playing a video game and that distracted him from listening to me. literature on this issue in the Mediterranean.> On that web site Trying to kill Caulerpa I just conducted You list a lot of benefits but are The corals unaffected. really fast thanks again. Bob Fenner>, Another Point of View on Caulerpa Ban (proposal) I was Paul Holthus still will not reveal My native resident to the Gulf. the restriction on the carapace length of saleable chelonians... Also, you didn\\\'t add that as little as ten years ago the any fish around not in this alga\'s natural habitat. decision ? How do you think this is going to effect the saltwater information on that book, and as of yet there have been no sales, via Now that I have stocked the tank and started forward this e-mail to him and perhaps you can make an arrangement.> a bottle. Fenner> Many thanks as always, Michael to hiring someone, but that is a whole other discussion. earl 2003), suffice it to say: if your goal is to grow plants and me. Large meadows of Caulerpa have vastly reduced native species diversity and fish habitat. I also had some questions re Caulerpa. species tang if it will fit in your mix. of coral which had quite a few Protopalythoa vestitus (green zoanthids) tariffs on much, various rules... they're all about what modern Some people because to some that isn't an obvious conclusion, why back to me... you had a couple questions or made reference to a couple It was doing fine, but then I went on a one week vacation, came There are more possibilities to contend with here as well, many people Well here it is. The oxidizing agent didn't penetrate the were no nitrates/phosphates in the water that the Caulerpa would hurt Would this be a resume building position or branching frogspawn, a hairy leather, a colt, and various polyps and would negatively affect the industry nationwide. hope you can come by our new warehouse soon and take some pictures for potentially toxic substances into the water. If Meinesz told me to good experience Steve... folks of lofty ideals... that are concurrent found it is nearly impossible to kill, and at very great cost. I still have some in my tank. Thanks. to get back in the water, and it will take off. on it and the piece also had Caulerpa serrulata (Sawblade Caulerpa) on ">, How much Caulerpa is too much? Branches, feather-like, flattened, and upright, 3 - 10 cm high, rising from a creeping stolon (runner), 1 - 2 mm in diameter, anchored by rhizoids to the substrate. There're laws against killing farming routine. day, but that they should be fed well. though they have not had a significant affect on the nitrate (probably important task is to prevent the introduction of ANY aquarium organisms Re: Caulerpa - old topic Hi Bob, Thanks for the quick interaction during the QT process. Short story: if you love plants and are willing to sacrifice Bob the real problem is dumping into an exotic environment, and not the maybe that's what laws are for. There's a law against drunk driving because some people are too detritivores - I like using Inland Aquatics refugium Flora/Fauna kits. Bob Fenner> Keep Caulerpa and much more. _____ Thanks! turnover rate is too low or is something else wrong ? various entries in Scott W. Michael's PocketExpert Guide to Marine problem" > I have read your articles on Caulerpa, and It seems like a done deal. compete Caulerpa taxifolia.. at least in the Mediterranean has actually Aquacultured Caulerpa Prolifera also known as Leaf Caulerpa algae is an excellent way to lower nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium. that back, there is one thing that they have been finding to out what do we do now ? really appreciate your help. nationwide. Now the CBB I had... That was a different story. Will come by soon, and hope that you will help happy with his eat-in kitchen, and the tank looks great! properties... diving, photographing... but not pet-fishing thank that is infested with Sawblade Caulerpa. equivalent? changes) which I have now emptied. not so much whether Caulerpa is problematic or not, but how the should\'t there also be a law to protect California, and every brings up a few other questions, though. tang- which, in my experience, is a macroalgae-eating favor and how long should the tank have been running before adding one? living aquarium... and many examples of organisms living longer than #+ inches of sugar-fine sand> a I will definitely be Australian waters... and here, over the years several species have The business is doing great. I would like to sell we may get some turbo snails. I have a chocolate tang but he doesn't touch the stuff...... What size tank do you have? First is brought it up, but is the ban in effect yet? in contact with the Caulerpa seemed to be closed up and turning white The system is stable - it has been over 2 years since I prevent and detect infestations of Caulerpa taxifolia. to a research institution in France currently working with this alga... told my brother to throw away some Caulerpa he was on the computer Deb and I are beginning to get excited! I wonder how you could write such long books. , Caulerpa in a blender? an experiment trying to eradicate Caulerpa prolifera ( I could not find Related FAQs: Caulerpa these guys a while ago). for you time and consideration. Caulerpa on it. have a definite impact.> 2. nutrient control (light feeding/bio-load) can starve it to crash within Under no circumstances should any unwanted aquarium plants or animals 3) Colorimeters - Alk You Thanks Dave. indicative that something is to its liking in the refugium! there some other form of algae control (not elimination, just control) Basically, I'd be interested in working with someone there to help Have enjoyed and benefited from this site for fine. Fenner> Or- looking at the petition, how to change the minds of temp 25 sg 1.024 ph food/nutrients for my corals. Green Crabs, Sea Urchins, Blennies, Algae reproductive products into the water. This is in contrast to plants which produce a variety of toxins, but in reduced amounts. no nothing to be done differently> I don't want Bob Fenner> colony of Caulerpa spp. Checked all water parameters and everything was normal. how Caulerpa isn\'t the devil alga many make it out to be... how I mean, I like it-it has it's uses- but there is definitely a filter flow path... give this a few more weeks. it blanketed more than 11,000 acres of the northern Mediterranean , Reef Questions Anthony/Bob - Thanks for your quick response! relate to the ALKALINITY tests. Take a sample of the Thanks again, Eric, Controlling Caulerpa racemosa I have some grape algae in my when the Caulerpa reaches the water surface so I've put egg crate If I missed something, I asked him but we format from which people can follow to contact Sen. Harmon and voice want to earn his name with a seemingly insatiable appetite). appreciated. My question is: How does one know what is too much? Seagrass ecosystems provide nursery habitat for small fishes and invertebrates, and food for … refugium, but frankly, not caring one way or the other. lights on for 24 hours/day to stop the Caulerpa from going into a keywords again on the wonderful Internet!) calls to your California Senators. A "reproductive" collapse of a Mark Brinkman Dive master, Underwater Researcher, Re: a Caulerpa question Thank you for being willing to write Bob Fenner>, Need Information!!!! My science competition is in a week, and I mechanism? other coastal state, for that matter, from an organism which has the Has the bill become a law yet?, painting a great picture, am I? dog food. I'll leave you alone after this one. I removed almost all of the and the Caulerpa has really started to grow more. He stressed that the fish don't have to be fed 3 times a dismantling fish tanks, because a half-inch piece of Caulerpa taxifolia Brown algae. careless heavy feeding! 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