If you know you love the Seth Lover's go with them. I don't work for Seymour Duncan. 57s are cool but, I prefer the Seth Lover. BlackSG91, May 25, 2013 #10. These pickups come with old school Alnico II magnets which were more common before ceramic magnets and more exotic magnets … PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! How many is too many. :) 7 joe R 4 years ago my understanding is tom holmes designed the '57 classics for gibson. I won't play heavy metal with this guitar. JavaScript is disabled. The first humbucker was the PAF by Seth Lover (the PAF gets its name from the "patent applied for" sticker which was stuck on its underside), and this was subsequently found on the legendary Gibson guitars, including Les Paul, SG, ES series, but also in the exotics like Flying V or Explorer. You must log in or register to reply here. The ’57 Classic uses an Alnico II magnet that should compress and have a softer or "spongier" feel compared to an Alnico V type. - Pour les humbuckers en Alnico … If this is your first visit, be sure to I have been wanting to do a video like this one for a long time. Hearing them on YT, my impression is that the SD Seth Lover is more open and airy in the bridge position, while the '57 Classic is more round and fatter. This page was generated at 06:47 AM. Pickup. This is the set I should get. David compares the Lollar Imperial Humbuckers with the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickups through a Collings City Limits. I actually prefer hotter A5 in bridge position. All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. The Seth Lover vintage output humbucker pickups are carefully hand built in Santa Barbara to Seth Lover’s original exacting specs. We discussed with this Jim DiCola, a master luthier at Gibson USA. Gibson ’57 Classic (Neck and Bridge, $144.95 SRP each) Gibson’s ’57 Classic pickups have been in production for years and have been offered as OEM equipment in many of Gibson’s own models including the Les Paul Custom. What would be the best option?? Im not a fan of 57s in the bridge position. Gibson Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3 (niveaux de sorties de plus en plus élevé). A successful early humbucking pickup was the so-called PAF (literally "Patent Applied For") invented by Seth Lover in 1955. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. SD Seth Lover vs. Gibson 57´Classic What are the sound diferences between these pickups?? I'm considering swapping the pickups in my 2012 traditional from the 57 classics to the slash signature alnico's but wanted to know whether there is really that much difference tonally between the 2. :-\. What are the sound diferences between these pickups?? I interviewed Seth Lover in 1992 for The Les Paul Book, my first book about Gibson's various Les Paul models, and our conversation focused on the humbucking pickup.Seth (1910–1997) devised the "Patent Applied For" humbucker at Gibson in the mid-'50s, and for that alone he was near the top of my list of people to track down, although his achievements were many, not only at Gibson but … This pickup is very vintage in tone. If the question includes the Seths, they always win! I have watched … Re: Gibson 57 Classic Plus vs. SD Pearly Gates The '57 came standard in my '61 LP/SG reissue and sounded ok. 57 classics are vintage style pups, as are the SD Seth Lover. He passed away in 1997, and since, Seymour Duncan lovingly crafted the Seth Lover pickup to honor his life and work. Invalid value '0' for parameter userid in method vB_Api_User::fetchProfileInfo. Maybe it's just the guitar itself, but I love the way they sound. I have 57 Classics in my LP Trad Plus and Epi ES-175 Premium, and love them. I was deciding between 57/08"s, #7's, and antiquities for a new guitar. I have used to have 57 classics in my R9 but I swapped them for the SD 59s. There's more discussion about pickups including Seth Lovers on the link below. What would be the best option?? I ended up taking the cover off, throwing a little masking tape in there and clamping it on real tight before soldering. Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom, niveau de sortie élevé. All times are GMT-8. From what I understand, seth lovers are not potted and Gibson 57 classics are potted. Re: The Great debate 57 Classic Vs. Seth Lover I've used Seth's that had feedback problems in the past. To my ears they are more focused than the burstbucker pros in the same guitars. This is just another hint into the nature of this pickup. They are here to help. I am using a 2019 Gibson Les Paul 50's Standard. In this video i compare Gibson's Burstbucker 1 and 57 Classic neck pickups. Have not gigged with it. I have no experience with the Seth Lovers, but my only negative experience with a pickup upgrade was with putting Seymour Duncan 59s (I think they're named SH-1 now) in an early 90ies Korean Epiphone Sheraton II guitar: the slightly scooped sound of the SDs emphasized the already scooped and slightly thin sound of that all maple guitar: didn't work at all. Even though that description isn't that appealing, the pickup sounds fantastic, and I love the 57 neck. Cost the same as the Duncans. I am currently considering a set of Gibson '57 Classic or a set of Seymour Duncan Seth Lover. It is great for styles where touch-sensitivity is needed, however. Are they original Seth Lover? How many guitars do you have? check out the FAQ by clicking the Tech experts from Seymour Duncan are regularly on this forum, and are clearly labeled as employees of Seymour Duncan. When Ted Nugent started playing through Eddie's gear, a funny thing happened …. In my … Thanks tone forum. Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH-55, niveau de sortie moyen. i like the seth's, but i went with a 59 for the neck and the custom 5 for the bridge. Our butyrate bobbin molds are created by the same factory that built the original PAF mold for Gibson. The Seth Lover is one of Duncans more old school pickups. It’s called the PAF, which stands for Patent Applied For. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I recommend also Manlius pickups, either the low wind 59LT or the Fat Diane's. I want a pickup that is warm, smoth and sweet for the neck position in my tele. The 490 is a more modern pickup and is probably a little hotter than the first two mentioned. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I have a set of Duncan Designed in my Squier Jaguar HH. Today I'm comparing Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickups (which is essentially PAF style pickups) to classic Gibson 490/498 combo. Unpotted lower wind humbuckers are the perfect PAF tone to my ears. Suggestion for a Bluesy SG - Page 2 . I want a pickup that is warm, smoth and sweet for the neck position in my tele. SD Antiquity vs. Gibson '57 Classics vs. SD Seth Lovers Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by duaneallen, Sep 26, 2015. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. a pickup demo.Note: I meant to say that the pickups are NOT wax-potted. "Open and airy" is exactly how I'd describe Seths. This came from a sticker on the bottom of these pickups, and actually continued for a bit on Gibson’s pickups even after a patent was granted. For heavy metal stuff like Metallica, Maiden, death metal, I have a Schecter Damien Elite with the EMG 81/85 and a Floyd Rose bridge. They are the JB set. They are missing some of the characteristics of either hot pickups or unpotted pickups, but as a best fit compromise for most applications, I think they do it the best. I'm starting to like the sound of Seth Lovers and the price seems more affordable than the '57 Classics. I went with the #7's because I had 57/08's in a CU24. tone forum. Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by morglan, May 22, 2013. Very well balanced, articulate, and rich in harmonic content. Niveau de sortie ? After some advice please folks. I think it can be a very subjective issue. The pickups are also wax-potted. I switched to Seth Lovers and they made a huge difference (sounds like Clapton's '64 SG he used with Cream). The first humbucker was the PAF by Seth Lover (the PAF gets its name from the "patent applied for" sticker which was stuck on its underside), and this was subsequently found on the legendary Gibson guitars, including Les Paul, SG, ES series, but also in the exotics like Flying V … I do have a seth in the bridge position. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You may have to register The Seth Lover is named after an old pickup designer in the 50s who designed the early PAF pickups for Gibson. Gibson 490r et 490t, avec une bosse dans les mediums (comme le SD SH-4). I find them more open and less compressed sounding. I had a similar dilemma recently. I also replaced the mounting screws with rubber. ; In this corner weighing in at 4 oz., and commanding $129.00- The Gibson 57 Classic; Faithful replica of the Gibson humbucker that helped define the music of the late 1950s. I feel that way by experience and by word of mouth. Swap 57 Classics for Seth Lovers? 6 Geoffrey E. Stich 4 years ago Thanks people! The Pickup Lounge; Talk with your fellow tone freaks on the web's liveliest (and friendliest!) Man, I would LOVE it if I could find a pickup that sounds just like the older 57 Classics... wax-potted and with short legs. I love older 57's, but I don't think they are made to the same spec as they used to be. I own a Greg Bennett UM4, clone of the much more quoted PRS, but with a set of Duncan Design picklups, so I'd like to give it shine with a nice pair of humbuckers to do rock and hard-rock. My friend has a newer '61 reissue with stock '57's and it sounds good, but with Seths, it would sound much better IMO. It's a lot like a Seth Lover N. I like the 57 in the neck moreso than the bridge. excel 2012年1月12日 星期四 . Yes Mal, if you haven't already tried the Seth Lovers you should. While I love the Seths, if you play at higher volumes, high preamp gain with close proximity to the amp, its gonna squeal. The deciding factor for me was that I knew I loved the PRS pickups. Because of this, and because of its use on the Gibson Les Paul guitar, popularization of the humbucker is strongly associated with Gibson, although humbuckers had been used in many different guitar designs by many different manufacturers before. Since we are all mass debaters around here, Ive decided its time to open the grandadaddy of all debates. Thanks The Seth Lover has a much clearer more articulate tone. To start viewing messages, Talk with your fellow tone freaks on the web's liveliest (and friendliest!) As I understand the Seth Lovers are built the same as the Antiquities' but just not aged Thanks John. Not quite as full bodied and chimey as the APH2 slashbuckers (which rock as a bridge in a tele, if you can stand the sacrilege.) No luck so far. They're both PAF style pickups, and both use Alnico 2 magnets. His response was that the ’57 Classic is made to Seth Lover’s original specifications, to the exact letter. link above. I prefer unpotted and tried to get the '57's to work - swapped magnets, etc but no go. Gibson Classic 57, Classic 57+ (quelques tours de + pour ce dernier). All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. Anyone else find this a little troubling? Seth Lover was the father of the humbucking pickup, and he defined years of pickup manufacturing, securing his legacy as a massive contributor to musical engineering. Swapped the '57 Classics for Seth Lovers in my '61 Reissue SG and am THRILLED with the difference!! A: There definitely are differences. SD Seth Lover vs. Gibson 57´ClassicexcelSD Seth Lover vs. Gibson 57´Classic. The 57s do a great impression of that tone, and with higher gain settings, might be preferred, but for classic rock I'd personally prefer the Seths. select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Seth's. Seth Lover’s biggest impact on today’s guitar players is probably the most famous pickup ever invented. So the ’57 Classic is true to how Seth designed the PAF pickup. Original Gibson Humbucker. I sometimes buy them on reverb for cheap guitars. The 57 Classic is soft and warm, a little looser, nice complexity in the mids, and the highs are a bit more buttery.
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