I just literally can’t deal with it. Having the worry thing it has changed my life, I can't go for a normal hack with my friends anymore I worry to much to even go other to the horses. Friends we can't deal with the total picture of the animal suffering in the world, we have to deal with what we can do in our area, it can literally drive us crazy. Good luck to you and your boyfriend; I know it is hard for both of you when one person obsessively worries about something. I feel exactly the same way you do. You also get relaxed and healing shifts occur. I left her some food but I couldn't take her with me, and it's making me cry now. I always ended up with all the neighbor's animal because I always took good care of all pets but now I am getting unable to continue and it is tearing me up. We are quite horrible in so many ways. I don't feel guilty so much as just horribly sad. There is only so much we can do. I can't watch any movies/images about torture, violence or brutality. What about food and water and giving you pets a little attention. Hi. In hopes that you may still read this. All my cats are rescued, spayed/neutered, never de-clawed and treated like royalty. We are sensitive, loving, kind, sharing human beings that love God's creatures. Hopefully this will help things! I cry if I see an animal that has been hit by a car. You desperately want to help them all but you just can’t; it’s not humanly possible. […] آخرون إن لدينا ما يكفي من المشاكل تستدعي إنفاق الأموال […], […] Download Image More @ thoughtcatalog.com […]. I check their poop and watch to make sure they are eating and drinking normal and not going to the bathroom too often. Peace to you and your treasured two. Finding this thread helps a lot. What a lovely comment! I do not have enough money to donate to animal rights groups, but I have saved so many innocent lives by choosing not to contribute to the suffering and simply changing my lifestyle. Last night i cried myself to sleep over this. I am also glad to find this group. There’s a beautiful cat in the neighborhood that allowed to roam around and shouldn’t be. Aren’t children more important than a stupid tiger? I wish you well. to me, what HORRIFIC things some animals have to endure at the hands of humans!...I simply cannot be happy in life knowing animal abuse goes on ALL the time! People who don't know me that well have no idea of the hidden anxiety I have in this area. but laty it's gotten so much worse. May be this is what we need to overcome our intense emotional state of worrying about animals. I'm scared to take any of them to the vet because I fear they'll tell me something is wrong with one of them. Its just that we are misplaced in different time and may be there is a reason why we are here. Please reach out here or my email cellochic32@gmail.com, Just seeing this thread makes me feel a little better. I will go to any extent because my love for animals is so intense. ', Once, during a dance rehearsal, he had to stop because an image of a dolphin trapped in a net made him so emotionally distraught. I hope this helps a little to change your perspective. I hate living like this and being constantly scared that something horrible will happen to one of them. My parents dont care so much. I do feed feral ones outside if I am able. Stop Worrying Step 2: Recognize how much worry harms you. I have turned to food and drugs to try to help alleviate the fear. Both my boyfriend and I suffer much like you do- but we both come from different backgrounds. One thing would be great for animals and their owners is a break on the cost of spay and neutering these poor animals to control overpopulation . Im so tired, its not even funny. I just wish I knew how to get rid of them. One got into my room and dropped a kitten and then came back with a huge rat almost the size of the cat! They are helpless and speechless. During the winter when we have really cold days, I’m constantly checking to make sure I let both of them inside after they go potty. If it helps, you might jot down the worry to review later. I can’t watch commercials showing abused animals, I can’t read or watch the news when it comes to cases of animal cruelty, I can’t even read a book that has mistreatment of animals. I volunteered at the humane society for awhile and want to do more. Yet like I said, I dont mentally focus on them or stare. Learn about us. My husband is the same way. I know what I’m feeling is not normal, but I don’t know how to make it go away!! So sad that you have to endure this horror. I constantly dwell on horrible things I've seen.....my heart is racing just trying to type this. Ive written the Humane Society in this state. If you’re wondering how to stop worrying, you need to train your brain to stay calm MindYoga4U A Site To Learn More About Meditation And Yoga Menu home About Blog Contact Posted on January 13, 2018by admin Stop Worrying About How to Everything | The renowned Mexican writer Octavio Paz tended to worry enough about situations. I belong to a lot of FB pet groups and really get so broken hearted of people constantly posting photos of their pets that just died. You're a good sweet soul for worrying about animals. I worry a lot about my animals, since for as long as I can remember I have been on my way home worrying so much I feel sick. this might sound philosophical or whatever but im sharing it anyway in case theres the slightest probability it might be of help to someone. He promises to take care of it, and God doesnt lie. I hope everyone is doing well. I will go out of my way and do whatever I have to do if a animal is in distress. I think she thought I was overreacting I never went back... why if there are so many animals lovers out there is this animal cruelty still happening??? Seeing the horrific, disgusting acts that are being committed against these sweet animals breaks me to my core and makes me wish the planet would just implode so the suffering would stop. I obsessively worry about animal neglect and abuse, particularly dogs for some reason. I am mow more traumatized. You never approach an animal w you hands..rather your heart! what has helped me is in trying to understand the nature of my emotions through meditation. Do we not realise what we are doing, not only too animals but to the planet that we share with them. For those that feel like we do it can start to make you feel like you're crazy when you want to control where your thoughts go and the emotion that goes with them but you cannot, it can get tiring but I will never regret the compassion I have for those that are less fortunate than me. They've just switched my Lexapro to Prozac and upped it to 40mg so I'm hoping I'll feel a little better. I told him there is a column of cats just like that particular cat looking for homes in the Buy and Sell newspaper. 1 out of every 3 children in America will go to bed hungry tonight, so if an exotic bird’s meat could be used to feed them, then I’m all for it. Here are 8 reasons why we should stop worrying about protecting endangered species. I have worked w animals who once sat for yrs in shelters who got adopted and have seen changes in the tiger at our zoo exhibit less distress only after 30 min of sitting outside her enclosure sitting still and creating a safe "bridge" for her to walk upon. I didn't mean to go on so much about myself except to hopefully show you that you are not alone. so instead i try to focus my energies on that, rather than getting external influences the better of me. I have worked in animal rescue for several years and the burden is overwhelming and soul-crushing. Its amazing to connect w them thru the heart. I won’t get into the details of the situation in case there are others like me who can’t stand to hear them. I do worry when other animals are in a bad home and being neglected but most of the time it's for my animals. I worry when I go out that something will happen and the house will somehow catch on fire and my babies will be trapped inside. And when I see dead birds or injured animals etc and whatever I do to help it seems a tiny drop compared to their suffering. Remember, you cannot finish them all, so you better start with something small. So how to stop worrying so much? You’re not. My neighbor got a dog a few weeks back. I have been through loosing lots of animal over the years but never wanted them to suffer. I just stand there for 1-2hrs and hold a sign. It was my ultimate worst fear realized, and now I'm constantly petrified something will happen to one of my other babies. OMG I know exactly how you feel. Lately, I have been making myself completely miserable worrying about animals being abused and neglected. Buster is the dogs name. I find it really hard to talk about I feel as if no one will understand my problems. I got another cat, identical to her 4 days later, or else i would have literally died of grief. I feel exactly the same way. Do any of you constantly, and I mean constantly worry about your own demise. I am just returning from a holiday from Canada and I feel so guilty I have spent so much money on a holiday when I could have donated it to an animal charity. I noticed my boyfriend gets most worried about his cat when there is other big stresses going on. Because it hurts him that I seem to show more affection towards our pets than his own daughter. I donate money on a monthly basis and sometimes give one off amounts for emergency situations. Thanks for listening. I took my kitty to the vet today and was more stressed then she was! It has come to a point where it’s very unhealthy for me and I’ve gone to therapy and got on meds. Even small things they could do to support the wild birds and such but fucking nothing but their selfishness. We, humans, are animals, like it or not. If you spread hatred, it will manifest and grow like a disease. If you keep worrying about what others will say, you will end up seeing only the reality they show you. That more people than I realize are looking out for animals. I finally just pray for them because as long as animals are viewed as property, there is so little you can legally do. I guess for me I have worked at the rescue shelters and seen how much sadness and pain is way too common. Xxxxx. I have lived in the same home 34 years and I had every animal in the neighborhood end up living at my house because I took good care of them. He thinks I can control these thoughts . I am learning it is always going to be a part of me. You Can’t Please Them All By far my favorite quote about OPO is “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” (Dita Von Tease). It honestly troubles me how much money we spend on protecting animals that can’t find a way to protect themselves. I can't help out at a shelter either but give to animal charities and feed stray cats. I am able to focus more on the honorable things I am doing to help. I'm just racked with worry and sometimes I feel I would rather die than have anything happen to one of them. At least it's good to know I'm not the only person suffering with this. I friended someone on FB because I fell in love with pix of her puppy. Particularly, the review noted that "treatments in which participants are encouraged to change their … And i would put my life on the line if i see torture or physical abuse going on. Not a miracle cure...you do "heal" yourself..or "control" the energy. Last night I went to my grandparents’ house and they had container lids all over the furniture. Hi everyone, I found this place on a random search looking for something to explain to me why I feel so much compassion and empathy towards animals. What you are about to see in this report is that the same venom that can kill us could eventually help treat diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, allergies or even obesity. When I'm not sad I very angry. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. (1995), we are social animals and in order to check our social status and inclusion we constantly notice what others think of us. Yesterday Junie disappeared. I feel for you Stella 1, it is torture for us animal lovers to have to watch animals being treated like this. For days he kept on talking about that cat and how he could not thinking about that cat. I stress over this so bad but save all the poor things out there. I shared this because today I am not able to go into the front lines much. This work was very rewarding!! Here is the link. A snap out of it and stop thinking so much mentality will not put an end to excessively worrisome thoughts. I have talk to neighbors and we have cougars and other predators in our neighborhood and I am afraid something has gotten her. I love animals all animals and when they pass it makes me soooo sad. I just want to be normal and not live in fear. I try and do everything humanly possible. I have always been able to watch humans gets shot, get hurt, excetera, but never an animal, I can't even think about it. I feel helpless. I just don't get it. Here are 8 reasons why we should stop worrying about protecting endangered species. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Worries: How to Stop Worrying.
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