Before this bulb I was using a Rapid LED Par 38 and before that I was using a regular 55K Led bulb from Home Depot. A cfl bulb from the local hardware store will work great, if you want to go LED a par 38 bulb with about 12 watts or so of light at 6500K works awesome for chaeto growth as well. Use the exact size screw driver. We are breaking out the A/B test tanks to put refugiums and chaetomorpha to a real world test. The Chaeto reactor that kicked off the current craze, the ARID by Pax Bellum. How to grow chaeto. In the 15g the ball of chaeto is in an acrylic overflow box with just one hole so I dont think there is any flow in it. Aquacultured Macro algaes and mangroces are pest free and farmed in Texas. Mon, May 18, 2020. Like a few others, I reached for the Coralife T5 normal-output fixtures. Two people can have nearly the same refugium setup and one person’s can be 6 inches deeper, thus effecting the PAR readings slightly. Snowman. See below for link to the bulb I am using now. So make sure to watch today’s video to see what we will be up to next. $38.02. The PAR lamp had a norrower beam thus the spread was not good unless I raise the lamp higher. I have no experience using daylight LEDs on chaeto. The trouble is the hair algea in the tank out competes the Chaeto in the fuge for nutrients(and the skimmer come to that), which stops the chaeto from growing,all the time the tanks water remains at 0ppm P04 and 0ppm N03. The Innovative Marine ChaetoMax Refugium Light: A Tiny Sun for Your Refugium. 3 reds, and probably 2 warm white LEDs along with the cheapest driver I can find. I'll have to report back in a few weeks on how it does growing chaeto! It is suitable for Chaeto algae. I think I had better growth without that cycle honestly. Would be a … We are taking orders and shipping during COVID 19. Cree 60W at Surface View attachment 7545 Cree 60W 3 inches below surface This is very senstiive due to the varying level we all have in our sumps. However I use LED daylight lamps and freshwater plant lamps for 3 other refugiums that I have that has macroalgae in … Once upon a time, I used PC bulbs to aggressively grow Chaeto in my refugiums. Chaeto Max Light. It's also half the price of the bulb alone. I just use a Par 30 bulb I picked up from Microcenter for under $20. Chaetomorpha is the most referred to algae as macroalgae within the hobby. I've been weighing my chaeto to see what the exact growth is and it is over 20% per day; I trim it back to 10.0-12.0g every water change and it is … My chaeto growth is great! The color spectrum does not matter as much as the actual PAR as far as shocking corals when transferred between Light units. In my 10g I have one ball of chaeto in a Lees floating breeder container with slots in it. on BRStv, we have a brand new episode for our series, BRStv Investigates. CONS Tiny screws on the ends of the fixture. This was because of an argument that chaeto needs a diurnal cycle. Rental: Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter: Full-Spectrum Underwater Quantum Meter + Wand. Caulerpa and Chaeto both grow very fast, although as mentioned before, Caulerpa is not without its flaws. To keep algae from shifting, wrap a … Menu 0. Because each plant species is adapted to special light conditions of its natural habitat, growth rates is best under specific types of illumination. My PAR measures close to 200 at the surface and I only use 22 watts. Shop. OK so turns out the hardest thing in reefing is keeping a refugium. lucare LED Refugium Light Chaeto for Saltwater Marine Aquarium Tank 18W, Coral Reef Plant Grow Light for Macroalgae 3.9 out of 5 stars 40. from $34.00 Rental: Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter: Full-Spectrum Underwater Quantum Meter + Wand. I've found that chaeto does extremely well under cool white LEDs, much more so than my experience with daylight spiral CFL bulbs. high power/lumen/PAR value Optical Lens/High Power/Lumen/PAR Value:Total Power 18W and up to 100μmol PAR value at 11.8 inches height. It grows Chaeto like mad. View full product details . While we’ve been stuffing Chaeto/Keeto/Cheeto in just about every lighted corners of our sumps and refugiums since the beginning of time, oddly it was the professionally built and super hot rod ARID Reactor by Pax Bellum which really kicked off the current craze. Aside from being a very functional nutrient export, Chaeto is also used as a habitat for copepods in refugiums. But they discontinued the smaller bulbs and there were few real alternatives. Essentially, you remove the armature assembly and evenly spread several handfuls of chaeto algae within each open segment. Might see if I still have one of those bags about and give it a try. So, more light = more growth. So what is next? Design with 80pcs Refugium Spectrum LEDs, 60 degree Optical Lens, ensure the light more concentrated and reducing 30% light loss, improved high PAR/Lumen output and maximize Growth. Whether from a lack of experience, or an abundance of neglect, some aquarists allow their reef tanks to reach a state of utter nastiness. Here's some! So its it possible for a reactor to out produce a traditional chaeto sump, which is larger, because you have more light hitting the surface of the chaeto? I have run this both 24/7 and currently 18/6 daily cycle. In my 20g tank the ball is in the Aquafuge. Could grow it all along the top/back of the tank, or even the entire back wall. Doing it with chaeto is a great idea. The AI Prime Fuge LED light is an unrelenting PAR monster designed to grow macroalgae and if we’re being honest, it’s really only intended to grow the Brillo-pad algae Chaetomorpha.This is the first time in the history of the aquarium hobby that a light has been manufactured for such a laser focused application, resulting in a device that excels so much at what it does. Before this bulb I was using a Rapid LED Par 38 and before that I was using a regular 55K Led bulb from Home Depot. A video to document how well the Innovative Marine Chaetomax Light grows chaeto in the Nuvo Fusion 20 Nano Aquarium.
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