In fact, we did! Drop your 2 to 3 ounce slab down through the school of fish and reel it back to the surface as fast as possible. Diving birds are marking feeding schools feeding on the surface throughout the lake. My son and I had a ball and it was a very rewarding experience for a 10 year old to know he helped bring food to the table for the first time! With over 6 million yearly visitors, the Lake Texoma area is one of the most exciting vacation spots in the Southwest. The Lake Texoma Association can put a visitor in touch with an experienced guide (580/564-2334). Lake Texoma Fishing Map. If you have any questions please contact me before posting items for sale. : (580) 564.2334. 1 oz. These bluffs do have some shallow water along with deep water access which is a favorite for Lake Texoma Striped Bass. Fall. This area is located between soldier Creek and Washita Point. Tired of fishing the same spots? It’s classic tail design and supple body give the Sassy Shad the natural shad action fish can’t resist. Eisenhower State Park offers camping, cabin rentals, and other non-fishing activities. Fish will scour this shallower area picking up injured baitfish that are resting on the bottom after being wounded from aggressive top water fish in the area. Admin. Captain Marty was great to spend the day with! They were fun to be with. This family-run business, passionate about striper fishing, has five guides that will be able to show you the best spots for striper fishing on Lake Texoma. When striper fishing Lake Texoma, we are dedicated to making your guided Lake Texoma fishing trip safe, exciting and successful getting you to the top fishing spots at the number #1 striper fishing lake in the United States for an awesome fishing experience. Striper Express - Lake Texoma Fishing Guides A Lake Texoma fishing guide since 1983, Bill Carey has been striper fishing on Lake Texoma since 1977. We offer a wide range of Charters with fishing guide rates that are just right for you and your group. There are also several creeks that run through the Flats as well that will give you some structure to fish such as ledges and humps. Download GPS Files Download over 280+ fishing spots in Lake Texoma, Oklahoma, US.We have the best Lake Texoma fishing spots. Soft Plastic Swimbaits on jig heads will take Striper on Lake Texoma in October and November. My #1 Lake Texoma Fishing Spots for Lake Texoma Summer Fishing is STRIPER ALLEY. 4. Crappie’s dorsal fins have a maximum of six spines. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide. This area is a large flat that is approximately 12 to 17 feet deep with numerous creeks and channels running throughout the flat. Here are my top 5 Lake Texoma Fishing Spots. 6; Details; Chris Nye. Contact Us, Had a father and son team for guides. Best Smallmouth Fishing Spots On Lake Texoma. Texoma Fishing Report Nov 25, 2020 GOOD. 1; 7; Details; 3mos ago Cat Slayer 0. sweet Chris Nye. They will follow that path along the rocks and out and deeper water. The Sassy Shad will out produce any other shad-type lures. Got our limit of very nice fish in a couple of hours. We provide the native files for your Garmin (*.gdb), … Fish will be schooling on top some mornings, or other mornings they will just appear in deep schools with perhaps a Blue Heron or a Great White Egret hovering above the school of Striper as they eye the Striper in the deep water. Blue catfish good on cut bait and shad around docks. He was friendly, offered advise, told some great stories and did i mention he put us on the fish? Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Stephen Andre Stripers are often captured using artificial lures that imitate small fish, such as silver spoons. Striped Bass fishing on Lake Texoma with artificial lures during the Fall of 2018 is setting up to be one of the best in recent times. Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 35 miles radius of Lake Texoma. The easiest way to ensure a successful catch is to hire a professional fishing guide. Good quality equipment and boat. Known maximum size in Texas exceeds 7.5 pounds. Sometimes their schooling path will change because of the boat traffic pressure. He was so great with our 9, year old son and we caught a lot of fish!! Keep your hand on your reel handle and if you feel anything at all you have to click your handle over and set the hook to stop that slab and bury the hook into that Striped Bass. Thank you guys for an amazing trip. Copyright Lake Texoma Association, 2017. Largemouth Bass. This is an area of bluffs that runs north from Washita Point to Alberta Creek along the west side of the Washita River arm that feeds into the northern portion of Lake Texoma. White crappie has several vertical bars on the sides. My #1 Lake Texoma Fishing Spots for Lake Texoma Summer Fishing is STRIPER ALLEY. All Rights Reserved. 4mos ago - Lake Texoma. Any of the following spots on any given day can hold Big Striper and good quantities of Striper as well. Stripers are likely to be sluggish in warm water, so don't troll too fast. But believe it or not it’s about to get better. You’ll know where the drop-offs are, what boulders to fish behind, and how to navigate safely to increase your chances of success on Lake Texoma. we are planning to book another one soon. Younger fish may resemble white bass.striped bass have two distinct tooth patches on the back of the tongue, whereas white bass have one tooth patch. Captain Marty was very professional and personable. The bigger fish will typically be on the front end of the school. 18 year Guide Steve Buckley shares his Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Spots.Lake Texoma Bank Fishing SpotsThis is NOT the secret Lake Texoma bank fishing spot. Lake Texoma Marshall - Oklahoma. Limited out on stripers w/ a 3-4 nice sized ones. The #4 spot on my top five Lake Texoma Fishing Spots is WASHITA FLATS. Deep running lures can also be effective, as may live bait, or cut bait. Early-morning top water schooling can be found along the shallow water points on the Alberta Wall. All of our chartered fishing trips are private and we do not mix groups. ). We make sure all clients are safe, smile with big fish, and successfully use artificial lures at the very best Lake Texoma fishing spots. Night fishing off the accessible lighted fishing piers for panfish, bass, and catfish is good. absolutely an amazing guide, he took good care of us, was knowledgeable about everything. These creeks and channels are highways for the Threadfin and Gizzard Shad…two of the Striped Bass’s favorite meals. 2. 4. Amazing guide, we limited out within 1hr if being in the water. White bass fair on live shad along flats and main lake. Striped bass fishing peaks in May and June and again from October through December. About Cpt Marty He was patient and didn't yell at anyone for missing a fish. Preston is located on the banks of the lake. We highly recommend Captain Marty’s Guide Service! Marty is the best guide on Texoma! Reply. Largemouth bass are fair fishing crankbaits, bladed spinners, and jerk baits in 2-12’. Searching for Striper in shallow water is very easy with a side scan sonar. See why Captain Marty’s Guide Service is one of the Top Lake Texoma Fishing Guides. Lake Texoma Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. However, Hooked on Rods Captain Rodney St. John takes pride in his fishing services. Discover Texoma! Stripers dominate here and get most of the attention. Any of the following spots on any given day can hold Big Striper and good quantities of Striper as well. What Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures should we use? It’s erratic walk-the-dog action exaggerated by its weighted tail, helps you to cast it farther with better accuracy. Lake Texoma Fall 2018 Striper Fishing Spots In general, as the water cools, the Striper will move up shallower than their Summer pattern. 3. The park is known as the “Playground of the Southwest" (so much to do! Lake Texoma Fall 2018 Striper Fishing Lures and Hot Spots. Captain Marty put us on the fish and if they weren't biting he moved to keep the action going. Striped bass and white bass are good on live shad. The Best Lake Texoma Fishing Spots. In addition to those beautiful campgrounds, there are many marinas that have campgrounds for both tent camping and RV camping. Finest Striper boat on Lake, New quality tackle provided. Donnie was the best very nice and got us on some fish 30 in all had a blast will use again. This area is located along the south shoreline bluffs from the Lake Texoma Denison Dam, along the bluffs and up to Grandpappy’s Marina. Check out our Photo Galleries of past fishing trips on Lake Texoma! Striper Fishing Trips Lake Texoma was built by the Corps of Engineers, impounded in 1944, and was stocked with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, hybrid … We will cover the best Lake Texoma Lodging options to how to cook striper! Fall is here and with lows dipping down into the 50’s at night the water temp is dropping and the fish are getting more active. Stripers are an aggressive fish, but a good number of folks love that battle! What is allowed are items such as , hunting, fishing, boating and camping related items. Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds will enjoy a visit to Lake Texoma, with over 90,000 acres of land, and 89,000 acres of water to explore. The weather started out pretty rough, w/ whitecaps and 20+ mph winds, but Captain Marty's partner. We went down there this last weekend 10/12/19, our guide Donnie (I highly recommend him) was. Also very knowledgeable about the lake and had top of the line equipment, we will book him again for sure. Concentrate on the areas that you see large amounts of baitfish. We hope this helps Bank and Boat Anglers. Good luck out there on Lake Texoma. If you want to book a trip and learn the lake from a full-time guide, give us a call. Water lightly stained; 64 degrees; 1.59 low. The lake also holds good numbers of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Alligator Gar, Catfish, Crappie, and much, much more. I am also one of the few fishing guides who guarantee that you catch fish on your trips! We had Donny as our guide and he was great. Around sunrise, large schools will form in the deeper water near the dam and will begin to push bait up on the bluffs and back up the lake towards Grandpappy’s Marina. Lake Texoma Fall 2018 Striper Fishing Spots In general, as the water cools, the Striper will move up shallower than their Summer pattern. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Lures. Unlike other Texas Lakes, Lake Texoma requires a specific Texoma Fishing License since it is a border lake. We will cover the best Lake Texoma Lodging options to how to cook striper! Captain Ron, took us out to the Oklahoma side away from the brown / rusty muddy runoff water and once we were anchored, he put us on the fish all day. M J made it a totally enjoyable and great trip. Once again, utilizing my side scan I can see if there are fish in the area allowing me to fish the most productive areas on Platter Flats. With a good south wind, Shad will blow up onto the northern shallow part of Washita Flats along the shoreline. Very similar to Striper Alley, these fish will run up or down this ledge chasing bait sometimes being on the surface but most times being in deep water ready to eat a large slab spoon if it is dropped down to them or reeled back up fast through the school. Captain Blasingame is the premier Artificial Lure only Lake Texoma Striper Guide and he fishes this Red River impoundment year round. Close to the same area as Striper Alley, my #2 spot for Lake Texoma Fishing Spots is EAST or WEST BURNS RUN. Diving birds are marking feeding schools feeding on the surface throughout the lake. The boys loved it. Striper can also be found here in abundance as well, offering the bank fisherman a good fishing spot on Lake Texoma that is easily accessible. Marty is a true professional, the service is exceptional and we always catch our limit! Fishing with Doug. Nineteen out of 23 lake record fish have been caught since 1990. Lake Texoma. Once you have caught a couple of Striper with the slab spoon “on the fall” you will have figured out a wonderful technique for catching suspended Striper in deep water. It had been several years since he had been fishing so I gave this is a birthday gift. Swim baits will also work as well on shallow schooling fish. When it comes to group Lake Texoma Fishing Trips and private striper fishing guide adventures on Lake Texoma, Captain Marty’s Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service does it right. This area is located midway along the east bank of Lake Texoma. You can also add a spinner form for added flash and vibration for added attraction. If the fish are schooling up on the surface, try not to use your big motor running into the schools of fish. Lake Texoma fishing is well rounded and offers ample opportunities to catch a variety of species including trophy-sized blue catfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, gar and paddlefish. Casting Umbrella Rig Blakemore Roadrunner, Bucktail; Slab Spoon; Sassy Shad Swimbait; Pencil Popper Topwater Plug; Casting Umbrella Rig By the time the morning was over, the fish were cleaned, bagged and we had enough for a 15 member family, 3 generation family fish fry times four. In addition to those beautiful campgrounds, there are many marinas that have campgrounds for both tent camping and RV camping. We enjoy sharing information about striper fishing Lake Texoma with all anglers. The word annularis is Latin for “having rings” and refers to the dark bands (vertical bars) around the body. Always coast into top water schooling striper with your big motor off or your trolling motor on. We couldnt have asked for a better experience and will definitely fish with Captain Marty's Guide Service again. The boat was clean and well outfitted, the guide was friendly, personable, and professional. Whether it is the first time angler or the expert fisherman who are looking for the best fishing spots for an extreme challenge. Team Lewis. The park is known as the “Playground of the Southwest" (so much to do! You can see deer, hogs, osprey, geese, ducks, seagulls, and our favorite, the American Bald Eagle. The Spillway Boat Ramp is closest to Denison Dam which forms Lake Texoma. 5. If you’re on a school of Striper and they disappear, keep moving towards Grandpappy’s Marina. We cater to individuals coming to Texoma for a fishing trip, families looking for a weekend getaway, company retreats, family reunions, recreational boaters, and anyone looking for an affordable place to stay at the lake. But that’s fishing. Make sure you get your Lake Texoma Fishing License! 972-816-6000 We enjoyed our trip so much. I could not have chosen better. As a full time Lake Texoma Striper Guide since 1984, I have been providing my clients the best Texoma striper fishing adventures available on the lake. From January 1 to December 31 find out what are the best months to Striper Fish Lake Texoma. 17 in. Camping on Lake Texoma . The popular Pencil Popper, whether it be homemade or a Cotton Cordell, is ideal for targeting trophy stripers during springtime feeding frenzies. I will see you on the water, be safe! For a great time of striper fishing on Lake Texoma give Sparky a call. White crappie in excess of 4.5 pounds have been caught throughout various Texas waters. 1) Weather – Before packing up your bags and traveling to your fishing spot, consult or be aware of the weather conditions for the day and the following days. Thanks, Tony Garcia. ), and the “Striper Capital of the World" (awesome striped bass fishing!). Get your favorite swimbait tied on such as a Sassy Shad or Swimmin’ Fluke and simply cast out and let it sink to the bottom and reel it slow keeping it just off the bottom. This is an A+ organization in every way. Very good time. Read more Striper Fishing Photos Thank you so much for making our family vacation a memory of a lifetime! My #3 go to spot is PLATTER FLATS. Since they create as much surface disturbance as possible, these lures act as a siren call to hungry stripers. (May) Striped Bass: Lake Texoma. Fall. Striped bass can weigh up to 69 pounds, making them an exciting fish to reel in! Ron was a pleasure to have as our guide. This area is located beginning on the north side of the Lake Texoma Denison Dam and runs back towards the West and then up the East shoreline of Lake Texoma. Any of the following spots on any given day can hold Big Striper and good quantities of Striper as well. Spending the day with him is a fun way to catch a lot of fish. If the fish are in 20-30 feet of water use a 3/4oz or 1oz jig head. 3. Texoma is an 89,000 acre lake on the Red River bordering both Texas and Oklahoma which is widely recognized as a top fishing lake among all Oklahoma and Texas lakes. Pencil Poppers are great on Lake Texoma. Beginning in late June or early July, Lake Texoma striper have completed their annual spawning run up the rivers and will return to the deep, cool, and clear water located down by the dam.
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