The painting looks very realistic when you look at it as a thumbnail, despite the brushwork being so loose. My pleasure Shannon, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the website and lessons, glad you’ve been finding them helpful. She’s gonna love it. You obviously have amazing talent. We're testing and getting a feel for Monet's composition with this simple charcoal sketch, much like a dress rehearsal. It goes into much more detail on the fundamentals of art. What is the difference between say “cobalt blue hue” like you have listed on the materials list and “cobalt blue?” Or “cadmium red light” vs “cadmium red light hue?”, What is the difference between say “cobalt blue hue” like you have listed on the materials list and “cobalt blue?”. Thanks, Dan. I came across your site via Pinterest, and your article about how to learn to paint impressionist caught my eye, I’ve been painting about 30 years now, and yet I’m not always happy about painting that way, too often I still go into too much detail, so thank you for your tips and advice, I really want to master this form of art. I appreciate you expertise! It brought color and play to our wall. It was awe-inspiring to imagine how he worked in the late 1800s and how he looked at the scenery and interpreted what he saw. Will, I LoVe your teaching style and appreciate your FREE videos. ( for this demonstration I’m using a Winsor & Newton deep edge canvas), Titanium White (modern equivalent to lead white), Cadmium Yellow ( medium or light, I’ve used Cadmium Yellow Medium for this example), Cadmium Red Light (this is an orange red which is quite close to Vermillion used by Monet), Permanent Green Light ( similar to Emerald green, when mixed with the ultramarine blue will produce a dark green similar to Viridian), I respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously -. I just found it today. arg. It is wonderful. When painting a mountain range just make sure you lighten the mountains the further they are away from you. Here are my top 6 tips for achieving a successful Impressionist painting: Using Cobalt blue hue and water, I add a very loose watery wash to the top of the sky. Thank you, Dan, I am learning so much from your posts! I am a 15 year old amateur artist and your insight into the impressionist style has really helped to develop my technique. I’m loath to get too invested in acrylics until I decide for sure that’s the direction I want to go. Using this technique with flowers would work equally well. The discussions you attach are very generous and inspiring so thanks a lot Dan. You are one of the greatest teachers. Like JPG. Also, the amount of water will behave differently with watercolours and acrylics, just something to be aware of. There is a video tutorial below on how I would usually set out my colours on the stay-wet palette. I am new to painting can’t wait apply the knowledge. Susan Western Australia. The secret to a Monet impressionism painting, to achieve the feeling of an impressionistic painting, use a very limited palette, and vivid colors! Monet and many of the other great Impressionists have been instrumental… In this instance the word ‘hue’ denotes than a different pigment was used rather than the original pigment, so instead of using a pure cadmium pigment (which is expensive) manufactures create a colour that is close to cadmium red but use more affordable pigments to create it. Hi April, pleased you are finding the artist quality white is making a difference to your painting. Woods) that is yours. The carers are looking forward to seeing what I paint too, and they’d like me to paint something for their hallway :-) We shall see how I get on! Thanks for the link will – very interesting and helpful. The restraints were that I had to do so with only YouTube Videos and blogs. Just found your site. Dave, Your picture is so nice. Thanks very much Lori, really pleased you’re enjoying the course. Wardrobe Drawing. How to Paint Impressionism "Monet seemed to favour this warm light as it gives such a rich variety of tones in one scene. 95% of ready-made canvas already has been primed with gesso. Many thanks for teaching my kiddos what I can’t possibly teach them :-). Enjoy the painting. Oh am I excited that I found you!!! So my art things and table top easle have come in the post today, and are being bought to my care home later by Mum and Dad and I cannot wait to get going. ... Claude Monet Drawing. Another alternative green is Phthalo Green which is very close in tone to Viridian. It’s interesting how they create illusion with brush stroking. A step-by-step Impressionist Acrylic Painting – The Final Part 4 In this Impressionistic landscape series, I am posting a weekly video on my YouTube channel that you can follow along at home. When a modern paint colour has been developed to replicate a historical colour the word ‘hue’ is used on the tube, for example, ‘Cobalt Blue Hue’. Your wife must be proud of you:-) My sweet heart ( my husband) is a good singer, by the way. That’s great Grethe. Hope you were able to apply some of the information to your class! I do not have a reference of Emerald green, so I can’t mix it by myself. Hi Monika, the green I use is called Permanent green light (from Golden paints) which is close to a Emerald green. All in all, you are so kind and generous. Sounds like a great trip Mimi. Jul 19, 2019 - Claude Monet in Front of His House at Giverny, 1921 In this post, I will be taking a deeper look into one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. In today's Art Journal Thursday episode I'm going to show you how to paint an acrylic painting inspired by the impressionist Claude Monet. Claude ( now you have some fans in Russia:-))) Irina. And you also the only one I’ve found whose willing to impart knowledge while others seem to hoard it. How To Draw Monet's ... 1280x720 1 0. Here is my breakdown: Monet created several series of paintings which involved him painting the same subject over and over again under different conditions. In this series, I will be posting a weekly video lesson that you can follow along at home. Hi Will, I have already learned so much from your tutorials – thank you! I’m wondering if I can use Cobalt Violet hue and Alizaren Crimson watercolor paint straight from the tube rather than purchasing those colors in acrylic online? This is lovely. I will begin my own Monet style painting in the morning! I’ve never been into impressionists but I enjoyed the four videos on this Monet piece. Watching your videos is tantamount to enrolling in an expensive art school. I don’t have a specific site for oil tutorials, however, many of the techniques I demonstrate are based on classical oil painting techniques so would equally apply when working with oils. I am loving the tutorials that you do. Ten years ago, I started suffering from Parkinson’s desease. Like JPG. Cheers, Will. It will give me the opportunity to use one of your great suggestions on blending colors!!! greetings from Moscow. Rock in Dieppe shows a beautiful display of broken color and expressive brushwork. Step 1 – Use a coloured ground. Some of the exact pigments he used are no longer available and replacements have been man-made out of a combination of pigments to replicate the original colours. Does that mean “Viridian” is the emerald green, or permanent green light you are looking for? I really loved the Cherry Still Life lesson, Do you think you may in the future show us how to do other still life such as apples, they are really hard to do. I see a flock of brightly coloured parrots! You’re one of my favourite artists Mr. Kemp! I’m very thankful you are sharing your talent and skills, especially for newcomers to painting like myself. This contrasts against the warm lights. Some of the light techniques he was trying to achieve only lasted for less than 10 minutes, so we have to work quickly! Then, draw a hill line over the horizon line. It’s my first time to meet an artist who has unselfishly shared his talents. Cheers, Will, Hi mr. Will, this video and tutorials are very helpful for me Thank you very much, My pleasure Michael, really pleased you found it helpful. What do you think? Thanks to you and Vanessa. Thank you for the detailed review of these paintings. Sort out a palette of colors like Monet’s, then either select one of your favorite paintings by him or a subject that inspires, and get painting. God bless, C-Marie. I can’t wait to get going, and I shall let you know how we get on! I love looking at it))) It inspires me to take a brush and make a try. Really hope you enjoy the tutorial. Since I am just starting to think about acrylics I wonder about interactive acrylics especially. Artist quality acrylic colours ( I’ve used a mix of Golden Heavy Body colours & Winsor & Newton Artist Acrylic). Really pleased you’re enjoying the lessons. When this colour is mixed I scan the reference image for any examples of this colour appearing in the foreground of the piece. Loved your article on how to paint like claude monet, have alway loved his work and your explainations were very clear and easy to understand. Thank you so much!! Fluid acrylics just have a thinner consistency, handy if you work in a more watercolour style rather than oil painting style. Thank you! And open? I’m going to dig more in you web to find as many tutorial videos as I can find. I am fond of your gift as a teacher)))))of your willingness to show and share your skills. Thanks, Dan. During this process, I’m painting very quickly using gestural marks and I’m not concerned with getting it spot on, it’s a case of getting it on there and getting a feel for the painting. Great video lesson. I am grateful for what you do. Directional brushstrokes follow the flow of the water and help guide you through the painting. The next stage is to draw out the basic shapes in the piece. Love ❤️ all your articles Dan so much information in them! You are a wonderful human for doing this. It's personal. Happy to see all your lessons. Hi Linda, pleased you’ve enjoyed the Monet style painting tutorial. Thank you so much for this amazing lesson. 4) What do you think of Fluid Acrylics? I then lay out my colours onto a tear-off palette. What? Easy and fun, this style of painting consists of layers of dabs of different colours that … Use your palette knife to create interesting and sometimes dramatic effects. Thank you!! Its so helpful to send the learners to links that will not confuse them. I loved this demonstration. I, too, have studied Monet and in 2016 travelled to a number of the sites he painted: Rouen, Honfleur, Dieppe and Etretat. Many thanks for great observations & all the post you send. Using a mix of the Permanent Green Light and the Ultramarine Blue (the darker of the two blues we’re using) I can create a mix similar to Viridian that Monet used on his palette. Thank you so much for your insight and expertise! Sign up now to get the latest posts, news about products & art inspiration, straight to your inbox. You’re welcome, hope you enjoy your Monet painting! When painting subjects ‘en plein air’ the colours in nature can change very quickly as the sun moves position throughout the day. I did see that you did a combination of Quinacridone Red, Ultramarine blue and Titanium white for blending a copy of Cobalt Violet Hue. I could not see the download option on the page. Looking forward to seeing your results from the tutorials. Hi Barbara, Thanks for your kind comments. Cheers, Will. L’Orangerie – next time when I’m in Paris, no question. Once your ground is dry, you can start on the gesture drawing. Cheers, Will, Dear Mr. Kemp, Please allow me to share with you my newest journey and how your website and blogs inspired me along the way. No problem at all Shirleah! From the Old Masters to Monet using a coloured ground is a technique that is often forgotten in the art room. It indicates that Monet started with a colored ground using a dull tone, then applied dark and light accents on top of that. Painting Demonstration Excerpt from the program “Monet’s Waterlilies” – Program 102 of Emmy-Award winning PBS Series Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop. In the painting of water lilies below and the two close-ups that follow thereafter, notice the build-up various greens, blues and purples. Cheers, Will. To mix a Viridian, (which is a darker blue green) just add in a touch of ultramarine blue to the permanent green light. Just introduced to painting (I’ve just turned 36 years old…) – I am getting so much progress and learning done, watching your exciting videos. For example, in the cliffs, you can see some bluish-green which is also used for the water. Though I m a beginner but I really enjoy your painting tutorials. You can read about my ‘Monet guide to colour harmony‘ here. It’s very helpful to see your working method and how a painter actually gets the paint onto the canvas – this helps me loosen up my style. Looking forward to watching your other videos! Dan, Sone mistankens in my posting, but I hope you understand. enjoyed the lesson very much. Thanks for your time April, Hi April, Those two colours will be perfect for this demo, do you have any artist quality white? learner. I’m wondering if I can use Cobalt Violet hue and Alizaren Crimson watercolor paint straight from the tube rather than purchasing those colors in acrylic online? Someone will make a special drawing, just for you. Monet did use Lead white in his paintings, also French Ultramarine, Cobalt violet and occasional use of Vermillion. It appears to be at sunset, with increased contrast between the rich purples for the bridge and the soft yellows and pinks in the rest of the painting. :) Cris, Hi Cris, Phthalo Green Blue Shade with a touch of Cadmium Yellow Medium will get you pretty close. Thank you so much. You are awesome. These dabs of colour help to move the viewer’s eye around the painting. I tried to paint lilies after visiting at Monet’s home. Thanks! Thank you again, Kevin. I for one am better with a painting knife then a brush although I use both. Once again Will, you have shown another avenue to we, the unwashed, in this Monet series which I just came across! Cheers, Will. Hi Dan, It contains a picture of Jean-Pierre and Germaine Hoschedé and Michel Monet all … I want something deeper. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in painting:) . Thanks very much, looking forward to seeing how your painting turns out. Hoping to see you next one! Will. Now as I sit and look, I think I did too many small dabs and more dabs over those. Hope this helps. They are very interesting and helpful. I shall definitely be watching more of your videos as you offer the clearest artistic explanations I have seen. (-: Thanks Angelina, hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I appreciate it can be hard not to confuse them as they are the same word! On a white sheet of paper, draw a simple HORIZON LINE. I was sorting through them looking for the colours mentioned in this tutorial. :), I had no idea what a genius looks like, good sir, but you certainly fill the bill !! Tenho muita estima por você. lemon yellow Ultramarine blue Cobalt blue Phthalo blue green shade Phthalo green blue shade Titanium white, Thank you for this great tutorial, I know I will enjoy every minute. (obviously not the name of the painting) The green is quite iridescent and glowing. And I’m not sure about fluid acrylics? I help a friend’s children with Art lessons as they are home schooled, and this was immensely helpful and interesting for planning my next session with them. Monet has always been my favorite. That’s brilliant to hear Sarah, really hope the art exam goes well, let’s get an A! Do you think other artist quality paints are worth the expense? Thanks for sharing! Hey Amy, thanks for the comment, great to hear you’ve been inspired to paint! Thanks again! Usually viridian is a darker blue/green and not as vibrant as the permanent green light. Will. Karen. Do you think there is achance for me to keep trying ? Many thanks for sharing your high quality videos. I’m going to have my mid-semester test this month so I’m thinking of making impressionist painting. Blir inspirert av å male videre. Cheers Gena, pleased you enjoyed the lessons. My question is regarding paint colors.. Hi Phillip, the reference image is at the top of the article, just ‘right click’ it on your mouse to download. Thank you for sharing these insights. If I would do that I would say, my grandmother enjoys it. It requires no imagination or feeling. With these videos you have created, you have really made me understand the style and processes needed (and reminded me I had ran out of Cobalt Blue!). If you already have a Viridian you might just need a brighter green or just add in a touch of cadmium yellow light. Good one Kevin, great to hear you’ve found the lessons easy to understand and follow. I teach art in a local high school in South Africa. and Interactive Acrylics? It is so exciting to we who struggle, to see how easily you create…surely a challenge to select, and teach something that we will be able to grasp, after an appropriate amount of attempts, and practice. I’ve watched lots that assume that you know some basics (which I don’t). I’m trying to work out if it’s me, my laptop or the paint :-). Thanks for your post and I appreciate both your explanations of his colors and style. I intend investigating some of your advanced resources to purchase. Claude Monet Drawings. Many thanks, Art, Hi Art, yes, I either dilute the paint with water or if you have then available at your local art store you can use a fluid acrylic. Okay! Thanks, this was interesting. So, I’ll try that one. (my budget (and husband’s nerves!) I am amazed and proud to inform you that I painted my first Impressionist style painting and did so with you as my teacher and your help forums for real life connections. As a follow up is there a reason you tend to use golden apart from a few colours? Hearing your “good morning class” start off the class always gives me permission to step away from the heaviness of my work and life. Cheers, Will. Sort of as an experiment? Painting the same subject under different conditions allowed him to focus his attention on the way colors change with the light, rather than trying to render a completely new subject. Dan. You will get half the credit. Cheers, Will. (In the studio – not plein air). Cheers, Will. However he started selling caricatures, and took drawing lessons. won’t handle replacing them all at once. Once again, thank you for your inspiring website. Thank You for posting the videos, I look forward to seeing more of you videos. I noticed that you use water a lot to thin out the acrylic paints. I have the following colours in my palette: titanium white / azo yellow / naphtol red / alizarin crimson / ultramarine blue / phthalo blue / burnt umber / raw umber / yellow ochre. Is the paint you are using different to that in a tube? So pleased you been enjoying the lessons, if you notice my use of water in the paintings that the most watery layers are usually applied on first application of colour to the canvas. I found that it seemed thicker and less easy to apply. Thanks for the excellent lessons. 40% off all Video Courses – Thanksgiving Thanks! Below is an unfinished self-portrait by Monet, however, I am unsure if the painting was left unfinished on purpose. Thank you for being so generous and willing to share your knowledge allowing hundreds to access the joys of painting. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Monet lessons. I have all the color except for Cobalt Violet Hue to get started. :) That is a nice idea to experiment with the greens, I think it will be my next project. Vivian, Hi Vivian, really pleased you’ve been enjoying the Monet videos, I don’t currently have a Van Gogh inspired video but it was on my to-do list! In this post, I will be taking a deeper look into one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. I’m left here suffering with a bad case of tutorial interruptus. The image below can be ‘right clicked’ and ‘Save image as’, so you can use it as a reference. And open? I am student at Michigan State University working towards a Master’s of Art in Education Technology. Side by side, the two spots of color produce a rich and vibrant orange. Hi Will, So glad to have found your site – I really like the way you teach and admire your style. It doesn’t have to be primed with gesso, but I would reccomend it. But even if I never do, I can learn about the artists, their works, their styles, and look deeper into a painting than I ever have before. I then mix a turquoise by adding the permanent green light to the cobalt blue hue. You are an amazing artist and I strive to one day be as incredible as you are :). Monet is known for his vibrant landscapes and paintings of waterlilies, but he was not limited in terms of his subject selection. I will further work . It always interests me that the masters like Monet painted impressionistic and the would paint Jean Monet on a horse or the caricature. He used drawings to plan out paintings, like the 14 sketches of water lilies in Monet’s surviving sketchbooks, but they could also be the finished product as is the case with pages 18 and 19 of Sketchbook 1. Come have fun with me. Hi Heather, you can email it through on the contact page. I’m unable to find that. The Seine painting of the river scene is a great work I think. Try a couple of tutorials, try copying an old master painting, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As he once said: "As for the colors I use, what's so interesting about that? That’s great Lexi! Hi Will, Thanks again for this great resource! Another great post, I really enjoyed it. He has been both harshly criticized and acclaimed for this. Below are two of his paintings from the Charing Cross Bridge series. p.s. Like I said, I’m a beginner painter. He made interesting use of purple for the exposed shoreline. He used short, dabbing strokes of varied colors to give the. Monet Drawing. There's something about making something special for somebody else that we think is really cool. I did look in more than one store for the Winsor & Newton, and they had everything BUT the Permanent Alizarin Crimson…Oh Well!!! Hi Ann, pleased you’re enjoying the site. I wish I could post the painting:), Great work Heather, so pleased you’ve found the tutorials have helped towards your first Impressionist painting, congratulations! Cheers, Will, Beautiful photograph!! Copyright © 2012-2020 Will Kemp Art School | All rights reserved |. The mountains are painted pretty close to the value they appear on the reference photo. And very enjoyable process. Thank you for your interesting information. Our move, and trying to fit two households into one by tossing possessions, long held onto because of sentimental attachment, or something that was treasured at the time and no longer has initial appeal, is a painful duty, but we are nearly done and I’ll be able to start painting again soon. The palette knife is an … What? Hi Dave, good one, so pleased you had a go at the Monet style painting. Great to hear you’re proud of your paintings Mike, good luck with the seascape. Much appreciated. So here come the questions: 1) Does my 12×12 canvas have to be primed (with gesso) before painting the color ground in Yellow Ocre? Dan. This tutorial is ideal to leave some of your fears at the door, have fun and loosen up a bit, ready to get started?…. Hi Julie, I mainly use heavy body acrylics and dilute them with water for the first few layers. You’re welcome Jacqueline, pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons. Do you reckon it would be OK? I like your style. Thank you very much for the informative post. How to Paint Impressionism like Monet. 3) I’ve noticed some words popping up that I don’t understand such as Golden Heavy Body, Gold Open – what do they mean heavy body vs. any other kind of body? It seems he may have started with a base color then scumbled other colors on top using a dry brush. I stumbled across the painting above the other day and was in awe of the stunning color harmony. Add a few simple homes/barns and buildings with oil pastels. You’re welcome Maryam pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks for your kind words on my teaching, and for investing in the courses. Hi Andrew, pleased to hear you’ve found the tutorial helpful in developing your Impressionistic painting style, and great to hear you’ve found the tutorials clear to follow. Very happy to have watched this video and looking forward to the continuation. Once your move is completed enjoy the tranquil scenes of a french landscape. f the lesson helped me. The truth is I can sit for hours in front of his works on Google’s art project and look at every brushstroke and colors :-). Hope your keeping well, thanks for your kind comments and glad to hear you’re finding time for your paintings. Will, thank you sssso much. I often struggle to paint water in an interesting, loose way…especially when the water is in the foreground. Fabulous site Will. Thanks, Dan. I have never experienced any peeling, or flaking off the canvas with any of my acrylic paintings. It’s free to subscribe to the blog to receive updates so you can keep up with the painting progress. While your Monet is fantastic… your palette is equally so! Thanks, Dan. And you gave me the confidence to do this project. Claude Monet in Front of His House at Giverny, 1921 In this post, I will be taking a deeper look into one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. Acrylic Painting Tutorial – Fishing Boats in St Ives Harbour, New! You can experiment with acrylics with a couple of colours untill you feel confident that they are the right direction for you, they won’t damage each other, so it might create some interesting results! In spite of that I tried to start my stained glass again. Glad you’re enjoying the videos. Can’t have to much knowledge,right ? The winsor artist acrylic main selling point is that there is no color shift from Wet to dry which sounds awesome! I’ve never been particularly good at art, but then again, it’s never been explained and demonstrated as simply and effectively as you have managed to do with your tutorials! Without an understanding of anatomy, your drawings will always feel like there’s something wrong. I then add Cadmium Yellow Medium and a touch of Titanium White to the mixture to vary the tints slightly. Thank you for the time and trouble you go through in making these wonderful videos. as for this demo we build up the layers of colour on top of each other, so having that extra opacity form the artist quality paint will make a huge difference. Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood. Thank you thank you for your tutorials, I’m loving it. Great to hear it Yuval, so pleased you’re finding them helpful. (If you want to learn more about color, make sure to grab my free Color Theory Cheat Sheet). Thank you. Monet and many of the other great Impressionists have been instrumental to my own development as an artist, particularly in relation to color and brushwork. What are your suggestions? A gradual approach to adding artists quality paint is a worthy investment as you’ll always get better coverage and opacity.
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