Thanksgiving Guest Etiquette 101 8 Photos. Spoon the mushrooms over a round of Brie with the top rind cut off, and top with fresh thyme. Quick lesson in Brie etiquette. Round cheeses such as Brie should be cut like a cake in small triangular wedges roughly the width of a pencil. Get it Thu, Dec 3 - Mon, Dec 7. Aug 8, 2015 - This is a tutorial on how to cut brie, and other French cheese etiquette. The 10 Commandments of Cheese Etiquette 1. A fancy cheese platter is a staple at any party. Our wedding etiquette guide covers behavior, attire, hosting, and guests, plus pre-wedding (invitations), post-wedding (thank-you notes), and everything (ceremony and reception) in between. Cutting brie is a lot like cutting apple pie, but making the first cut into a beautiful wheel can be intimidating when you’re a guest. Aug 8, 2015 - This is a tutorial on how to cut brie, and other French cheese etiquette. Cardinal Rules of Brie Cheese. Soft cheeses like brie are definitely easier to cut while cold, before they get too runny. brie cheese knife. Food and Drinks. how to properly cut the cheese This is the hardest part to master (I’m still working on it), but is essential to proper French cheese etiquette. Next Up. Ideally everyone should get a piece of the ‘nose’ from a slice of Brie, but it’s not a practical way to cut this gooey cheese. Definitely eat the rind; many people consider it the tastier part of Brie. Thou shalt not serve cheese straight out of the fridge ... hard wedge of brie, that bland hunk of chilled Swiss. Once you or your guests have made several cuts, the brie will be smaller but it should still look like a wedge. But before you start planning the spread for your next get-together, we wanted to fill you in on a common faux pas that so many of us have made.. Cut a slice to give guests a sample to go by. Explore. Etiquette and procedure related to food is a double-edged sword: ... For example, with a Brie, often served as a wedge, cut pieces off of the side, repositioning the tip as you go. 95. Brie de Meaux, Stinking Bishop. Cut diagonally outwards from the center of the cheese, slicing small wedges off the wheel. Serve with toasted sourdough bread. Unlike in America where cheese is often pre-cut before being shared at a party or dinner, in France cheese is almost always presented whole or in big chunks for you to cut yourself. Occasionally, Brie is found in a rectangular shape. Never cut the tip or corners off of the Brie; this act of “pointing the Brie” is a huge faux pas and will never go over well. 4.3 out of 5 stars 77. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Brie should be served with a red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Malbec. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Never cut a piece of Brie from a block in public detaching the soft cheese from the rind. When you’re cutting down a wedge of cheese, always cut along the sides from the center to the rind. Cut brie by the slice from the tip to the rind. We're answering all of your most common wedding planning questions. Meal Planning. Instead, take one slice from the nose, then you can make several long cuts from the edge towards where the nose used to be, ensuring everyone gets a bit of goo. Don’t cut off the pointed tip, the tastiest part of brie. MAINTAIN THE WEDGE. Etiquette experts share the right way to cut the cheese. Picky Eaters Recipes. Precise Laser Cut High Carbon Stainless Steel Cheese Knife – Model. diagnosis or treatment. Other options New and used from $44.95. First is the drink accompaniment. $54.95 $ 54.
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