In particular, I like the hidden fasteners put out by Deck … This little gem has been around for a while. They also sell starter clips for fastening the initial board, and connector clips too. These fasteners create a fast and simple way to install your deck and create a smooth deck surface, uninterrupted by visible screws or nails. 3) Hidden fastener– Cedar is a very stable material. expansion and contraction of boards in mind. But the deck will look great. The Consumer packs of 10 brackets include 120 coated deck screws (length varies by box color), 110 #8×1” coarse thread pan-head coated joist screws, and one square-drive pro drive bit. The head is slightly visible on the side of the board, leaving the surface unmarred. A screw, nail, or scrail secures the clip to the joist either under the plank or beside it, leaving the decking clear. The angle snugs the board in and the clip maintains the gap at 3/16” or 1/4″ depending on the product selected. The hidden clips systems have a wing or flange that inserts into the manufactured groove in the side of composite boards. The plastic collated screws work exclusively in the stand-up CAMO DRIVE™ to edge fasten 5/4” thick composite, PVC, and wood decking, or face fastening 5/4” and 2” boards. Tropical hardwoods and composite deck­ing are the best candidates for hidden fasteners. Composite deck screws. The hole is countersunk and a matching plug glued and hammered into place after the screw is driven in. These are engineered for installing UltraDeck Fusion®, UltraDeck® Rustic™, UltraDeck® Natural™, UltraDeck® Inspire™, and UltraDeck® Triumph™ Solid composite decking. No Lag Head Screws. DeckWise Ipe clip system fastens 5/4” or 1” thick Ipe, other hardwood, composite, and thermal decking. Fasten one per joist, and slide the next board into place, and repeat. The black coated trim-head screws blend and disappear against the clip after being driven through the edge of the board. Easy to use, just position the tool, push down to engage the bit – it clunks – and then trigger the drill until it disengages. There are four different styles of hidden deck fasteners on the market. The orange Edge Guide is for edge fastening and the black attachment for straight down and face fastening; both attachments work with the collated screws. materials and the style you are looking for. Decking screws are coated for corrosion … Eb-Ty is … The system can also be used to fasten the perimeter board ends without top-screwing. The product category for side mounted concealed deck fasteners has Use an adjustable torque driver to drive the screw into the center of the joist at a 45° angle. When planning your decking purchase it is important to consider how it will be fastened. There is also a mounting block that makes handling and installing the clips easier. If you’re doing the install yourself, do the research; if hiring a pro, hopefully, they do it. Stainless and coated black so it's going to last a long time. This is where the choice gets interesting. the different densities and physical characteristics of the boards. The CAMO Edge Deck Fastening … The initial threads pull the screw in quickly and the upper reverse or positive threads draw the board tight to the joist. The clips automatically set a 3/16” gap between boards for a uniformed finish. But the thing about the Lumberloc clip is it is designed specifically with However you must understand that some movement may occur over time. The fasteners not only hold the plank but ensure uniform spacing between boards. Groove clips are designed for composite, PVC, plastic, and fiberglass decking. 6 10 x 2-1/2 Stainless Deck Screws – Best Hidden Fasteners For Wood Decking 7 Panorama Lag Screw – Best Deck Screws For Pressure Treated Wood 8 Bolt Dropper Black E-Coat – … If you don’t want screws in the top of the joists, there are clips that fasten to the side of the joist. Just to prove they’ve thought of everything, there’s the Tiger Claw Slot Cutter for ungrooved boards. The runner is then under-screwed to the fastener, which also has a 1/8” spacer tab for the second board of the runner. Check out the different fasteners and their. Place the plank to be installed into position, hammer the wider-set two prongs into the wood where it crosses the joist using the mounting block, and then drive the screw in at a 45° angle screw to hold it in place. Trex Hideaway Installation Guide. Another edge system is similar to the groove clip, but for decking without grooves. The Green Box is for solid decking with an actual thickness of 1-1/2” or more using #10×1-3/4” coated screws. Ideal for non-grooved edge-face boards so they’ll lock in with the hidden fasteners in grooved decking. Hidden fasteners can save time and require less screwing and measuring, which also saves money if you’re paying for labor. Screw and plug hidden fastener systems are commonly used to fasten edge boards, the perimeter, and stairs. DeckWise Ipe Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners, What to Consider When Buying Hidden Deck Fasteners, Simpson Strong-Tie EB-TY Hidden Deck Fastener System, Unmarred deck surface with uniform spacing, CAMO DRIVE™ Easy on the body and knees and works with most brands of clips, Tools, screws, and clips are high-quality, Screw head slightly visible at the side of the board, CAMO DRIVE™ needs to be longer for taller users, Screwing through the edge prevents the board sliding or ‘walking’, The clip protects the joist from moisture damage, Changing from drill to driver, or need two drills or more hands, Corrosion-resistant to chemically or ACQ treated wood, Gun is proprietary to Tiger Claw scrails and doesn’t work well with some brands of collated fasteners or clips, Clips make it difficult to install long (16’+) composite boards, The drive angle for screws must be perfect or it binds or strips out, Great for wherever top fastening is required, Plugs match perfectly for near-invisible finish, Creates an ultra-strong connection between decking and joists, Multiple steps add time and labor to the project, Larger gap for better ventilation and drainage, Must drive at 45° to avoid stripping or snapping the screw, Full system with multiple spacing options, Drill perfectly angled holes every time without splitting, Works for any edge fastening project, including fencing, Need 2 drills: one to drill, the other to drive, Improves air circulation and reduces the potential for rot. Installation is easy, push the board into place, insert the clip, and drive in a screw, scrail, or nail. The half driving makes it easier to align and insert the next plank and results in less frustration. Although ideal for 5/4 thick grooved decking, the clips also work with ungrooved 5/4 and 2” lumber – just use the TC-150 slot cutting bit where needed. A Visitor Shares Their Thoughts on Hidden Deck Fasteners, Home  >  Deck Materials  >  Hidden Deck Fasteners. They’re the TC-G clips for grooved composite, PVC, and wood decking, TC-120 for grooved hardwood, TC-2S and 3S for ungrooved planks, and the TC-G butt seam clip. The hidden fastener or hinge comes in many varieties. There is less splitting or splintering of boards, which are held tighter to the joists. Nails and screws can work loose or sit up as the wood shrinks around them, making for a potentially painful toe-stubbing, foot scuffing, or trip hazard. Installation is quick and easy using a drill or Tiger Claw pneumatic gun. The clip is then inserted into the side groove of a deck … Our INNOVATIVE sizes of Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners give you the flexibility you need to properly space ALL types of Decks. © 2004-2019 Some hidden fasteners are specially designed screw and plug systems that fasten through the board. Pre-drill, countersink, drive in the screw, and then glue and tap the plug into the hole. The screw and plug system for composite or PVC decking and commonly include screws, plugs, and driver-countersinking combo bit. Installation is 3-step – set the board in place, drive the Cortex #8×2-1/2” screw in using the TTAP® drive tool, and then tap in the color match plug. The clips come with a NEVER-MISS™ guide for easy driving and can be driven with the stand-up CAMO DRIVE™. Trex Hideaway 400-sq ft Coverage Black Clip Hidden Fasteners … Their selection of hidden fasteners for composite, PVC, hardwood, softwood, grooved or ungrooved decking makes them a versatile choice. They won’t corrode from airborne sea salt or chemical preservatives in joists or decking and are warrantied for 25 years. But luckily most of them are for specific types of wood or deck material like composite or grooved boards. And it will work well with hardwoods, composite of plastic decking. … Shadoe ® Track. under the joist system. They are more expensive, but they are the ultimate in terms of longevity to the elements. Slide the gun to the right to disengage from the fastened clip, load another clip, and move on to the next joist. The result is a clear, smooth, and secure deck. Don't worry. You don't need to buy groove boards to use these hidden deck fasteners either. The screw is driven and countersunk to 1/4″ into the composite board. Wood screws have their positives and negatives too, as do hidden deck fasteners. The clips maintain a 3/16” gap and elevate the plank lightly to improve airflow between the plank and joist, plus it reduces ‘walking’ by the plank. Here are some other manufacturers that also make similar types of side mounted concealed deck fasteners: You can see that a "nail-less" or "screw-less" deck is more than possible. Clip systems can be used with wood boards but require a notch or groove to be routered or biscuit-cut into the side where needed. Each container also includes the 6-point TORX® TTAP® driver. Additionally, there are fasteners specific to individual manufacturers too. The clips fasten to the joist with a screw, nail, or scrail driven on an angle. These scrails work with the Tiger Claw hidden fastener system, which is arguably the fastest deck installation system available. FastenMaster VersaClip 50-sq ft Coverage Black Self-Drilling Clip Hidden Fasteners (90-Count) Item #471150. Step 2. exterior with a stainless steel center piece. Clips and screws are manufactured from 304 stainless-steel for the best corrosion protection from moisture or chemical preservatives in the wood. Different Types Of Hidden Deck Fasteners Soft or Hard Wood, Composite, Grooved or Ungrooved. Dismantling the whole deck isn’t the answer you want. A 930 piece box of metal collated scrails will do approximately 500sqft of decking at 16” centers. Many deck board manufacturers also make a fastening system or recommend products that work well with their boards. Deck boards are the finishing touch to most decks. The CAMO system secures fasteners at an angle through the sides of deck … The jig even has a slot for setting the stop-collar at the correct placement. FastenMaster offers the Tiger Claw line, a full hidden fastener system compatible with most types of decking products. But it is designed to be strong so it excels with the tough decking like composite, hardwoods and pvc. As the fastener sets into the joist, it tips the clip’s wing upward, forcing the two prongs into the wood. Edge systems work on hard and softwood decking, and grooved and ungrooved composite or PVC planks. With that in mind, our money is on the CAMO Hidden Fastener system. The fasteners hold the decking by gripping the board side while a nail or screw secures the clip to the joist. The Cortex fastening system by FastenMaster is a top-down screw and plug hidden fastener line for a dozen or more composite, PVC, and capstock decking brands. The clips are designed to resist rust for longer life. CONCEALoc hidden fastener system by TimberTech is engineered to secure grooved composite decking without damaging the top or sides of the planks. For the best alignment, use a straightener to hold warped boards before driving in the clips and screwing them into place. Cortex hidden face fasteners This is actually a system consisting … hardness of the wood or decking and its side profile, grooved or The hidden fasteners work on most composite, PVC, pressure treated, hardwood, and cedar decking. All fastening is done under the decking, further protecting screws from the elements, which is why they have a 50-year warranty. So an adhesive between the joists and boards is sometimes recommend. No matter which one you choose, these types of hidden fasteners are Deckmaster’s hidden deck brackets are 22-1/2” long powder-coated wood-colored galvanized steel to prevent corrosion by moisture, chemicals, and ACQ treated wood. This makes them less susceptible to corrosion than surface fasteners, providing for a longer life span for your deck and fastener. Creates a smooth deck surface For use with grooved deck boards There are a plethora of hidden deck fasteners on the market today making it difficult to know which is best for the decking you’re installing. … be tinted in a variety of colors and tones. Kreg manufactures the perfect jig for edge drilling composite, PVC, hardwood, or softwood decking. The plate also prevents overdriving the screw. There’s also the CONCEALoc router bit so you can make non-grooved boards compatible with the fasteners too. There are clips where the screw is driven perpendicular, and some are driven on an angle. Reload the scrails before they get empty as the last few in the chamber may fall out of alignment and cause a misfire. Once the plank is fastened at each joist, align the next piece, and use an 8-pound sledge with a 2×4 block to drive the decking onto the prongs protruding from the previously installed board. See more ideas about hidden deck fasteners, deckorators, composite decking. The ‘V’ shouldered head sinks in slightly to finish the grip on the decking. The decking rests on the galvanized flange, not directly on the wooden joist, improving airflow and decreasing rot potential. She would like it to be as high as possible, with. The final thing to consider when using a hidden clip system is that Warranties may require the use of a manufacturer specified fastener which may limit the selection to a more expensive product. At a Glance: My Choices for Best Hidden Deck Fasteners. The brackets are available in color-coded boxes for different decking thicknesses. There are multiple companies working on better designs to make them easier to install and use. Model #FMVC-50. With top clips and fasteners from brands such as Trex, TimberTech, Deckorators and more! hidden nicely between a very tight 3/32" gap between hardwood boards. Use the 90-pack to check out the product or to finish off a deck. Fasten at each joist. The Ipe Clip is one of the original They can be installed … The tool aligns the screw at the perfect angle, has a grip for holding the tool and plank in place, and drives the screw to the perfect depth each time. Tiger Claw hidden fasteners are also warrantied for use on more than a dozen different brands of decking, all listed on the bag or pail. Rely on CAMO for any decking job. A screw goes through the hole in the center in a toe nail style. Get your hands on hidden deck fasteners for a clean and seamless installation. choose the right connector for your job. The deck surface is free of screw or nail heads, unmatched screw lines, slivers, and uneven gaps. Plus, it pushes the edge of the wing into the board, preventing it from ‘walking’ laterally. Clips may be plastic, corrosion-resistant metal, or fiberglass. A good all-around choice is #10 decking screws—generally in 2 1/2- to 3 1/2-inch lengths. Clips are available in five heights for groove compatibility with different brands. There are enough clips and scrails to finish 500sqft of decking at 16” centers. The gap is near flush, allowing for some shrinkage. Operation is easy. And if you need a very stiff deck you may have to use cross bracing Mantis is so sure of their system they offer a 30-year limited warranty. As you finish off half setting a new screw, reach across and finish driving the one between planks. Place the Guide on the board and clamp down with the trigger handle to hold in place, load in the screws, push for spacing, and drill. Be sure to get boards which are grooved exactly for the dimension of The tool can also be used for roofing, sub-flooring, and other applications.
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