Online master's in history applicants provide two recommendations, a current resume, and a statement of personal goals. Program Name: Master of Science in Education School Status: Public Available Concentration: Biology; history; English language; general science; mathematics; social science; collaborate 6-12 Tuition: $494/credit Credit Requirements: 36 credits Program Length: 2 years, GPA: 3.0 minimum Standardized Tests: GRE Work Experience: Candidates must possess a professional educator certificate, Phone: (334) 670-3365 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Students who did not earn a teaching license in their bachelor's program may need to complete additional coursework. You can opt for the Free Programme, where you compose your own programme within certain guidelines. History Degree. Earn a master's degree in History at St. John's University in New York City! Required coursework includes historical methods and America interpreted. Program Name: Master of Arts in History School Status: Private Tuition: $2,840/course Credit Requirements: 48 credits (12 courses) Program Length: 2-3 years, Format: Hybrid (online/on campus) Instruction Style: Synchronous and asynchronous, Phone: (617) 495-4024 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. All history students culminate their program with a comprehensive exam. Fantastic opportunity to learn new software and my study group came from different places around the country. For most of the schools in … We hope our approach helps you find the school that is best for you. Through core classes, students learn to apply the mechanics of historical research and documentation. Class sizes in this program are limited to 16 students to foster active participation and help learners receive individualized attention from faculty. The graduate program in history is designed to provide professional training in history, with the expectation that most of its Ph.D. graduates will take teaching positions in colleges and universities. Women's and Gender History (Master MATILDA) Course schedule. UMass Boston is a public research institution that enrolls roughly 16,000 learners annually. Georgetown University - Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The Study Program, which has a two-year duration and is provided in two curricula (in Italian and in English), aims to train experts in the field of cultural heritage conservation and archaeometry. After enrolling in one of the few online master's in history programs that emphasizes education, Troy students take core classes like educational technology in the curriculum, the master teacher, and educational evaluation. The school's online catalog includes a master of arts in history program that candidates can complete in 15 months by taking two classes each 10-week term. Students who attend FHSU enjoy access to over 200 online degrees and certificates, which are delivered through Blackboard. Graduate Program. Remaining course requirements vary based on an individual's degree track. Please be aware that the links often direct the reader to the specific pages within the program website in which history of science is discussed in some capacity rather than direct links to admission information. Peruse applications for the top Ph.D. programs in the field and you may encounter warnings not to apply if you do not have a particular score on the Graduate … The online master's in history program does not maintain strict GPA or standardized testing requirements. To make it into this list a school must excel in the following areas. Its aim is to provide a well-rounded curriculum from a wide variety of disciplines and subjects, diverse methodologies and essential languages. The History Master at Leiden University has a strong international orientation and focus on the study of European and non-European history in a global context, this is unique in the Netherlands. Students with a low GPA should submit scores to increase their chances of admission. Like many other online master's in history programs, UofM allows students to choose from thesis and non-thesis tracks. Students examine Europe's historical, political, economic, and global influence from its inception to current day. The degree plan contains two required classes in historical methods and historiography. Candidates round out their graduate training with a capstone thesis project. Students can pursue a thesis or non-thesis track. As an international student you are looking for high-quality academic education. This program focuses on contemporary Biblical st Unlike most online master's in history programs, WKU's degree plan spans three years. MA, University of Haifa, International School. Students who excel in social sciences, enjoy reading and writing, and possess an affinity for learning about historical events or culture can earn a master's in history. However, students should also factor in out-of-state costs if they hold residency in another state. While the specifics vary among universities, most require you to have taken at least four to six history courses; most prefer a major or minor in history or a related social science field. Most info; Course title (A-Z) Course title (Z-A) Price: high - low; Price: low - high; Showing 1-20 of 478 results Clear all View courses. A seminar in American history includes hands-on research and writing on events such as the Great Depression, WWII, and the civil rights movement. The History Master’s programme offers you research-based training in history as an academic discipline. Foundational courses include historiography, historical methods, and theory. Program Name: Master of Arts in History School Status: Public Tuition: $309/credit in-state; $494/credit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 36 credits Program Length: 2 years, Format: 100% online or hybrid (online/on campus) Instruction Style: Synchronous and/or asynchronous, GPA: 3.25 preferred Standardized Tests: GRE, Phone: (308) 865-8927 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. They will be able to analyze conservation problems and to detect deterioration processes thanks to their knowledge of the physical, chemical, and structural properties of materials, as well as to identify any possible remedies. Scholars mostly use narrative to analyze and unravel the events of the past. A seminar in global history introduces students to modern and ancient movements and events across the world. The Department of History offers a one-year terminal master’s degree in history. The Master of Arts in Teaching, or MAT, differs from the M.Ed. Our programme offers you profound insight into the history of ideas and practices that form the identities of individuals, groups, and societies, including heritage and public history in international frameworks. Browse and compare over 10,000 master's, graduate certificate, doctorate (PHD) and residency programs offered in universities, faculties and research centres across Canada. Coursework covers creation of the American constitution, migration and labor in U.S. history, and World War II through film and literature. Other options within this field of study: The History and Culture graduate program specializes in cultural and intellectual history, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work. Online master's in history candidates take core classes like historical methods, European history, and public history methodology. Students can ask former professors, academic counselors, and/or employers for these letters. These are also examples of specialization areas that students can choose with a Master in History program. An online master's in history often includes a thesis or applied research option. Master's H-O; Programme Code/Title Home Overseas L4UP MSc Health and International Development: Open: Open L5A1 MSc Health Data Science: Open: Open V1S7 MSc History of International Relations: Open: Open: L8UH MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research) Open: Open N6U8 MSc Human Resources and Organisations (Human Resource Management/CIPD) Open: Open N6U7 MSc Human … Louisiana Tech is located in Ruston and serves about 12,000 students each year. Southern New Hampshire University Program: MA in History With 24/7 access to the online classroom, SNHU's MA in History is a flexible, convenient program, allowing you to … Today’s online art history master’s degrees prepare you for prestigious positions as museum curators, college professors, and art directors in advertising, design, and film. They complete the program by taking an eight-hour comprehensive exam. program in the Bible and the Ancient Near East. Core topics include public colloquium and digital media. In addition to facilitating grants and assistantships, the university supports students by providing internship placements and career services. Students may choose to study the field generally or focus on a specific historical era or subject. Application materials include two recommendation letters, a 500-word personal statement, and an analytical writing sample. UofM offers 60 online academic programs through its eCourseware platform. The Multidisciplinary MA Program in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa is dedicated to the creation and nurturing of a new generation of Holocaust researchers. Graduates can go on to occupy exciting positions in civil service, community advocacy, and secondary teaching. The university facilitates remote learning through Blackboard Learn. The Master's Program in History at Georgetown is rooted in the core belief that interconnections among the globe’s diverse regions and cultures have played a crucial role in shaping societies’ development since long before the modern era, and that a deep understanding of these historical forces is essential to grasping the world we currently live in. ... Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School (RIS) offers a two-year M.A. Some of the combined elements that almost any Master in History program consists of are cultural, demographic, intellectual, economic and political facts and bonds that tie up the historical narrative and provide a holistic picture of the matter. For additional information on a specific program, please contact that school directly. Graduate students can enroll in the school's master of arts in history program, preparing for doctoral training and strengthening their abilities as professionals — particularly in the government and nonprofit sectors. Skip to navigation | Skip ... All students should normally be able to complete their programme of study without incurring additional study costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme. ... © 2020 a Red Ventures Company, Top 25 Accredited Online Colleges and Universities, Graphic Design, Film, Web Design, Game Design, Photography, Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Web Development, Cyber Security, Paralegal, Legal Studies, Criminology, Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Elementary Education, Social Work, History, Communications, Writing, Political Science, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Nutritional Sciences, RN to BSN, Forensic Psychology, Family Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Ministry, Christian Counseling, Bible Colleges. The university financially supports distance learners with merit scholarships and graduate fellowships. As a prestigious Ivy League institution, Harvard enrolls over 31,500 students annually. ... The online master's in history degree plan contains a core historiography course. The curriculum emphasizes systems-based histories within a historiographical context, preparing students for career advancement in teaching and research. Candidates round out their graduate education by completing an intensive thesis project. SAGU's online master's in history program requires applicants to achieve at least a 150 verbal and 3.5 analytical writing score on the GRE. Introduction to historiography courses present key concepts and challenges modern historians face. Applicants submit a one-page statement of purpose detailing their objectives and areas of interest. The two online history master’s degrees — master of arts in history and master of arts in public history … Program Name: Master of Arts in History School Status: Public Tuition: $390/credit Credit Requirements: 30-32 credits Program Length: 2 years, Phone: (620) 235-4325 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. These skills would help a student considering law school. This course also encourages student collaboration and debate. Program Name: Master of Arts in History School Status: Public Tuition: $1,947/semester in-state (8 or more credits) Credit Requirements: 33 credits Program Length: 2 years, GPA: 2.5 minimum for unconditional admission; 2.25 minimum for conditional admission Standardized Tests: GRE, Phone: (318) 257-2924 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. The master’s in history program will deepen your knowledge of the process of "making" history through analysis of historical scholarship, crafting written communications and defending the relevance of the … It may be taken as a foundation for further advanced graduate work; as part of an individualized program that prepares students for a secondary teaching career; or as a terminal degree. Our taught degrees vary in length from 9 to 21 months, consisting of a mixture of course work and a self-motivated dissertation project. Home; Education ; Master programmes. Because the degree plan does not require a capstone project, the remaining credits funnel into electives that students use to pursue individual research interests and professional objectives. Its program has usually been one of moderate size. Director of Masters Program: Professor James Millward Graduate Programs Manager: Carolina Madinaveitia. They personalize their degree plan by picking five electives, with options like the historical study of Islam and Native American history in the public sphere. CLOSE. in history at the University of Mississippi. Distance learners may enroll in a fully online master of arts in history program to develop the skills needed for careers as researchers, museum curators, and postsecondary educators. The Master of Arts degree in History offers students the opportunity to pursue the advanced study of history. Course objectives include selecting useful primary sources, responding to criticisms, and drafting publishable work. Participants can also choose a rights and identities pathway. Students pick from three degree tracks, which include thesis and coursework-only options. Learn more about the doctoral program Joint Degree in Law and History (J.D./Ph.D and Or you can choose one of the other four specialisations: Trade and Business Law, Private Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, or Criminal Law. Throughout the program students work with advisors and other … Sort: Most info. These professionals typically work in museums, historical sites, educational services, or government. Students who pick the encounters and exchanges track delve into cross-cultural encounters, including the Atlantic slave trade and contemporary globalization. The master’s in history online programs offered through Fort Hays State University in Kansas cater to students interested in a variety of careers, as well as those looking to pursue their Ph.D. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 9% increase in job opportunities for these experts through 2028. Australia . ULM provides 35 fully online degrees through Moodle. The TOEFL exam evaluates international students' mastery of the English language and ability to study at a college level. The TOEFL contains four sections: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. +, This inter-university Master's Degree responds to an academic, research and professional demand for postgraduate training in the contexts of management and research of the ass Colonial and Global History at Leiden University is an accredited degree programme of History. Potential course topics include immigrants in American history, topics in Reformation Europe, and a cultural history of alcohol. Who is suited? All online master's in history candidates take a foundational research methods class. Global Master's in Management. The program uses accelerated, 7.5-week classes, which enables candidates to graduate in as little as 12 months. Program Name: Master of Arts in American History and Government School Status: Private Tuition: $563/credit Credit Requirements: 32 credits Program Length: 15 months, Phone: (419) 289-4142 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. With questions not answered here or on the program’s site (above), please contact the program directly. WKU maintains a flagship campus in Bowling Green and delivers remote learning opportunities through Blackboard. The MA in History is a small, selective program that emphasizes a comparative understanding of the historical process. +, Our MSc Heritage provides you with a state-of-the-art, critically informed, interdisciplinary education in heritage and its place in society, including its conservation and ma Application materials include a writing sample, two recommendation letters, and a 500-word personal statement. Online master's in history candidates take flexible coursework through Canvas. Course objectives include developing independent intellectual agendas, honing critical reading and writing skills, and discerning future historiographic trends. Course topics … They also send in a statement of purpose detailing their academic interests and career goals. Universities may include a page limit or requirement. History graduate programs may require students to submit a research paper that examines an issue in-depth, using primary and secondary sources. Work experience requirement: 3 months. History graduate and post-graduate programs and degrees offered in Canada. Its catalog includes flexible degree options like a hybrid master of arts in American history and government; this degree track is designed for secondary school social studies teachers. As a new student, I did struggle with citations … Although students can pick the fully remote degree plan, the university encourages individuals who live nearby to take advantage of campus resources by engaging in hybrid learning. The history program you select can have a big impact on your future. Other targeted skills include oral, written presentation, debate, and critique. They can also choose one of three designated concentrations or fill out their remaining credits with self-chosen electives. History Graduate Program at UCLA 6265 Bunche Hall Box 951473 Los Angeles, CA 90095 … Scholars mostly use narrative to analyze and unravel the events of the past. ... Professionals who hold a master's in history can pursue careers as archivists, curators, or conservators. Candidates work with an advisor to pick six major electives. Federal and state governments, hospitals, and scientific establishments also offer opportunities for history professionals. program in History at St. John’s, you will enjoy seminar-style classes that build a broad knowledge of history’s main currents, along with the opportunity to specialize in an area of concentration. 478 degrees at 98 universities in the UK. Online master's in history applicants furnish a personal essay detailing their background, professional objectives, and program expectations. English, Italian, Tufts University - Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This concentration explores collections, exhibitions, and historic preservation. It is a tailor-made program that trains students to deepen their specialist knowledge and skills according to their research interests through individual tutorials. In recent years our graduates have accepted appointments at Brown, Cornell, Duke, Princeton, Rutgers, Texas, Utah, the University … This catalog includes a master of arts in history that helps candidates develop the skills needed to pursue leadership positions with private corporations and government agencies. and Ph.D. in a wide range of fields, including Early America, Modern America, African-American, Colonial and Modern Latin America, Military, Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, British and British Empire, South Asia, Imperial and Soviet Russia, Traditional and Modern China, Modern Japan, Africa, History of Medicine, and History … Professors typically allow students to choose their own topics for assignments. The history graduate program, mindful of the discipline’s manifold importance and application, offers master of arts and doctoral degree programs in breadth and depth. Application materials include three references, a resume or CV, and an academic or professional writing sample. Through a customizable degree plan, candidates gain the skills needed to succeed as civil service administrators, conservation officers, and heritage site/historic building inspectors. If you are interested in these issues surrounding the study of history, then a Master in History is an excellent first step into the professional field. Learners pursuing the public history option complete an internship. Filter. ASU serves more than 38,000 students each year, many of whom earn their certificates and degrees remotely. ASU uses fall, spring, and summer entry dates.
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