Figured I’d check reviews and am glad I did. One of them has a hole in the bottom so water drips out so it is basically useless item. (Make sure the chamber reaches the bottom, creating a seal between the inner chamber and outer chamber) Note: Feel around the base of the chamber to see if the inner chamber is properly seated. I could probably seal it with something but probably not worth the time as on the other one, the inner liner which is almost impossible to get out when frozen, floats when you put the water in it; the lid does not do much of anything to keep it down unless maybe if you taped it down. I ordered this product on 3 - 31 - 2018, Still have not received anything from this company! RELATED: Does It Work: Tac Zoom High Performance Zoom Lens. While doing so, you can fill it up to the top, but avoid filling it so full that water might dribble over the sides. You will be happier and richer. If the consumer purchases two products they are eligible for a savings of nearly the price of one. Space Saving Ice Genie is a manual ice maker that'll save you space in your freezer by replacing up to 10 traditional ice cube trays. The Ice Genie is a time saver when it comes to presenting cold drinks. It's best if you sit it somewhere flat so it won't fall over, although its lid will save it from spilling if it does. Step 1. It's best if you sit it somewhere flat so it won't fall over, although its lid will save it from spilling if it does. I got these and they are a big JOKE. ; Outer chamber freezes the ice cubes. Following that, you'll have to dump the ice that's in the inner chamber into the outer chamber, and gently squish the flexible silicone of the outer chamber to break your ice up into small pieces. It boasts holding 120 cubes of ice. I saw the commercial for the Ice Genie, and as I do use lots of ice thought I would benefit from it! Do not waste your time and money on this stupid device. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: Very disappointed, threw it in the trash. I wonder if Hallmark knows how bad the products are that are advertised on their movies/programs? Too hard to break inter ice. Need some extra help removing the inner cylinder of your Ice Genie? Hopefully, you've read the reviews here and are properly warned. Material : silicone and polypropylene color : Blue weight : 280g package : 1 x Ice Cube Maker Tip : before use, wash with water and then disinfect it in hot water. For another batch of ice cubes, just repeat the process. Once you've removed your Ice Genie from your freezer, you'll have to break up the ice within it into small pieces yourself, which will require you to hold onto the cold outer chamber. Impossible to use as an One drink ice bucket. After you've recently taken your Ice Genie out of your freezer and emptied out the ice, you can use it as a drink holder. the Genie so far is makes 24 ice balls and you can store another 24 balls in the blue bin but on the box it says it makes 72 balls. First go round ice froze perfectly BUT tasted like the plastic smelled even though I had washed it. The only way I could get it to look like the advertised pics is to have my 3 year old hold it. Put the cylinder into the chamber and make sure it touches the bottom to create a seal between the chamber and cylinder. Inner Chamber. The plastic Center is impossible to get out once Frozen, it makes about a cup of ice at a time, you have to pour the Iced Out into something to refill then pour the ice back into your container, and it basically takes up as much room as three ice trays. • Only use Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker as described in this manual • Always store in a clean and dry place when not in use • Ice Genie™ Ice Cube Maker is top rack dishwasher safe.
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