3) Easier operations Answer Key 1.Management information systems (MIS) 1. create and share documents that support day-today office activities 2. process business transactions (e.g., time cards, payments, orders, etc.) c. Split and rule algorithm a) D/A convertor and A/D convertor M− 1 )? d) None of the mentioned duration characteristics of the filter. b) False d. Demodulator, 2)   The speech signal is obtained after, a. Analog to digital conversion The Following Section consists Multiple Choice Questions on Production Engineering. 3) The number of zeros is the product of poles of individual components b) Increase with increase in M d. All the four are correct. phenomenon. Data Address Generators (DAGs) Digital Communication MCQs 1. This set of multiple-choice questions – MCQ on data mining includes collections of MCQ questions on fundamentals of data mining techniques. d) None of the mentioned c) (M+1)/2 when M is even and M/2 when M is odd 2) The transfer function divided into addition of transfer functions c. Pick-up node Electronics and Communication Engineering Questions and Answers. d. The poles lie in right half of the s plane, ANSWER: (c) The poles lie in left half of the s plane, 27)   IIR filter design by approximation of derivatives has the limitations, 1) Used only for transforming analog high pass filters 3) Low pass filters d) None of the mentioned c) After. And, if you really want to know more about me, please visit my "About" Page. 3) Numerator coefficients are the multipliers in the feed forward paths b) Interpolation Which of the following is correct in uniform quantization process ______ A. a) 4π/M a) Sampling c) y(n)=∑M− 1 k= 0 bkx(n−k) c) 12π/M Good marketing is no accident, but a result of careful planning and _____. d) None of the mentioned b. = 0, n ≠ 1 a) True b) w(n)=1, n=0,1,2...M- a. 29)   In direct form for realisation of IIR filters, 1) Denominator coefficients are the multipliers in the feed forward paths a) 0 MCQs. b) F/2D filter. The idea is to break the N point sequence into two sequences, the DFTs of which can be combined to give the DFt of the. 9. a) - 2) A time series which is a domain of integers d) All of the above . Moderate c) Kaiser window 1, 2 and 3 are correct b) Decimation c) Either interpolation or decimation d) None of the mentioned 10. b. 1, 2 and 3 are correct 2) Used for band pass filters having smaller resonant frequencies What is the process of converting a signal from a given rate to a different rate? b. 30.Which of the following window is used in the design of a low pass filter to have a So practicing such MCQs online is the best process for preparing such examinations. 14.Which of the following defines the rectangular window function of length M-1? b. A/D converter The gist of these two algorithms is that we break up the signal in either time and frequency domains and calculate the DFTs for each and then add the results up. 4) Quantization of signal, 12)   Frequency selectivity characteristics of DFT refers to, a. 26.What is the peak side lobe (in dB) for a Hanning window? c. 1, 2 and 4 are correct b) Hanning window d. All the four are correct, 31)   The cascade realisation of IIR systems involves, 1) The transfer function broken into product of transfer functions Periodic Discrete time signals b) z-(M+1).H(z-1)=±H(z) c) Ringing effects b. Multiplier 37)   Decimation is a process in which the sampling rate is __________. b. At the time of c. After d. All of the above. 33.The large side lobes of W(ω) results in which of the following undesirable effects? b) False. 1, 2 and 3 are correct b. d. z = esT/2, 19)   The similarity between the Fourier transform and the z transform is that, a. b) False, The systems that employ multiple sampling rates are called multi-rate DSP systems. c) I.D a) (M-1)/2 when M is odd and M/2 when M is even 4) Amplitude modulated wave, 8)   The discrete impulse function is defined by, a. δ(n) = 1, n ≥ 0 Even and odd samples Participate in the Sanfoundry Certification contest to get free Certificate of Merit. d. Split and combine algorithm, 1) DFT 2) Modulation 4) Direct inversion, a. d. Positive values only, 24)   The region of convergence of x/ (1+2x+x2) is, 25)   The IIR filter designing involves, a. b) F/4D anti-symmetric? b) Hanning window c. z = 2esT 2) Flexibility in the system design Commerce provides you all type of quantitative and competitive aptitude mcq questions with easy and logical explanations. 4) Convolution, 1) Its ability to determine the frequency component of the signal Consequently, the computation of the N-point DFT via the decimation-in-frequency FFT requires ( N /2)log 2 N complex multiplications and N log 2 N complex additions, just as in the decimation-in-time algorithm. d) None of the mentioned, There is no requirement to process the various signals at different rates commensurate d. δ(n) = 1, n ≤ 0 b) 8π/M 38)   Anti-imaging filter with cut-off frequency ωc = π/ I is specifically used _______ upsampling process for the removal of unwanted images. But in signal processing, decimation by a factor of 10 actually means keeping only every tenth sample. Irrespective of the format of the question, test takers should concentrate on multiple choice questions a lot. Ans9. Ability to translate into frequency domain a) Sampling b) Differentiating c) Integrating d) None of the mentioned 11. c. The poles lie in left half of the s plane b) - Decimation in Frequency algorithm (DIF). d. range in which the signal is free of noise, ANSWER: (a) range of z for which the z transform converges, 21)   The several ways to perform an inverse Z transform are, 1) Direct computation Decimation-In-Time algorithm is used to calculate the DFT of a N point sequence. The Chapters of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on DC Machines. 4) Over all transfer function may be determined, a. The AMC MCQ examination is a computer-administered examination. Multi-rate processing and sample rate conversion, or interpolation and decimation as they re known, are a clever digital signal processing (DSP) techniques that broadband and wireless design engineers can employ during the system design process. b. z = e2sT c) Remains constant with increase in M b. Analog signals 2) Helps in quantization Abdul Kalam Technical University, c) Sub band coding & Trans-multiplexer b. 38) Anti-imaging filter with cut-off frequency ω c = π/ I is specifically used _____ upsampling process for the removal of unwanted images. Original sequence values Here are a few tips on how to solve multiple-choice questions. 14. b. b) Quantization effects c) New sampling rate can be arbitrarily selected 28.The oscillatory behavior near the band edge of the low pass filter is known as Gibbs To what value should the bandwidth of x(n) has to be reduced in order to avoid aliasing? a) F/D Q8. Designing of analog filter in analog domain and transforming into digital domain a. enhanced b. stable c. reduced d. unpredictable. 31.What is the approximate transition width of main lobe of a Blackman window? Step size varies according to the values … d. Pick-down node. a. Adder c. 2 and 3 are correct c. 1 and 3 are correct = 0, n ≠ 1, a. 0 5 10 15 20-1-0.5 0 0.5 1 n x(n) (a)The 23-point DFT of x(n) is computed. d) Bans stop a) Hamming window following linear-phase FIR filter? 2) High pass filters MCQ on Management Information System. a) Low pass 1 and 2 are correct c. δ(n) = 1, n ≤ 0 The bandwidth occupied beyond the Nyquist Bandwidth of the filter a. d) Blackman window. b) (M-1)/2 when M is even and M/2 when M is odd a) w(n)=1, n=0,1,2...M- 24.What is the approximate transition width of main lobe of a Hamming window? d. All of the above, A. are non-recursive a) 4π/M This is done in such a way that the rounded off number is as close to the original unquantized number as possible. d) None of the mentioned, In which of the following, sampling rate conversion are used? c. Upper higher and lower spectrum d. Quantization, 3)   Telegraph signals are examples of, a. c) h(n) anti-symmetric and M odd b. b. δ(n) = 1, n = 0 34.Which of the following windows has a time domain sequence h(n)=0.5( 1 −cos 2 πn/ 39)   Which units are generally involved in Multiply and Accumulate (MAC)? 4) Addition of two transfer functions, a. b. c. Accumulator A clinical re-test examination, duration of one to two hours, will be administered if … b) False, Which of the following condition should the unit sample response of a FIR filter We have ν1 radix-2 decimation in time stages. 4) In direct Z transform, 15)   DIT algorithm divides the sequence into, a. 2) Removal of noise = 0, n ≠ 1 d) h(n) anti-symmetric and M even b) False Before b) y(n)=∑M+ 1 k= 0 bkx(n−k) a) Sampling b) Normalizing c) Sampling rate conversion d) None of the mentioned; There is no requirement to process the various signals at different rates commensurate with … Decimation in Time algorithm (DIT). d) (M+1)/2 when M is odd and M/2 when M is even following relation is true? d) None of the mentioned, The lower and upper limits on the convolution sum reflect the causality and finite Decimation-In-Frequency It is a popular form of FFT algorithm. 1 and 2 are correct a) Signal distortion Check out Free Online Tests English (Preposition Test 1) have 20 Multiple Choice Questions designed for Various Entrance Examinations in India. ElectronicsPost.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. b) High pass Q10. c) F/4D The process in Figure 10-7(b) is normally called a sample rate converter because if M > D, we have interpolation, and when D > M, we have decimation. The zeros lie in right half of the s plane a) Less signal distortion d. Unpredictable. c. Aperiodic continuous signals d) None of the mentioned This requires • Mν1 complex multiplications • Mν1 complex additions After the radix-2 decimation in time stages, we need to compute the DFT of 3ν2 point sequences. At the time of a) Bartlett window, Copyright © 2020 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Sample/practice exam 12 August 2019, questions and answers, Experiment 1 - Study of cables,twisted pair cable color coding. Mrs. Osborn’s APWH Class QUESTIONS OF PERIODIZATION This era includes only 300 years, but some profound and long-lasting changes occurred. The zeros lie in left half of the s plane a) True a) True 15.Which process has a block diagram as shown in the figure below? 1 and 3 are correct a) Sampling rate conversion d) None of the mentioned b) stable. The number of such sequences is 2ν1. c. Aliasing effect B. do not adopt any feedback 3) Time series of sequence of quantities c) Decimation c. Both convert analog signal to digital signal Program sequences Home >> Category >> Electronic Engineering (MCQ) questions & answers >> Digital Signal Processing Q. Decimation is a process in which the sampling rate is __________. 25.What is the peak side lobe (in dB) for a rectangular window? original N point sequence.This algorithm is called DIT because the sequence x(n) is often splitted into smaller sub- sequences. a. a) Narrow band filters d. Log2 N/2 stages, 17)   The transformations are required for, 1) Analysis in time or frequency domain d. None of the above, 23)   For an expanded power series method, the coefficients represent, a. Inverse sequence values
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