Remember that you’re not where you were at the beginning of the year. He is in real earnest, and again calls upon himself to arise. Be refreshed by Bible quotes and pictures from Mercy Quotes. And realize, He will do that again for you! There are also LOTs of free printables for you to use in this challenge if you wish! Each and every one was meant to remind them of something He had done for them, it was meant to turn them back to Him. © 2019 - StudentDevos Devotions for Youth and Teenagers, Youth Devotional - Every Teenager's Guide To Successful Friendships, Youth Group Discussion Questions - Why You Shouldn't Compromise, Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – 1 Corinthians 6:20, Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Proverbs 19:21, Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – John 16:33, Daily Bible Verse and Devotion – Galatians 5:23, Why You Shouldn’t Compromise, Even in the Smallest Ways. so that your youth … We see it … – Psalm 103:2 (NIV) Have you noticed that when you’re in the middle of something, it’s really hard to see progress? Not Afraid From Red Rocks Worship . Through out the Old Testament we read of Hebrew feasts and festivals that God ordained for His people. This psalm is all praise; there is no supplication in it. God, our Shepherd, does care for us. God tells us to not forget the good things He’s done. Scripture: Bless the Lord oh my soul! As we write down our blessings, we will thank God for all He has done and renew our minds. Daily Nugget: Here, David's Psalm points out three important truths about God and what He has done. The structure of the psalm is pretty simple, with declarations of praise at the beginning (verses 1 and 2) and at the end (20-22). Psalm 103:2 in all English translations. Recall the ways that God has encouraged you or spoken to you. Don’t let the feelings of inadequacy be all you feel. Daily Nugget: In the previous Psalms, King David made it clear that no one got away with sin, and if they did commit trespasses, the righteous Judge in Heaven would deal with their iniquity. 0. Daily Devotion, Psalm 103:2, “Learning from the Bible and Fish.” Like and Share with a friend. Paz. Psalm 103:2 . We are affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In the midst of hard times, its important that we remember what this verse says. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When hard times come, its sometimes really easy to want to give up. Let’s continue to look at our Christmas gifts from Psalm 103:2-14 – the ‘good things’ God does for us!!! We all face hardships, as did the writer of this hymn, so we all can relate to his frustration and discouragement. Scriptures For … When we remember God, when we remember the things He has done for us in the past, we begin to realize that God will help us out this time too. Don’t forget where God has come through for you and brought you out. Had he been very sleepy before? You might blame God or just give up. Linkedin. Verse 2. Pinterest. Daily Devotion – Psalm 73:28 – God’s Presence Is My Good. Daily Devotion of Psalm 102. So instead of getting discouraged when tough times come, choose to look to God and remember the times God has brought you out of bad situations. It tells us to praise the Lord and to not forget the good things God does for us. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on Psalm 103:2. 4:10, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Devotions for the spiritually challenged, freeloading, Psalm 103:2, Psalm 73:22 Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Psalm 103:1 Psalm 103:3 EXPOSITION. The heavens must have glowed with excitement and anticipation on the first Christmas Eve!!! Bless the LORD, O my soul. Psalm 103:2. Join Pastor Josh in a devotion that dives into Psalm 103. When life gets difficult, when I feel my life devoid of any good struggling to go on through the day, the last words of Psalm 73 breathe fresh hope and help me shift my perspective: “But as for me, God’s presence is my good. Cancel at any time. Retail: $22.99. Daily Nugget: In the first eleven verses of Psalm 102, the psalmist laments the trials and tribulations he has endured. He forgives all of… We practice a … In the midst of hard times, its important that we remember what this verse says. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We practice a traditional worship style. Join John North all this week as he presents some more of his devotional Bible studies diving into the Psalms.
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