I need a merchant on my side because I’m an affiliate marketing retailer that’s currently working on a website called Suitcoatsandeverything.com because I have designed a clothing line called southwest Calvary creation collection also currently working with Davison design and development and I’m currently in the development stage so that my line can be manufactured by them so If I sent you my sketches would you be interested in tailoring my design? Sandra Sandor is the mind behind Nanushka, a label that finds its origins in Budapest, Hungary. Should I stop? American designer who founded the brand, Kenneth Cole. Italian designer; she designs under her own namesake brand Alberta Ferretti. World famous Japanese Dress designer who has a namesake label Yohji Yamamoto. The designer reported on her Instagram page that she had raised over $23 000 in just four hours, and will be restocking the now sold-out masks as soon as possible. The Italian Fashion designer who founded the haute couture fashion house of Cerruti. He is famous for beautifully crafted leather accessories, which he also recreated in hemp and linen, A famous Japanese Fashion designer known for his technology-driven collections which are contemporary and sophisticated. Known for asymmetrical cuts and a timeless aesthetic devoid of any ornamentation, Ukrainian label Juliya Kros was motivated to produce face masks after receiving numerous requests from customers. He’s also using this initiative and his Instagram platform. The brand brings out jeans, casual collections, underwear collections and even perfumes, Learn more about the designer and creations here. Trends don't dictate to us - you do. This is such a great article to help us be more educated on the amazing fashion icons. “I started thinking about our culture and how I could add a slight bit of normalcy to people’s lives that are anything but normal right now,” she said. His clothes are a combination of urban downtown chic and disheveled rock grunge cool;  He is called “T-shirt master” because of his emphasize on casual t-shirts and tshirt dresses in his collection. She has transformed a small boutique she started catering to the bridal segment into a big business worth a billion dollars or more. Jeans were designed as a solution to miners’ needs for durable work-wear. StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. Search. His aesthetic is translated usually through highly skilled fabric manipulations in over-sized … French costume designer Anne Sophie Cochevelou has joined forces with London-based photographer Anthony Lycett for a photo series that explores the way face masks can tell stories about its wearer. Fashion is freedom. How to name your clothing brand? A visionary of artistic expression, Yamamoto’s produces fashion in ways where the pieces created serve as more than just clothing and are justifiably forms of art. They have since expanded into face masks, using a variety of vibrant African prints to protect their fellow citizens. She specialized in designing elegant feminine gowns. “We didn’t want to create something over-priced or self-important; we priced them the same as we would a bandana and did some designs that made us smile,” he said. Fashion designers hold a special place in our world. The first step is to choose attractive and unique names for a clothing brand. Italian Fashion designer. Their atelier was one of the first businesses to receive the official state permission to keep working during coronavirus pandemic to support the local mask production. challenge the barriers of the traditional art industry hierarchy by inviting the viewer inside her artistic process. Today, she’s using it to fight the spread of COVID-19. You forgot the mother of modern fashion; Margaine-Lacroix. That’s why Alia Meagan, founder of. Looking and swooning and gushing at all those incredibly beautiful clothes is as close to getting a formal fashion education as I could. Available in black mesh, black rib, sparkled rib, blue denim or cow print, each mask can be purchased with a matching jockstrap.
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