Fertilizing with a controlled release or a soluble fertilizer can solve your problem. Zinnias give you so many reasons to love gardening and flowers. They range from compact miniature type to tall cutting type. This is the specie of Zinnia from which all present-day Zinnias have been developed. The most profound and prominent development for Zinnia occurred when a beautiful mutation was found by John Bodger from Bodger Seeds Ltd. Since they produce a seedling in just 4 to 7 days, your child will not have to wait for too long. It grows 38 inches tall and 2 feet wide. Request a free copy of Johnny’s latest catalog. They are available in a variety of dazzling colors, which is what makes them so popular. Reliable, prolific, and hassle-free with a long vase life, Zinnias are excellent for cut flower production. The tall variety grows to 4 feet and boasts big 5-6″ blooms. Their leaves are slim and lance-shaped. Most people believe that Perilla looks like purple basil, although some leaves are green. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. A fertilizer with low nitrogen is the most suitable. We are pleased to offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, including giant zinnias with blooms up to 6" in diameter. Zinnias are divided into different types based on their size and spread. Look for apricot rose, lilac, orange, bright pink, dark pink, purple, dark red, dark red with pink, white and bright yellow colors. The plants become disfigured and eventually die. New for 2020/2021. Cold temperature causes them to die out. Ruffles Series: the plants in this series are flashy in appearance and are about 24 to 30 inches tall. Zinnia flowers come in a variety of colors including pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, lavender, white and even green. It was after it was presented to the great Swedish scientist and a doctor, Linnaeus. They have over 20 species that differ on their characteristics. The most varieties of Spreading Zinnia are: Since they have shorter stems, they are not as good for cutting as Garden Zinnias. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. This is done to maximize air circulation. Resembling pom-pom dahlias, they are borne on very long, sturdy stems and make a big statement in the landscape. We are pleased to offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, including giant zinnias with blooms up to 6" in diameter. Interspecific Crosses are a result of cross-breeding Garden Zinnias and Spreading Zinnias. However, if you feel the growth is slow, or the leaves appear pale green, you can address the issue on time. Sow seeds only when the last frost has passed. Americans did not show a very keen interest in this plant initially. Of course, the tall varieties are the zinnias of choice for cutting: 'Benary's Giant' is famous for its three-foot-tall, sturdy stems and large flowers. Rohrer Seeds is a 4th generation family business located in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. We have been providing high quality seeds for the garden, lawn, farm and wildlife since 1919. The plant is usually 12 inches tall. Mostly, they are planted 6 inches apart within a row with each row being 2 feet apart. Zinnia seeds can be started directly in the ground the following spring. Zinnia "Peter Pan Flame" was a 1980 All-America Selection. Large-flowering zinnias in organic seed. Johnny's Selected Seeds 955 Benton Ave. Winslow, Maine 04901 * 1-877-564-6697, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed, Zinnias (Zinnia spp.) Also, once the flowers are produced, the dazzling colors would automatically make your child want to garden more. The three qualities that a summer plant should have are: they should be low maintenance, they should be heat and drought resistant, and they should be a brilliant color. Peter Pan is an older strain of large-flowered, dwarf zinnias. Henry A. Dreer, the Philadelphia seed house had started offering seeds of this variety for sale to the general public by 1876. There are four types of Zinnia flowers. Harvest often for continuous blooms. The single flowered type flowers are about 3.5inches in width. Please Note:  At this time orders may require 2 business days to process. Zinnias are extremely easy to grow. Zinnias require a lot of sun to thrive. More Varieties of Zinnia 'Benary's Giants Orange' zinnia Zinnia 'Benary's Giants Orange' is an excellent cut flower with large, 4-inch-wide, double orange blooms. Keep trying in your local area nurseries and more than likely Zinnia elegans plants will be available soon. | Growing Instructions | Tech Sheet (PDF). The primary troublemaker for Zinnia is mildew. Go. Easy to grow. 2. "Thumbelina" is billed as a dwarf zinnia that is supposed to grow only to 6 inches tall, but many gardeners report it tops out at a good three feet. flowers cover sturdy, healthy, well-branched 14 in. There is no need to deadhead these plants as the new leaves and buds cover the old flowers naturally. Plants grow 12 inches tall and spread 8 inches wide. The leaves have some sheen to… The variety appeared stable, and the plants were quite robust. double pink flowers all summer. it has been a cold spring and the garden centres are still receiving flats of plants for sale. You may be able to find the … A real breakthrough in the world of Zinnias, the hybrid 'Profusion' Series is a stunning cross between Zinnia angustifolia and Zinnia Elegans which combines the best traits of both species: disease resistance; drought, heat and humidity tolerance and easy maintenance (no deadheading). Please be advised that our Thorold, ON retail store will be closed until further notice. This is probably because breeders have … New! Zinnia elegans produced larger and lusher flowers in colors ranging from crimson to pale lavender. Garden Zinnia plants can range from 6 to 60 inches in height. There is also a third type which are a mix of the two main types. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. https://www.edenbrothers.com/store/zinnia_california_giants_seeds.html They can have semi-double, fully double, dahlia-like flowers, or ones with rolled, quill-like petals. The right time to harvest Zinnia flowers is when pollen formation begins. It is mildew resistant. A plant that takes too long to grow would make your child lose his interest. Stunning color for market flowers and sophisticated design work. 10 seeds - $3.49 -+ ADD TO CART. Magellan Series Vibrant fully-double, 4-5 in. A strain of this mutated Zinnia was developed, in order to spread it across the countries. Harden-off and transplant out after last frost. They are well known for the lavish variety of large flowers that they produce. Nothing completes a country bouquet like great zinnias. When the weather is warm and humid, Zinnia plants are usually attacked by mildew. Zinnias are a member of the Asteraceae family and are closely related to daisies. The leaves of these type of plants are bristly oval. Sunbow Mix: these are about 24 to 30 inches in height. Our Zinnia varieties are carefully selected for vibrant color, sturdy stems, vigor, yield, quality, disease resistance, and long vase life. It's a good idea to wait a few days or a few weeks after the last predicted frost date. Day time temperature of 74 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit are favorable. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Different types of garden zinnias range from dwarf compact plants less than 0.3 metre (1 foot) tall with flowers 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter to giant forms up to 1 metre tall, with flowers up to 15 cm (6 inches) across. However, some varieties of wild Zinnias have been found as south as Guatemala and as north as Colorado. By 1864, red, purple, orange and salmon colored Zinnias made their way to North America and became a part of American gardens. Our most popular zinnia of all, the Benary’s Giant Zinnias, are well known in cut flower circles for their large, dahlia flowers in a fantastic assortment of bright vivid color. Good in pots or as bedding plants. Zinnia seeds are easy to direct seed into the garden, but may also be transplanted. This is our first year getting the ‘tall’ variety and the difference is astonishing. Other cultivars available include: Sort By: Go. It grows 38 inches tall and 2 feet wide. Zinnias can be grown anywhere. Petite blooms light up bouquets and garden beds. Zinnias are native to Mexico, where they grow with a color that falls between orange and yellow. They require very little from the gardener and give so much more. It produces magnificent, large, dahlia-flowered blossoms in a rich, enchanting pink color on strong, tall plants. Showy, sunny color blend on dwarf, prolific plants. This site uses cookies to personalize your experience, measure site performance, and show you relevant offers and advertisements. Zinnia, Forecast Short Description. Garden Zinnias are disease susceptible. View. Although Zinnias are adaptable, they grow best in soil that is slightly acidic in nature with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. They are usually short and small plants ranging from 8 to 18 inches in height. It is believed that a Zinnia was brought to Europe in 1796 by way of Brazil. Foot-tall hybrid plants are covered in 4 in. The plant is about 15 inches in height. $6.95 - $29.95 Seeds and Plants . 10 seeds - $3.49 -+ ADD TO CART. He saw a natural mutation in Zinnia in a field of Mammoth Zinnias. The Thumbelina Series cultivars are dwarf and spreading, with single or semi-double, weather-resistant flowerheads in many colors. Zinnias live up to all three qualities. While most tall zinnia varieties flunk the powdery mildew test, the Blue Point series seems to buck this trend. You might not hear about them on the regular, but Zinnias are one of the most popular and most liked garden plants out there. Their flowers are usually an amazing 5 inches wide. Zinnias attract a lot of butterflies. To learn more about our use of cookies, as well as the categories of personal information we collect and your choices, please read our Privacy Policy. They are low maintenance. Great Britain, America, and Europe were enthralled by the spectacular colors and the lovely flowers. With little time and attention, they can grow to give beautiful flowers in a wide range of colors. Zinnias not only look great in your garden but they make breathtaking indoor decorations as well. Ladybugs (The Secret Ingredient to a Pest Free Garden), 11 Herbs to Grow in Water on Your Windowsill, The Dos, Maybes, and Don’ts of Composting, The Bladderwort Carnivorous Plant (How it Keeps Your Backyard Pond Clean), Masquespacio Design Breathe’s New Shop in Bogotá, Apartment 65m2 in Dublin 2019 by Tim Gabriel, Chaga (The Superfood of Medicinal Mushrooms). Benary's Giant Zinnias are a favorite for many growers for cut flower production as these zinnias produce long, thick stems that are less likely to bend when being cut. A less well-known species of zinnia is Z. angustifolia, which grows 0.5 metre tall and has small yellow or orange blossoms. The soil should be well drained, humus rich and fertile. Each flower is 1 to 2 inches in width. Zinnia Seeds. For a longer flowering display, sow the seeds in succession. Here are some popular zinnia flower varieties for the garden: Dwarf Zinnias – Dwarf zinnias are most commonly planted in flower borders, and reach around 10 inches (25 cm.) Call Toll Free. This type of Zinnias can be hanged in baskets. They are capable of resisting common foliar diseases. Cut zinnia stems at an angle just above a bud joint. They are quick to grow and grow out to be beautiful. The Zinnia that was initially brought to Europe was Zinnia peruviana, which was quite ugly and unattractive to look at. Garden Zinnia includes the following choices of flowers: Spreading Zinnias are heat and drought tolerant. 1-800-396-9238 Retail Location Closure. They are cut flowers, which is why they last a very long time. This is done to maximize air circulation. This variety is usually sold in mixed colors and have fully double flowers that reach 3 ½ inches wide. For a longer flowering display, sow the seeds in succession. Zinnia ‘Zinita’ mixed colors. When the seedlings are 3 inches tall, they are thinned such that they are 6 to 18 inches apart. Here are some tips for saving seeds. They can serve as attractive annual ground covers or can be planted at the front of a border. They can be grown with Zucchini, dwarf beans and chard. The premium zinnia, an absolute must for a cut flower. Weather is unpredictable and there's always a chance the forecast could be wrong. across (12-15 cm), packed with brilliant mandarin-orange petals. Below are the reasons why Zinnias should are a must in your garden! The first description of Zinnia was written by Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn in Germany, and hence, the plant has been named after him. in height at maturity. The seeds should be sowed only ¼ inches deep. Zebra Swallowtail on Tall State Fair Zinnia Flower This should not be confused with the undersized, smaller flowering ‘state fair mix’. Our ‘Forecast’ is for gorgeous zinnias—all summer long. Sign up for growing tips, exclusive offers, and new product info. Zinnias are the best option to plant if you are trying to instill a love for gardening in your child. Currently, we have more than 20 species of Zinnia that are known. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Preciosa Tropical Blend Zinnia Seeds. Each flower is about 2 inches wide. This was Zinnia elegans, the Zinnia that the world fell in love with. They are adaptable plants. Their petals are 1-¼ inch across and stems grow up to 6 inches long. The mutated Zinnias had relatively huge flowers, and the number of petals were incredible. Zinnias are a great source of nectar for pollinators like butterflies and honeybees. Zinnias grow in warm weather. The zinnias most commonly found in our gardens are Zinnia elegans which range in height from the tiny 6 inch tall ‘Thumbelina’ to the four foot tall plus ‘Benary’s Giants’. There are dwarf varieties 6 to 12 inches tall and wide, and others grow up to 4 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide. Planting Zinnias is not much of a challenge. Vigorous, fast-growing, well-branched plants create a wall of sensuous color. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Zinnia seeds will not survive if they're exposed to frost. Dwarf and compact, these zinnias have fully double flowerheads, up to 4 inches across in a wide color range; stems are 8–12 inches tall. These Zinnias were introduced to the world in the 1920s. Zinnias are a top companion plant. The Zinnias are divided into two main types, which are upright and tall with large flowers and those that spread with small flowers. The flowers in the Pinwheel series are of numerous colors, including white, pink on white and gold. Zinnia seedlings grow in about 4 to 7 days after seeding. They are the parents of a number of beautiful varieties. These beauties range in size from the diminutive ‘Thumbelina’ to the enormous 4-foot-tall (about a meter) ‘Benary’s Giants.’ All have semi-double to double, dahlia-like flowers or blooms comprised of rolled petals. Find a sunny location. By 1856, the French had developed truly double forms of Zinnia elegans. grid. Reliable, prolific, and hassle-free with a long vase life, Zinnias are excellent for cut flower production. reseed easily, creating a cut-and-come-again garden each summer. 40 products 1 2; Zinnia, Zesty Mix Short Description. It produced small flowers and was sparsely foliated. Zinnias are summer flowers. Novelty, scabiosa-type blooms with unique color and distinct dark eye. They have the flower variety of Garden Zinnias and the durability of the Spreading Zinnias. Rose Pinwheel: it is the most popular variety in this type. Thumbelina Mix: these are miniature types which are usually 6 to 10 inches tall. Zinnia State Fair Mix seeds a tetraploid mix which means it has been bred to produce chromosomes enhancing its desirable traits such as bloom size, height, color, and resistance to common plant diseases, powdery mildew, and Alternaria. It was after this that Great Britain and Europe started to show a fondness for and demanding the double-flowered Zinnias. Cover seeds. Zinnias are fast growing plants. Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about locating tall zinnia plants. Zinnia seedlings grow in about 4 to 7 days after seeding. Choose a location where your plants can receive direct sunlight. Zinnia Giant Enchantress is an easy to grow, half-hardy annual. Profusion Series: the flowers are about 2 inches wide. Zinnias are one of the most popular bedding plants world-wide. Zinnia seeds are easy to direct seed into the garden, but may also be transplanted. When planting zinnias, choose an area where they get full exposure to sun. Plant dwarf zinnia seeds, which can grow as short as 10-inches tall. Zinnias were first discovered in Mexico After which they were brought to Europe in the 1500s by the Spaniards. The only species that are commercially available are Zinnia elegans, Zinnia haageana, and Zinnia augustifolia. Zinnias (Zinnia spp.) These grow 40-50 inches in height and have large, double flowers that get 5-6 inches across. Zinnias are typically long-lasting in a vase—strip the stems of all but the … Sophisticated color combination in a classic cut flower. Each plant should be spaced at least 6 to 24 inches apart. There are numerous options for plants that you can have in your garden so why should you choose Zinnias over others? The 13 species in the genus Zinnia are all native to Mexico and adjacent areas and many have been used to develop a diversity of different types of ornamental plants. Giant Flowered Mix: these are disease tolerant types which can be 40 to 50 inches tall. The types depend on the rows of petals in a flower. Shop vibrant zinnia flowers at Burpee Seeds. They require minimum care and maintenance. Noted for their small size, these short plants grow well when interplanted with other annual and perennial flowers and shrubs. This is another reason why you should plant Zinnias in your garden. 7 Common Types of Zinnias for Your Garden, 16 Types of Sewing Machines (Domestic & Industrial – Based on Features). A heat mat will help maintain an accurate temperature. Additionally, Rohrer Seeds sells wholesale to Garden Centers, Greenhouses, Hardware Stores, Farm Seed Dealers, and others. When the seedlings are 3 inches tall, they are thinned such that they are 6 to 18 inches apart. It was the French who were showing significant interest. By mid-1600s, it became well known throughout Europe, but because it was not a pleasing sight, it was not cultivated much. Zinnita Zinnias. Foliage is broad and green and serves as a nice foil for the flowers. The spread of mildew can be slowed down by spraying the plants with a solution made using baking soda. Harvest often for continuous blooms. The first dwarf variety of Zinnia, Zinnia haageana made its way to the United States from Mexico during the early 1860s. It also comes as Blue Point Formula Mix. 10 of the Zinnia species are garden flowers, but the most popular garden species is the Zinnia elegans. Their flowers are relatively small as well, ranging from 1 to 2 inches in width. By clicking ALLOW or clicking on any other content, you agree that cookies can be placed. There are no plants that grow as fast and as beautiful as Zinnias. Tall, Zinnia elegans 'Orange King' boasts huge, full double flowers, 5-6 in. They are the easiest annual plants to grow. The variety of flowers in Spreading Zinnias is not as wide as in Garden Zinnias. Lilliput Mix: these are about 2 feet tall with doubled flowered type flowers. Lower temperatures will result in slower germination: 5-7 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C). The first Zinnia seed was offered for sale to public in 1798 in the United States. Burpee zinnia seeds grow perfectly in any home garden. However, below you will find some tips that can help you grow great Zinnias. The only color Zinnia flowers are not available in is blue. They are a low maintenance type of Zinnias. Cut flowers normally last a week or more. It will bloom freely from mid-summer until frost. The petals were an unpleasant muddy shade of orange and yellow. This Zinnia was labeled as Calthe de Bresil, which means the Brazilian marigold. The flowers should be harvested when they are fresh and fully mature. Why Should You Plant Zinnias in Your Garden? *Both double and semi-double blooms will be produced. They were called the ‘California Giants’. The colorful, edible petals add colors to any salad. The flowers are yellow or orange with dark centers. Lollipop Series: the plants that lie in this series are about 10 inches tall. The most commonly grown types of zinnias are Zinnia elegans. Zinnias are annual plants, which means, they will flower only during one season only. It serves as a protective layer for the plants and keeps them from dying. tall plants. If you need a temporary filler in a perennial cutting garden while you wait for the bed to become established, zinnias could fit the bill.
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