Our 16mm multiwall polycarbonate sheet combines high light transmission, good load bearing properties, good thermal insulation and excellent weather resistance. We stock polycarbonate sheets in the colours clear, opal white (28% light transmission), ... is its weight: a polycarbonate sheet weighs half as much as a glass sheet. approx 8.5% or 17%. Has a coextruded UV protection layer on one side. There are also many applications for UV, including curing of inks on plastic substrates, and UVC radiation for sterilization of components. Has a coextruded UV protection layer on one side. … Acrylic Sheet; Block; Plastic Tube; Rod & Bar; Fabrication Aids; Glues, Polishes & Cleaners; Profiles & Slat Wall; Stock Shapes; Clearance Items; Search. The benefits of polycarbonate roofing extend to its ease of maintenance, ability to withstand force from elements such as wind and rain, and their ability to block harmful UV rays, reducing temperatures and UV exposure in properties. Light transmission: 85%; Maximum Width: 2100mm ; Nominal Sheet Weight: 0.8 kg/m²; U-value: 3.9 W/m²°K; Mini Curve Radius: 600mm; 6mm Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. No other plastic material can deliver this level of UV transparency. It has higher impact resistance than acrylic and glass, and it can be cold-formed during installation. Makrolon® UV sheet is a transparent polycarbonate product with an advanced UV resistance technology that assures long lasting outdoor weathering performance in flat and curved glazing applications. Combining strength and impact resistance with high optical clarity and light transmission, this lightweight rooflight material is ideal for industrial, agricultural, horticultural, leisure and DIY applications which require its high performance characteristics. Polycarbonate: Impact/chip resistance is about 30 times more resistant than glass; More likely to scratch. This is under the branded film and must be installed facing outside. 10mm twin-wall is not generally chosen for its insulation properties. Yes, glass can be adapted to block UV rays by adding a special chemical coating or screen but polycarbonate doesn’t need any modification to keep your skin safe from harmful UV radiation. If you would like a more technical discussion on the transmission of light through acrylic plastics, please go to the Cole-Parmer website. 10mm polycarbonate is co-extruded with an UV inhibiting layer for longer life. The changes in optical properties were related back to the changes in the polymer microstructure and composition. The high performance UV layer offers protection from some of the sun’s rays. It blocks virtually 100% of UV rays so that you can rest (or swim) easy knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from cancer-causing radiation. Palram’s corrugated polycarbonate roofing facilitates economical construction costs, easy and simple installation, provides a wide range of light transmission values, and is suitable for retrofitted roofs as well as newly construction ones. Interaction of UV Radiation and Plastics UV energy absorbed by plastics can excite photons, which then create free radicals. A primary visible effect of UV exposure is a chalky appearance of the plastic material. Because the ability of UV light to penetrate acrylic plastic is dependent on the chemical formulation, you may be able to find plastic sheets that will allow the UV-C to penetrate. Other colours reduce light transmission to certain extents – the darker the colour gets, the lower the percentage of light transmission. Solar Light Company, Inc. can provide accurate spectral transmission analysis of materials in multiple spectra for any testing requirement including UV and VIS. Qualities- Lightweight, Easy to Cut on Site, Excellent Rigidity, UV stable, Highly Weather Resistance, Excellent Fire Rating, ... As well as flat roof panels, we also have clear corrugated roof sheets in polycarbonate for optimum light transmission and visibility. Although ultraviolet (UV) radiation amounts to only 3% of the total radiation that reaches the earth, it is energetic enough to cause chemical reactions, weathering of polymers, fading of certain … The sheet is lightweight, impact resistant and easy to install. At Creative Mechanisms, we have used Polycarbonate in a number of applications across a range of industries. Unlike polycarbonate, CR39 requires a UV coating to be added to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. … Available Services. But less than ~300nm would be absorbed. ... Other applications, including polycarbonate sheet, may have the anti-UV layer added as a special coating or a coextrusion for enhanced weathering resistance. Paul A. Charp, PhD. We offer Cut to Size plastics with Drilled holes, Radius corners and Polished edges online & a complete range of plastics fabrication services inhouse, so please get in touch if you're after something special Adding Items to Cart £ Price . UV-A light (320-400 nm) and UV-B light (280-320 nm) are used in a variety of applications, from medical treatment to suntanning. A UV filter is extremely important, especially if you or your employees work outside. UV PROPERTIES OF PLASTICS: TRANSMISSION AND RESISTANCE Table 1: UV Radiation Types DESCRIPTION WAVELENGTH RANGE (nm) COMMON EFFECT UVA 320 - 400 skin tanning UVB 280 - 320 skin burning UVC 100 - 280 germicidal Degradation There are several obvious effects of UV light upon plastics. 16mm Opal = 51%. SUNTUF maintains its light transmission for years and provides a comfortable and healthier environment. Radiation from the Sun, especially in the UV portion of the spectrum, degrades the properties of polycarbonate. This system incorporates a holographic grating to ensure that the stray radiation level is very low (<0.01% T), ensuring that the light transmission reading near blocking levels is … Substantially more expensive. Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet is easily thermoformed, fabricated, and decorated. UV stabilizers are added to polycarbonate to help protect the material from the effects of exposure to the Sun. UV light transmission is based on the nm range of UV light transmitted. UV protection. Polycarbonate panels can withstand force and are virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate is an incredibly useful plastic for applications requiring transparency and high impact resistance. 3mm Opal Polycarbonate Sheet with UV Protection On Both Sides with 50 Percent Light Transmission CODE:PALSUNPLUSO Trustpilot. Pure and Clear . This performance is backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing, and loss of light transmission. Graph 2: UV Light Transmission of Colorless ACRYLITE GP, ACRYLITE FF, ACRYLITE OP-1, ACRYLITE OP-2, ACRYLITE OP-3 and ACRYLITE OP-4 sheet (Approximation only – not a specification). The polycarbonate roofing sheets have excellent UV protection. Additionally, all polycarbonate sheets in our range are UV resistant. Fortunately, Polyplastics and TOPAS Advanced Polymers provide a line of glass-clear, medical grade plastics with high UV transmission so that tests utilizing UVA, UVB, and with the right grade, even UVC down to 220nm can be carried out with confidence. UV transmitting acrylic sheet is transparent to UV light and provides the superior quality and clarity needed in these applications. While many 4mm Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Makrolon® UV sheet is a transparent polycarbonate product with an advanced UV resistant technology that assures long lasting outdoor weathering performance in flat … UV of ~350-400nm Will pass through most plastics. Polycarbonate is designed in a way to protect the structure against the UV radiations of the sun. transmission (only around 4% loss for a 0.25mm film). With impeccable clarity, excellent weatherability, and high light transmission, this plastic has no additives to block the transmission of UV light. 16mm Polycarbonate sheets offers greater strength and rigidity than 10mm Polycarbonate. Answer posted on 9 October 2017. Our Plastic Products. GPC, SEM, microscopy, light transmission and colour changes. A Lambda 35 is an ideal UV/Vis spectrometer for measuring the UVA and UVB light transmittance of materials. Polycarbonate is highly transparent to visible light, with better light transmission than many kinds of glass. It also protects the sheet against loss of strength and yellowing. Contact Details. UV resistance on polycarbonate formulation can be added to the resin or developed as a coating. Makrolon UV is produced with high optical quality and minimal distortion in clear, a range … Although commonly used by high street opticians in prescription safety eyewear, CR39 only offers increased robustness conforming to EN 166S similar to that of toughened glass. Although UV filtering acrylic is more popular than UV transmitting and has more applications, UV transmitting acrylic is important in places where the UV rays are required. More bendable under normal temperatures (0-20°C) Goes yellow over time due to UV rays; Easier to work with Almost all do. Single-skin polycarbonate has around 94-96 per cent light transmission compared to 3mm glass having a value of 97-98 per cent; 4mm polycarbonate has a value of … (Roughly 2 to 3 times) Used for more industrial applications; Bulletproof when thick enough. At wavelengths above 400 nm, the transmission is constrained by the Fresnel losses which amount for ordinary glass (n=1.52) to about 2 or 4 times 4.2%, i.e. In this study, the molecular weight of polycarbonate was seen to decrease during UV exposure, making it susceptible to embrittlement and surface erosion. The benefits and drawbacks of polycarbonate roofing sheets. Here's some graphs of the transmission. U Value for 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet = 2.4 w/m2K. 16mm Bronze = 31%. Our polycarbonate sheets come in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 35mm. It refers to the amount of light a material allows through it. If blocking UVA and UVB rays isn't a concern for your specific project, you can use UV transmitting plexiglass. Polycarbonate roofing sheets are available in a wide variety of colours. A durable and reliable roofing solution This is under … This allows for larger spans than 10mm Polycarbonate. The only common material that does not block UV is CR-39, and most of that is treated with proton bombardment to block UV [1] . All these qualities make polycarbonate a popular replacement for glass. Combining UV protection, impact and chemical resistance, light weight and high light transmission, Marlon FSX is ideal for architectural rooflights, vertical glazing and specialist glazing applications. This is why they are used in the construction of bulletproof police shields. It is a lighter alternative to glass and a natural UV filter, so it is often used in eyewear. Quality sunglasses that block UV rays also consist of polycarbonate lenses, making them high impact resistant. But less than ~300nm would be absorbed. Figure 2: Transmission curves of two thin glass plates without optical grease (red line) and with optical grease in between (green line). All Sheets are UV protected on the uppermost side. Guaranteed for 10 years. Light Transmission of Plastic This document lists both Visible and UV light transmission characteristics. Alternative Plastics Ltd Unit 1 Buckingham Close Bermuda Industrial Estate Nuneaton Warwickshire CV10 7JT Tel: 02476 641210 Fax: 02476 326156 Alternatively: E-mail Us Here. Visible light transmission is the amount of visible light transmitted based on the D65 Illuminant scale where 100% transmission allows through 6500k … 16mm Polycarbonate Sheet Light Transmission: 16mm Clear = 82%. 10mm polycarbonate sheets are an excellent glazing material which are very resistant to damage. Marlon CS Longlife corrugated polycarbonate sheet is engineered for use in rooflight and side-light applications. Also they all come with a ten year guarantee for your peace of mind.
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