Dosage: 50 grams per meter. Keeps Boxwood healthy and vital without Box blight. GEEN GELE BLAADJES met TOPBUXUS GROW. One 100 tablet tub is enough to treat 1000sqm of box once. It helps keep the boxwood in optimum health. This product enables the plant to produce balanced healthy growth. I apply both, once a month from March to October. A healthy boxwood's uniformly … Add to cart Professional basic fertiliser, to be used 3 times per year, each time when the new leaves start growing. TOPBUXUS Box Tree Moth Trap - Pheromone Lures For 1 Whole Season Included 4.1 out of 5 stars 59. Topbuxus grow keeps your boxwood healthy, without yellow leaves. My month in the garden: how to plant resistant boxes, use up winter kohlrabi, and spot a bargain Prompted by a recent eye operation, big changes are afoot in the grounds – and a £21.95 bargain from Amazon is worth every penny Generally it will only grow a couple of inches each year and so you really don’t have to worry about it taking over a flowerbed or competing too much with your flowering plants. Als basis meststof voor een gezonde groei zonder gele blaadjes adviseren we TOPBUXUS GROW. Rhododendrons are very popular flowering bushes as well as a foundation plant with beautiful, stunning blooms.Rhododendron bushes can grow up to 70 feet tall. TOPBUXUS® BOXWOOD TURBO GROW is a targeted fertilizer that provides rich nutrients during peak growing stages throughout the season. TOPBUXUS Grow - Professional Boxwood Fertilizer - Duration: 0:38. Order TopBuxus Health Mix Here and use code SP3UWWWD to get a 10% Discount. TopBuxus have developed a health mix for box plant problems and it is incredibly effective. TOPBUXUS GROW, 500g pour 10m2 de buis. Spread on the soil, 2-3 times per season. SOIL TYPE: Buxus tolerate a range of soils, but the soil must be free draining. TopBuxus Grow. ASPECT: Best in full sun, but will grow in partial shade. Use premium potting mix when planting in containers. For box blight we recommend TopBuxus Health mix or Bayer Fungus Fighter Plus, both have excellent results. Nutrients are absorbed directly into the leaves ensuring fast action. It is recommended to treat your plants 3 to 5 times a year with Topbuxus to cure box blight. NPK 12, 4, 16 plus magnesium, sulphur, calcium. Voor 16.00 besteld, volgende werkdag in huis. £9.95. It contains NPK, 12:4:16 plus Magnesium, Sulphur and calcium. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Topbuxus Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix and Topbuxus Boxwood Turbo Grow ! There has been lots of research done in various institutes on the ingredients of various fertilisers and it became clear that this particular mix is just perfect for Buxus (box). Bestellen. It helps keep the boxwood in optimum health, increasing its resistance to disease and insect attacks. The fertiliser is best applied in spring as routine fertilisation. TopBuxus Grow is a fully balanced fertiliser for boxwood, as used in the TopBuxus nursery in Holland. Make sure that the granules are NOT sprinkled on the crop, if a grain gets stuck in a twig of the plant, this can cause leaf burn and results in dying of the twig. Mix one tablet with one litre of water and spray on approximately 10sq m of box foliage. Buxus 'Grow' (TopBuxus) Small buckets containing 10 tablets. Nieuwsbrief. If hedging, soil must be well dug and heavily enriched with organic matter to ensure the plants thrive. Dislike acidic soil. Milorganite and cottonseed meal are two good options. Topbuxus Grow is a fully balanced fertilizer for boxwood. 500g is … We used this specialised fertiliser on a badly infested hedge and the results were really quite impressive. Instructions For Use: Spread on the soil, 2-3 times per season 500 grams per 10m². A 500g tub is enough to treat 10sqm of box plants. It is important to note that TOPBUXUS Health Mix is not chemical, easy to handle and safe to use. ( 1 dosering per plant gratis bijgevoegd in het TOPBUXUS ECO-PLANT label ) TOPBUXUS GROW word meteen opgenomen door uw Buxus ( niet langzaam ). TOPBUXUS Grow-Mix is a leaf fertilizer with trace elements on a 100% natural base. TopBuxus Grow Buxus fertiliser is a balanced fertiliser, which is best used on healthy plants to ensure they stay that way, by encouraging healthy growth. The November garden: testing blight-resistant box and a recipe for kohlrabi Prompted by a recent eye operation, big changes are afoot in Bunny's garden – and a £21.95 winch is worth every penny 3 x per jaar strooien aan de basis, half april, half juni en half augustus, telkens als de nieuwe blaadjes komen. TOP BUXUS 534 views. Simply spread the granular fertilizer on the soil around the base of the plant. TOPBUxUS Grow 500g For 10m2 Boxwood No Yellow Leaves Do What The Grower Does : Food and body workout each one more comfort when it is that the knowledge that is much fun without butter before now the warranty form the path. Bestellen. € 49,95. Mulching underneath box with either ornamental bracken mulch or for larger area of box, use straw. Sufficient for 100m² boxwood. We stock Topbuxus Carpet, Grow and TopBuxusHealth Mix alongside our range of boxwood plants and recommend their use when you purchase our box plants. It burns the fungal spores so that the Boxwood can quickly grow new leaves, even if all leaves have fallen but the branch is still green the Boxwood will fully recover. Regular price €7,00 Sale price €7,00 Sale. 500g will treat 10sqm. Treat all your box trees immediately and make sure you cover the entire tree. A fast acting Boxwood fertiliser, which contains a substantial amount of sulphur. When the onset of disease is evident, immediately carry out treatment. Hygienic ground cover – applying a layer of Topbuxus Carpet underneath and around your boxwood creates a hygienically clean environment around the plants in which diseases such as box blight are less likely to develop. Feed your buxus 2-3 times a year to keep them looking their best and keep problems away, Feed the soil around the plant, not on the plant. Pas de feuilles jaunes, faites comme le producteur de buis! The product enables a stable and healthy growth. TOPBUXUS HEALTH-MIX tegen Buxusschimmel - 40 tabletten voor 400m2. Phone & … Attractive Shrubs for a Drought Tolerant Garden Birds. € 24,95. Tax included. 10 - 6 - 4 + Mg; When to Apply Fertiliser. As an TOPBUxUS Grow 500g for 10m2 Boxwood no Yellow Leaves do What The Grower Does! If you use Topbuxus Health-Mix regularly (March-October) you will keep your box plants healthy with shiny green leaves. TOPBUXUS GROW is sprinkled on the ground around the Boxwood. Use: Kiwicare PLANThealth Buxus Feed - NPK 10 - 4.3 - 14.2 plus trace elements (S, Mg, Ca) Standard urea-based granules - NPK approx. Mennyiség: 50 gramm négyzetméterenként.Osszuk el ezt a mennyiséget a négyzetméterenként található növények számával, és megkapjuk, hogy mennyi a növényenkénti javasolt GROW mennyisége. Topbuxus Grow is a fertiliser than will be quickly absorbed by the plant, making results very noticeable. The targets blend of nutrients will turn your discoloured and orange Buxus a deep and rich green. TOPBUXUS GROW keeps your Boxwood healthy, without yellow leaves. Has a stong preventive and curative working against Box blight. However if you use Topbuxus Health Mix, leaves will sprout on the diseased branches shortly after treatment. TopBuxus GROW egy granulált műtrágya, amely a növény alján, a talajon terül szét.A növényre nem kerülhet. I also use TopBuxus Grow – a fast-acting boxwood fertilizer that stops and prevents yellow-straw colored leaves. TOPBUXUS plants, with free fertilizer , certified with the TOPBUXUS ECO-PLANT label, grown without poison !!! Strengthens your box tree, produces healthy green, shiny leaves and protects from box blight. Buxus like a PH of 6.5 to 7.5 PH. TOPBUXUS® GROW is a targeted fertiliser that provides rich nutrients during peak growing season. It is an eco- and pollinator-friendly product that also comes in easy-to-use tablets. Use 2 to 3 times per season. It’s an exceptionally compact boxwood excellent for use in smaller gardens for borders and focal areas. £26.95. € 19,95. Quantity must be 1 or more Quantity. Topbuxus Grow If you want a top quality fertiliser for your box plants Topbuxus Grow is a fast acting booster that encourages deep green leaves and healthy growth. TOPBUXUS Grow Turbo - Professional Box Tree Fertilizer – 500g for 10m2 Boxwood - No Yellow Leaves 4.5 out of 5 stars 130. Bestellen. Always make sure not to overfeed or use the wrong products. TOPBUXUS CARPET 70L voor 5m2. Topbuxus Health-Mix protects your box plants, it makes them stronger and more resistant to diseases like Cylindrocladium. I have used Topbuxus Health Mix as a foliar feed for 2 years and it is absolutely worth the price, especially in conjunction with Topbuxus XenTari to treat and prevent Box moth caterpillar infestation in the same spray bottle. Now is the time to be using the Topbuxus product line and we want to spread the word! By using Topbuxus health mix regularly you will keep your box plants healthy with shiny green leaves. Topbuxus Health-Mix has been developed especially to repair an acute fungal attack such as Box blight. TOPBUXUS Health Mix is a leaf fertilizer with trace elements at 100% natural base. 0:38. : Jardin TopBuxus Grow. Sulphur is essential for producing the sought after bright green foliage of healthy buxus shrubs. Topbuxus Health-Mix is not chemical, easy to handle and safe to use. In my field stock I grow many varieties of Buxus, including Microphylla Faulkner, and all are equally susceptible to box blight. So help us get it out there and make it to 1k followers while entering for a chance to win some product! TOPBUXUS GROW TURBO 5kg voor 100m2 Buxus. Since these test, Topbuxus have added to their range a product called ‘Grow’ which is an additional treatment that is used two or three times a year and this aims to give the plants a good burst of nutrients in their growth phases.
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