Thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver! It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-keratinising properties (anti-keratinising means it prevents build up of dead cells in the pores). The best The Ordinary products for acne include the following: Salicylic Acid 2% Masque, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, Retinol 1% in Squalane, and AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. How would that look in the routine you mentioned? I will be buying mostly everything that was recommended here. Cleanse -> Tone -> Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% -> Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA -> Mineral UV Filters SPF 15 with Antioxidants, Double Cleanse -> Tone -> Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (if persistent acne) -> Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% -> 100% Plant Derived Squalene, Optional: Salicylic 2% Masque 1-2 times a week, for up to 10 minutes at a time. Aleksandra, I’d love to help you create the best skincare routine for your own needs. Squalene is neither water or oil based and it is non-comedogenic so it is less likely to clog your pores and can be easily absorbed into the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Joni, sounds like you’re experiencing piling. Always do a patch test first. *Personally, I use this after my nighttime moisturizer 2-3 times a week to help seal in the hydration. Please keep in mind that the treatments in The Ordinary’s range are suitable to treat occasional breakouts. Paula’s Choice has plenty of BHA exfoliants. I get blackheads and whiteheads, allover, and mini pimples on my forehead too. Ecco la risposta che ho ricevuto io, basata sulla mia pelle grassa con tendenza all’acne microcistica e le occhiaie molto evidenti: Ho usato tutti questi prodotti anche se in modo un po’ diverso. It’s rare but it happens. Ugh. Thanks so much! [If you want to skip intro and background info you the product recos start at 4:12!] Here’s why: What it is: This solution is leave-in exfoliant with salicylic acid, an oil-soluble exfoliating acid that removes all the dead cells and excess oil stuck in your pores. Niacinamide is the new skincare superhero on the block. Thank you in advance!!! You can book your consultation here: I don’t care if The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution is the IT exfoliant of the moment. For the evening I am using the same cleanser, then the retinol and leaving this to soak, followed by the Azaelic acid and leaving this to soak in and occasionally rose hip when my skin feels dry. It’s loaded with moisturising fatty acids and a natural form of retinol (vitamin A). These are going to make the biggest difference. When bacteria infects your skin, your immune system kicks into gear, triggering inflammation to remove the threat. To register your interest, please leave a comment here. I am looking for an alternative to hopefully clear it up so that I can avoid that route. Wrong – oftentimes your skin is over producing sebum, or oil, because it’s dehydrated. Acne-prone skin only needs salicylic acid. You should look for the following ingredients: Important: Many people with oily skin think they do not need moisturizers because it will exacerbate their oily skin issues. To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. I have no idea what my skin type is, even after reading your article and cheat sheet about it. Zinc can help regulate oil production. I have never used retinoids but would like to implement an anti-aging ingredient into my current routine. The ordinary has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the skincare industry. Related: I did an very in-depth post all about the benefits of adding niacinamide into your skincare routine. The above The Ordinary acne products help to tackle your acne love triangle from all 3 routes. Its formulation is meant to be used 1-2 times a week for up to 10 minutes at a time. Related: How To Fade Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. If I’d like to try it and implement it in my skin care routine, how do you recommend using it along with the other products? Therefore, preventing acne, including whiteheads and blackheads. Why it’s good for acne: Acne-prone skin lacks linoleic acid, one of the many fatty acids in rosehip oil. Download your FREE 'Best Anti-Aging Skincare Routine" cheatsheet to find out what really works to prevent aging and minimise wrinkles (plus, weekly tips). It’s created by my scientist friend Cheryl Woodman – click here to check it out now. My skin feels horrible and sore and the spots are not getting better at all. Hi Gio! Is The Ordinary good for acne? Side effects: Like all exfoliants, it can irritate skin if used too often. Start slowly and introduce a new product every 3 weeks. Check out this link for alternatives in the meantime. Thanks for writing this informative post! © The Ordinary is no longer making the salicylic acid formulation you mentioned here. If it’s excessive oil production, go with niacinamide. Coral, no. And wait until one product has fully absorbed before applying the next one. The Ordinary Guida applicazione ️ Spedizione gratuita da 25€ Campioni omaggio Più di 200 marchi DOUGLAS! It’s a common misconception that oily skin needs to be “dried out” and the oils eliminated. The Complete Guide To Growth Factors: Do They Work & Are They Safe? the acne is bothering me so much and totally killing my confidence. It’s about getting the right products for your skin and make the most of them. That’s why it’s best to use it at night. You definitely need more hydration, so I’d either switch moisturiser or add a Hyaluronic Acid serum. I went for swimmimg wthout sunscreen n after that ownwards i am facing this issue . The Ordinary Skincare Brand. Regimen Guide. Charis, only your skin can answer this question. What Are The Best Products With Copper Peptides? Fatty acids also keep your skin from getting dehydrated while vitamin A helps the skin’s natural exfoliating process. this is what I am thinking to do but I still dont know what to do for my acne scars. Check out our The Ordinary skincare guide today. If you do not like the feel of oils on your skin, you probably will not enjoy using Squalene much. First, if you are like me and are shopping for traditional cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, you will be thrown off. I was wondering if you had any advice about accutane or recommendations about it. Skin types classified as “oily” tends to have overactive pores that produce too much sebum, or skin oil. Salicylic Acid for Acne Prevention Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid most commonly used in skincare products. Jess, usually only cleansers and masks are rinse off. Side effects: Although rare, it can cause irritations in some people. Kamila, you can still use this routine, but you NEED Salicylic acid. If you’re not a fan of harsh treatments like benzoyl peroxide (The Ordinary isn’t either), azelaic acid is a great alternative. Rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and ceramides, it packs plenty of essential ingredients that keeps your skin balanced and hydrated without extra fillers that may clog up pores and cause breakouts. I dont really know what my skin type is because it doesnt feel oily nor dry but I do get breakouts nonetheless. Whether there are reddish-spotted spots, or deep scars, especially after severe acne, hormonal, or cystic the routine to improve the aspect of post acne scars is pretty simple, but it takes time, up to six months to see results. Also, do any of these products I have listed include tea tree oil because when I apply tea tree oil to my face it gives my a very bad rash. Alex, you can check out my thoughts on Accutane here: and break out alot. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Apply a small amount to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and control oil production. and my skin sufer with acne for about 10 years at least, tho, no redness or massive issues, just more cyctic with bumps on my face/back. I have never been sure if my skin is dry, combination or oily and have spent my life using different products and spot creams. I’ve been breaking out like crazy during the quarantine and I have no idea why. What would you classify my skin as> Thank you for all your help. Acne is caused by excess oil, which way be genetic or caused by hormones. Here Are 5 Acne-Fighting Products From The Ordinary You Need in Your Routine Serum, toner, peeling solution and more. In the last two months, my hormones (I assume) and hence my skin has gone crazy. (This post is not an ad, sponsored or paid for and does not contain any affiliate links. Acne causes bumps, spots, and blocked pores. Related: In case you want to check it out, I’ve rounded up the Best Foundations for Oily Skin (something to suit every budget!) I do not find it “completely ungreasy” like The Ordinary’s website suggests and would liken the feel to an oil. Long story short, my skin doesn’t fit any of the categories! Il prodotto contiene acido salicilico (un beta-idrossiacido che riesce a “scavare” la sporcizia bloccata) e un mix di carbone e argille per una pulizia ultra profonda che “sblocca” i pori e combatte punti neri e imperfezioni e contrastare la congestione. The pores on my cheeks, mostly the part under my eyes, and large and prone to whiteheads and sebaceous filaments. If you’re using salicylic acid at night, alternate it with retinoids. The vast product line features numerous treatments that can go to work to minimize the appearance of acne scars. All products sent for review unless otherwise stated.) I know you´re excited to get on and buy but please, spend a little time reading and you will save money, time and maybe your skin. Price: $10 for 50ml pH 5.5-6.5 If you wear makeup, using a wet wipe is the worst thing you can do to your skin. It also exfoliates the surface of your skin (so dead cells can’t fall into the pores in the first place) and has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe redness and irritations. Study after study shows that it’s as effective at treating acne as harsher treatments, including benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin and accutane. Here’s why: What it is: Rosehip oil is the oil extracted from the hip of roses (the hip is the radish-like ball the rose leaves behind after it blossoms). Coincidentally, I have created the complete guide & routine for acne from The Ordinary Skincare products! Let’s get started: ​If you’ve experienced breakouts by using The Ordinary skincare then you need to enrol in Extraordinary Skin With The Ordinary and get started on module 3 now. Let’s get started: If you’ve experienced breakouts by using The Ordinary skincare then you need to enrol in Extraordinary Skin With The Ordinary and get started on module 3 now. Kaitlyn, it’s ok, but you need salicylic acid to stay on your skin for hours. For ex, if you’re using Tretinoin, ditch the azelaic acid in the morning and the retinoid serum at night. Is salicylic acid a exfoliator? I feel like I am putting too much on but as you can appreciate I will do anything if it works! Brenna, don’t use anything with glycolic acid with this routine. Can I use all of these to help with acne or should I buy something else and can I mix all of these? Most big websites do this too. i only just started using the ordinary range for that last 3 days. I suffer with a lot of redness and regular breakouts and have never been able to combat this (I am 22 and have never had a routine that works) This routine seems promising and the products actually feel like they are doing something however I have a few questions. Is This The Best Cream For Very Dry And Sensitive Skin? I just want to share my success story. If you are looking for The Ordinary products for general anti-aging needs, please refer to this post. Why It’s Good For Acne: It speeds up the skin’s natural exfoliating process, helping to keep pores clean. My skin type is normal to oily. and also, should i use the ordinarys toner before i use the items you listed? Oily vs. Acne Prone: Is there a difference? When to use it: Salicylic acid is gentle. This guide is super great to break down what you’re actually looking at and how to use it! So let’s first differentiate the difference between oily and acne-prone skin. And then you end up with a 10 steps routine that takes all morning to put on. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution is currently out of stock for reformulation. Nighttime Skincare Routine with The Ordinary Step 1: Squalane Cleanser. Available at: Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique. I’ve discovered The Ordinary range of products, affordable, effective, and reasonably easy to incorporate in one’s skincare routine. 5  Lactic acid is the star ingredient in this peeling formula which aims to improve skin's tone and texture. The Ordinary Skincare Guide Acne. My question is, will the Squalene make my skin worse (Since my skin is already somewhat oily) and should I add salicylic acid to my routine to get rid of the forehead bumps?? After moisturizer, The Ordinary suggests adding 100% Plant Derived Squalene into your routine for added moisturization benefits due to weather or environment (think winter, air conditioning, or airplane rides). would love what you have to say about my routine. Can I use the ordinary Hyaluronic Acid instead? It’s when your skin produces too much oil due to factors such as genetics, environment, and hormone that leads to issues such as shiny skin, clogged pores, and acne. Related: Why Salicylic Acid Is Key To Keeping Oily Skin Spot-Free. I don’t recommend salicylic acid cleansers because salicylic acid needs to stay on the skin to work, so you’re just throwing money away. Danielle, I’d start with salicylic acid first, then retinol. There is a wealth of information, in addition to formats, time of use, and targeted concerns on this page that you can use as reference. Ari, NEVER leave out sunscreen. After that, figure out what’s your biggest concern. See your skincare matches now. vit c. sunscreen. Hi! It’s one of the few oils that moisturises skin without worsening acne (yep, even fungal acne). Acne-prone skin is very delicate. Related: Benzoyl Peroxide: Friend Or Foe? Subscribe to my newsletter below and receive The Ordinary Acne Skincare Routine Cheatsheet, where I explain why this routine works and give you recommendations for the missing products: This is the basic routine for acne. This serum brings the inflammation down a notch or two. I have acnebissue from last two years before my sk8n was clean n clear . This quick guide to The Ordinary anti-acne skincare products will help you figure out what products you need, when to use them and how to fit them into your skincare routine. Acne-prone skin needs salicylic acid. I’ve watched some YouTube videos by aestheticians on The Ordinary, but wanted to get so more info on what to use for acne prone skin. Chelsea, it’s hard to tell because 1. The Ordinary has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the skincare industry. and do I need to wait a certain amount of time between products? Described as a “high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula”, The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% can be used as treatment for occasional breakouts and blemishes. I don’t know what else you’re using/not using. Very happy I found ‘QACNE365’ in google and got retin-a ❤️. In the meantime, I recommend either Paula’s Choice Clear Regular Strength 2% BHA or FaceTheory BHA Exfoliating Serum. The one I have bought is just a liquid with none of the usual exfoliating properties I would expect, such as exfoliating beads. I was wondering how I best combine these products? Using the products that I mentioned above, and  after doing much research on The Ordinary’s website, I saw that they have example regimens that you can consider. Note: If you’re already using retinol and don’t want to add more vitamin A to your skincare routine, go with 100% Plant-Derived Squalane. and I am 30 so I am already starting to have fine lines around eye area and forehead….. so for where should I start??? I have used the niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% from the ordinary for a while now, and I recently started with the organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil which I use every now and then (I usually mix it with my moisturizer). If its an exfoliator, does it need to be washed off after use or does it stay on the skin. hey gio i have been using ordinary product since last year and i am love in it .As i am 26 years old now i want some aging routine for am and pm i hope u will make it easy also my skin is oily and acne prone with pores . *Personally, I have been using the Niacinamide myself for the past three weeks, and have found it helpful in treating the very occasional pimple that appear in my jaw/chin area. In my daily routine i dont use any special product for my skin just loryal hydra boost using . A dermatologist immediately recommended acutane but I am nervous because of how harsh it is and the side effects. Monica, it’s hard to say without knowing your entire history. hi! However I am rather dry on the surface of my skin. Thanks for sharing! Hope this helps. It’s the most important product in your skincare routine. Since my skin has flared up I have read countless blogs and am so confused. Awesome post! Basically I need help and not sure how to proceed and which products you would recommend using. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Update: It seems like The Ordinary is updating the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution as of May 2020 so the product isn’t available for purchase. hi with the routine you just gave us for acne can you also use the ordinary toner in that routine? The Ordinary can be really confusing especially if you’re new to skincare. Can you recommend any cheap products? You can try switching to this routine but adding only one new product a month. because I used to use drugstore products eg cetaphill and these were easy to use – just rub it on my face but these serums are more complicated so do I just drop them on my face or? shall i go for retinoid 1% as i used 2%. The ordinary natural moisturizing factors ha 100ml helps support an acne treatment routine to help boost moisture and repair the skin. Hey I wanted to know if you have to use sunscreen during this routine. I lost count of how many of you have emailed me in the past few months asking me how to use The Ordinary anti-acne products. I am about to order all these products you’ve recommended, but I do have a question. Be sure to avoid using niacinamide with pure vitamin C products as they conflict with each other. (Psst…I also explain what causes oily skin in this post, in case you want to check it out.). It can be difficult for makeup to last all day for Oily Skin, so be sure to check it out if you struggle to find a suitable founation for your skin. A Note About Niacinamide and Vitamin C: There have been confusion over the use of Vitamin C formulas conflicting with Niacinamide. Available at: Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and Look Fantastic. It’s important to understand that skin of all types naturally produce oil to keep skin healthy and prevent it from drying out. About 6 months ago I stopped taking Yasmin contraceptive pill which I had been on for over 10 years and initially was put on it for spots (never bad acne but spots and a picking obsession lead to bad self-confidence and a pill prescription). Keep your pores clean and you’ll starve the nasty buggers to death. 100% … My skin feels dry, but i’ve consistently had acne all over for the past 3ish years (I’m 16). I just bought the niacinamide + zinc, NMF, and 100% plant-derived Squalene. My skin doesn’t get oily, and even after stopping all skin care (even washing my face) I saw no change, besides my skin being a little less dry. Hi Gio! . Every single pore on my nose has sebaceous filaments too. Sophia, I’ve reviewed it here: i would like to order some, but as mentioned prior, not sure where to start. However, recent studies have shown this not to be the case. Required fields are marked *. Are you struggling with cystic or fungal acne that will never go away? Srijana, are you talking about granactive retinoid? The value-driven line of products provides a host of … You can check out my guide to them here. Deciem, which is the parent brand that owns the Ordinary, does offer cleansers and moisturizers. Please remember that The Ordinary’s treatments are meant to be used in addition to your regular cleansing and moisturizing products. They’re so cheap, you want to get ALL of them. These serums and stuff are a bit more complicated so do I just drop them on my face and rub or? Start with two or three nights a week and build up frequency gradually to every other day. Thanks so much for the explanation. You are doing great work! You’re not using the entire routine and 2. You can find out how to deal with it here: The Ordinary offers a Salicylic Acid 2% Solution which is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that is a chemical exfoliant which helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes with continued use. For skincare that actually works, and these products do, the prices are literally stunning and everything is amazing value for money. Get it from another brand. Apologies for all the silly questions, Thank you for the very informative post, any help or advise would be much appreciated! Hii I just started using the ordinary products. You can remove/add other stuff as your skin needs. I am including The Ordinary treatments suitable for oily skin, to help control oil, give skin the moisture and exfoliator it needs, as well as treatments suitable for breakouts. Thank you so much for such vauale information! In general terms, water formulations should be applied before oil formulations and we recommend using a maximum of … Hi im really confused with what I should do because I feel like my acne just won’t go away. ... minimising pores and targeting acne blemishes. If you need more help, you can book your skincare consultation here:, I have found your blog incredibly useful and have purchased every product you have mentioned! Should I use the NMF moisturizer instead of oils for moisture? Is effaclar duo+ best as a moisturizer or a spot treatment? The Ordinary Skincare Routine For Acne. Also I forgot to mention sorry, how do you use all these products because before I use to use Paula’s choice and ordinary drugstore products for acne e.g cetaphill and they were pretty straightforward. i read the article above, but not much help, as the only product was identified.. so i did my research, and believe that the best products to use would be: Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion. Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3 that treats acne, soothes inflammation and brightens the skintone. Try the best products from The Ordinary for acne and hyperpigmentation. will be honest, i’m pretty much lost with all the ordinary skincare products. I’m wondering about the peeling solution (I’ve heard wonders about it) and I want to know what’s your opinion on it? You can use it in the morning and/or evening right after cleansing. The first thing to do is to figure out your skin type: The Inkey List Beta Hydroxy Acid is also good. Marina, it depends. Study after study shows that it’s as effective at treating acne as harsher treatments, including benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin and accutane. I have recently gotten acne again but I believe it is hormonal. If you’re using salicylic acid, don’t use glycolic at all. Apply to clean skin to replenish essential moisture and promote a plump, supple texture. Side effects: It contains vitamin A so it could make your skin more photosensitive. SKINCARE; 7 prodotti The Ordinary per una perfetta beauty routine ... Ecco una guida ai prodotti The Ordinary viso e capelli (ebbene sì, parleremo anche di haircare!) should i add it with everything else if i just use it in the pm? Available at: Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and Look Fantastic. If you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, don’t worry I got you covered! also do I have to use sunscreen or is moisturizer just ok? Rebecka, I’d love to help you create the best skincare routine for your needs. Sara, I’d love to help you create the best skincare routine for your needs. That way, if something doesn’t agree with your skin, you’ll know straight away. Then you have azelaic acid and salicylic acid to help make your skin less cushy for p.acnes. Meaning that it is formulated to not cause blocked pores. Acne can lead to scarring, which presents it’s own skincare challenges. It is the only thing that has actually helped with my acne. The Ultimate Guide To The Ordinary Retinoid Products: Which One Should You Choose? All skin types, whether oily, dry, or combination can be acne-prone if you don’t use the right products.
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