This Ryobi RM480EX mower is powered by 4 AGM deep cycle batteries linked together to form a 48V system. Watch Tesla's FSD Beta detect and avoid a deer at night, This new material can store solar energy for months, Tesla Model 3 with a heat pump vs Model 3 without, Volvo Trucks starts sales of VNR Electric Class 8 truck, You’re reading Electrek— experts who break news about, GE’s in-wall light switch pairs with your smartphone as well as an Alexa or Assistant-enabled speaker over Wi-Fi, meaning you don’t need an additional hub. This 38 inch REAR lawn mower uses electricity as the main power. Imagine having all the power of a gas mower without having to deal with fumes, belts, spark plugs, or filters again. It is one of the best investments for those who are looking for … It has plenty of pep, maxing out at 8 mph, while most rear-engine riders top out at 4 to 5 mph. Includes: Battery Charger, Start Key, Mulch Plug, Tow Hitch, Assembly Hardware, Manual 12. Ryobi RY48110 Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review. I place it on the charger and an hour later, I can complete the entire lawn. Cut Acres Per Charge: Up To 3 8. Powered by 50Ah Batteries and with 1 hour of run time this mower is a green alternative to traditional gas riding mowers. It is rated for up to 2.5 hours of cutting or 2.5 acres of mowing. It also has add-ons if you really do lawn maintenance on your lawn. They are quite heavy and is what gives the mower its massive weight (695 lbs.) Ryobi Electric Riding Mower in like new condition. Holds have been charging 2 hours. Is the Ryobi RM480 the right mower for you? The Ryobi riding mowers are just as effective in all terms except you have the steering wheel instead of the zero-turn. This 770 pound mower also c… Once you get going, the Ryobi electric riding lawn mower is really fun to drive. Our top pick is a 3-pack of Brilliant Evolution LED Stick-on Lights for $12.73. Home Depot offers the Ryobi 38-inch 75Ah Electric Riding Lawn Mower with Bagging Kit for $2,600 shipped. 1. Besides its cutting edge design, the performance from this mower is excellent, an done that many people would want to have. Some excellent features that make it stand out among all electric riding mowers are its trio of high-powered batteries and the USB port that allows you to charge your phone while cutting grass. However, for maintenance cutting, this zero turn mower is quiet, comfortable, and truly does tackle up to 3 acres on a charge. This one did not come with a kit for bagging. Remove the gas and fumes from cutting your lawn with the RYOBI 30 -inch 48V Riding Lawn Mower. Being all-electric, there are no belts, pulleys, spark plugs, messy fuel or oil – and no smelly emissions. 00 Typically selling for $60, today’s offer is good for a 38% discount, beats our previous mention by $14, and is at the Amazon all-time low price. Tweet 0. One of the most interesting things about the Ryobi RY48110 riding lawn mower is its chassis, something you will notice instantly if you’re a motorcycle maniac.The chassis is exposed and resembles the exoskeleton of an insect. Think about the class of a Nissan Leaf, but for riding lawn mowers.The all-electric car runs on nothing but pure batteries, is the best-selling electric car, and boasts it’s “super quiet and efficient”. Price: Low price tag.Special features: Hydrostatic Transmission, 4-Cycle OHV Engine, Raised back seat. Head below for more. 2 Hours or 2 acres of mowing run time on a single charge, High Torque motors power blades and drivetrain, Contact RYOBI Customer Service: 1-877-205-5714"RYOBI" is a trademark of Ryobi Limited and is used by One World pursuant to a license granted by Ryobi LimitedPrivacy PolicyImportant Safety Information, Side-discharge, Mulching or Bag (Bagger Sold Separately), Weather Resistant Deck & Sealed Components, Directly Generating Greater Torque to The Blades and Wheels, Low Maintenance: No Belts, Spark Plugs, or Filters, Convenience: No Gas, No Fumes and Low Noise, Power for up to 2 hours or 2 acres of run time, Beeper Indication for Parking Brake Reminder, Side-discharge, Mulching & Bagging Capable, 2 Direct Drive (beltless) Brushless Blade Motors, 1 Direct Drive Brushless Drivetrain Motor. Battery operated: no gas or fumes, charge and go. Experience the incredible performance of clean power. Good thing the Ryobi 75 Ah 38” Electric Riding Mower exists. 20" RY40190 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Self Propelled Lawn Mower with 5.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included 3.8 out of 5 stars 32 $549.00 $ 549 . Max Speed: 7mph 10. The RYOBI 48V Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower is powered by 75 Ah or 100 Ah Lead-Acid Batteries and 4 High-Powered Brushless Motors. However, the RYOBI’s price is … The durable 42 in. RM480e Electric Riding Lawn Mower. We finally have some grass and get to see this mower in action. The Verdict: Choosing A Riding Lawn Mower. A standard, electric push mower, is much more affordable than a riding mower with 25-horsepower capabilities. Ryobi. Ryobi offers one of the few all-electric consumer riding lawn mowers on the market today. Runs in silence. The wheel is worth using if you are on a budget and want to spend less. If you like your riding lawn mower but want the convenience and easy-keeping of a battery version, you’ll love the Ryobi 38-inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower. You have a battery indicator to let you know where your charge level is at. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Today only, as part of its Gold Box Deals of the Day, London Johnson via Amazon is taking up to 25% off various LED lighting. The RYOBI 48V Riding Mower comes equipped with 30 -inch 2-Blade Deck and 12 Position Manual Deck Adjustment to get a clean, level cut on your lawn. Model Number: RY48ZTR100 2. Using lead-acid batteries rather than lithium-ion, its 100Ah energy bank can mow up to 3 acres on a charge. Ryobi Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower Specs Share 0. When comparing the best Ryobi lawn mower and competitor's products, we considered several characteristics. The last two times I've used it, it appears to deplete the battery in 25% of the time. Deck Size/Cut Capacity: 42″ 6. This model sports a 38-inch cutting deck, up to 2.5-hours of runtime and of course, zero emissions. Welcome to the world of convenience. No fumes or contamination. GE’s in-wall light switch pairs with your smartphone as well as an Alexa or Assistant-enabled speaker over Wi-Fi, meaning you don’t need an additional hub. Rated 3 out of 5 by Dlagro from Prefer the feel and foot operation of hydrostatic Purchased a new Introducing RYOBI 48-Volt Electric Riding Lawn Mower. A simple push of the lap bar steering delivers unrelenting torque directly to high-powered brushless motors. Get up to 2 hours of run time or cut up to 2 acres on a single charge with this quiet, smooth battery powered riding mower. The RYOBI 48-Volt Riding Mower comes equipped with 38 in. The robust $2,499 Ryobi Electric Riding Mower, for example, operates for a good 2 hours (enough for two acres) on a full charge. Also at Best Buy. More deals can be found below. Share 0. This mower is fitted with a 2-blade deck. This mower is designed to replace the typical 42-46 inch lawn tractor. Pin 0. Ryobi 42-inch Electric Zero Turn Mower 100Ah RY48ZTR100 Ryobi’s 42-inch RY48XTR100 is another zero-turn mower that’s easier on your wallet. On a single charge of the mower’s 48V 75Ah battery, you can mow up to 2 acres of lawn, or get 2 hours of runtime. Reasons why it may or not be the best choice for you. Drive Type: Zero Turn 3. Cutting Height: 1.5″ – 4.5″ 7. 38 in. Get up to 2 hours of run time or cut up to 2 acres on a single charge with this quiet, smooth battery powered riding mower. The RYOBI RM480e Electric Riding Mower retails for $2,700, which is quite a bit higher than gas-powered mowers with a similar deck size—you can get a gas-powered riding mower with a 42-inch deck for $1,600 to $2,000. Landscape companies around the world have made it a standard practice to utilize riding lawn mowers in their businesses. It is an environment-friendly mower that can do its job of maintaining well-manicured lawns with zero carbon emissions. Cutting up to 3 acres on 1 charge, it’s quietly and quickly changing the way America mows. Battery Capacity: 100Ah 9. Offering powerful cutting performance, comfort, and versatility, the RYOBI riding mower is loaded with a 48V Lead Acid Batteries which gives you up to 2 hours run-time, 38 double blade deck, USB phone charger, and cruise control to maintain your desired speed and consistent mowing. LED headlights12 position manual deck adjustment. Ryobi is a Japanese manufacturer of electronics, automobile components, … This mower does have low-speed settings for both the drive motor and the blade motor, which definitely helps. Quiet cutting. Can mow with one charge […] 2-Blade Deck and 12 Position Manual Deck Adjustment to get a clean, level cut on your lawn. Even though this outstanding riding mower is offered at a high price, it fully meets its advertisement claims in terms of its features. These nifty stick-on lights can go just about anywhere with 100-hours worth of run-time from three AA batteries. Ryobi 38 inch mulching/side discharge blades (2) for RM480e and RM480ex Cordless Electric Riding Mower Model # ACRM002 Note: Mower comes with these blades and a mulching cover. It features a built-in motion sensor which can automatically turn the bulbs on or off based on presence as well as a light sensor for additional automations. The RYOBI ZT480ex Electric Riding Mower uses zero turn technology with lap bar steering to help cover more yard in less time.
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