Condition is barely used. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 . Member Joined Aug 2011; Posts 1946; EE Offline; IL, USA. Lock Type. Now, the revolutionary of these two products have reached the market as Endura 4 and Delica 4, which are screw construction made and produce with an easy adjustment. Can you guys suggest what would be better for a knife noob? If you’ve never handled a Military, it may seem like a gratuitous novelty. Speaking of the Para 2, here it is next to the Endura: Spyderco Endura Review – Final Thoughts . Regular price $67.49 9 pc GREEN Anodized Titanium Screw Set for Spyderco Paramilitary PM2 (NO … (3) Items (3) Not Specified (463) Items (463) see all. $125.00. Get the best deal for Spyderco Pocket Clip from the largest online selection at The Endura is larger than the Delica. Endura® 4 FRN K390. Finally in 2006 the Endura 4 released, with a rounded, refined handle design, Bi-Directional texturing on the scales, and stainless steel liners for added rigidity. Spyderco Canada In Stock Spyderco Harrier 2 Folding Knife - Half Serrated Edge. More than anything I just feel over protective of my Manix 2. Only has some packing tape residue on it. Plain Color .Knife is not included.This Pocket Clip is 2 Hole Pattern FitsSpyderco Paramilitary 2 Spyderco Para 3 Shipped with USPS First Class. Sale. Regular price $22.49 18 pc BLUE Anodized Pivot + Full Screw Set for Spyderco Endura 4 FRN (NO KNIFE) Regular price $122.49 — Sold Out. Benchmade - Bugout 535 EDC, Made in USA, Drop-Point Blade Knife . Like I mentioned earlier, the Endura 4 is a larger version of the Delica 4, so they’re blade shapes are very similar… The Endura’s blade is a little bit longer than the Delica, and even though it’s a little bit more slender, it generally has a similar leaf-like blade, which I think looks very attractive… Click Here To Check Price: 2: Spyderco Atlantic Salt Lightweight Folding Knife - FRN Handle with SpyderEdge, Hollow Grind, H-1 Steel Blade and Back Lock. ZT 0450 or Paramilitary 2. Spyderco pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. Get it Fri, Dec 4 - Wed, Dec 9. $320.00. Spyderco Canada In Stock Dragonfly 2 Emerson Opener Folding Blade Knife - Gray. Spyderco C81GPCMOBK ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife (Camo/Black) 4.8 out of 5 stars 94. Spyderco Endura 4 FRN 8pc BRONZE Anodized Titanium Pivot & Screws Set - NO KNIFE. $125.00. I would say that the race between the Griptilian and Paramilitary 2 is a close one. Shipped with USPS First Class. $25.19 $27.99. I'm looking for an edc blade that's a bit more high-end than the stuff I'm currently carrying. For more information on the features and strengths, the next paragraphs will help to explain more. Read also: Paramilitary 2 vs … I really like these three and with a budget around $120 I'm hoping to score the para2 or both the endura and delica. MILITARY vs. PARAMILITARY 2 vs. PARA 3. Spyderco paramilitary 2 - "/k/ - Weapons" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing all types of weaponry, from military tanks to guns and knives. Sold Out. $ 164.00 ACHIEVED!! 3x Titanium T-6 Torx Pocket Clip Screws - for the following Spyderco models: • Manix 2 • Paramilitary 2 • Para 3 • Military Model • Endura 4 • Delica 4 • Yojimbo 2 • Manix 2 XL - Knife not included - 3x screw set for pocket clip Condition is "New". ARCHIVED; fatboyslim34. Paramilitary 2 Collectible Modern Factory Manufactured Folding Knives, Spyderco Collectible Folding Knives with 2 Blades, Spyderco Collectible Folding Knives with 2 Blades, Spyderco Delica, Spyderco Collectible Modern Folding Knives with 2 Blades, Spyderco Collectible Folding Knives, Spyderco Delica 4, Spyderco Endura 4 If you are looking for a more hard use folder from Spyderco, I recommend checking out the Paramilitary 2. | Free shipping on many items! It is one of the most recommended knives from Spyderco’s line-up, and it is a staple in a knife enthusiast’s collection. $50.39 $55.99. $144.49 $ 144. Custom Made Slim Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Knife with 2 T6 Torx Screws. It’s thinner, and is made of G10 vs. plastic. I have a Saber grind Endura 4 and it doesn't quite fit the bill for me. Endura 4 Lightweight Signature Folder Knife with 3.80" VG-10 Steel Blade and FRN Handle - PlainEdge Grind - C10PBK On Sale $59.99 $169.99 Add to bag $125.00. New Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knife G-10 C81GP2 with Custom Deep Carry Clip. If a bit more material had been removed, it would have allowed the balance point to be more neutral, but I’m sure Spyderco has their reasons (I’m guessing structural integrity) for keeping the liners so heavy duty. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 vs Manix 2 : I find the Manix 2 equally comfortable in my hand compared to the PM2. Endura 4 Wharncliffe Style Blade Folding Knife - Plain Edge. The Military (top) is a behemoth of a folder with a 4” blade and lengthy scales to match. I am looking for an edc but I will be cutting a lot of food and didn't know if the delica 4 would be large enough for that, hence the addition of the endura. The Delica 4 and Endura 4 knives with … … For more of my pictures see my Instagram account. The G-10 handle is narrowed at the end improving the ergonomics. @liquid_cobra Endura® 4 FRN Trainer. Sale. $125.00. Where the Para 2 distances itself from the Griptilian is in the handle. Spyderco Endura 4. Sale . Excellent review, thanks! Endura® 4 FRN Zome Green. Endura® 4 FRN Foliage Green. Hanan™ $234.00 SALE. I would like to get a Endura 4 FFG. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Endura vs paramilitary 2. The liners on the Para Military 2 are somewhat skeletonized. (103 g) hole diameter 1/2" (13 mm) blade thickness 1/8" (3 mm) handle material FRN Spyderco Delica Paramilitary 2 vs. Benchmade Griptilian – Final Thoughts. $185.00. Regular price $47.45 Spyderco Paramilitary PM2 BRONZE Ano Titanium Tube + Standoff + Pin (NO KNIFE) Regular price $57.49 Spyderco Manix 2 G10 XL Custom Titanium 9pc BRONZE Anodized Screw Set - NO KNIFE. $87.29 $96.99. For context, I own a kershaw leek composite blade with the blackwash finish, and a spyderco endura 4 with the blue frn handles. Under 2.75in. The Para 3 takes all the proven features and benefits of Spyderco’s best-selling Para Military™2 and distills them into an even more compact all-purpose cutting tool. Endura® 4 FRN Grey Emerson Opener. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Blade Range. Dan says: January 30, 2017 at 5:28 pm A good knife, but overpriced and overrated. (3) Items (3) 2.76 - 4in. Best Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Vs 3 of 2020 - Review and Buying Guide # Product Name Image; 1: Spyderco Shaman Folding Knife - Black G-10 Handle with PlainEdge, Full-Flat Grind, CPM S30V Steel Black Blade and Compression Lock - C229GPBK . Sale. $140.00 . 49. Regular price $22.49 Spyderco Military 3pc Replacement Titanium Pocket Clip Torx Screw Set - NO … I appreciate the lighter weight for most days. Paramilitary 2 (96) Items (96) Spyderco Manix 2 (55) Items (55) Spyderco Delica (21) Items (21) Spyderco Endura (10) Items (10) see all. $97.74 $114.99. started out with a Delica 4 FFG as my first Spydie, then got a Sprint Manix 2 (XHP, Foliage color). The Spyderco Delica 4 and Delica 4 SS, Endura 4 and Endura 4 SS knives are improved versions of the original Delica and Endura Spyderco knives-featuring beefy blades made of VG10 stainless steel, with notched thumb rests and larger opening holes. Reply. The Endura 2 was released in 1997, but it was supplanted the next year by the Endura 3, which looks a lot like the knife we know today: a similar handle profile, VG-10 steel, and Volcano Grip texturing. Blade has not seen sharpened or messed with. The Manix 2 comes with more jimping so provides a little more traction. $185.00. but basically the same knife Spyderco Endura length overall 8 3/4" (222 mm) blade length 3 3/4" (96 mm) blade steel VG-10 length closed 5" (127 mm) cutting edge 3 7/16" (88 mm) weight 3.6 oz. The handle and blade have been profile thinner; removing uncomfortable angles when in the closed position. Endura® 4 Stainless. Only used to cut open some boxes and probably carried for a total of one week in the pocket. The handles of these Spyderco knives have new ergonomic contouring, Boye dent lockbacks and lanyard holes. Spyderco is an American cutlery company based in Golden, Colorado, producing knives and knife sharpeners. Spyderco Delica 4 Titanium Ti T6 BLUE Pocket Clip Torx Screws Set - NO KNIFE. They offer the solid back lock mechanism for great strength, just like the FRN Endura knives. The 2010 Para Military 2 has several changes over the classic version. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! The Spyderco Endura has been a staple in Spyderco’s lineup for decades, and with good reason. From $ 23.00 Spyderco Endura 4 Custom RAW Titanium Ti 3PC Pocket Clip Screws Set - NO KNIFE. Plain (12) Items (12) Serrated (2) Items (2) Combination (1) Items (1) Not Specified (455) Items (455) see all. $165.20 $ 165. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is equipped with a high-performance CPM S30V stainless steel blade with a full flat grind. Also, the PM2’s pocket clip has four mounting positions versus only two on the Manix. 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,403. Blade Edge. after a year of Manix 2 I'm back to the Delica 4. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Manix 2 G10. Most recently acquired: Paramilitary 2 Tanto, YoJUMBO, Swayback, Siren, DLC Yojimbo 2, Native Chief, Shaman S90V, Para 3 LW, Ikuchi, UKPK, Smock, SUBVERT, Amalgam, Para 3 CTS-XHP, Kapara, Paramilitary 2 M390 Grail Paramilitary 2 M390 X 2! Harpy™ Stainless. This results in a knife that is easier to carry, and is generally considered to be of higher quality. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Knife with 2 T6 Torx Screws. Endura® 4 FRN British Racing Green ZDP-189. Spyderco Canada In Stock Spyderco HoneyBee Folding Knife. $150.00. Hey r/knives, I need some help deciding what blade I'm gonna get next. Endura® 4 Ti Damascus. The Endura brought lightweight, one-hand opening knives to the market with a price point that just about everyone could afford. The Paramilitary 2 (middle) is a perfect size for general EDC tasks, but you’re also in luck if you’re looking for something a little bigger or smaller. Plain Color.Knife is not included.This Pocket Clip FitsSpyderco Paramilitary 2 Spyderco Para 3 Spyderco Manix I just choose between Spyderco Paramilitary 2 or Endura, I think Paramilitary 2 better. First of all, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 (take a look: Benchmade 940 vs Spyderco Paramilitary 2). Spyderco's Endura knife was one of the first of its kind on the market. 20. Endura® 4 FRN Flat Ground. Spyderco Endura 4 knives have a little more weight but a slimmer handle thickness.
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