739 Find help & information on Dalbergia melanoxylon African blackwood from the RHS. Amerimnon melanoxylon (Guill. Excellent for turnery. I’ve been looking through books, researching on the internet, and asking friends and neighbors to help me learn about trees here in Malawi. Dalbergia melanoxylon Carica papaya Grewia mollis Opuntia ficus-indica Citrus sinensis Conocarpus lancifolius Terminalia brownii Ficus vasta Hyphaene thebaica ... COMMON NAMES Kamb Kar Kulmet Kushi Lawlan Lomen Loo Manga Man Meghe Meghere Mendebkal Mulgi Mus Nim Sae Sala Serka Shaf Shaghe Shaile Sheri Sola Sora Soreb General Information Lannea welwitschii is a deciduous or evergreen tree with a large, spreading crown; it can grow up to 30 metres tall. Spiny shrub or tree, up to 5–12(–30) m. tall, typically several-stemmed and much branched to form a low irregularly shaped crown; bark grey, ultimately rough and fissured or … Overview of Dalbergia spp. The taxonomy of Dalbergia has been described as complex, with a “wide discrepancy in names, They have no relation with the sandalwoods that are aromatic. & Perr.) 6/12/13. & Perr. Dalbergia melanoxylon (African blackwood, grenadilla, or mpingo) is a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, native to seasonally dry regions of Africa from Senegal east to Eritrea and south to the north-eastern parts of South Africa. Dalbergia latifolia (synonym Dalbergia emarginata) is a premier timber species, also known as the Indian rosewood. First listing date **. covered by Annotation #15.. Species/ Population. East African blackwood is the common name for Dalbergia melanoxylon, the most valuable timber growing in the miombo woodlands of southern Tanzania, and a potential flagship species to justify conservation of this habitat.The population density, structure and exploitation of this economically and socially important species were studied in an area of southern Tanzania. The common name ‘Hluhluwe climber’ is taken from the Zulu name umhluhluwe, which is also the name of the Umhluhluwe River in KwaZulu-Natal, mainly because it is commonly found on the banks of this river. other than D. louvelii, D. monticola, D. normandii, D. purpurascens, and D. xerophila. Dalbergia cultrate, Dalbergia latifolia, and Dalbergia melanoxylon are precious and valuable traded timber species of the genus Dalbergia. It is a small, many-branched tree rarely exceeding 10 m in height and with a bole circum-ference normally <120 cm (Lovett, 1988). (Rosewoods) (All Appendix-II Dalbergia spp. Usually machi African Blackwood Other Common Names: Congowood, Mozambique ebony, mpingo Botanical Name: Dalbergia melanoxylon Family: Leguminosae Mature Tree Height, Diameter: 15-25 ft, rarely over 1 ft. to the EU would be prudent, nonetheless, to provide species-level information to the extent that is possible. Dalbergia melanoxylon (African blackwood) Dalbergia is a large genus in the subfamily Papilionoideae (Faboideae) of the Leguminosae family (Fabacae). Common Name: Blackwood – African. Common name Botanic name; Aconite: Eranthis hyemalis: Adam's needle Yucca filamentosa: African Bermuda Grass Cynodon incompletus: African Blackwood, Mpingo, used to be classified as African ebony Dalbergia melanoxylon and Guibourtia demeusei 2 Overview of Dalbergia spp. Secondly, a common Chinese name may refer to several different woods. Small branchlets modified into spines. Available Sizes & Materials. Pallisander and jacaranda are other common names for Dalbergia; Jacarandais also a botanical genus name. General Information Majidea zanguebarica is a semi-deciduous shrub or tree with a dense, conical crown. The Tree: African blackwood is a relatively small tree, multi-stemmed and much branched, usually growing from 15 to 25 ft. tall but my reach heights of 50 ft. in ideal conditions. (Populations of Madagascar). Table: List of common names of plants along with their botanic/latin name equivalent.
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