We are all looking for things that can bring joy to our friends and families in the coming year. The blade is made of high quality spring steel to maintain its sharpness but because of this, it is also brittle. Best for People With Weak Hands: The Gardener's Friend Ratchet Pruning Shears at Amazon "Designed to make your pruning as pain-free and comfortable as possible." Our main line will continue to be pruning tools, shears, pruners, loppers, saws, knives and other cutting tools. The Gardener’s Friend pruners have an ergonomic design and soft handle grips that will allow you to cut with ease. Working in the field with these is truly a joy. BUT WAIT...IT GETS BETTER! Breadcrumb Trail Links. – The How and the Why (and the When!)”. “Growing Trees for Landscaping”. As I write this it is still mid-January but guess what, the days are getting longer and we have already had a major January thaw after some of the worst storms … [Read More...]. The pruner has far more features and provides more functional benefits than any other garden pruners we have seen on the market. Spring Is on Its Way, That Means Gardening! Find them on Amazon. Our two daughters grew up working in the barns and in the orchard and loved to help our customers with U-pick in the fall. But we are gradually expanding this line to include more pruning tools and plan by the end of the year 2015 to be up to 6 – 8 products in our basket of garden tools. We found a manufacturer that produces high-quality ratchet pruning shears and we made arrangements with this company to produce a line of pruning tools for us. Both of us have used our trusty Felco pruners for decades, but these have now become too hard for us to use and require hand strength that we no longer have. I am very impressed with this tool having spent many years pruning in my orchards and nursery. Thirty-five years ago in April of 1980 my wife Nancy, and I and our young family, left a very good secure and good paying job to become farmers. After what we feel has been “Taking the North American Market By Storm”, it became clear to us that the best move for our company for the coming year was to test our products and launch our hand … [Read More...], As the Christmas and holiday season draws near (and yes, I am proud to call it Christmas!). – You probably have a weak grip or hand ache from Arthritis or produce other mobility issues however nonetheless like to On July 31st, 1985 disaster struck our farm and our huge dairy barn burned to the ground in minutes from a spark caused by a hay conveyor. PPPS:  Inside the package you will find a little card with a website address on it. Let me tell you a story; The story about how we started The Gardener’s Friends pruning tools. Soon Nancy and I turned 60 and now we are both over 65 and at the point where retirement would be nice. "Small, bypass pruners with a powerful punch for thick vines, shrubs and trees." This can be used in the garden, on your shade trees, for pruning large shrubs or especially great as a small lightweight saw for hiking, camping, and survivalists of anyone else needed a very portable folding saw. Here are the main features: Lightweight – 219 g. (7.7 oz) It thrills us to become part of your lives. The Gardeners Friends Launching Pruners in Several New Markets, The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Gardener. NO MORE PAINFUL PRUNING! What I have found is that even with rather severe hand mobility problems I can still prune comfortably for hours. Amazon.com : The Gardener's Friend Bypass Pruners for Small Hands, These Pruning Shears are Lightweight and Easy to Use. But we are gradually expanding this line to include more pruning tools and plan by the end of the year … We look forward to and welcome your comments and please send us your success stories of uses you have found for our gardening tools. Our farm consisted of dairy cows (milk production) and fruit orchard and we operated a U-pick business. What problems, situations and bodily conditions are not being served by pruning tools presently available?
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