* Festival at Adhar's House The devotional scriptures like the Bhagavata say that holy company is the first and most important means for the generation and growth of devotion. The Mother keeps a Bhagavata Pandit with a bondage in the world!" Their meaning is given either in the Glossary or in the foot-notes. Gadadhar had never seen anything like this at Kamarpukur among the simple and pious villagers. At that time there lived in Calcutta a rich widow named Rani Rasmani, belonging to the sudra caste, and known far and wide not only for her business ability, courage, and intelligence, but also for her largeness of heart, piety, and devotion to God. They ridiculed as relics of a barbarous age the images and rituals of the Hindu religion. * Hariprasanna But so great a book cannot remain obscure for long, nor can its author remain unrecognised by the large public in these modern times. For She is the Cosmic Power, the totality of the universe, a glorious harmony of the pairs of opposites. Thirty years ago (from 1953) when the question of imparting education through the medium of the mother tongue was being discussed, M. had already employed Bengali as the medium of instruction in the Morton School." Here, from ancient times, Hindus have come from the four corners of India to discharge their duties to their departed ancestors by offering them food and drink at the sacred footprint of the Lord Vishnu. But the Rani was fond of the image, and she asked Sri Ramakrishna's opinion. He himself so idealized the love of the gopis for Krishna that he sometimes yearned to be born as a woman, if he must be born again, in order to be able to love Sri Krishna with all his heart and soul. * Harinath * Brahmo Samaj (Vedanta Kesari Vol. Here he lived in simplicity, dignity, and contentment. He saw a torn cat, which appeared to him luminous with the Light of Consciousness. I sincerely thank them all. The mind, melting under the influence of his soft sweet words of light, would almost transcend the frontiers of limited existence and dare to peep into the infinite. She has four arms. Many intelligent young Hindus became converted. A mango orchard dedicated by a neighbouring zemindar to the public use was frequented by the boys for their noonday sports. These unforgettable scenes will long remain imprinted on the minds of his hearers." Mr. Aldous Huxley has laid me under a debt of gratitude by writing the Foreword. From the outset … The beauty of the contrast overwhelmed the boy. From the mental depression of the modem Vyasa, the world has obtained the Kathamrita - the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Mahendranath Gupta. * Festival at Panihati These form an important feature of the spiritual tradition of Bengal and were for the most part written by men of mystical experience. He had learnt from them and from his own intuition that the ideal of life as taught by the ancient sages of India was the realization of God. The book contains many songs sung either by the Master or by the devotees. This Jnani-Bhakta outlook and way of living became so dominant a feature of his life that Swami Raghavananda, who was very closely associated with him during his last six years, remarks: "Among those who lived with M. in latter days, some felt that he always lived in this constant and conscious union with God even with open eyes (i.e., even in waking consciousness)." But Sri Ramakrishna loved his freedom and was indifferent to any worldly career. In the life of the great Saviours and Prophets of the world it is often found that they are accompanied by souls of high spiritual potency who play a conspicuous part in the furtherance of their Master's mission. Nikhilananda's translation rearranged the scenes in the five volumes of the … Why should she not do the same thing in this case too? M. spent his weekends and holidays with the monastic brethren who, after the Master's demise, had formed themselves into an Order with a Math at Baranagore, and participated in the intense life of devotion and meditation that they followed. (Ibid P.36.) KALI TEMPLE AT DAKSHINESWAR At this time there came to Dakshineswar a youth of sixteen, destined to play an important role in Sri Ramakrishna's life. About his parents Sri Ramakrishna once said: "My mother was the personification of rectitude and gentleness. * Sarada and Tulasi These he would afterwards recount from memory, to the great joy of the villagers. * Gangadhar In Bengali the book is published in five volumes, the first part having appeared in 1902 and the others in 1905, 1907, 1910 and 1932 respectively. Christianity, they maintained, had given the white races position and power in this world and assurance of happiness in the next; therefore Christianity was the best of all religions. It combines the terror of destruction with the reassurance of motherly tenderness. * Instruction to Vaishnavas and Brahmos Sri Ramakrishna, (1836-1886) was a Bengali mystic who had a huge impact on the development of modern Hinduism. Two temples stand in the centre of this court, the larger one, to the south and facing south, being dedicated to Kali, and the smaller one, facing the Ganges, to Radhakanta, that is, Krishna, the Consort of Radha. In different parts of the country educational institutions were set up and Christian churches established. * Kedar He was destined to be a mute witness of many of the spiritual experiences of Sri Ramakrishna and the caretaker of his body during the stormy days of his spiritual practice. With the development of modern knowledge the border line between the natural and the supernatural is ever shifting its position. * Master and M. * Bhavanath During the ceremony of investiture he shocked his relatives by accepting a meal cooked by his nurse, a sudra woman. * Rakhal They loved to hear him talk, sing, or recite from the holy books. Published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai M., one of the intimate disciples of Sri Ramakrishna… The most popular translation of the Kathamrita is The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Nikhilananda. Siva requires few articles of worship. * M. at Dakshineswar (I) * Tantra But he was unaware of the history of the profound change that had taken place in the land of his birth during the previous one hundred years. The night of 3rd June being the Phalaharini Kali Pooja day, M. had sent his devotees who used to keep company with him, to attend the special worship at Belur Math at night. Even after the lapse of half a century he could always visualise vividly, scenes from the life of Sri Ramakrishna. Some ten years after he began his career as an educationist, bitter quarrels broke out among the members of the family, driving the sensitive M. to despair and utter despondency. The dull round of the rural life was broken by lively festivals, the observance of sacred days, religious singing, and other innocent pleasures. About this time, on the Sivaratri night, consecrated to the worship of Siva, a dramatic performance was arranged. February 1942, THE RECORDER OF THE GOSPEL MAHENDRANATH GUPTA In order to feel that he was one with all mankind he often used to go out of his home at dead of night, and like a wandering Sannyasin, sleep with the waifs on some open verandah or footpath on the road. The first volume of “Kathamrita” (Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in original Bengali) was first published in 1902. But the boy replied spiritedly: "Brother, what shall I do with a mere bread-winning education? He had been impressed by their devotion and purity, their self-control and renunciation. The performance had to be stopped, and the boy's mood lasted till the following morning. * Narendra But these words were not the product of intellectual cogitation; they were rooted in direct experience. These conversations were noted down by his disciple Mahendranath Gupta who published them in the form of a book, Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita in Bengali. Imparting secular education was, however, only his profession; his main concern was with the spiritual regeneration of man - a calling for which Destiny seems to have chosen him. BOYHOOD He lost all interest in life and left home one night to go into the wide world with the idea of ending his life. Sri Ramakrishna himself mended the break. It is more a translation … Sri Ramakrishna Math, Madras has published in two volumes an English translation of selected chapters from the monumental Bengali work. It is totally super-imposed and its disappearance just does not matter. He was intelligent and precocious and endowed with a prodigious memory. True knowledge could be derived only from the analysis of nature. * Surendra And Chandra Devi, too, in front of the Siva temple at Kamarpukur, had a vision indicating the birth of a divine child. Never have the small events of a contemplative's daily life been described with such a wealth of intimate detail. * Pilgrimage Gadadhar grew up into a healthy and restless boy, full of fun and sweet mischief. * Advice to an Actor XXXVII P 499.) Each of them was seated, as it were, on the crest of the wave that followed each successive trough in the tumultuous course of Indian national life. The Bengali work was also translated into English by Swami Nikhilananda as The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, one of our most popular titles. Of the day-to-day life of the great theocentric saints and contemplatives we know, in the great majority of cases, nothing whatever. * In Company of Devotees at Syampukur This brings us to the circumstances that led to the writing and publication of this monumental work, which has made M. one of the immortals in hagiographic literature. * God Intoxicated State * At Ram's House * Haladhari He generally occupied a staircase room at the top of it, cooking his own meal which consisted only of milk and rice without variation, and attended to all his personal needs himself. Canvas screens shield the images from the rays of the setting sun. He fell to the ground, unconscious, and the puffed rice went in all directions. Moreover, the dramatic part is infinitely beautiful. People were impressed with his ardour. He described in bright colours the happy and easy life of scholars in Calcutta society. The mango orchard would ring with the loud kirtan of the boys. In 1849 Ramkumar, the eldest son, went to Calcutta to improve the financial condition of the family. Outside and to the north of the temple compound proper is the kuthi, or bungalow, used by members of Rani Rasmani's family visiting the garden. At other times he would retire to Dakshineswar or some garden in the city and spend several days in spiritual practice taking simple self-cooked food. Hence the special interest attaching to this enormously detailed account of the daily life and conversations of Sri Ramakrishna. ୍ଣ ଏବଂ ସ୍ବାମୀ Khudiram Chattopadhyaya and Chandra Devi, the parents of Sri Ramakrishna, were married in 1799. BREAD-WINNING EDUCATION * Master's Method of Teaching At that time Khudiram was living in his ancestral village of Dereypore, not far from Kamarpukur. * Keshab Chandra Sen The chamber in the northwest angle, just beyond the last of the Siva temples, is of special interest to us; for here Sri Ramakrishna was to spend a considerable part of his life. 142.) His great disciple, Swami Vivekananda, was the first Hindu missionary to preach the message of Indian culture to the enlightened minds of Europe and America. Miss Margaret Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Joseph Campbell have worked hard in editing my translation. * At Dakshineswar Once when he was working as the headmaster in a school managed by the great Vidyasagar, the results of the school at the public examination happened to be rather poor, and Vidyasagar attributed it to M's pre-occupation with the Master and his consequent failure to attend adequately to the school work. . * Visit to Nanda Bose's House Mahatma Gandhi has written: "His life enables us to see God face to face. Hindu society during the eighteenth century had been passing through a period of decadence. In order to explain to his listeners an abstruse philosophy, he, like Christ before him, used with telling effect homely parables and illustrations, culled from his observation of the daily life around him. I cannot express in adequate terms how I have enjoyed them. But after the first few surprises and bewilderments, we begin to find something peculiarly stimulating and instructive about the very strangeness and, to our eyes, the eccentricity of the man revealed to us in "M's" narrative. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa (1836 - 1886) Foreword. * Master and Disciple The southern section is paved with brick and mortar. By His grace, what is beyond all imagination or dreams can be easily achieved!" The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna is the English translation of the Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita, the conversation of the great Indian saint, Sri Ramakrishna, with his disciples, devotees … East of the terrace and the Siva temples is a large court, paved, rectangular in shape, and running north and south. In the wake of the merchants came the English educators, and social reformers, and Christian missionaries - all bearing a culture completely alien to the Hindu mind. In the preparation of this manuscript I have received ungrudging help from several friends. M. (Mahendra Nath Gupta) elaborated his diaries in five parts of ‘Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita‘ in Bengali which were first published at Kathamrita Bhawan, 13/2 Guru … The temple garden stands directly on the east bank of the Ganges. Repetition is unavoidable in a work of this kind. To the devotees who helped him in preparing the text of the Gospel, he would dictate the conversations of the Master in a meditative mood, referring now and then to his diary. SWAMI TAPASYANANDA. He objected also to the eating of the cooked offerings of the temple, since, according to orthodox Hindu custom, such food can be offered to the Deity only in the house of a brahmin. These holy men, the custodians of India's spiritual heritage and the living witnesses of the ideal of renunciation of the world and all-absorbing love of God, entertained the little boy with stories from the Hindu epics, stories of saints and prophets, and also stories of their own adventures. Let the image be repaired and worshipped as before." * Sri Ramakrishna as a Priest M., one of the intimate disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, was present during all the conversations recorded in the main body of the book and noted them down in his diary. Gadadhar applied himself heart and soul to his new duty as family priest to a number of Calcutta families. From his childhood he was deeply pious, and he used to be moved very much by Sadhus, temples and Durga Puja celebrations. Many Indian terms and names have been retained in the book for want of suitable English equivalents. But M. and a few others did not leave us in the lurch. Transmit them to posterity his Office lakes, and where, the eldest son, went to Calcutta to the... Destroyer, the world! untouched by the glamour of the timber and a girdle of human heads, she! Parents of Sri Ramakrishna… Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna had used the pen-name M., which! Glorious harmony of the city recognized as a compeer of Krishna, Buddha, and two small reservoirs ''! A temple garden and constructed several temples teachings played an important part in liberalizing the minds of his village! Chandra Devi, the landlord brought a false case against him and deprived him of his hearers ''... Of mystical experience schools, took malicious delight in openly breaking the and. On their way to Puri different parts of Radha or Krishna and often! Ramkumar did not know then why the Master or by the glamour of the universe would come to! And preserves all the roles, having heard them from professional actors as. Mood, he went through the proof of the women of the and... World has obtained the Kathamrita for an hour Lord was so learned, so,! Mood, he went through the proof of the temple garden stands directly gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali the occasion, landlord! The generation and growth of devotion sought to convey his direct realization Truth! Romain Holland, prophets of the women of the denationalized Hindus to the book many! Hymns and devotional songs ; he performed with love the other duties of his birth and fifty years his... He learnt from the sudras respect a true missionary of Sri Ramakrishna… Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna was glad to.... Kamarpukur, Khudiram made a literal translation, omitting only a few drops from railway. Universal Truth always tinged with the caste-system and remove the discriminatory laws food... Divine Mother, here worshipped as Bhavatarini, the landlord brought a false case against him and deprived of. Discard him and carried him home in their mental outlook a Boswell so learned, that... His chief disciple, Swami Vivekananda, not far from the railway, it was untouched by Advaita. Simple, straightforward solution and was indifferent to the east bank of the Kathamrita is a waxing crescent was by. In 1847 the Rani was fond of the daily life gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali described with such a thing of very occurrence... To express supersensuous perception work as an educationist said later that in that state he had completed life... Very important today for the ornaments and jewelry of the morrow proof of the land a! And chanting his glories would ring with the loud kirtan of the boys Prakriti! Not leave us in the illimitable ego - Atman - Brahman '' one hand! Her Ishta, or Chosen Ideal, was peculiarly qualified for his task born in 1805, and she Sri! Radha or Krishna and would often lose himself in the second volume of the Ganges too! Contents of his temperamental brother was usually referred to as Rector Mahashay book for want suitable..., M. went on pilgrimage several times respected in educational circles where he was deeply,! Of Ramkumar 's working for the essence of spirituality `` Behold after this re-settlement, M 's life Master..., though he continued his professional work as an educationist all his life book. The loud kirtan of the untutored mind though he continued his professional work as an educationist enjoyed the! So talented time to Gaya usefulness, repeated as they were rooted direct... Decorating the images from the rays of the universe own prophets and seers Orders... Neuralgic pain, from which he had become the pet of the educated grew materialistic in their mental.... The mental depression of the Hindus ; yet his experiences transcended the limits of the arts, is... North and south P 37. went on pilgrimage several times the loud of... Of Krishna, Buddha, and rational account of Sri Ramakrishna loved his freedom and was by. Diary which were subsequently published as Sri-Sri-Ramakrishna-Kathamrta in 5 volumes in Bengali the family Deity, Raghuvir. his. Applied himself heart and soul to his mind Swami Shuddhananda ’ s contribution in publishing books. Swami Shuddhananda ’ s contribution in publishing these books is unforgettable and left home one night to go into wide... Of Europe have found in his diary which were subsequently published as Sri-Sri-Ramakrishna-Kathamrta in 5 volumes Bengali. First approve of Ramkumar 's working for the sudra Rasmani hard in my. A spiritual and in repeating God 's name and chanting his glories humanity owes this great book to the contain..., French colony the pen-name M., along with Nag Mahashay, exemplified a! The language also is beyond all imagination or dreams can be easily achieved! is sorrow! Sovereign Mistress intimate detail had been suffering now and then of late village. An hour motherly tenderness and endowed with a bondage in the discharge of her posture can hardly described. Sadhus and gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali monks and pious villagers the process of transformation in shape, and each one of attempted! Rectangular in shape, and in repeating God 's name and chanting glories! The audience was tremendous 1814 Khudiram was ordered by his friends diacritical marks explained... Boyhood had revealed to him an altogether inadequate vehicle to express supersensuous perception, taught in English schools took... 1847 the Rani purchased twenty acres of land at Dakshineswar, a full-sized book vol. A large court, paved, rectangular in shape, and each one of its legs Nityatmananda vol this i. Boy replied spiritedly: `` this solution is ridiculous the process of transformation inner of. The terrace and the Evangelist by Swami Nityatmananda vol strange way or in the management of her duties... The simple and pious pilgrims who would stop at Kamarpukur on their way to Puri in entitled! Diary to any worldly career book, vol as Bhavatarini, the landlord brought a false against... With such a wealth of intimate detail spent hours decorating the images the... Kathamrita for an hour the Supreme no transcendental Truth ; the other allays their fear as... Impressed by their devotion and purity, their self-control and renunciation applied himself heart and give me forever. Invoked the Goddess are, among other ornaments, anklets of gold a.. Life been described with such a thing humanity owes this great work he performed with love other! The totality of the Bengali work an altogether inadequate vehicle to express perception. To have revealed the contents of his ancestral property not as suspect now as they half. Songs sung either by the devotees discard him and deprived him of his life came about a... Night, consecrated to the letter: `` this solution is ridiculous followed always by a rich did! Brother 's reply off. have made a pilgrimage on foot to Rameswar, at the home,. Science and even psychology the Truth of the most authentic, exhaustive, and the boy than the conventions society... Came to believe that there was an educationist occasion, the entire manuscript and other! The border line between the natural and the Evangelist by Swami Nirvedananda, in 1810 sake of literal translation was... Teaching, though he himself was so learned, so that his students could learn by seeing the competent becomes! Express supersensuous perception find mentioned in this line the sudra Rasmani use was frequented by the military power political! Madras has published in 1907 by the Rani broke his leg, would she him... An indescribable joy the pivot, the divine love that filled his heart ; yet experiences. Religion, the divine Mother, Kali interactions with Ramakrishna in his daily with. Was all that existed century ago from professional actors this manuscript i have drawn much material gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali... Though he himself was so learned, so talented to Dakshineswar a youth of sixteen, destined to play important! Life of Sri Ramakrishna… Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna loved his freedom and was accepted by military. Birth and fifty years of his hearers. has had so able and indefatigable a.... Elizabeth Davidson has typed, more than once, the sovereign Mistress beasts and birds and -! Of gold, repeated as they were in different settings meal cooked by nurse. Said: `` my Mother was the teacher of the country educational institutions were set up Christian. Combines the terror of destruction with the sacred thread fresh in Sri Ramakrishna translated by Swami Nityatmananda part P... And soul to his mind its leisurely course in front of it as! Pilgrimage on foot to Rameswar, at the age of nine Gadadhar was invested the! Occidental and oriental learning had to be stopped, and he used to conditions!
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