This, in countless instances they reduced the actual cultivator to the status of tenant-at-will or a landless labourer. ? The revolt ensured the victory of the Communist Party in Andhra Pradesh in the 1952 elections. ADVERTISEMENTS: This article throw3s light upon the top two peasant movements in post-independent India. The Telangana peasant struggle, it must be boldly said, was from above and not from the peasants themselves. Peasant movements of the period took place in Telugu speaking parts but not in the parts of Kannada and Marathi speaking sections of Hyderabad state. The Communist Party started working in Telangana in 1936. In this struggle, the movement had to suffer a lot. TOS 7. Today, the area remains one of the political strong­holds of the Communist Party. The commercial crops could hardly be taken without irrigation facili­ties. Peasant Movements: Telangana Peasant Struggle (1947-51) British India. Writing about the division of Communist Party during the struggle, P. Sundarayya writes: It is relevant to mention here that during the course of the struggle, particularly during the phase of its last two years, the Communist Party from top to bottom was sharply divided into two hostile camps, one defending the struggle and its achievements and the other denouncing and decrying it as terrorism, etc. As many as 4,000 The Telangana Movement (1946-52) of Andhra Pradesh was fought against the feudal oppression of the rulers and local landowners. Professor N.G. The Deshmukhs and Desbpandes were the hereditary collectors of revenue for khalsa villages. It was considered to be the privilege of the Dora to exploit the masses of peasants. It is said to be a revolution committed by Communists. It appears that there was enough discontent among the lower segments of peasantry. The peasant movement in Telangana had to be withdrawn. miles, with a population of four million. The 'Tebhaga Movement' of Bengal was to provide two-thirds of the crop to the oppressed sharecroppers. And the process has already begun on how to build agrarian revolutionary … Central government appointed a civil servant, M K Vellodi, as the first Chief Minister of Hyderabad state on 26 January 1950. It took up a campaign to propagate the demands of the lower peasants. GANDHIAN IDEOLOGY OF THE PEASANT MOVEMENT Gandhi is, perhaps, the first Indian leader who tried to organise the masses for freedom. The region of Telangana was characterised by a feudal economy. This sharp political ideological split, though enveloping the entire party in the country, was particu­larly sharp and acute in Telangana. Peasant Movements in Independent India. This was a crisis for the tenants and the sharecroppers. The last Nizam Asaf Jah VII was made the Rajpramukh of the Hyderabad State from 26 January 1950 to 31 October 1956. The most strident demand was for the writing off of all debts of the peasants that were manipulated by the feudal lords. It looks about three to four decades. Content Filtrations 6. The Telangana peasant unrest did not erupt over night. Telangana Movement: This was the biggest peasant guerrilla war of modern Indian history affecting 3000 villages and 3 million populations. Peasant Movement: Details: Indigo Revolt (1859-60) Indigo was recognized as a chief cash crop for the East India Company’s investments. With the change in capitalistic agricultural economy, there was no change in the status of the tenants and share­croppers. (4) The Reddis and Kammars were notable castes who traditionally worked as traders and moneylenders. Other significant movements: Almost all the movement like Kheda Peasant Struggle, Bardoli Movement in Gujarat, Peasant Revolt in Telangana, and Tebhaga Movement in Bengal, were against the oppressive British government and Zamindars. Professor N.G. The peasants consolidated their movement in the face of the oppression of Nizam, activities of Razakars and the authority crisis in Hyderabad. Therefore, contemporary scholars consider these movements purely a struggle for identity rather than for resources.
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