Wahoo Eliminator. 6 Best Lures to Catch King Mackerel. Alutecnos Albacore 12 Fishing Reel Alutecnos Albacore 12 Fishing Reel Our Price: $499.00 . Nothing breaks your heart like your rod doubling over, feeling a pop, and then your line going slack…but these toothy, speedy fish will do that to you. You may have a juvenile King Mackerel that may need to be released. The speed for trolling them is between 5 to 7 knots. “They hold a lot of line. I run the trolling speed of the boat up until the bait is on the surface and “skipping” with … Slow trolling is the primary fishing technique for tournament and non tournament anglers seeing kings and it also works for other species, such as cobia, amberjack, dolphin and large Spanish mackerel. What bait to use For king mackerel live bait are preferred including cigar minnows, blue runners and herring. Light drags with non-exponential drag curves designed for catching kingfish. Dou-ble back, and make 5 turns around the standing line. ... Finding the correct trolling speed is very important so firstly try trolling fast so you cover more ground to find the shoals. Boat Speed I am running a 20′ Pathfinder Bay boat now with a Yamaha 150 HP V Max SHO my trolling speed is 3 knots. Numerous huge king mackerel are caught all up and down the Atlantic shoreline from ocean piers that extend only 750 or 1000 feet into the water. A speed of 4 Pass the line through the eye of the hook, swivel, or lure. They can be found in waters around Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas, and, weighing in at 20-pounds average, King mackerel are known to put up a royal fight. When you get a bite, note the speed and repeat—the fish are often keyed in on a specific speed. Season: Spring and fall. Holding the … Lures trolled or cast into the strike zone near feeding fish are seldom refused. The rig allows a squid, one of the least expensive of frozen, natural fishing baits, to be pulled along at the same speed as spoons or other hard and soft-plastic trolling lures or cedar plugs, all of which ring the dinner bell for king mackerel, as well as other predatory fish. Queen Mackerel…. how to catch King Mackerel. “King mackerel-size gear is 15- to 30-pound test, spinning rod, open face, high retrieve, high speed reels, 6 to 1. The slow troll is the most popular king-capturing technique on the Gulf coast, though it is not the only way to troll for a king, since fast trolling techniques can also work. King mackerel are one of the most sought-after game fish in saltwater angling, with many tournament circuits revolving around the species. Pedal faster for a few minutes, then slower. It allows the angler to cover more ground and attract more species. Slow trolling should be performed at 800 to 1100 RPM (2-3 kts), and requires three rods. For catching king mackerel trolling is a useful technique. Light lines and tackle will give you more strikes, I am only using Ande Line in 15# test premium on my reels this is a strong abrasive resistant line, Some king mackerel fisherman recommends using 25# test line. King mackerel are constantly feeding carnivores that can attack with high speed, powerful jaws and razor-like teeth. They are custom rods with Penn 113H reels filled with 30-pound Hi Seas mono. Always remember, the speed of the water going past the plug is not the same as the speed of the boat over the bottom. This fishing Penn 545s are my reel of choice,” said Olsen. High speed retrieve king mackerel fishing reels. Best Lures to Catch King Mackerel. Ob-viously, a faster trolling speed is desirable for these fish. Found In: Fishing Knots, Fishing Tips, Inshore Fishing, Spanish Mackerel Have you ever been cut off by a Spanish mackerel? On the day that I want to hit the biggest and the baddest of the Old timer King Mackerel, 20 plus years.
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