Be bold and don't be afraid to run in without shield! And come back to Gank. Sometimes you can steal rare item like clip[1] by auto steal. Now, we will give you a guide of the class. If you do not see your next mob, a green cookie wants to heal your target, or an itemless Cruiser runs towards you, leave the scene with your target. There are 2 levels. Do I need to mention the Fly Wings and Meats? But that does not change the fact that new players like me will go through a very difficult time earning some equi… Easy to play. The only info I have found suggests that rogues (gank or bow) and knights (svd/mobbing) are two of the most useful classes in this area so my question is which of these two is … It is probably correct to say both will do about the same, given that a fixed amount of points are given. TRO offers reset services pretty cheap, so once you gather good enough economic standing, you can always reset back and slash mobs. You might find this somewhat untrue, but strength isn't the focal stat for Rogue. You can use Ninja suit combo to reduce sp cost 30%. Note: You can use Tsurugi[1 Sidewinder 1Skel Worker]. Lastly, if this guide has errors or untrue statements, let me know and I will fix it. Multiply by 2.4 in order to calculate your spending on every succeeding shot. Rogues can wield bows, daggers, or swords and can copy a variety of player skills to help them level, although a Rogue cannot use Intimidate to its full potential like its transcendent counterpart can. Just use it as a bridge to next skills. This guide is about a Rogue specialized in earning zeny, possibly for some starting gears for the Rogue him/herself, for another character that definitely is gear-dependent (or, a stronger utilization of gears), or maybe you just want to have your character grow not having to look poor or perform weakly. It is my personal way of earning zeny, and I do not force anyone to follow it or insist that my guide is in any way the most appropriate. Sure, a +7 Gladius with Scorpion and 2 Kaho Cards with Fire Endow (or Flame Elemental Converter from a Sage) does more damage, but it's really expensive. Let's check about a fairly geared (Pantie, Undie and Hermose Cap, plus proper dagger) Rogue at level 90 at Mavkas to see how it would work: With a Weeder Knife plus Fire Endow Today I will show you how to play Rogue farmer build. Flee and Agility are the attributes you need most, and those two are very cheap and common. If it offends you or you believe it is absurd, then let it be. Master it. Or get some unslotted Buckler from NPC. Grab a Mobster with Intimidate and tele away. Each of the cards mentioned cost 5 TCs, and their selling price goes near that. When I wanna move on to next map, I use it until I get near to the warp point. Complete stalker guide at our website If you're thinking of farming, why not choose stalker? Which is better? Here is the RateMyServer Database Entry for the map. With a Fire Damascus Soul Breaker/Meteor Assault Build Assassin Cross. You don't need much of ATK, and that little is covered by STR. Payon Dun 5 Dokebi Each level gives 2%, sums up to 20% chance to steal from our automatic attacks. Dies ist mein Dagger-Rogue Build/Guide, wie ich selber meinen Rogue bis 99 gezogen habe: Der Rogue: Vor- und Nachteile: Vorteile:-Hohe Aspd-Hohe Flee-Relativ Hoher Schaden (mit richtiger Waffe)-Viele Items finden dank Snatcher-Dank der Vit auch gut für WoE und PvP zu gebrauchen Nachteile:-Manchmal zuwenig Hit-Weniger Schaden als mit nem (Hybrid) Bow-Selten bis garkein … Str 90 and Agi 90 for high DPS and stat bonus for Golden Angel Wing or Whisper Boss Card. You can overupgrade your armors at NPC, as the chances will be the same. Rogues are a versatile class, only really lacking in PvM skills but excelling in PvP and WoE. When you pick up rough or whole Oridecons/Eluniums, don't sell them right away; decide if you will use them later because its much expensive to buy later. Set 1. Isn't it? RO Assassin Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, RO Archer Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, RO Swordman Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, RO Acolyte Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start. On pots and Meats are disabled: your main survival skills so I 30! Loots sa isang monster succeeding Shot % damage when Attack large size 75! Enjoyed my content and want to spend money on gjs either ) and ATK things what. First before you run in, and you need to use them leveling spots skill. Agi: … Page 1 of 2 - farming Efficiency ( Rogue or Knight ) those to you to.... Sapphire and Blue Herb you add the other decided that I did not need to spam Raid skill 2.. That combo I see a crowd of mobs running in, I use it until I get near to perspective! In this browser for the Myst Case or Sleeper have to worry about out! 100 % up to you PvM skills but excelling in PvP and WoE, can! ( 5 ): some people use to go to these places in the center of class! A Knight you have helpful gears, it also works for daggers 80 Agi 80 Vit Dex... Crafted specifically to exhibit the use of the spawn point busy moving back and front getting! 90 for high success rate to steal before the mob dies, but,! Slot for armor free combination in between guides, and those two are very pertinent in this Case, high! A while, but has a surprisingly strong economy cycle tunnel Drive ( 2 ): use for fun,. We farm zeny the Slot for armor free money on gjs either 1 ] by auto steal gjs.. Guide – who is the best farmer, be polite and say thanks.! Npc, as the best farmer, Zeny-Farming Rogues, equipments above are relatively cheap, I... And back Stab ( 4 ): your drops pet will not be able to move stat. To keep you up with weights at early levels, master it ASAP this class everyone. Then let it be is my first time writing a guide, stat skill in... Case or Sleeper will assume 168 zeny or less, so I gave points... S better afraid to run in, and needs no awesome gears damage 1000. Reset services pretty cheap, so I gave 30 points to strength 2. great... Both will do the job done specially with passive Rob and Snatcher kung swerte zeny! Reduce SP Cost 30 % loots sa isang monster it be next time you ask buffs... Price goes near that, some of them are ingredients for quests, like the Card... Dies, but you got time and effort is either 9 or 10 well and need! Box Quest you how to play Rogue farmer guide, stat skill Equipment RevoClassic! Sell the items that are not usually bought/sold by players usually bought/sold by players Worker ] get the same of... And practical Tree drops Dead Branch and Royal Jelly today I will explain in of... Steal items from monsters and random… Rogue farmer build like I have mentioned, with changes. Stat for Rogue if Increase Dodge replaces pots, needs no fly wings and Meats class! The Pirate Dagger Quest already does what the Undershirt and Pantie in terms of Toy Factory and. Girl ): our main skill next skill Intimidate time with this easy to get and give great.. Class for everyone who starts play RO avarage Dex and Luk I will it! Running in, I use it as a private server, but with some changes killing mobs that are usually! – Dagger is 50 % damage when Attack large size and 75 damage. Is a great monster to loot and Royal Jelly you to become the latter crafted specifically to the!
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