This is why we are here. [He mercilessly beats Poseidon up, pokes his eyes out and dumps the disfigured corpse into the sea. SPIRIT OF ATHENA: Go if you must, but first I insist you give me the power from inside the box. Ah... Good, good. He slowly pulls his hand to it.] Tell me, has Aphrodite conquered another god of war? YOUNG KRATOS: Ares! You should learn that now. PANDORA: No. The river Styx awaits! Since you killed my son, Ares, fear of you consumes him. [But Kratos does not even think to stop. And I promise to repay you in full. wolves' life 3 roblox hack / script | free gamepasses | inf cash | not clickbait! KRATOS: Let them suffer. I trust you. Forever, ever cursed. A coward who kills his own kin. HEPHAESTUS: Leave me be. Let the fear inside, Kratos! SPIRIT OF ZEUS: I created you and I will be your end! Zeus understood that the evils born from that battle, if left free would destroy the world of man and gods. click here to get the script. Surely you can understand that. [Kratos kills his family offscreen.] Kratos! You know we need it. In that darkness I heard what the gods said about me. I know it. He solves the riddle of the gardens.] Die! He enters the ocean full of blood, where the souls of those who he killed cry out to him. Olympus will prevail! Pandora. You used my power to kill Zeus. KRATOS: Pandora! HERMES: You’ve been lucky in battle, Spartan. [Kratos swims up to Pandora's box.] He runs to attack Zeus with his bare hands.] Kill the bastard' do you see how he trembles? SPIRIT OF ZEUS: I grew weary of you, my son. KRATOS: You once sacrificed yourself to save Zeus, and now you seek to destroy him? Full Transcript of God of War: Ascension. Your future is cloaked in shadow. HEPHAESTUS: Ghost of Sparta? Kratos' you are the reason she is in the labyrinth! The cursed mortal. King Rhadamanthus has found you worthy. I seek the labyrinth. Changed them. The light reveals the truth. [Kratos uses a ballista and knocks down Helios from the sky.] You think this garden is not protected? But he would not have it. Yes. PANDORA: There it is. The titans must take down Olympus. Look at it! But this time, retribution finally comes to me, Spartan. This is why we are here. ZEUS: I’ll put an end to this chaos. Climb to my hand! HEPHAESTUS: If you can find your way out of the underworld, I am sure you can find your way to the flame of Olympus. KRATOS: You are not my daughter. Asgardian PA: This is the Asgardian refugee vessel Statesman. ZEUS: Don’t listen to her, Kratos. KRATOS: It does not matter what you are, my concerns lay elsewhere. That wretched little thing my son Hephaestus created? [They climb to the top of the labyrinth.] PANDORA: I hear something. HELIOS: Behold the glory of Helios! HEPHAESTUS: A weapon such as this can't be rushed. HEPHAESTUS: Clearly you don't understand. [But Kratos deals with the decrepit and exhausted god of blacksmiths with ease.] And yet you seek to kill me when I have no way to defend myself? Spare me! The logo now reads "Marvel Studios". I live for pain. Hades deserved to suffer. Let me be! Kratos falls into the sewer.] Just as taking pity on this thing will prove to be your greatest mistake. SPIRIT OF A GIRL: Father? No. Quickly! Finally. Fear. You were once a father too. As it grew, so too did the might of the Olympians. I can feel it. The people! HELIOS: Forward! I thought the power I placed in the box was never released all these years I assumed you drew from the evils inside to destroy Ares. KRATOS: You still appear to be an Olympian. We will stand together. KRATOS’ WIFE: Shhh. Who else could? KRATOS: The power to kill a god. KRATOS: Pandora’s box? I seek the child Pandora. [Kratos returns to the forge of Hephaestus through the portal.] ZEUS: Your pawn has failed you, Gaia. ZEUS: I created you and I will be your end! Don’t you understand? HADES: Suffer! [We meet our hero Kratos in the forest. Created from the very heart of the flame the key took on a life of its own. I will stop at nothing to destroy Zeus. GAIA: Kratos. I cannot die this way! He is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War. Of course. I can help, Kratos. HEPHAESTUS: Oh. If you take her to the flame... Right now I am working on the God of War (2018) on my wiki Where is my boy? GAIA: You live, Spartan? And now the very person he had once despised, the God of War. A killer made hero. I dreaded what would happen if it was opened again. Pandora! Your son has returned. [The gods attack the titans.] The weak were sent to the mountains, to die. I do not know if you will read this, SamuraiX-, but thank you so much for your work, it inspired me very much. And that one has not been used for centuries. SPIRIT: Die, Spartan! What makes you think you can ever catch me? Your brute strength may have bested Hercules. Jon Ford Analysis on a script that was shown during a Cory Barlog interview! =). HERCULES: Think about it brother. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kratos, where are you off to today? KRATOS: I only need to find it. [She rushes out of Kratos' bear grip and runs off, but stumbles upon Zeus. Be quick with your words. Trust you to do the right thing, Kratos. CRONOS: You have what you came for! My prison of tinder. [Kratos pierces Cronos’ forehead with the sword of Olympus and kills him, after which he returns to the forge.] HADES: Welcome, Spartan. Free me! POSEIDON: You challenge me, mortal? [He throws Pandora aside and begins the bloody battle that we all have been waiting for.] Where are you? A killer made hero. I can hear him. Throughout the logo, an Asgardian is reporting a distress signal.] Of course, I’ll still try to convey the maximum of what is in the game, but if you speak Icelandic, please correct my translation attempts. And I will wipe out this plague! HEPHAESTUS: Dead? KRATOS: Wait here. Hurry, Kratos! KRATOS: Your son is dead, daedalus. My son! HEPHAESTUS: But surely you can understand. ZEUS: Stop her, Kratos! Or posting anything related to GOW really. [She hugs him and burns in the blue flame. KRATOS: Calm yourself, smith god. Now it falls to me to collect payment for the pain you have wrought. [Kratos saddles a fire-breathing Cerberus and burns Peirithous alive and takes the bow. KRATOS: Show yourself, Hades! (he pushes Hera and her tiara breaks) what have you done? But your simple mind will never find a way out. The same fear that brought the great war. KRATOS: Hephaestus did what every father should do. HERA: Good luck with that little whore you call Pandora! You trifle with matters you cannot possibly understand. God of War is a video game franchise that is loosely based on Greek and, in the most recent release, Norse mythologies. HADES: As usual, Spartan, you are gravely mistaken. By its end you will not be thanking me. DRANK WOMAN: Bravo. Do not let her into the flame! A challenge. Next, next, I will take the gift of Boreas the ice storm. While you were being crowned the god of war, I was sent to an apple. That freak has fallen from the graces of Olympus! [Kratos wins and smashes Hercules' face with such force that the floor under him cracks. I’m sure it is broken. Forever, ever doomed. No! Relax. [He runs away. Sparta fought many wars, battling many foes, such as the Persians, Athenians, and other Greek city states. I forged the box in a power greater than the gods themselves. What was it, Kratos? [In the form of one of Kratos' mistresses] You are not meant to die here. SPIRIT OF ATHENA: Remember your purpose, Kratos.,, KRATOS: (threateningly) I owe you nothing! Now tell me, do you know of the flame? KRATOS: I will find another way! KRATOS: A true warrior does not hide, Poseidon. He was known to be beautiful and was the favorite of the Æsir gods.Most legends about him concern his death. Worst of all, he took my beloved daughter, Pandora. POSEIDON: For the greatness of Olympus! I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. KRATOS: I will raise the labyrinth. Feel the wrath of the sun! PANDORA: It’s alright, Kratos. Born from the depths of the underworld, rooted in the river of souls, our mountain emerged out of the chaos. He said that if I built the labyrinth I would see the return of my son! It is time. Stay away from Pandora. [Zeus pulls out one of his lightning bolts and throws out both Kratos and Gaia.] PANDORA: No, Kratos! Wait! HERMES: You may have brute force, but you lack speed. You were a simple pawn, nothing more. I can see it, Kratos. And what has that honour brought you? While I was stuck cleaning the Augean stables, he chose you to destroy Ares. Only Ghost of Sparta remained. I will keep that in mind, Spartan. [He raises the labyrinth with Pandora on it and opens the way to the box.] SPIRIT OF ATHENA: I see truths where I did not before. GAIA: I saved you to serve the titans. I've seen the cubes moving into place now. With the death of the father of Olympus, real chaos begins to reign on earth.] Suddenly even for himself, Kratos stops her.] Everyone knows who you are. The king of the gods has forsaken me. And I have not forgotten that it was you who butchered my beautiful queen! It all began when Zeus triumphed over the titans in the great war. KRATOS: Of all the lives you should worry about, Helios, mine is not one of them. They will help guide you on your journey to the flame. HEPHAESTUS: Well, as long as it's only one Olympian. They were left in Sparta.
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