Horizon Organic Milk Chocolate DHA Omega 3 1% Lowfat Half Gallon - 64 Fl. Read every single ingredient and question everything. I made cappuccinos this morning with the Horizon Whole Milk w/ DHA Omega-3. I am lactose intolerant but lactate added to milk or taken as pills causes worse bloating than the milk alone. As you know, it pays to really educate ourselves about the food we put into our bodies. At Horizon Organic, we believe that organic is a healthier choice for all of us. DHA omega-3 helps support a healthy brain. Uses no artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics¹ and no pesticides. horizonorganic.com. DHA supports brain and eye health. Thanks so much. This was a total bummer, hearing about this. Between rising prices and crazy additives, I don’t even want to buy anything. So, what I'm saying is that even if a lot of Horizon's claims are false, as you say, their milk sure tastes a heck of a lot better than the regular milk. Regular organic milk? Horizon counters that it has been using the synthetic DHA for years in its organic baby formula other organic-milk products [see correction below], with the approval of the USDA. If it is giving you peace of mind, that is what is important. Grr. There is so much out there to know and much of it is not too pleasant. We have been purchasing this milk for a while but after reading this I am switching to our local stores organic milk. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Treat your family to the goodness of Horizon® organic milk, with 32 mg of DHA Omega-3 per serving. 05/17/2018 09:12 Subject: Re:Horizon Organic Milk with DHA . I haven’t heard anyone gotten sick over it. I have no idea what that is about but I avoid all products with added DHA Omega-3. DHA omega-3 supports brain health. When I called Horizon (Whiteway Foods) they explained there was a process change and it was causing ingredients to oxidize! Both are delicious. The false advertising lawsuit points out that the Horizon Organic milk manufacturers add DHA made from an algae-based on a corn syrup diet. I have found another brand of milk with added DHA, (other than Horizon) tastes too fishy, and that just doesn’t go together with cereal. It’s not necessary if your child is getting good sources of omega 3s elsewhere, like fish. YUK! My wife and I each smiled, took a sip and looked questioningly at each other. Martek’s Crypthecodinium cohnii and Schizochytrium oils (sources of DHA) and Mortierella alpina oil (a source of ARA) have never been approved, and the USDA has once again caved to industry lobbyists.”. That is why we were planning to get Target’s Simply Balanced organic milk with DHA. I’m confused. The corn syrup given to the algae is derived from corn that has been genetically modified and is not organic, alleges the class action. That product, by the way, claims to provide 32 mg of DHA per cup. DHA is a valuable nutrient that plays important roles throughout the body and is essential for the health and function of the brain and eye. When I was at the Expo West trade show recently, I came across Horizon Organic Milk with DHA Omega-3 and was impressed at first glance. These companies and products are: Wegman’s Organic Yogurt (Fruit on the Bottom Super Yogurt) Horizon Organic Milk Stremicks Heritage Foods Organic Milk ZenSoy Soy on the Go, Baby Food (select products contain Martek’s DHA), Happy Bellies Tasty Baby Organic Infant Cereal, Infant Formula (all organic infant formula products contain Martek’s DHA, with the exception of Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula), Bright Beginnings Organic Earth’s Best Organic Parent’s Choice Organic Similac Organic Vermont Organics. While you're strolling the grocery aisles you might see a few brands of organic milk, but there’s one boasting added omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Yet several days after returning back to NYC and just as I was about to write a […]. USDA organic. Why wouldn’t they recall it? Lowfat milk with 32 mg DHA omega 3. Your email address will not be published. Off to go milk my goat! Supports brain health. DHA Omega-3 is a valuable nutrient that may help support brain, heart and eye health. horizonorganic.com. Ingredients. A typical daily dose of omega-3's from a supplement is approximately 250 mg (and often more). I’m sticking to just milk with supplemental DHA (we buy Horizon Organic), and not obsessing over every single carton containing DHA (Whole Foods carries milk with DHA, Trader Joes does not, we shop at both). Treat your family to the goodness of Horizon Organic Whole Milk with DHA Omega-3. Rich, delicious taste isn’t the only thing that makes this milk special: it’s also wonderfully wholesome and made to meet the highest USDA Organic standards. DHA Omega-3 is a valuable nutrient that supports brain and … ORGANIC VALLEY Milk. While the National Organic Program is something that I support, it is by no means perfect, things do slip through the cracks and many powerful forces are at work trying to compromise it. DHA omega-3 from 100% vegetarian algal oil. There are many other good ones as well you can research. My toddler loves the milk … Vitamins A & D added. Horizon like to give away TWO of my readers two FREE product coupons and two $1/1 coupons for Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk with DHA Omega -3 in the half gallon size. Treat your family to the goodness of Horizon® organic milk, with 32 mg of DHA Omega-3 per serving. See if there is a local, organic milk producer near where you live. With 32 mg DHA omega-3. I would send them your concern and ask them to make the milk in a new labeled carton. Their DHA Omega-3 is strictly plant-based, not fish-based, which makes their milk completely vegetarian and a sustainable source of DHA. But, I complained about this over 6 months ago and thought something would have changed by now. This is totally causing confusion. 38% less fat than whole milk. Better safe than sorry. Most Popular. This article is the best I’ve ever read. Oz. Fortified granola bars may contain trans fats and a lot of sugar. Even if it is chemically modified, I don’t see why it falls under the category of “synthetic additives”. Notice also that the milk with the added DHA is ultra-pasteurized which is just another reason to avoid it. Once they reach room temps they are no longer effective. This is done by adding the same type of vitamin fish oil pills you buy in the drug store. Furthermore, The Cornucopia Institute has filed legal complaints against infant formula manufacturers and Dean Foods, manufacturer of Horizon dairy products, for adding unapproved additives: Martek Biosciences Corporation’s omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (DHA… Our farms produced this milk without antibiotics, added hormones, pesticides or cloning. Charlotte Vallaeys, Farm and Food Policy Analyst with The Cornucopia Institute, says that “Federal law clearly states that synthetic additives must be approved by the USDA, through a formal petition process, assuring their safety before they can legally be added to foods with the organic label. Required fields are marked *. Note: Horizon enhances their milk with DHA Omega-3, which is important for brain and retina health, especially in children. We use only life’sDHA®, which is a sustainable, vegetarian source of DHA. I’ll be returning it. Yes, it is disheartening. DHA omega-3 helps support a healthy brain. Thanks for your feedback and glad that you are happy with your decision. Oz. However, I wonder if any of the off brand organic milk (Target's Archer Farm brand, for example) are actually from Horizon because I've seen that Target does have an organic, DHA-added milk. Horizon Organic Milk Chocolate DHA Omega 3 1% Lowfat Half Gallon - 64 Fl. Nurturing an organic generation.
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