African Violet 3 Year Planner 2020-2022: Compact and Convenient 3 Year Planner 2020-2022 for African Violet Lovers. Free alerts for stores in your zip-code, get them right on arrival. Variegated dark green, white, some pink, longifolia, quilted, cupped, glossy, ruffled. Other European settlers discovered African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) in east African forests in 1892. Popular Optimara African Violet Varieties : myViolet Series Space Violet Series: Holtkamp Rhapsodie Specialty Series: Artist Palette Series Miniature Violets: US State Series Island Series : The myViolet Series Click to Buy Online The EverFloris 'Space Violet' Series Click to Buy Online : Victorian Charm (Variegated) Series Large (TX Hyb) #avsa #africanviolet Native to higher elevations in tropical eastern Africa, African violets are widely grown horticulturally, especially S. ionantha. 6 Inch, Series: In addition to being edible this plant has several medicinal properties as well. Get rid of these pests to keep your plant blooming and looking its best. The photos are here for your enjoyment, and to show the exciting diversity that African violets have in color, color patterns, and leaves. Name - Search for Optimara Violets by name. An African violet may attract many sucking insect pests, including aphids, which can affect its health. Optimara Holtkamp (Europe) Besides various shades of blue-violet, there are also pink, fuchsia, and white cultivars. Our native violets are indigenous to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere and may bloom from spring well into summer, depending upon the species. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. The African violet grower can often prevent or greatly reduce pest problems by adopting certain practices. All Sizes Most African violets look best with no more than 5 rows of leaves. The professional growers have also produced hanging and trailing varieties of this houseplant. To achieve this a grower must be knowledgeable We grow our plants in a renovated barn, circa 1900, with an attached glasshouse and other buildings. Cyclamen mites (Steneotarsonemus pallidus) are one of the most serious pests of African violets. Learn more about Space Violets at the EverFloris FAQ & Image Gallery : Visit for more Optimara Variety ID Resources and links to Leaf -sets of most varieties It is a low, compact plant with attractive dark green, thick, hairy leaves. They really prefer temperatures 72 degrees or higher and humidity. NEW! A mature leaf should be 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) in length. African Violet Species Identification Guide By Ken Barbi (January 26, 2019, Version) Many of us grow saintpaulia species because they are beautiful and easy to grow. Welcome to, the Internet's best resource for all things African Violet. Join our community and meet other African Violet fans and learn more about keeping your African Violet healthy and beautiful. Let the excess water drain from the planter. For minis and semiminis, us a … They like natural light, are not fussy, can be ignored for awhile, enjoy low temperatures, and many are profuse bloomers. Cut off the leaf stem with a sharp, clean knife. This is a lovely African violet that has purple petals that are lined with white. 36. 4 Inch Informational table showing disease name, symptoms, pathogen/cause, and management of African Violet diseases. Historic Houseplants for Trendy Indoor Gardens 10 Photos. … Yellow Pink Photo By: Winston J. Goretsky/African Violet Society of America Photo By: Winston J. Goretsky/African Violet Society of America We Recommend. To identify your Optimara violets, sort by production status, color, size or series. Sign up for Fresh Violet Alerts when we ship to your zip code. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. African violet, (genus Saintpaulia), any of the six species of flowering plants in the genus Saintpaulia (family Gesneriaceae). Repot all plants every 6-12 months. Southern Belle In recent years, African violet growers have been turning to natural predators and parasites of the insect and mite pests as a safe way to control the problems. After-Care for Holiday Plants 13 Photos. Streptocarpus sect. Bustle African Violet Leaf Type: These leaves have a pair of smaller leaves on or a single leaf growth on the back of the main leaf. Use Nonchemical Control Methods Washing aphids off African violets is one of the simplest ways to kill aphids, although the plant's leaves may end up with spots. African violets should be grown single-crowned. Little Jewel Bright indirect light is best for them and hence, you can keep them close to a brightly-lit window facing North-East or East. Plants of the Violet Family Violets have a distinctive, slightly irregular flower. Light Purple The violet-like flowers are borne in small panicles just above the foliage. The pansy and Johnny-jump-ups are members of the Viola genus; if you have seen them, then you will recognize other flowers of this group. A central place for helping everyone identify common African Violet varieties found in retail stores and nurseries. Scalloped African Violet Leaf Type: These leaves have a margin with broad rounded hills, giving them the appearance of deeply scalloped edges. True violets are different from African violets, which are natives of east Africa. Avoid over fertilisation as it can cause poor growth, leaf tip burn and even death of the African Violet plant. Locate a healthy, mature leaf that is growing close to the base of an existing African violet. Artist's Palette Use our retailer database to find fresh Optimara violets in your local area. Indian Summer Typically, damage to plants is the first indication of their presence. The color of flowers could be anything from blue, pink, fuchsia and white to violet. African Violet ID (Optimara & Rhapsodie) has 4,460 members. There are other insects and mites which can be introduced into the plant collection to eat the problem insects as prey. African violets (Saintpaulia) can be grown easily and offer colorful blooms almost year-round. Violets are one of the cheeriest little flowers to grace the landscape. LooXo 'Filantherless' Paperback $14.36 $ 14. It's a miniature with dark green leaves with red backs. Violets that are exotic, original, unusual or antique. There are around 400 types of violet plants in the genus Viola. African Violet Growing Instructions • Browse with Flipping Book • Download or view Adobe PDF : To receive the full-color Selective Gardener mail-order catalog, send your name, address and one dollar ($1 US) to: the Selective Gardener, 6011 Martingale Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027. Islands Rhapsodie Unless you live in semi-tropical to tropical climates, don't put your African violets outside or near drafty windows. AFRICAN VIOLET LEAVES ANN STUNNING VARIEGATION SHOWPLANT GROWS LARGE Ann (6649) 06/01/1987 (B. Bryant) Double rose-pink frilled/two-tone center, edge. The leaves will rot if they become too chilled. Humid bathrooms that receive about 10-12 hours of indirect light are African violet heaven. Space Violet Program Wild violets are beautiful when in bloom but as the temperatures warm up the flowers tend to wilt and die off by the heat of the summer. Don't be put off by their reputation for difficulty: providing you follow a few simple rules, African violets should thrive indoors. A native of Africa, this plant bears dark green leaves and beautiful flowers, which also resemble violets. Vintage, Color: Little Music A healthy host plant with have a green stem without brown patches. Active / Recent All Series leaves in the center of the plant). The flowers bloom all throughout the year.
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