It draws material from issues in both management and human relations for an integrated look at the basic … *HH05, Social Work Administration: Dynamic Management and Human Relations, 3/e, Rex A. Skidmore(University of Utah), 66903-6, 304 pp., 6 x 9, 013-669037-8, casebound, 1995, $31.00nk, October*/This book reflects the growing demand for administrative specialists in the field of social work. Social work believes that during the professional help between the client and social worker, client have the right of personal information about themselves in relationship with a social agency. Community social work … ok. The commentary serves to unpack the core concepts used in the definition and is detailed in relation to the social work profession’s core mandates, principles, knowledge and practice. Social Work Supervision: Contexts and Concepts aims to provide readers with basic knowledge of theories, research, and practice of supervision. Prentice Hall Professional, 1976 - 243 pages. Islam is a religion of humanity. Undergraduate 2. Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4696-1317-8 Published: May 2018; Buy this Book . Index. The social work profession’s core mandates include promoting social change, social development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. It is also designed to be an introduction to macro practice as a set of profes-sional activities in which all social workers are involved. “What does the river, the trees, the sun care about the concept of God - their sole purpose is to sustain life on earth - and so is mine. User Review - Flag as inappropriate. This Key Concepts clearly and concisely explains the basic ideas in the field of anti-discriminatory social work. Contents. Walter A. Friedlander. Surendra Singh (Chief Editor) (2012), Encyclopedia of Social work in India: New Royal Book Company, Lucknow, 2012) Gunjal,B.S. & Molankal,Gangabhushan.(ed.) 6: chapter . Recently, as experienced social workers and practice educators, we’ve been asked by a number of student social workers to compile a list of recommended social work books. Looking at the basic concepts in social welfare (2) Total Cards. Social Work Supervision: Contexts and Concepts aims to provide readers with basic knowledge of theories, research, and practice of supervision. Gain an understanding about contemporary ideologies of social work 3. Islam considers serving others as a great act of worship. Subject. Concepts and Methods of Social Work. Additional Social Work Flashcards . Key Concepts in Anti-Discriminatory Social Work . Culture. However, while the published literature in social work has long stressed social justice, and has incorporated discussion of human rights, human need has long been both a neglected and contested concept. Social work can cover: • Grants to groups of people. Community, in many ways represents a valid and meaningful social concept that has found a prominent place in social work practice. User Review - Flag as inappropriate. Level. Let’s begin with defining culture. This book is a quick and accessible reference guide to the key concepts that social work students and professionals need to understand to be effective. Table of Contents. 211 pp., 5.5 x 8.5. Click here to study/print these flashcards. 13: III . The goal of the book is to teach social work students how to enhance clients’ social functioning by helping them become more proficient in examining, understanding, and resolving clients’ social problems. Concept of Social work Social works are entities responsible for organizing the provision of medical care for the workers. In social science, when we use the term measurement we mean the process by which we describe and ascribe meaning to the key facts, concepts, or other phenomena that we are investigating. A Presentation at the the 83 rd Annual Forum of the National Conference Of Social Work, St. Louis, Missouri, May 20-25, 1956. Toyin Okitikpi ... this is an accessible book which will be of benefit to social work students and practitioners." In this chapter we will clarify basic concepts, define key terms, discuss a variety of different cultures and begin to understand why this topic is of utmost importance to the social work profession. Amanda Thorpe, University of Bedfordshire . Culture. Core Mandates. 2. Social Science Concepts: A Users Guide explores alternative means of concept construction and their impact on the role of concepts in measurement, case selection, and theories. These concepts also emphasize the relationships among individuals, groups, organizations, or communities and mutually influencing factors in the environment. References. (2011), Fields of Social Work Practice, Baraha publishing house, Banglore. The authors place practice at the center of the text, and include a host of case examples to bring the concepts to life. Social work practitioners work with groups of people in many different ways and in many different contexts. Selected pages. While all the concepts to be introduced also have formalized ways to measure them, and often several different ways to measure the same concept, the aim of this book is This book is a quick and accessible reference guide to the key concepts that social work students and professionals need to understand to be effective. The principle believes that confidential things of the client must be kept confidential and other agencies and individual & should be consulted only with the clients consent. Thus a worker who becomes ill or an accident or the family group that depends on can access medical care, drugs and health care practices without having to pay the entire cost of the same previously. Sign up here. 2 Reviews . 12. Approx. Human need and related concepts such as basic needs have long been part of the implicit conceptual foundation for social work theory, practice, and research. Social workers pay regard to the principles of privacy, confidentiality, and responsible use of information in their professional work. Lyceum Books 1. Social Work. Concept of Social Work in Islam. The authors pay special attention to enhancing social justice by working with individuals and families who have been historically oppressed. 2 (Jun., 1957): 183-191.. Social Group Work Theory and Practice By Gertrude Wilson, Professor, University of California at Berkeley. Create your own flash cards! Understand the basic concepts of social work. This book does not pretend to offer a wholly new interpretation of social case work, but does attempt to analyze and reconcile some of the more significant elements of theory and practice today. Some of the earliest social work interventions were designed to meet basic human needs of populations and placed great value in providing support, assistance, and resources to families and communities in an attempt to alleviate suffering (Nsonwu, Casey, Cook & Armendariz, 2013). Social case work has gone through a period of consolidation and synthesis with findings which bear on its generic aspects. Paperback $45.00; Social case work is a young and rapidly changing profession in which differences of method and technique have been prominent. Created. Basic Concepts in Social Case Work By Herbert Aptekar. WALTER A FFEDLAMDER . Social Work Book: Scientific Inquiry in Social Work (DeCarlo) 10: Sampling Expand/collapse global location 10.1: Basic concepts of sampling Last updated; Save as PDF Page ID 25656; Contributed by Matthew DeCarlo; Assistant Professor (Social Work) at Radford University; Published by Open Social Work Education; Applying sampling terms. Social Work and Social Justice transcends discussions of abstract social justice concepts and goals by focusing on how these concepts can be used as guides for socially just practice at the interpersonal, organizational, community, and societal levels. Philip H. Van Praag, "Basic Concepts of Social Work," Social Service Review 31, no. 02/11/2011. 2.2.8. The authors place practice at the centre of the text, and include a host of case examples to bring the concepts to life. Whilst some of the wording in the above quotation may reflect the date it was written, some fifty years ago, it powerfully reflects the com-plexity of challenges and opportunities that may arise in contemporary groupwork practice. Social work is an academic discipline and practice-based profession that concerns itself with individuals, families, groups, communities and society as a whole in an effort to meet basic needs and enhance social functioning, self-determination, collective responsibility, and overall well-being. applications of the concepts as well as more complex concepts and propositions will be developed in chapters that are devoted to specific substantive subjects. 1-12 of over 30,000 results for Books: Politics & Social Sciences: Social Sciences: Social Work Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help YouFind - and Keep - … The second edition of Social Work Practice is updated with new empirical findings and foundational information, while also supplementing the text with the concepts and competencies in EPAS 2015. While there exists a plethora of books on measurement, scaling, and the like, there are virtually no books devoted to the construction and analysis of concepts and their role in the research enterprise. This book is intended for all social workers, regardless of whether they spe- cialize or concentrate in micro or macro tracks within schools of social work. Preview this book » What people are saying - Write a review. A book on social work supervision is desperately needed to bridge the gap between the demands of the field and the absence of literature. At its core, measurement is about defining one’s terms in as clear and precise a way as possible. John MacDonough, London South Bank University "Addressing both the ideas underpinning anti-discriminatory practice and more practice oriented approaches, this is an accessible book which will be of benefit to social work students and practitioners." Social Work and Social Justice emphasizes the importance of social justice work, vividly illustrates the complexity of this work, and discusses how social workers can negotiate the practical and ethical challenges involved. Title Page. For discussing the concept of social work in Islam, it was necessary to understand the two terms; Social Work and Islam so as to reach a refined and absolute perspective. Social workers respect the basic human rights of individuals and groups as expressed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international conventions derived from that Declaration.
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