My pups are sold to people that appreciate the characters and loving natures of Springers. We do our best to screen our dogs. If you're interested in having your name on a waiting list please contact A Springer Spaniel is the perfect dog for most any walk of life. The English Springer Spaniel’s versatility and strength in both the field and the duck blind has given them the notoriety as the best “all round gun dog”. } This is available to all clients needing assistance in behavior, conditioning or training their Citari English Springer Spaniel for upland game, waterfowl, field trials or AKC hunt test. She now is in heaven with her brothers and parents. English Springer Spaniel breeders in Texas Google Map. .wsite-menu a {font-family:"Cabin" !important;} url(// format('svg'); This is kind of like circumsizing a new born...if done early, there is nothing to it and it does not hurt much at all. Enjoy my dog kids and the love I share with them...I hope they make you smile! Willowbrook Spaniels is committed to serving others by raising happy healthy English Springer Spaniel puppies. Our kids are almost grown now, but their friends always love cuddling a puppy... Our dogs and pups are a huge part of our lives. All of whom are springers! #wsite-title {font-family:"Cabin" !important;} She is passed having her own, but still she tries to nurse the littles I do have! var ASSETS_BASE = '//'; Joining my mailing list will not inform me of this, and I do not bother people just for fun. I will miss you purr cat), First we have my stud, Piper's Jaxson at Jillfarm. url(// format('truetype'), He needed to be the only dog, as he was very possessive of me. UA-90437984-1 }}\"\n\t\t{{\/membership_required}}\n\t\tclass=\"wsite-menu-item\"\n\t\t>\n\t\t{{{title_html}}}\n\t<\/a>\n\t{{#has_children}}{{> navigation\/flyout\/list}}{{\/has_children}}\n<\/li>\n","navigation\/flyout\/list":"
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Would like a roan stud not required... by danporter - Stanton, Michigan - - 5 months ago AKC English Springer Spaniel at stud - $500. _W.showLogin = true; Their lines are from European and American Champions. @font-face { .galleryCaptionInnerText {} _W.customerLocale = "en_CA"; _W.setup_model_rpc({"rpc_namespace":"_W.Membership.RPC","model_namespace":"_W.Membership.BackboneModelData","collection_namespace":"_W.Membership.BackboneCollectionData","bootstrap_namespace":"_W.Membership.BackboneBootstrap","models":{"Member":{"_class":"Membership.Model.Member","defaults":{"class_name":null,"name":null,"email":"","access_token":null,"token_expiry_date":null,"last_ip":null,"last_login":null,"approved":false,"password_set":null,"group_ids":null,"page_ids":null,"group_page_ids":null,"owner_id":"","site_id":"","updated_date":0,"created_date":0},"validation":{"class_name":null,"site_member_id":null,"name":null,"email":{"email":null,"required":true},"access_token":null,"token_expiry_date":null,"last_ip":null,"last_login":null,"approved":null,"password_set":null,"group_ids":null,"page_ids":null,"group_page_ids":null,"owner_id":{"required":true},"site_id":{"required":true},"updated_date":null,"created_date":null},"types":{"class_name":null,"site_member_id":"string","name":"string","email":"string","access_token":"string","token_expiry_date":"int","last_ip":"string","last_login":"int","approved":"boolean","password_set":"boolean","group_ids":"json","page_ids":"json","group_page_ids":"json","owner_id":"string","site_id":"string","updated_date":"int","created_date":"int"},"idAttribute":"site_member_id","keydefs":{"PRIMARY":["owner_id","site_id","site_member_id"],"idx_owner_site_account":["owner_id","site_id","site_account_id"]}}},"collections":{"Member":{"_class":"Membership.Collection.Member"}},"bootstrap":[]}); .wsite-footer blockquote {} function initMembershipModels() { Top Kennel in Aberdeen, Idaho, breeding over 20 years all colors. Displaying 1 - 509 of 509 English Springer Spaniel Breeders . You can also harness the power of Google Maps to find nearby English Springer Spaniel breeders. Soon though! Shay is very much like her mum! We never sell our puppies to pet stores and usually do not sell them for breeding purposes, unless previous arrangements and qualifications have been met. Looking for a English Springer Spaniel stud to breed with my moms dog who is AKC registered. She is a calm girl, and she is simply beautiful. If you wish a friend to always be beside you, and love you unconditionally, then you are in the right place. (Updated 11.19.20) I have started taking deposits on the upcoming litters sired by Bo for the puppies that will be ready for new homes in mid January of 2021 and for Sven's for puppies to be ready in early February of 2021. The puppies are purebred English Springer Spaniel. _W.storeName = null; Filter by Location Below. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. (2019 My Brogan is also retired. .wsite-phone {} They are very loyal dogs who want to please their people, which makes them quite easy to train. If you wish your pup's tail NOT docked you must tell me, so you can pick your pup and pay for them prior to this. Loves to cuddle on my lap. Search Text. Has a litter planned in the next 6 months. font-style: normal; Puppies born on 07/25. learn about our wonderful breed of English Springer Spaniels! They come vet checked, dewormed 2-3x, first shots but no health guarantee. 25 years later, I now share the love of the breed with my wife and 3 kids. Both again, black and white tri coloured springers. initEvt.initEvent('customerAccountsModelsInitialized', true, false); Not a happy time at all, but we go on from here. } All of the springer spaniels we provide for our clients are house pets. Filters. My Goofus! Filters. See the Puppies Contact Us We are a small, select kennel located in Texas I now have 11 dogs, (2019) of varying ages. "395161852137579604", I lovingly home raise English Springer Spaniel pups for families and companions. I also have some European lines in my dogs, I now have 11 dogs, (2019) of varying ages. Welcome to Carhan Springers! English Springer Spaniel breeders in California Google Map. //-->. .wsite-image div, .wsite-caption {font-weight:700 !important;} You can see her past pups and what beauties they all are! If he likes you he will end up sitting on your feet and giving you a springer yawn...LOL! Kothman Siberian Huskies and Working Springer Spaniels Vicky Raby Redruth Cornwall. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Find English Springer Spaniel dogs and puppies from Colorado breeders. English Springer Spaniel breeders in California Google Map. .wsite-headline-paragraph,.wsite-header-section .paragraph {} .wsite-not-footer blockquote {} Karmadi English Springer Spaniel Owner: Diane Herns 2839 Ardoch Road Clarendon Station, Ontario, K0H1J0 Phone: 613-464-0269 Website: Striving to produce healthier puppies … .wslide-caption-text {} var DISABLE_NAV_MORE = 1; If the map above isn’t working for you then there may not be any English Springer Spaniel breeders listed on Google maps in California, however, you can also try our English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale Near Me Tool. src: url(// format('svg'); (2 White liver, and four white and black). Both are also beautiful Tri Blue Roans, like their dad!). English Springer Spaniel Breeders. We are located in Livingston Montana, just 50 miles from beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Please email me at: Now he is gray where he was once tan. _W.configDomain = "";_W.relinquish && _W.relinquish() Search Text. She just loves caring for all the pups I have had here. .blog-header h2 a {} .wsite-footer blockquote {} .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) div.paragraph, .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) p, .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) .product-block .product-title, .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) .product-description, .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) .wsite-form-field label, .wsite-elements.wsite-not-footer:not(.wsite-header-elements) .wsite-form-field label, #wsite-content div.paragraph, #wsite-content p, #wsite-content .product-block .product-title, #wsite-content .product-description, #wsite-content .wsite-form-field label, #wsite-content .wsite-form-field label, .blog-sidebar div.paragraph, .blog-sidebar p, .blog-sidebar .wsite-form-field label, .blog-sidebar .wsite-form-field label {} Enhanced List. We purchased our first English Springer Spaniel in 1970 as a hunting companion and house pet for our young family. We have been breeding Springers for the past 35 years and through careful genetic selection we have developed a line of Springers that are gentle, sound and eager to please. Kothman Siberian Huskies and Working Springer Spaniels Vicky Raby Redruth Cornwall. .wsite-elements.wsite-footer div.paragraph, .wsite-elements.wsite-footer p, .wsite-elements.wsite-footer .product-block .product-title, .wsite-elements.wsite-footer .product-description, .wsite-elements.wsite-footer .wsite-form-field label, .wsite-elements.wsite-footer .wsite-form-field label{} We have assisted previous owners in finding new homes for their dogs in the event that they can no longer care for them, doing all we can to assure none of our puppies ever end up in a shelter. Sully is a friendly happy boy! She and her sister have much experience playing aunties to them all! He already has fathered some beautiful pups of mixed colourations. So sweet and caring. Shown by Natalie Piche. Elkhorn Kennels has a reputation of being one of the best English Springer Spaniel breeders in Oregon. If the map above isn’t working for you then there may not be any English Springer Spaniel breeders listed on Google maps in Texas, however, you can also try our English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale Near Me Tool. CONGRATULATIONS . We take pride in knowing that many families … @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 0) { Welcome to my site. Welcome to Spirit Hill Springers! I call my dogs Velcro dogs. @media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 0) { As long time English springer spaniel breeders we strive for healthy, intelligent and biddable field bred English springer spaniels. I would not be here without them. src: url(// format('embedded-opentype'), Alex Thomas Welshpool Powys. Descending from the Norfolk Spaniel, they are traditionally used for flushing, or “springing” and retrieving game due to their speed, focus, and stamina. He was a year old May 15, 2020. Sort Results. Our puppies are born in a loving environment and we nurture them until they are transitioned into your home. We now have 5 generations of our dogs on the farm. It gets very chaotic here at times, but it is wonderful and such fun having pups under foot! (Spring 2019 Bella has passed on to join her mother. This is for your protection. ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS Puppies now available! Joining my mailing list does not mean you are on the list for notification of new pups. Her pups are occasionally roan and beautiful  Her lines are European. Most breeders do not test for these problems, and some will continue to use combinations of parents that put their puppies at risk. Born here and daughters of my Kiia. The English springer spaniel has separated again somewhat into field (hunting) and show lines, but many dogs can do both. ), As well, I have two sisters, Serene and Kiia, out of DoubleL kennels. And I have 2 youngsters, Lyra and Rayne, and a new little guy still a pup but eventually will be my new stud dog as Jaxson is slowly seeking retirement! They are both very active dogs. We have had this wonderful breed as part of our family for over twenty five years. This champion dog breed is popularly known as a hunting dog. English springer spaniel breeder, quality AKC puppies/dogs for sale I miss my sweet girl), Then we have my Piper.
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