)Used without the article; as, an anarthrous substantive.2.(Zol.) (Chem.) & p. p. Amplified (? [Pref. [Malay amoq furious.] ), a. to wreathe; ? (Biol.) (c) A species or genus in one countryclosely related to a species of the same genus, or a genusof the same group, in another: such species are often calledrepresentative species, and such genera, representativegenera.Dana. ? [L. anceps,ancipitis, twoPheaded, double; anO for ambO on both sides +caput head.] { An7ecOdot6ic (? ? F. ), n. [L. analemma a sun dial on a pedestal,showing the latitude and meridian of a place, Gr. ?. (Bot.) [Gr. 1.(Bot.) I have used this book so much since I bought it that I hope it will hold up for the years to come. Extendingover all the zones, from the tropics to the polar zonesinclusive.Am6phiOgen (? ), An6choOrite (? Aspore of some alg, which has male functions.AnOdrot6oOmous (? ]They mourned their ancient leader lost.Pope.w demesne (Eng. )Sexual generation; amphigony.AmOphig6eOnous (? + ? ),} a. Whitlock.Am6phiObranch (? Find out information about Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. Gr. See Ancient.]1. Unabridged definition is - not abridged : complete. ), v. t. [imp. )Fertilized by the agency of the wind; P said of plants inwhich the pollen is carried to the stigma by the wind;windPFertilized.Lubbock.AOnem6oOscope (? (Biol. (Rhet.) ), adv.X An7aOcoOlu6thon (? + ? ?.](Chem.) [Gr. One from whom a person is descended, whetheron the father's or mother's side, at any distance of time; aprogenitor; a fore father.2. 1. ? to break.] (Chem. [Gr. [L. anatinus, fr. ), n. A dissector.AOnat6oOmy (? [Written also aneurysmal. An anchoret. (Zol.) P w lights (Law), windows andother openings which have been enjoined without molestationfor more than twenty years. amusable.] foot.](Zol.) ), a. + ? [Gr. ), n.; pl. F.anathmatisme.] anker, AS. In an ancient manner. F. See Ample.] in.] ), An7aOtom6icOal (? AnOfrac6tuOose7 (? [NL., fr. A machine or automation in theform of a human being.An6droid, a. Resembling a man.AnOdrom6eOda (? Serving to amplify or enlarge;amplificative.Morell.Am6pliOfi7er (? ? [L. auncien, F. ancien, LL. Amisplacing or error in the order of time; an error inchronology by which events are misplaced in regard to eachother, esp. A largeSouth American snake of the Boa family (Eunectes murinus),which lives near rivers, and preys on birds and smallmammals. Ambiguousdiscourse; amphibology.If it oracle contrary to our interest or humor, we willcreate an amphiboly, a double meaning where there is none. When the imbeddedminerals are detached or removed by decomposition, it isporous, like lava. (Her.) & n. [Gr. ), } prep. (Mus.) ]{ AmOphil6oOgism (? (Greek Antiq.) See Anatomy.] (Bot.) Full off dregs; foul. [Gr. P The ~ is awash, when it is hove up to thesurface of the water. (Med.) Some of the species are cultivated ingardens. [Obs. ? “Unabridged.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unabridged. P n. A remedy which promotes suchgranulation.AOnap6noOgraph (? ), An7aOgog6icOal (? to fold.] ), a. The spiritual meaning or application; esp. Produced by therefraction of light, as seen through water; as, anaclasticcurves.Hutton. to go up; ? [R.]Oan6drous (?). time: cf. ), a. (Med.) (Chem.) ), n. ), a. Webster's New World College dictionary is the official dictionary of the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other leading newspapers. tobend.] priv. to strike.] 2. ), X An7aOlec6ta (? Gr. [Gr. to turn up or back; ?+ ? The Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary Online access to a legendary resource Log In or Sign ... With Voice Search Get the Free Apps! ), n. [Cf. Same as Annulus, 2(b). ), a. ), a. Elbowlike; anconal.An6coOny (? Stiffness or fixation of a joint; formation of astiff joint.Dunglison.2. wind + Ogram.] to write out,to record; ? ? By sucking out a littleair, the bottom springs into a concave form with a smartcrack; and by breathing or blowing gently into the orifice,the bottom, with a like noise, springs into its formerconvex form. ), n. Sexual propagation. to make to stand: cf. fr.anatifera. & Prov. This article is provided by FOLDOC - Free Online Dictionary of Computing Explanation of Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary ), a. ), a. F. A secondary notch in the pulse curve, obtained ina sphygmographic tracing.X An7aOcru6sis (? was prob. [Obs.]R. { An7choOret6ic (? SeeBarnacle.An6aOtine (? [L. Amphictyones, Gr. Junius and Andronicus... in Christianity... were hisancients.Hooker.4. ? [Gr. ]Pertaining to an anchoret or hermit; after the manner of ananchoret.An6choOret7ish (? + ? A friend. Subservient or subordinate, like a handmaid;auxiliary.The Convocation of York seems to have been always consideredas inferior, and even ancillary, to the greater province.Hallam.AnOcille6 (? [Ampulla + Oform.] ), n. See Ansthesia.An7sOthet6ic (? crooked: cf. ), a. Analogue.AOnal6oOgous (? A kind of triclinic feldspar foundin the Andes.An6desOite (? ? wind + ? amphimacru?, Gr. To fix or fasten; to fix in a stable condition; as, toanchor the cables of a suspension bridge.Till that my nails were anchored in thine eyes.Shak.An6chor, v. i. Topronounce an anathema against; to curse. muser. + ? (Chem.) Ancones (?). Attendant spirit; genius; demon.Shak.6. (Logic) Enlarging a conception byadding to that which is already known or received.=All bodies possess power of attraction8 is an ampliativejudgment; because we can think of bodies without thinking ofattraction as one of their immediate primary attribute.Abp. ampoule.] ), a. ?, Gr. declaring themselves for the king.Howell.2. [R.]X An7aOpoph6yOsis (? ); p. pr. To employ, or reason by, analogy.X AOnal6oOgon (? When bound to a rock and exposed to a seamonster, she was delivered by Perseus.] A resolution of anything, whetheran object of the senses or of the intellect, into itsconstituent or original elements; an examination of thecomponent parts of a subject, each separately, as the wordswhich compose a sentence, the tones of a tune, or the simplepropositions which enter into an argument. ), n. [L., fr. F. ), } a. Resembling anampulla. =Amplitude of comprehension.8Macaulay. to carry up orback; ? + ? Ancient lineage; ancestry; dignity of birth.A gentleman of more ancientry than estate.Fuller.An6cientOy (? ), } n. pl. ), n. [L.amphitheatrum, fr. A utensil for supporting wood when burningin a fireplace, one being placed on each side; a firedog;as, a pair of andirons. ?, fr. Destitute of a stomach or an intestine.Owen.An6eOroid (? Rare Vintage 1957 Websters Unabridged Encyclopedia Dictionary Illustrated Deluxe. (GrecianHist.) back + ? 2. ), An7eOmoOmet6ricOal (? (Eccl.) { AnOdrog6yOny (? L. anachoreta.See Anchoret.] The part which in some Siphonophora bears themale gonophores.An6droOsphinx (? ), n. Anecdotes collectively; a collectionof anecdotes.All history, therefore, being built partly, and some of italtogether, upon anecdotage, must be a tissue of lies.De Quincey.An6ecOdo7tal (? [Archaic]He wrought but some few hours of the day, and then would heseem very grave and ancient.Holland.5. intestine, ? (Bot.) (Bot.) ?, fr. (Chem.) Gr. ? An7aOclas6tics (? (b) A species ofepileptic attack, originating from gastric disorder.An6aOlep6tic (? (Med.) ), a. & Bot.) Having an ampulla;flaskPshaped; bellied.AmOpul6liOform (? a taking up,or again, recovery, from ?. ), n. [F. analyste. (Chem.) The substance deposited in the organs in ~degeneration.Am7yOloOly6tic (? Anathematization. (Anat.) The name is also applied to a similar large serpent(Python tigris) of Ceylon.AOnac7reOon6tic (? ), a. Hermitlike.An6choOretOism (? (Rhet. By reflection; as, echoes aresound produced anacamptically.Hutton.An7aOcamp6tics (? The unfolding or dnouement. to set. 1. ), n. [L. amylum starch + Oyl. + ?. ?, ?, man + ? ), AmOphil6oOgy (? The applicationof the principles of anatomy, as in art.The stretched and vivid anatomism of their [i. e., theFrench] great figure painters.The London Spectator.2. + ? ?.] ), a. + ? ? 1. Pertaining toan anapest; consisting of an anapests; as, an anapesticmeter, foot, verse. to form anew; ? ), n. [Gr. Absence of sensibility to pain.Quain.An7alOlagOmat6ic (? endi, Icel. (Physiol.) Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. ), a. Andean; as, Andine flora.And6i7ron (? onefen, onemn; an, on, on + efeneven, equal; hence meaning, on an equality with, even with,beside. ? The abbreviation, etc. - Old; primitive; pristine; antique; antiquated;oldPfashioned; obsolete. See Loose.] 1. ), } a. Pertaining to,consisting of, or addicted to, anecdotes. The constructive metabolismof the body, as distinguished from katabolism.An7aOcamp6tic (? 2. A treatise or book on ~.4. Of or pertaining to ananeurism; as, an aneurismal tumor; aneurismal diathesis. It was the palladium of Rome.An6cilOlaOry (? SeeApodeictic.] An instrument for measuring and recording the direction andforce of the wind.Knight.AOnem7oOgraph6ic (? Maranatha is now considered as a separate sentence, meaning, =OurLord cometh.8{ AOnath7eOmat6ic (? ? + ? ), adv. Anorthern constellation, supposed to represent the mythicalw.2. { AOnar6chic (? F.anrode.] ? ?, fr. ; ? Any instrument or contrivance serving a purpose like thatof a ship's ~, as an arrangement of timber to hold a damfast; a contrivance to hold the end of a bridge cable, orother similar part; a contrivance used by founders to holdthe core of a mold in place.3. A maidservant;a handmaid. + ? - Correspondent; similar; like.P AOnal6o gousOly, adv. [NL., fr. pr. (Med.) Without abrain; brainless.Todd & B. ), n. to remind, recall tomemory; ? anarchiste.] [R.]To maintain and ampliate the external possessions of yourempire.Udall.Am6pliOate (? ? anker, ancre, AS. ), n. [Gr. SeePutative.] Not contracted of brief; not concise; extended;diffusive; as, an ample narrative.Johnson.Syn. ), a. ? ), a. + ? See under Geometry. F. ), n. [Gr. ? Gr. ), Am6burOy (? relaxing; ? (Zol.) [imp. Amophor (?). See Ample.] { Am6phiOpod (? to engrave.] Pertaining to, orresembling, an amphora.AmOphor6ic (? Hence: Firm hold: security.An6choOrite (? Whatever entertains usually awakens the understanding or gratifies the fancy. ), An7choOret6icOal (? running upward; ? Soothing.An6euOrism (? ), n. [Gr. ? ?, fr. + ? ); p.pr. ), n. [Gr. ), n. ? & adv. [L. ancillaris, fr. amusement.] offshoot.] on bothsides + ? n. The condition of decreasedirritability of a nerve in the region of the positiveelectrode or anode on the passage of a current ofelectricity through it.Foster.AOnem6oOgram (? Unpublished narratives.Burke.2. + ? messenger, a messenger of God, an ~.] F. See Amidin. It is used beforenouns of the singular number only, and signifies one, orany, but somewhat less emphatically. amrita.] [Gr. ?causing to stand.] [The neut. [Obs. ), a. Dissection of the human body, as distinguishedfrom zotomy; anthropotomy. up + ? to evil, a curse; also L.anath?ma, fr. ), a. ?On?, especiallyby classical scholars.An7eOmon6ic (? ?throwing a shadow both ways; ? A skeleton; anything anatomized or dissected, or whichhas the appearance of being so.The anatomy of a little child, representing all partsthereof, is accounted a greater rarity than the skeleton ofa man in full stature.Fuller.They brought one Pinch, a hungry, leanOfaced villain,A mere anatomy.Shak.An7aOtrep6tic (? ]To transpose, as the letters of a word, so as to form ananagram.Cudworth.An6aOgraph (? Cf. Capable of beingamused.AOmuse6 (? Law), a tenure by which all manors belongingto the crown, in the reign of William the Conqueror, wereheld. (Bot.) ; ? (b) A bracket supporting a cornice; a console. + ? [Archaic]UntoPthe angel of the church of Ephesus write.Rev. ), AOmyg7daOloid6al (? antianus, fr.L. ), } a. Mystical; havinga secondary spiritual meaning; as, the rest of the Sabbath,in an anagogical sense, signifies the repose of the saintsin heaven; an anagogical explication. [OE. amplexicaule.](Bot.) ? Amplifying.] : cf. A name sometimes applied to a member of anysect holding that rebaptism is necessary for those baptizedin infancy.5 In church history, the name Anabaptists usually designatesa sect of fanatics who greatly disturbed the peace ofGermany, the Netherlands, etc., in the Reformation period.In more modern times the name has been applied to those whodo not regard infant baptism as real and valid baptism. ), n. [Gr. With up-to-date information, definitions, usage notes, a modern layout, and other exciting features, Merriam-Webster Unabridged is the most authoritative source of information on the English language. H. Newman.w pole (Pyroelect. ), v., An6aOly7ser (? ? ? The doctrine orpractice of anarchists.An6archOist (? [F. Oance, fr. 2. (Rhet.) In a frenziedand reckless. Thus, learning enlightens the mind,because it is to the mind what light is to the eye, enablingit to discover things before hidden.Followed by between, to, or with; as, there is an analogybetween these objects, or one thing has an analogy to orwith another.5 Analogy is very commonly used to denote similarity oressential resemblance; but its specific meaning is asimilarity of relations, and in this consists the differencebetween the argument from example and that from analogy. ), n. pl. Am7yOloObac6ter , n. [L. amylum starch + NL. ), n. 1. [L. Oantia.O A suffix expressing more strongly thanOance the idea of quality or state; as, constancy, buoyancy,infancy.And (? P w ring. ), a. Analcime.An7aOlec6tic (? ?us, Gr. (Min.) ; ? Relating to, or like,ana robies; ara robiotic.AnOa6 rOoObies (? Cannibals; manPeaters; anthropophagi. (Chem. [NL., fr. Microrganisms which do not require oxygen,but are killed by it.Sternberg.AnOa7 rOoObiOot6ic (? ), v. t. [imp. ?.] Foster.Am7yOlose6 (? joint, the article.] (Med.) A woman's headband(sometimes of metal), for binding the front hair.X AmOri6ta (? ), } a. (used distributively).] [L. amphibolia,Gr. It includes amphibians, fishes, andlower forms.AOnal6oOgal (? TwoPedged instead of round; P said ofcertain flattened stems, as those of blue grass, and rarelyalso of leaves.AnOcis6troid (? Of or belonging toanalogy.Geo. (b) Of extent of means or resources. [R.]AnOan6therOous (? F. 2. Taylor.AOnear6, v. t. & i. ? strength: cf.F. togo.] [Obs.]Chaucer. Ampul. (Chem.) the brain: cf. respiration + Ograph.] anchois.] ]Pertaining to starch; of the nature of starch; starchy.Am6yOlate (? ), v. t. [imp. Of orpertaining to anemometry.An7eOmoOmet6roOgraph (? #wordsmatter Hypertext interface. Anathemas (?). again + ? Anchylosing.] Download Webster's Unabridged Dictionary - Full Text Free Book (Part 10/18) pdf. ), a. ), prep. ), v. t. ), a table in which the characteristics of thespecies or other groups are arranged so as to facilitate thedetermination of their names.An7aOlyt6icOalOly, adv. Over again; another time;in a new form; afresh; as, to arm anew; to create anew.Dryden. A compound of the radical amylwith oxygen and a positive atom or radical.Am6yOlene (? [OE. The difference between themagnetic and the true or astronomical ~ (see 3 above) is the=variation of the compass.8Am6ply (? (Med.) A glucoside extracted frombitter almonds as a white, crystalline substance.AOmyg6daOline (? ?, fr. + ?, ?, air + ?life.] ), n. [OE. Not apodeictic; undemonstrable. The resolving of problems by reducing theconditions that are in them to equations.5. The Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Online is the perfect resource for students and adults interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding the English language. ), a. without joints, without thearticle; ? Theact amputating; esp. Anchoring.] a leading, ?to lead.] amputation.] It originated in Massachusetts in 1791; Pcalled also the otter breed. (Anat.) + ? amurcous, L. amurca the dregs ofolives, Gr. InLatin d?P?Ot>s, and in English inOterOvene?, are examples ofanapests. (Opt.) { An7aObapOtis6tic (? P n. A restorative.X An7alOge6siOa (? Gr. Hall.AmOplex6iOcaul (? ), n. See Ankle.An6come (? It forms the type ofthe group Acrania, Leptocardia, etc.AmOphip6neust (? Jonson.w if, and if; if.An6aO. + ? A prefix inwords from the Greek, denoting up, upward, throughout,backward, back, again, anew.A6na (? A man sphinx; a sphinx having the head of a man andthe body of a lion.An6droOspore (? ?, ?. 3 people found this helpful. OF.ancessor, fr. F. To place at ~; to secureby an ~; as, to anchor a ship.2. anathematisatio.] ), a. again + ? ]Having analogy; corresponding to something else; bearingsome resemblance or proportion; P often followed by to.Analogous tendencies in arts and manners.De Quincey.Decay of public spirit, which may be considered analogous tonatural death.J.
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