A kayak is a very effective form of craft for trolling for king mackerel. Kingfish Baits and Lures. A small boat equipped with a good modern sonar unit is a very effective king mackerel catching device. Copyright © 2020 Salt Water Sportsman. That’s the time we start trolling. Reels: High-speed conventional to keep up with a charging kingfish. Lures with lightweight bodies made from materials such as reinforced balsa tend to have a much tighter, vibrating action than heavier lures, which by virtue of their weighty construction are more likely to possess a slower, more rolling action.Whatever type of lure you select, it may not initially stay in the water at the optimum speed, either because it has not been ‘tuned’ properly or, through use, it has fallen ‘out of tuned’. Nine knots allows the bait to look … If we are using Number 1 or 2 planers, we’ll go as fast as seven knots, but we usually pull at five to six knots. Slow trolling in a kayak is a very effective and very amusing way to catch some large kings, but kayak anglers will want to make sure to keep handy a good pair of long-nosed pliers to help remove hooks from the toothy predators. While trolling, keep an eye on the screen. Photo by Ed Mashburn. But, you will also probably hook up with a king mackerel, dolphinfish, tuna or other gamester. ⇊CLICK … These rods will feature: foam grips, aluminum gimble, aluminum reel seat and Fuji guides. Gary Caputi. Fishing success is dependent on how well your lure swims. Small boats are very effective at slow trolling for kings. Trolling for big king mackerel, which have returned to their summertime feeding grounds off the coast of Alabama, is a tradition here in the Deep South. We typically fish at 9 knots, looking for that instinctive bite. Two angry hooked kings give plenty of action for most anglers and crew. He gives us the benefit of his many years of experience. Clarkspoon lures are great for catching baits such as Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish while Duster lures add flair to live baits to attract Kingfish. “Kayak anglers need to be prepared to go on a ‘sleigh ride’ when a big king runs. "Kingfish style fast action" available in 15-30lb, 20-40lb, and 20-50lb 7'-8' lengths. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Kayak anglers can drop back a line with a live or frozen cigar minnow on a double-hook stinger rig leader and simply paddle around offshore and see what happens. Salt Water Sportsman may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Bait tends to cluster around the bottom stuff and the kings will be where the bait is. A big kingfish has no problem eating … A kayak is a very effective form of craft for trolling for king mackerel. This something big and very fast decided that my cigar minnow, which I had been slowly trolling behind my boat, was just the thing it wanted for breakfast. Silvery live baits such pilchards, threadfin herring, menhaden, mullet and … Cigar minnows are good. For jig or lure fishers, speed seems to be the key to success. The kings will not be far away. Quite often, the largest kings take the shallow flat line. Keep in mind this high of a drag setting … Photo by Ed Mashburn. When balls of bait show up, get ready. Put one flat line out about 50 feet and let the second flat line out perhaps 100 feet. This highly effective technique works just as it sounds. Watch how the baits are rigged. Slow troll a live or frozen cigar minnow behind a white or pink duster rig. There’s a high probability for angler pain in this situation. A Bonnier Corporation Company. One to two knots is fine. Many anglers feel like 1.5 to 2 knots is a good speed. He says, “Our trolling speed depends on the size of the planers we’re using. Bullet Head Ilander Style Trolling Skirt. Most kingfish angling is accomplished by slow trolling live baits -- because of this, the boat needs to move as slowly as possible. Line: 20-pound high-visibility monofilament. Our main troll presentations include fresh bait behind plugs, using fluorocarbon leaders to get more strikes. My reel made a painful sounding noise and my line smoked off my reel at an alarming rate. Price Around: $27. Kingfish are attracted to fast moving or erratically moving lures. Other fine-tuning tips for fast trolling include attaching the flat lines to transom … Generally, the best trolling for kings will occur from mid-June all the way into October.”. When the muddy water from heavy spring rains that empty out from Mobile Bay starts to clear up, it’s better. A kayak fishing enthusiast, he loves paddling into those hidden honey holes in search of all types of gamefish. Mechanical jigging is highly effective, as is high-speed vertical jigging – in … Without any warning, my rod bent over. It’s hard to beat a livewell full of fresh bait for fast king mackerel trolling action. We’ll use a 10- or 12-ounce lead with a three-way swivel with live bait. Photo by Ed Mashburn. There are only six … You don’t want to try to remove hooks from a big king barehanded. AIRBORNE: Kings, especially the larger specimens, are known to skyrocket in hot pursuit of prey. A couple of lines deployed from a small boat when slow trolling is just about right. Troy Frady of Distraction Family Fishing Charters catches a lot of kings every season by trolling. Blue Water Candy … High Speed Trolling Bomber High Speed Trolling Drag this thing at speeds up to 14 knots and make sure your rods are firmly in the holders – it churns out insane amounts of vibration that drive big wahoo, … When chasing yellowtail kingfish, the rig can be as simple as a running ball sinker down onto the bait or as complex as trolling a dead swim bait. PENN Torque reels with a 6:1 gear ratio are a great choice. In fact, sometimes, the slower the speed, the more … In fact, sometimes, the slower the speed, the more effective the trolling is for kings. Since kings don’t usually have a lot of endurance, the ride won’t last too long. King’s have … Since kings are often found well short of a mile offshore, they are within paddling range of most kayakers. For smoker kings and tuna, throttle up to 10 knots.” Quite often, when a king strikes a bait on one line, another one will strike the second bait. Look at the gear being used. For big bluefish, slow down to 4 knots. On this fine June morning, something big and mean is treating me badly. Some massive king mackerel strikes come when a trolled live bait, which has been allowed to sink as the boat is stopped, suddenly moves when the boat is put into gear and the movement is started again. It’s not even necessary to keep moving at all times. Florida fishing girl goes slow trolling live bait for monster kingfish offshore saltwater fishing with Controlled Chaos Charters.
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