Samsung Electronics Australia reminded customers about its product safety recall in Australia for six models of Samsung top loader washing machines manufactured between 1 … I got as far as giving them my banking info for the refund. Samsung announced a washing machine recall of certain top-load washing machines on November 4, 2016. 1 0 obj We’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers after Samsung announced a recall on 2.8 million washing machines due to a risk of explosion during a cycle. I understand being busy and not calling back but if you do this all day long everyday why cant i get a list of ALL the documents needed at once so i can submit it and get it over with? The industry average is just over 12.49%, so Samsung is better. Samsung is not standing behind this product at all! It involved the potential fire hazard related to an electrical component in the washing machines overheating. They said the are over welhemed with refund requests. i put in my bank account and routing number got approved called back and they now need another document. 11/4/2016 Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines. Samsung on Friday announced a formal recall of 2.8 million top-load washing machines — more than a month after the U.S. government first issued a warning that the machines are unsafe. They should only transfer you!!! This recall involves 34 models of Samsung top-load washing machines. SYDNEY, Australia – August 31, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Australia has this week shared a progress summary of its ongoing product safety recall for six models of its top loader washing machines. So the error/shaking issue remained after recall fix, I contacted Samsung assuming now with the warrenty the washer code be fixed and back to functioning soon. Until your Home Label Kit arrives, please use the delicate or waterproof cycle to wash all bedding, bulky or water-resistant items. Today I called customer service and was told my documents were received today ( over a week after I sent them?). Samsung Electronics America, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a voluntary recall of certain top-loading washers manufactured between March 2011 and current production dates. Samsung Front Load Washers 28 serviced | 515 sold - 5.44%. I accepted, did all of the required online portal and emailing of images last week. Samsung customers should call (800) 515-7902 between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. (EST), Mondays through Fridays to find out whether their washers are covered by this recall. The affected products can be identified by the model, UPC and serial numbers located on a label on the back of the product, near the top or right hand side. A load of laundry turned into an unwelcome surprise for an Irving family after their Samsung washer exploded over the weekend. The following model numbers are included in the recall … Samsung is recalling about 2.8 million top-load washing machines more than a month after announcing that vibrations during the spin cycle could cause parts to … stream "Your refund has been processed and is being reviewed for final approval. On March 21, 2007, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall of about 250,000 Maytag-brand washing machines and about 20,000 Samsung-brand washing machines - both brands front loading washers -- due to a potential fire hazard. 1-800-336-9136. Please send us a private message to with your phone number as well as the model number and the serial number of the unit. ��C��O�N#��\��]��L.Y�n��?���p-f��=ޗ�-(�"of�;�ݣ� ��~��v��u9� �FL�h0A��z >Ɓ�Ƙosի��~Y�j�m��w��.�(��}0��?����T�9&��a盺 ���օ{���-�b6$�o���o ��#Ng��d�����>��'�7f���jl�l�]>bǷۚ�.Ĵ�%Y�tk�C��"+ߢ���]�^��9��v>0�78u,�8)��� K���p�>6bh�����W��9�0wZ[dn���G�-0�Kre�"@�l��\h���'.�v�#��.Hl�(��.TLx�%Ms��a�F�1�ɡ��p�F�Ĉ���׆��5���� ���)� &02��Wۨ�PvӢۨ���� c�ea�۴��c�ĩ��%����0SL���gT������� ؉Дx�P�#�e�����P9N}؍2�Lŕ϶�@/�z���~ئ�[d�/,��u�ָ������^�w��f��*�)7P{K������gulpd_u�����w�� Dont bother speaking to a manager i dont think they actually have one!! endobj Media enquiries – Samsung Media Team Samsung top loader washing machine recall progress update SYDNEY, Australia – November 12, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Australia has shared a progress summary of its ongoing product safety recall for six models of its top loader washing machines. Thank you in advance for your time! Well between a phone that blows up, a washer that might and can't finish a cycle and a tv that won't turn on.......I won't hold my breath to ever seeing this money. 3 0 obj Dont give up! … Multiple agents gave be bogus numbers to call just to get me off of the phone. They were very confused because of course they sent me the email!!! Just letting everyone know, they NEVER call you! Consumers who choose to obtain another Samsung washer will receive an additional loyalty incentive up to $150. This has been weeks of me calling EVERYDAY, being forwarded to multiple departments, retelling my information, hours on hold, I got "APPROVED" for my return 4 seperate times! According to their representative, they have recalled around 34 top load machines within a month period after the government has released a warning about … endobj Need Help? This recall involves various models of Samsung manufactured Top Load washing machines. Have you gotten your refund yet? Thank you for providing your information. And the recall had to do with the washer tops possibly coming off during the spin cycle (does this mean that Samsung knows that the washer is going out-of-balance? documents you should ask for information to send in right away... proof of purchase, a picture of the model number a serial number from the washer, signed and returned acceptance letter. The recalled front-loading clothes washers were sold under the Maytag® “Neptune” and Samsung® brand names, which can be located on the control panel of the units. Samsung washers start at $600 and can cost up to $1,900. Everytime i get off the phone I ask if there is ANYTHING else they need, i am told no then told to wait for them to call, i wait for the alloted time and call back and to my surprise they need a new document ive never heard of!!! WW – washing machine WD – washing machine with dryer. :��gR�~�Q�~`L�QJI��|�R�����r*MF�'%��q���.����B*g+�Io+��O�F8�1��^��iɢ#�q��2�Τ������V����>$����W���;^��=ӌ�Bb��c[ŚqD��:m-�浅ߓ�%gF(�ZDu�@]�x����^��J�����D.�p. <> But if you have any brand of washing machine there will most likely come a time when a repair is necessary. Recall Information. Samsung washing machine decoding example WW80J5410GW/LP. ���Q�C�<2o= ��MB���,��e����2�ҵܹs�5ȭ�-$�=����͵qqqG��n,R�XC(m��i�s\�)k����e�I�����G��mc�O�&��a�3����گZ��,\Z[QÎI1B`�H���`+ݭɠ�O7\^�K��yW5�K'����S)�P�7.��ӄ�+����E[zM�c���`�q+`õ�1`j3�v���,md���A������q�6 clEǁ����V��`Qj\a/J#a��i4ҖX�m~�&��G����8BO������L������� �+v�:�gxr�=^����EF��Y�imXr}BDX�i5ga�Ӗ�xl��' The washing machines have mid-controls or rear-controls. all I got is $ 149.00 for refund, in 2 years thats what they put value of thier pruduct. I will be calling a Samsung authorized center … I have a top-load washer that was recalled. Samsung Washer Recall. V���5�X�X)��o����Q�� D�����\_���Dj5�&J.�����&Jfm"o���M�\�H��&��)���a�`+�3�~�56�q-UT"�I?�&�.��( B�&!i`�x���HE��6��r���el����Q����q ?Ys�`=�$�3gER���&���X:bC҂IH�>�m���E-R���N?2�h��Ǖ@�E ����f�z;l��U����`Ga�����}�ہu�v7��n���O������W]Î�].� 5\~]�F�*�|68�z���{;b��یU�#5ZY԰~������ϟ��|k��NGj�����VBU��""l�-�q?l7>#��%�+Qe�JD�B�����w���F�w}sm6��f N�� I am sick and tired of either having to go to the landromat or having to wring my soaking wet cloths out in the bathtub. I only found out about the recall when I did research after my washer started shaking like crazy during spin and then turning off with an error code on the screen. Catch can't get rid of the washing machine until the refund has been completed. Consumers reported a slew of defects associated with their washers, including washer drums losing balance, which caused excessive vibrations and led to the top of the washer separating from the machine’s body. %PDF-1.5 Sorry to hear, mind shooting me a private message with the most recent transaction number? No one ever calls. 2/1/2018 John Deere ZTrak Riding Mowers (Online Only) View Complete Recall Details . So the error/shaking issue remained after recall fix, I contacted Samsung assuming now with the warrenty the washer code be fixed and back to functioning soon. The recall was initiated in April 2013. Model numbers and serial information can be found on two labels affixed to the back of the machine. Your Home Label Kit will be shipped to you within the next 14 days. Shame on your Samsung!!!!! ����2�dsP���=1�՗�w� @�9��I���+��1EZ�b�����������`1�?p��=&�{��~N4��,I�vx�f4[�P� �3��y|������ue�M��Nc̯LVJm The washing machines are cUL certified with file number E199566. � �-�V&)XD0�jӖ�'oIHڜum'P�������G"�V@$\�o �y�.Z-#�@��v��(��ы� �w�9l�>��Y�CB-���,k���t�t-�����=}�K��s,!4g8���� ���?�j��m�#��U��j)�zБ�i�$�>�M��>� :8L���ZT��G���5[]�����Z�6�v}�V�?����Z��3�����Mӊ��8����o��;�팔�T�J���!���i߮�j�i}F�(,V;��u�3|��4�pV���X���>�T��6� o�6��,�LNYۃO1�|������_M���d����?���t��CAu�Y0��?�������w�+��I�a�*�]�萂�@Q�Q�V$�d���;�n���9���ܫ���$�_7����v��q��������\m͚���`}����x����j>�/�-��rs�c�0LbE$�:���=b���5����.���$�3!�te`�ກf��"h�z�=��W��"/���̍����8fs{����x�3�$��-�T��"&}�G���j��=~�=�:#݊�R�6��1��EZp��� e0?ҚN�6��J=��RFt턞ӡQI�'����A�$���ḜP1Nf�E����T`� ���O��e#ž�XFh�^b����XB.Q�E�~|�?�*�#M�1%�#CK]���Sɑ�f�j�S�H/P�� ... View Complete Recall Details . The company has made Samsung washing machine recall list and made an official confirmation about it. Everytime i call back they need a new document or cant find a document i have submited. I had the repair done by dish and the tech told me then that it more than likely wouldn't fix the issue but explained how it was now under the extended warrenty. We're used to recalls for our cars but rarely find ourselves dealing with a recall related to our houses. Samsung Front Load Washers at Yale Appliance in Hanover . The recall includes an estimated 2.8 million washers sold between March 2011 and November 2016. Samsung has provided this information to NSW Fair Trading as part of its ongoing compliance with the They just transfer you to the person next to them! 2 0 obj A voluntary Samsung washer recall was issued by the manufacturer in November 2017 over reports of major defects. The lower washer has an extra large capacity (5 … * Awarded by owners We’re proud to be ranked by J.D. p Do not let them hang up with you until your problem is completly resolved!! What is the problem? Samsung is a leading manufacturer of washers and dryers. KEEP THIS INFORMAION SAVED!!! Ill let you know if I ever get a refund!!! We are in the middle of the same issue!! Top Load Washers High Efficiency Samsung Washer Recall 2018 1/2 The treatment announcement is in reaction to records highlighting the risk that the drums in these washers might lose balance, causing excessive resonances, leading to the leading separating from the washing machine. Beautifully designed and technologically advanced, Samsung is the #1 best-selling laundry brand. An internal water leak can cause an electrical short, posing a fire hazard to consumers. Front-load washers cost more than top-load washers, and adding certain features, such as … <>>> J is the year of development of the model J-2015, H-2014 marking of the year by analogy with Samsung TVs. endobj Curious to know if you ever received your refund and how long after you gave them you Direct Deposit info. G�1���\v��c�1���Z�����x�n3���au,x���Q�W�ph `� ;+��� �h@O[/���U���n)�O=�#m� U��S�\D�.�`c������4���qF���]9�;�&�Öhh�a?�!H��m@&�soRдi�-��;4��ܹ����%���f��4�I������ټ��Œ9,�~������fmO�� �. For information on GE Appliances Recalls, please visit our recall site: Samsung settled a class action lawsuit involving more than 30 top-loading washing machine models for $6.55 million, according to Top Class Actions. About two months prior to Samsung’s announcement of this recall, GE announced a recall of some of their top-loading washing machines. I am supposedly going to get a phone call sometime in the next 14-21 days about the next step. Please note this is not the year of … 4 0 obj I will tell you how to get your refund check if that is so. with your phone number as well as the model number and the serial number of the unit. <> I tried re-calibrating the washer - and it did not fix the problem. ; 80 – maximum laundry weight for washing 50-5kg, 60-6kg, 70-7kg, 80-8kg, 90-9kg, 112-11.2kg; What year washing machine Samsung. Ive had to resend this same information via email and fax multiple times! This has been going on for months. I am curious because I am waiting on over $5,000 from them and it says now. View Complete Recall Details. ", I have talked to people all the way to the office of the President of Samsung. I politely expressed my frustration as I have now been without a functioning machine for 3 weeks. These troubleshooting solutions may help keep your Samsung washer working smoothly and prevent a costly repair call. They make this process difficult on purpose so people will give up! They promised I would have my money in 7-14 Days. Thursday, July 19, 2018 PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- Getting a refund for a recalled washing machine turned into an 18-month ordeal for one local woman. Voluntary Recall of Select Samsung Top-Loading Washers Consumer Notice. A proposed class action lawsuit filed back in February 2017 alleges these ice makers are defective and have caused substantial (and sometimes costly) problems for consumers.The suit says owners of the affected Samsung fridges have dealt with, among other troubles:Predictably, these issues have caused problems for consumers that rang… Doesn't look like I am able to send a message. They keep saying they will call. Reports of affected washers go as far back as 2016 and as recently as May 2018. Defective washer - Avoiding paying out a full refund. Instead I was told they wanted to "make it right" by offering a full refund since I still had my receipt. Which I searched everywhere for and they never sent me! Did you ever get your refund? Have yet to see any deposit into my account. %���� View Complete Recall Details. x��][o�ƒ~7����â���"ֱ� ���k7�p��X�B�e4�����S�N7�B�� �,i�����U������������|�����qs�q{ռ;��������������f�9��w�~�|��e����'�?��o{�\|x��4�Gյ=��X�us��铮��/?>}�nլ��\���'��pd�G�}Ke4�LK�j�LR!ێΤռe3U�����I�IKX����Z�ʾ�bj`�J�������?�l�>�n�d They never do. Was told an exec would be calling me immediately. Samsung issued the recall after receiving 733 reports of washing machines experiencing excessive vibration that, in some cases, led to the top detaching. I accepted, did all of the required online portal and emailing of images last week. Certain models of French-door Samsung refrigerators come with built-in ice makers. If you cannot locate your washer's model and serial number, please click here. Spread the word, and don't get stuck using unsafe products. �P�X�V᭬�:ß��K'Gt��R$�����3��^+�/�[�-�|��g]7+3^��5�6E;�kS�֍�-�*>��%�Y��Px?��¹�h��ט�7G[u}*~�ҋ.��,�W�͊�����K �7-!��t�-��5X�;�{j�� ^��h'��t��D�-�t��8�����n �u�—c[��ȥ�0��W��aJ�Z.W��/�ݙ^���h��W����܃bz���µ]!~S���%x��$הN����~����Y ��YO''���� .�R�����~6�簎��8?��l�����o������֜�oL���^֪t�U5k)+i?��-�+Lu�%7+��%�o�x��GWg�����#�������m�Պ7௦[j�H1Պp��b �SBN��Z��@E�#j)�0(�Y N�`��JAv r��! The recall has affected about 2.8 million Samsung washers and includes 34 different washer models. Whirlpool and LG are better by an insignificant amount. 64 Key Home and Appliance Recalls of 2018 CR lists the year's recalled appliances, outdoor gear, and more. The recall was initiated in April 2013. The first thing you do is ask for their name and extention number. It took nearly 2 months to get my refund. I'd like to have my management team look into this for you. This Samsung washer will not clean clothes! Instead I was told they wanted to "make it right" by offering a full refund since I still had my receipt. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 14 0 R 22 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Similar recalls. That's because recalls focus on safety. Even with calling EVERYDAY its going to take 6 weeks or more! My Location: , Change Location My Location: , Change Location Experience with Samsung Washing Machine Recall. Front-load washers are not included in the recall. Does anyone have a similar story hopefully with a positive outcome to give me some hope to look forward to? Power #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Front-Load and Top-Load Washers. Samsung Electronics America, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a voluntary recall of certain top-load washers manufactured between March 2011 and October 2016. A full list of the affected models is online. The Samsung FlexWash washing machine adds more flexibility to your laundry with two separately controlled washers in the same unit. 9/15/2016 GE Top Load Washing Machines. This web site is for purchasers of Samsung brand units.
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