This means you'll usually use your DD pets. The Cloud Skatefish is a good option during the low levels, but as it can't evolve you won't want to keep it for the endgame. Any ranged or fast pet will do the job. Obviously, not all skills the pets come with suit everyone's playing style and sometimes adding new skills or deleting old ones to add new ones is essential for the performance of the pet. Legendary Pets are pets that can be bought from the Boutique or other players who sell them. All legendary pets start at level 1. The value displayed in the Battle Pet Window reflects modification by Loyalty and therefore does. These pets are available for ground combat only. The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker. Aid Pet Pet Soul Pet Aid Sprite. PWI is a stunning free-to-play MMORPG where inhabitants of the pristine Perfect World must unite to battle against the Wraith - undead creatures who seek to destroy all of creation. A Tame Book can be bought at any Zoologist for 200,000 coins. Element. These can only be taught to pets level 80 or above. One could replace Pounce with Roar, but I wouldn't suggest than since at level 100 it gets stronger aggro skills and then you'll probably miss not having Pounce. The Monkey King and the other legendary pets provide good damage, but the Harpy and the Battlebot are superior. Nowadays a dedicated pulling pet is not needed and any pet will work just fine. To find out how loyal your pet is, hover over its icon in your pet window. This may include rewriting sections to ensure they are clear and concise, and. Different Legendary Pets offer different things so you should choose the one(s) to serve your needs. Pet Vitality Scroll: Increase Pet's Maximum HP by 35% for 1 hour. This is the value used to determine whether or not an opponent misses with its auto attack. Posted: (2 days ago) A good way to avoid having to feed your pet is by having a tome equipped. You will need to set Heal Pet on the Assisting slot. Red means your Venomancer's level is too low to tame the monster. For the air, the Waspkin group does the best as free pets, but the Windwalking Piggy is also decent enough if you already have one for physical tanking. Human Untamed Elves Tideborn E.guard N.shade Upgrade. So this is one way to increase your level and experience at the beginning of the game. These little creatures are great for leveling air pets. The pup can be used as a puller because of it's speed, as a DDer because of it's high attack and as a debuffer, since he has Slow (reduces speed) and Threaten (reduces physical attack) as skills. New in the PWI Boutique this week: War Front Supply Crates, Battlebot pets from Glowing Energy Core chance packs and Action Stones! Thus if you get a cage to add a fifth pet bag slot, you cannot take the fifth quest anymore to expand your pet bag. This pet is bound upon taming. In reality however, baby pets are non-combat pets that simply follow their owner, and do not require leveling or loyalty. From the pet bag the player can view the pet's stats, call the pet to battle, or stow the pet away. Please update any information mentioning coins. You will get your main first quest from the Right side of the top bar. The families are: Meat, Water, Hay, Fruit, and Greens. At endgame you'll probably rely on your squad more than your pet so you'll most likely use your DD/support pet(s) more than a tank pet, unless your tank pet is also your DD pet. Monsters with red icons next to their names are tamable monsters, however the caster's level is below that of the monster and therefore can't be tamed until the caster is of equal or greater levels. Some things to keep in mind about pet leveling: The most popular place for leveling land pets. Being an HA build will not automatically make you tanky if your refines are low and your ornaments aren't good; you might still need to use a tank pet. During the lower levels you'll probably rely on tank pets more because you'll probably solo a lot, unless you start out with friends or make friends and play together early on. This might work out quite well though my personal advice would be to build your PvP pet for defense/support. Understanding Barbarians. Rate Starting Lv: 3474 8361 1959 0.8-Phys. The Shaodu Cub and the Armored Bear are quite good at tanking as well if you like their design more. So, for example, a full loyalty level 50 pet gets 12 EXP from killing a level 47 mob (-3 levels = -3 EXP). During early levels the pet debuffs Howl/Pierce will be stronger than that of players like Clerics, Barbarians, Venomancers etc. Level: 100 HP:100. 05 Jan. 2017: Updated the guide with a starter build for the Season 9 free set, Might of the Earth. See the chart below for details. Being an LA build will not automatically make you tanky if your refines are low and your ornaments aren't good; you might still need to use a tank pet. Active pets must be reverted to pet eggs at a Pet Skill Trainer, resulting in a fee and a reduction of the pet's loyalty to 0. Please help improve this if you can. Mungkin kebanyakan dari kita masih kesulitan untuk menaikkan level di game Perfect world terutama ketika sudah mencapai level 70++. In addition, some tiers look very similar for some stats, while for others they are easily distinguished without close examination. In order to create a baby pet, the correct number and types of eggs, as well as coins for the fee, must be brought to Mrs. Zoologist (586,620) in Archosaur. Then you won't need to feed your pet anymore. So the title is a little misleading, for some. Unlike other rare pets, its spawn time is random between 24-48 hours so it's harder to tame. Being a Vit. p.s. The Loyalty of a pet is measured on a scale from 0-999, with different amounts of damage dealt and experience gained in battle based on the level of the pet's loyalty. Otherwise, the aforementioned Legendary Pets are an excellent choice. *Loyalty Math ( It takes 500 for your pet to become loyal which gives +150% exp and 120% atk) * What mobs drop the different Legendary Pet foods. When a pet is on "auto" it will automatically attack monsters when they AOE even if you didn't attack with your Venomancer. They are commonly called cash shop pets, CS pets or just Legendary Pets. This page was last edited on 29 October 2019, at 02:51. fastest place to level up a ground pet is probably room 4 of cube of fate. In order to obtain a Legendary Pet you have to buy certain items from the Boutique and exchange them for the pet ticket at Ms. Zoologist in Archosaur or the PW Market Agent. The pet gets one less EXP per level it is above the mob killed. Hopefully this is enough to get you started into this game. And the further you go into the game, the harder it is to reach the next level. Once a pet is hatched, it must be fed in order to prevent the pet's loyalty from dropping, and to ensure that the loyalty increases. The biggest pros was the small niche of friends I managed to accumulate over my time in PWI. No elements. The game's currency system has been completely overhauled as of the content update released on 10/23/2019. It is possible, however, to further increase the speed of a mount, through the use of spurs. Snowmen only appear during Christmas events and are a nice way to level your pet up while picking some chi stones for your Genie. It's good for pulling, suitable for ranged tanking and is a great DD pet.​​. There are pets that are able to deal ranged damage which makes them ideal for pulling/luring and range tanking, among other things. Otherwise the other options are the Harpy, with the Corgi and the Battlebot having the edge. Therefore it is important to maintain loyalty in order to keep pets up to level with their tamer. For more information about the updated currency system, see, Baby Blazing Phoenix - 9999 Phoenix Feather, Set your pet on auto so that it attacks whenever you attack or gets attacked. Provides bonuses and penalties to your pet's Physical Attack and EXP gains. Keep in mind that the aforementioned pets only use range when they are auto-attacking so you have to make sure their skills are turned off. Pet’s Skills: 1.Luna Blade – Deals metal damage equal to 6x to that of mistress’s base magic damage. (pet skill not affected by summon skill level.) Underwater, Turtles make the best pets for a physical tanking job until the Plumpfish at level 80 or the evolved Hercules (Celestial Giant) at level 100. Whether you're leveling pets for fun or want to get some serious leveling done during the Pet Battle Bonus Event, we've got tips for you. If you've already picked one, you might want to level it up if it has fallen behind in levels. You will win too, besides de EXP of the quest (a Million EXP every 2 days), construction materials and construction points. The tame itself is immensely more effective on a weakened enemy. Chat Fireworks Wedding. AA build, probably for PvP, you will benefit from a good DD pet during PvE activities since your damage will be low. good luck guys and ty for the guide. It also shows that at skill level 1 it deals 140% of the pet’s base damage, which is then mitigated by the target’s Physical Defense. Untuk level 1-30 cukup melakukan quest yang ada karena leveling dari level 1 ke level 30 sangatlah mudah 2. A physical tank pet won't be as necessary, but I would still advise getting one because they can be handy. -----can't recall who told me but one area I now go to level my pet is Tomb of the Shining Tide (592, 816). Loyalty affects the EXP the pet gains so make sure your pet's loyalty is high. This pack gives characters the ultimate leveling boost! This skill can be upgraded every 10 levels to reduce the Mana cost. Popular free pets for ranged tanking are the Eldergoth Marksman and/or the Eldergoth Sharpshooter. STR = (Your level + 8) / 2. Movement increases every x levels, where x is NOT linear, however x gets larger and smaller in some cases (likely caused by rounding). wit it you can buy the gold in game (not using your real money) to buy a herc pet or nix. Untuk itu saya membuat guide tentang fast leveling PW, berikut panduannya: 1.Level 1-30 Quest,quest dan quest. It must be noted that every time the pet is fed its loyalty increases based on the feed value, however every time the pet is killed in battle its loyalty drops by 10%. If you let them use a skill attack, they'll run into melee range. Location: 113 226. A PvE "jack of all trades, master of none" pet that has superior stats and more utility compared to the Phoenix. Tamable monsters can be identified by a green icon next to their name in their target window. Every 10 levels this spell can be upgraded to improve the chance of a successful tame by 5%. It can evolve and it's considered the best non-legendary damage dealing pet. They also have different abilities. Search Growth Tiers are represented visually on your pet's Growth Chart. Therefore, the core levels for upgrading pet skills are level 1, 20, 40, 60 and 80. To this end the Heal Pet and Revive Pet are particularly important. Minkiis have reasonably good movement speed and make a decent alternative to a ranged puller. Info(Max Level): Use Energy Leech to increase your Magic Defense by 50% and Magic Attack by 150% for 20 seconds. The reason you wouldn't want a pet Turtle or Undine is because unlike flying pets, water pets can only be used in the water. #saynotogrinding October 27, 2015 October 27, 2015 / SBW / Leave a comment While some may argue that Perfect World is considered “pay-to-win”, others may disagree. A PvE ranged physical DD pet with superior base and inherit stats compared to the Harpy, but lacks magic damage and spam-able AOE damage. You can send your pet to stun an enemy while you run up to them to Purge/debuff. Different pets eat different families of food, while specific kinds of food within those families will raise the pet's loyalty by greater or lesser amounts. Pet Aggressiveness Scroll:Increase Pet's base physical damage by 30% for 1 hour. Swimming, crossing bridges, or gaining altitude with aerogear, these pets will automatically be stowed to the pet bag. Search NPC . The Petite Sawfly is the best free air pet and it can also evolve at level 100, but it's not available at lower levels. I'll give my personal experience. The chance of a successful tame depends heavily on the level of the player, level of the skill, and the amount of HP of the monster. In fact, if you had a toon above level 70 I would hope you would have no need for a guide. While most pets are available by taming monsters throughout the world, there are some pets that can only be obtained through commerce, and those are the two legendary pets: the Blazing Phoenix and the Baby Hercules. Decent phys def, decent magic defense, low hp. The only way to obtain one of these two powerful pets is to purchase or trade for the boutique items "Battle Packs" in order to gain "Phoenix Feathers" or "Sources of Force." The Revive Pet skill will bring the pet back to life and enable to the pet to be called onto the battlefield. Pet Protection Scroll: Increase Pet's Magic Defense by 180% for 1 hour. The EXP requirements for pets start at 50 to get to level 2, then the requirement increases by +10 each level up to level 10, then +15 per level up to 29, and from 31 to 99 it's +50 per level. If your pet, however, is unable to tank the particular boss you can call your pet back after making sure aggro is on the pet (pet should be set on Manual in order for this to work). It spawns at one of the following coordinates inside Morai: 362 544, 346 528, 354 538. 2: Light Armor. Guide Pet Evolution System Perfect World Indonesia 2 ... Jadi apabila sekarang Fx kamu telah mencapai lvl 105 dan pet masih level 100, dan kamu memiliki kesulitan untuk menaikkan levelnya, well no more! When the taming is successful, they get an Egg of the monster. The Scorpions have great damage, but only a select few of them can evolve at level 100 so most players simply choose the Varicose Scorpion. Boutique Update . Perfect Cookies can be fed to every pet (with the exception of the evolved Windwalking Piggy) and raise their Loyalty by 200 points. The %age mitigated depends on the levels of both the pet and its attacker. The Monkey King is currently the best PvP pet but the Blazing Phoenix and the Hercules are also good options if you already have one of those. Pet skills can be upgraded every 20 levels and there are 5 levels in total, with the exception of few specific skills. Monsters with a yellow icon may also be tamed, but are the same level as the caster and therefore will not be an easy tame.
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