is provided to you, There's No Stopping America's Political Realignment, Ninth Circuit: LAPD Officer Can Be Sued For Destroying Gun Collection, WHISTLEBLOWER: I Drove 'Thousands of Ballots' From New York to Pennsylvania, 'Are YOU drunk?' By contrast, there is a need for … How come we can’t be free? In sum, borders matter not only in an instrumental sense but in a symbolic sense as well, both for the state’s assertion of power and legitimacy and in the way citizens imagine their nations as limited sovereign communities. Where are we going to put them? Or someone might develop an ideology sworn to destroy freedom and liberty wherever they find it, making members of that ideology seeking to enter the free country suspect, at best. But things have gone so bonkers and so crazy in recent times, it forces us to state or restate what should have been obvious all along. The most important aspect of immigration reform is keeping America safe. It’s important to examine some of the broken immigration policies that Congress must immediately address. August 23, 2016. Trump was right when he said some countries do not always send us their best and brightest – most immigrants are not self-sufficient. One, they claim to believe that everyone is the same, and that it’s automatically and always “racist” or otherwise irrational to make any kind of judgments at all. I can hardly believe I even had to write this article. I was not so well-driven, and came back to the USA when Jimmy Carter said I could do so---on parole. On one of my trips to the border, I asked my escorts, a couple of border patrol agents, if they thought we needed a border wall. What do we need to know about the border wall? In fact, the vast majority of countries in the world today – including the United States – are not consistently and absolutely free. President Trump is sending national guard troops to protect America’s southern border. Why animals have to be territorial ==> ask Darwin / evolution Apparently it's … We have a president who is going to do more than pay lip service to our broken immigration system like his previous three predecessors had done. Systems science describes biological and social (man-made) systems. Borders therefore are a natural byproduct of territorialism. Borders are neither desirable nor necessary. And even if all countries became permanently and totally free, we’d still need borders, at least until the entire world came to agreement about living on a planet dedicated to liberty and individual rights. Most of the wall isn't 'wall' at all. Why We Need the Border Wall In Foreign Policy , Front Page , Illegal immigration , Immigration , National Security by Allen West November 16, 2018 I find it amazing that the progressive socialist left was able to shift the prevailing narrative of the 2018 midterm elections from the economy and border security. Today’s open-borders agenda has its roots not only in economic and political factors — the need for low-wage workers who will do the work that native-born Americans or Europeans supposedly … Please tell me how a person who doesn’t have the means to support themselves and does not speak proper English is going to be anything other than a burden on society? The third reason that border control is necessary is to deter the influx of another country’s ne’er-do-wells. That’s the only consistent way for the country to be called a free country. There are three major reasons America needs to protect and secure its borders: security, health, and American jobs. Get up-to-the-minute postings, recommended articles and links, and engage in back-and-forth discussion with Dr. Hurd on topics of interest. Countries have gone to war over border disputes including airspace. This can be achieved by defining a secure border, creating a secure border system and adopting measures to determine success. Trump’s recent actions need to be supplemented with more speedy and effective processing of people who illegally trespass into our country. Expect a Preservationist, Climate-Centered Agency, Beloved Coach Lou Holtz Receives the Medal of Freedom, BREAKING: Top White House Communications Official Resigns, COVID Damage Control, Not 'Fact-Checking', DOJ Cracks Down on Facebook Discrimination, Trump Attorneys Produce Video Alleging Georgia Ballots Were Hidden in Suitcases, An Unlikely Ally: Democrat Defends President Trump Over Section 230, Delusional Never Trump Losers Think We’re Going to Take Them Back, Gov. In a strange way it might be good, because with everything going down the tubes, perhaps the stage will be set for a return to reason and liberty as America’s wise founders originally envisioned. Their true intentions are not to allow “dreamers” to live in self-responsible liberty, but rather to ensure that as many become as dependent on the government entitlement state as possible, ensuring permanent electoral victories. This is a strain on limited public resources like medical services, schools, and yes, the criminal justice system. There is often the question why we need borders? But if this is the case, why do we need any border tax? Yet even if we did that, our free country would still need borders because, as I said, most countries will not ensure freedom as America’s Constitution attempted to do. Oftentimes, unscrupulous employers victimize U.S. citizens by providing jobs and safe havens for illegal aliens – a criminal act. Yet even if we did that, our free country would still need borders because, as I said, most countries will not ensure freedom as America’s Constitution attempted to do. Why We Need Sound Border Security Policies. My point: National borders were not and are not the “natural” way of breaking up territory. So even if every country in the world were free, there would still be terrorists, criminals and others who intend to do harm to innocent victims. Cuomo Alleges the Trump Admin 'Created the Cynicism' Around the Vaccine, Obama Sends Mixed Messages on AOC and 'Defund the Police', Project Veritas Exposes How CNN Reacted to the Hunter Biden Story, Sen. Blackburn Reacts After Chinese State Media Send Her Foul Messages, WATCH: Biden's Disturbing Answer on How He'll Resolve Fundamental Differences With Kamala Harris, Biden Reveals How Long He Expects Americans to Wear Face Masks, Did Biden Just Say the Quiet Part Out Loud? Borders were important when we made our decisions. Imagine … a borderless world …. Two, not everyone is good. Some people have asked, “Why does a truly free country need borders? This is not surprising, given the exponential increase in agents in recent years. If people enter the country illegally, we cannot effectively control any disease they may carry. In this respect, the borders of North America are no different from other borders of the world. Thankfully, Trump recently signed a memorandum ensuring an end to the “catch and release” policy. The only solution, obviously, is to repeal the welfare state altogether, demanding that no charity be coerced and all schools and medical care either be privately funded or based on voluntary charity. The second aspect is preventing the potential spread of infectious diseases being brought to the United States. One, not all other countries are free. In a free country, can’t people just move about freely, at will? Those policies should begin today. Would it make sense to get rid of that tax too, if every single country in the world would do it too? We know that Guantanamo Bay currently has space. Both of our borders, northern and southern, are a source of anxiety with regard to terror. However, deportation lawyers drag this out and we shouldn’t let them. Well, you can be free, but the domain of freedom is not unlimited. There are two reasons a free country needs borders. China’s move to build a road through a disputed area in the Himalayas a couple of weeks ago set off a string of military escalations and left 3,000 Indian and Chinese troops(each) staring each other down. And don’t free people want everyone to come into their country?”. No enemies, no violent conflict …. All Rights Reserved. We only need borders because we have nation states. We should open the borders for undocumented people that want to and need to go back to their families. Trump has provided for more agents and judges to clean up this backlog and we should monitor it closely for results through benchmarks of success. States are "social systems", constituted and maintained by borders, border control, and order within states. Brother became successful, raised a family, and has at least one grandchild. Who is going to pick up the tab for this? Apparently, that isn’t the case here in the United States. ... the Department of Defense has reprogrammed $6.1 billion for wall construction. The American taxpayer will. The calculations can't shed full light on why countries don't try more aggressively to eliminate borders, but they do explore the purely economic costs and benefits of doing so. Mean girl Soledad O’Brien's attempt at smearing Trump witness Mellissa Carone does NOT end well for her, like at all, Celebrity Chef Who's Defying COVID-19 Restrictions Fires Back at Critics: 'I'm Not the A**hole, the Governor Is', Trump Lawyers Allege in New Lawsuit That 40,000 Voted Twice in Nevada Election, Who Will Lead Biden's Interior Dept.? David A. Clarke Jr. is President of DAC Enterprise LLC and senior advisor/spokesman for America First Action PAC/Policies. By “right kind” I mean that some discrimination is used to ensure that likely or known criminals can be kept out. But borders are also an example of structural violence, of using a system of laws and regulations that deprive other people of opportunities through the imposition of borders… This has already happened in places like California and, on our present course, even with Donald Trump in office, it’s inevitable for the country as a whole. For example, a dictatorship might seek to dump its derelicts on a free country. Mitigate the fears of many Americans that occur with an open border. Systems science describes biological and social (man-made) systems. The troops will help secure the border from illegal immigration, a decision that will protect the American people from foreign and domestic threats. Past presidents from both parties spewed hot air about what we needed to do yet they never did much. Today’s leftists don’t want borders for obvious reasons. Trump has approached the very solemn duty of protecting the American people by doing what most politicians won’t: actually defending our borders. So we need immigration. Answered May 21, 2016. That said, a good starting point is the number of people US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehend at the southern border. Trump has offered a common sense fix for the DACA dilemma. Yes, we need a better immigration system that controls immigration, and a … The next best solution would be to deny the “freebie” benefits to immigrants and let them either fend for themselves or rely on voluntary charity. They emphasized to me their support for a wall. Like in the European Economic Area, where there is a free flow of labour and goods, there is no tax to bring something form one country to another, but if it comes from e.g. Many people coming across America’s southern border are in need of welfare services. We need … The backlog has got to be cleaned up through a streamlined deportation process. Get up-to-the-minute postings, recommended articles and links, and engage in back-and-forth discussion with Dr. Hurd on topics of interest. Many people are asking: Do we need a border wall? … Also follow Dr. Hurd on Twitter at @MichaelJHurd1. Congress still shows no sense of urgency about this crisis, instead choosing to use it as campaign leverage going into November. These European colonists created the borders of most African countries. Georgia Governor Changes Tune After Trump Lawyers Present Troubling Video of Alleged Fraud, is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis. North American borders, however, are unique since they divide one of the earth’s seven continents into three large and important nation-states that differ in significant ways from one another. He formerly served as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County. Many in the media mistook their lip service for accomplishment. When it comes to border security and management, we need smart enforcement that is humane and transparent and takes into account the daily impact on the 15 million people who live along our borders. Not only is this a great policy decision, but it’s a strategic one that puts America first. That’s the last thing proponents of “immigration reform” or open borders want, and it’s revealing because it shows their true intentions. Humans just document/record borders in a more sophisticated manner. For example, the spread of the Zika virus from South America and the H1N1 or swine flu outbreak from several years ago were in part spread by immigration. It is deeply unfashionable to claim that immigration is a threat to our culture, as, after all, almost all American… 1 Because our immigration system is universally regarded as "broken." That’s how serious countries take their sovereignty. But others say that competition is exactly why we need tariff-free trade, because it lowers the prices of all the day-to-day stuff we buy, like food. Borders are very important for political and economic reasons. The border agencies of a free country exist to ensure that only the right kind of people get into that free country. You wouldn’t want to see these two countries go to war, given their nuclear weapons and combined population of 2.7 billion people. States are “social systems,” constituted and maintained by borders, border control, and order within states. Borders are a form of global apartheid. Border security is and has always been an important part of the debate on immigration policy. Copyright © Media. The Channel: The final frontier of the Schengen Zone. Nations don't want to share institutions, lose their culture and values, or see their sovereignty dissolve.
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