An array of Student Affairs services that support students and campus life are also available to faculty and staff. Student Affairs Learning and Strategic Initiatives is committed to providing unique staff development opportunities that improve organizational and staff effectiveness, facilitate learning and build community. An annual theme provides opportunity to be responsive to staff members’ needs and adaptable to trends within higher education while also giving structure to the content. Staff Development is coordinated by the DSA Professional Development Committee and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. This theme was chosen based on feedback from staff and members of Leadership Team regarding the desire and need for leadership development across all position types in the Division. Gather with UGA Student Affairs colleagues as we start off the new year with an opportunity to connect with one another and prepare for the upcoming semester as the campus community returns from winter break. With these responsibilities, the OSDS has two (2) Divisions: the Local Student Affairs Division (with 2 units), and the International Student Affairs Division : The Division of Student Affairs Staff Development Team facilitates a variety of professional development opportunities and topics the first Wednesday of each month, through the fall and spring semesters. Fax: 979.845.3320 Student Affairs Staff Development Lead This half day workshop is designed to introduce new staff to each other, and to learn about the Division of Student Affairs. For questions, please contact: Chelsea Newmans Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 850.644.5590 Send us an email! A new monthly event, Coffee & Conversations is hosted by various departments across the division. Participated in a workshop in the past and want us to bring it back to your department for a refresher? We will provide free resources, webinars, and time to connect. Learning & Development: Lynda offers an online training library on such topics as animation, audio and video editing, software development, photography, graphic design, business productivity software and professional technology tools. This is a year-long professional development program for Student Affairs Assistant and Associate Directors or comparable level positions. Staff Development Opportunities. The formal program includes an awards component that recognizes individuals and groups nominated by fellow colleagues while the informal portion of the event provides opportunity for networking. Student Affairs staff can apply One award per staff member, per academic year, up to $250 to join an association or organization of choice and up to $500 to participate in a professional development experience (with a minimum 50 percent provided by employee’s department), may be … Service is free to Georgia State University’s students, faculty and staff University of Georgia The foundational framework is comprised of two components – the UGA Student Affairs mission statement and an annual theme of emphasis. The Professional Development Committee plans and implements programs and activities for bi-weekly and exempt staff that increase professional knowledge, skills and competencies. Interested in other staff development opportunities? ... Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Each year the committee identifies and creates educational opportunities for our staff to promote skill development and personal and professional growth. Chief of Staff University colleagues and a panel of senior leaders examined scenarios that have occurred in educational settings across the country and engaged in active problem solving and possible approaches for our campus community. Staff development initiatives created and facilitated by Student Affairs Staff Development are designed to: provide staff with resources to effectively perform their assigned roles and responsibilities; foster staff connection and collaboration across the division; develop exemplary leaders within the field of student affairs; contribute to staff members’ professional learning; foster a shared sense of … Staff members are encouraged to review their professional development interests with their supervisors annually and submit funding requests for experiences and opportunities that will bolster their professional development within the field. UCLA Student Affairs Staff Development and Trainings. Don't see your program on our calendar? If you have a professional association to add to this list, please email the Staff Development Team co-chairs. Student Affairs staff can apply One award per staff member, per academic year, up to $250 to join an association or organization of choice and up to $500 to participate in a professional development experience (with a minimum 50 percent provided by employee’s department), may be … The Division of Student Affairs Staff Development Team works to enhance the competences of professionals in the division by facilitating purposeful, innovative, and engaging activities that educate, train, and develop. Lowering Student Indebtness: Reversing the Upward Trend. These opportunities integrate staff into the division, strengthen sense of community, encourage cross-departmental collaboration, and recognize exemplary work while enhancing the division and the … Participating in an intramural sport, writing for the student newspaper or serving as a cabinet member for Student Government Association can influence your interests, provide practical skills and experience, and enrich learning. We encourage all Student Affairs staff members to apply for supplemental funding in order to attend conferences, workshops, and trainings. The Division accomplishes these tasks through utilizing best practices as identified by international higher education professional organizations to … For Student Affairs Staff Staff Development The Staff Development Committee is comprised of the Professional Development Committee & the Staff Engagement Committee and is responsible for developing and implementing an annual series of programs and activities for exempt and bi-weekly staff in the Division of Student Affairs.
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