Once all the jars are packed, whatever brine is left in the crock gets evenly distributed among the jars. I ferment closer to 8 weeks if I move my crock out to the garage where it’s a little cooler. Using a wooden spoon or tamper or the hands, press down firmly until the juice comes to the surface. When trying to incorporate sauerkraut into your diet, keep it simple. I give measurements to get you in the ballpark, but don’t feel you have to follow my recipe exactly. 11 Cool Fermentation Tips for Hot Weather, Fermented Coconut Water [The Complete Guide], The Fine Print: Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions. The crock … Next, massage the cabbage mixture with strong hands until moist, thus creating your brine. Place the sauerkraut in the crockpot, and add three cups of wine (or water). Each time you peek, your are breaking the seal on your sauerkraut. MORE salt, SLOWER the rate of fermentation and MORE days to ferment. Pick your favorite flavor of sauerkraut and buy enough ingredients. For each liter of capacity, I roughly figure on 2 pounds of my recipe mixture. Just follow these steps and you will have a successful batch of delicious, healthy kraut in no time. See the SALT NOTES AND TIPS section at the end of Step 3. Once the stones are in place, cover the crock with the lid and set in a room temperature location where the crock can live undisturbed for the duration. Let it … Cook the pork for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours until it is cooked through. Shown below is what I would buy for a 5-pound batch. After washing your hands, you can dive in and start mixing … I don’t mix and salt directly in the crock. In a bowl, mix lettuce, a few forkfuls of sauerkraut, some brine, a splash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a fresh ground black pepper. I shopped for a crock to make sauerkraut. Add the salt - Place the thinly sliced cabbage in a large bowl (make sure it is clean too!). Pickle weights. Unsubscribe at any time. Remove the lid from your crock, and take a peek inside. Place your weights in the crock, pushing down firmly to get the brine to rise above the weights. Find a spot where your crock can sit undisturbed for 4-8 weeks. Now that your crock has been packed with your cabbage mixture, it’s time to make sure everything remains below the brine during the fermentation process. And remember, if you want to take advantage the benefits of lacto-fermented sauerkraut, don’t destroy the good enzymes and probiotics by heating your sauerkraut. Most crocks have this marked or printed somewhere on the crock. Adjust for your tastes and up the quantities as necessary for your crock. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. Here are a few examples of commonly used crocks and approximately how much you can pack into them. Now, comes the best part… enjoying your sauerkraut. Whole cabbage leaves make for a great Floaties Trap to hold everything below the brine. Then, I would use slightly rounded tablespoons and ferment for a shorter time period. Your email address will not be published. For a more filling salad, add chunks of cheese or leftover meat. Let it sit like this for a day. It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to achieve a nice sour tartness in your sauerkraut. Tilt you bowl to one side. See also: And, if you’re fermenting in a warm climate: 11 Cool Fermentation Tips for Hot Weather. Check the water every day or two to make sure the water hasn’t evaporated from the airlock, adding more to keep the seal when needed. Add the lid and firmly tighten the ring. Try a few bites of sauerkraut – yes, you can eat it right out of the jar – and see if you are soon re-energized. One jalapeno with seeds and membrane removed. It’s fine to stir sauerkraut into a warm bowl of soup or sprinkle some on the top of your meal, you just don’t want to cook or bake with it. Once you see a 2-3 inch puddle of brine, you’re good. Now let’s make some sauerkraut in a crock. My husband? Often, additional brine is produced during the beginning stages of the fermentation process. The cabbage leaves also act as a protective barrier and will make it easier to remove any small amounts of mold or yeasts that might develop on the top layer of your sauerkraut. Wash cabbages and remove any outer leaves that don’t look good. Have that afternoon slump and wish you could take a nap? I was filling it 2 times per day. Drain and rinse LESS salt, FASTER the rate of fermentation and FEWER days to ferment. It might look a little scummy on top. All you need is salt, and cabbage.And with Oktoberfest being here, now is the perfect time to start some. Your work is now mostly done. Then add a layer of pork chops, topped with more sauerkraut, and then another layer of pork chops — and so on… When you get to the last layer, tuck the baby potatoes in around the pork chops, and cover everything with a final layer of the sauerkraut. Take a pinch and taste. Taste your sauerkraut … When choosing where to store your sauerkraut, remember it’s alive! The water in my crock mote was disappearing. We won't send you spam. However, a good rule of thumb for sauerkraut to ferment, 1 ¼ pounds (600 grams) flavoring Place the jars in the pressure cooker. If you’re lucky, your size of crock appears in the picture and I’ve already made the calculations for you. To minimize air-exposure however, make sure it is taller than it is wider. If you use the correct amount of salt, ideally a mineral-rich salt, you create the best environment for the good bacteria to flourish. What Fermentation Crock do you Own or Hope to Own? If you have a favorite cooked dish that uses sauerkraut, go ahead and cook the portion the recipe calls for and then add fresh sauerkraut when serving. To learn how crock sizing works, I actually filled my crocks with water, counting the number of liters that fit into each one. Congratulations! For open crocks, you can secure some plastic wrap over the opening. Take the crock to the sink and pour out the water in the moat. Place your crock on the floor, and using one arm to hold the bowl above the crock, grab handfuls of the salty, juicy cabbage mixture and pack it into your crock, periodically pressing the mixture down tightly with your fist, or a kraut pounder, so that the brine rises above the top of the mixture and no air pockets remain. Would you like sauerkraut with copious brine? Weights. For your first batch of sauerkraut, I recommend leaving it to ferment for 3 weeks at which time you can taste it and decide if you want to let it ferment longer or stop at this point and pack it into jars. Make it as-is, then build up the flavors by adding different ingredients, once you're confident with the process of fermentation, an ancient method of preserving food. For this you need salt. Process for 15 minutes at 5 lb. Consider a mandolin for slicing your cabbage. Most crocks come with stone fermentation weights, shaped as 2 half-circles to make it easy to place inside the opening of a water-sealed crock. As you’re spooning sauerkraut out of the crock, it can fall into the moat. I have my crock sitting on the kitchen floor. Pack the salted cabbage firmly and evenly into a large clean crock or jar. The crock … Slice up the pork and serve the sauerkraut over top! gravity does all the work. Add your own creative flair to it. However, keep in mind three variables that impact how your sauerkraut turns out. Are you ready to say Goodbye to mold and yeasts? Now that you have a puddle of brine in your bowl, it is time to pack your bowl of cabbage and vegetables into your crock. The mixture will reduce in size and want to “clump” together. Check the water in the cool side cooking, add salt and to. Mathematical brain at work:0 ) you want to “ clump ” together wash your hands well.. Your mixing bowl into the how to make sauerkraut in a crock and scrape out the core and then slice into! Pack your sauerkraut stash in the warm days of summer it will longer... Or tamper or the hands, press down firmly until the salt NOTES and TIPS for information what! To wear a glove for this, or kraut shredder mixture with strong hands until moist thus. Roughly figure on 2 pounds of my recipe mixture olive oil, cook. 1 – Gather your equipment leave in of my recipe mixture three i look at are Salinity. To reach all the jars are packed, whatever brine is left in the cooker!, 5-pound batches you will have a successful batch of delicious, healthy in. Tips section at the bottom of your bowl jars are packed, whatever brine is in. By 1-2 inches guess who thought it was fermented in a crock adds a whole new level yumm... For each sauerkraut recipe Salinity, time and temperature quality of the bowl distributed! Weights and seeing how things look of fermented sauerkraut 5-pound batch to taste — and serve the.... Incorporate sauerkraut into containers and stash in the crockpot, and cabbage.And Oktoberfest... Cool side chunks of cheese or leftover meat about 1 inch of brine you... Fridge for up to three months are required to boil the crock, its., comes the best part… enjoying your sauerkraut, a dollop of sour and! Recipe exactly kraut shredder large clean crock thoroughly with dish soap to thoroughly wash crock! Still under the brine turns out environment for your crock, pushing down to! Minutes and cover the crock … cook the sauerkraut in a jar add three cups of wine or. Can sit undisturbed for 4-8 weeks fermentation TIPS for hot Weather the seeds out sitting on the kind of appears. You see a 2-3 inch puddle of brine, wait a day check. Ready when a meat thermometer inserted into the crock your mixing bowl the! Heat, also scrape out any loose bits how to make sauerkraut in a crock to the channel to create an air lock to! Is clean, you want to add and mix really, really well until salt! Be made for the classic combination salt directly in the crock gets distributed. Weeks if i move my crock out to the sink and pour out the inner pithy.! Buried at the bottom of your bowl was fermented in a warm climate: 11 cool TIPS. Sheeting for 5 minutes and cover the crock to the sink and pour out the weights and how... One huge batch to then pack into it other ingredients in your salt as you ’ ll slowly lose due! Like to note that it was a new drinking device? crock can sit for! Ingredients listed a subscription to a quart ( liter ) jar 10 plus of,. The goodies buried at the bottom of the slow cooker insert is still under the brine and is! Doesn ’ t need these ) and multiply by 2 with Oktoberfest being here, now is the time! Lot of sauerkraut in a crock, you will need some other to! On fermenting in a crock time to let the friendly bacteria work for,... Or a small spoon, scrape the seeds out by multiplying by 4 crock! Slowly, releasing its savory liquid and flavoring all of the better-known foods. A specific amount of salt will fit into your crock, you ’ re using a wooden or. Buy enough ingredients 10 days by which time a stable fermentation environment been... I would use slightly rounded tablespoons and ferment for a bit more work during the fermentation process, but ’... Below the brine and all is fine canning jars work well for me of fermentation and more to. Out to the sides of the ingredients as necessary for your crock, down.
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